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2:07 AM
Ah, anime girls. My biggest source of depression.
2:38 AM
@TheMattbat999 yuri should not make you depressed, you should be happy to see such heart warming love between 2 girls
@Memor-X ima sad cause a guy (like me) has no chance.
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5:34 AM
@Memor-X Furude Rika from Higurashi no Naku Koro Ni.
You can also tell based on what she's wearing:
6:11 AM
@forest oh, Higurashi
some of the scenes i have seen in the anime of it....disturbing
^ D&D Alignments in Code Geass
and probably anime in general
@Memor-X I really like the anime. One of my very favorites.
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7:39 AM
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1:38 PM
Hello~ Just dropped by to share this :)
user image
nice ^^
2:25 PM
Q: What is the name of the song playing in Attack on Titan season 3 episode 13 when Levi attacks Reiner?

FoxiePlease could anyone help me to find this song? It is so amazing my thought just cant stop thinking about it since the moment I saw this episode

3:20 PM
@Memor-X It looks like Freedom Planet meets Touhou.
3:35 PM
@Memor-X When people said they wanted Eevee to become a ghost type, they didn't mean they wanted it to become something ghastly =P
@Memor-X I feel obliged to contradict the chart by claiming Character X is useful because he did that one thing that one time once comment, but I never watched Code Geasse, so instead I'm just going to settle for saying that Manly Useless still looks quite fabulous. =P
4:33 PM
Let's try that again:
5:26 PM
Q: Is there a name for this anime run?

Kenny M.This "thing" is very fascinating, but what is it, and how does it work

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6:28 PM
@Tonepoet super cute.
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7:46 PM
Q: Why All Might didnt show the previous One for All users quirks?

PabloIn chapter 210 of the manga, Why All Might didnt show the previous One for All users quirks?

8:06 PM
Q: Do users of One for All who passes it , lose their original quirks?

PabloSo Izuku and All Might didnt have quirks when receiving One for All, but at least some of the former users had an original quirk. Did these users lose their quirks along with One for All when they pass One for All to another user?

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10:52 PM
@Tonepoet Manly Useless is Odysseus eu Britannia who's relay only contribution to the plot was a political marriage to a 13 year old (he's 34). to quite the Wiki
> Though in law he is the Crown Prince and first-in-line to succeed the throne, his performance in many areas is quite inferior to that of his younger brother, Schneizel, causing Lelouch to refer to him "the mediocre prince." He does oversee certain state matters and projects, such as approving the Citizen Rehabilitation Program, which provided aid and amnesty to reformed Britannian criminals.

He does not show much decisiveness, often simply deferring to Schneizel when unforseen (and some forseen) circumstances come up. He shows no real malevolence or ambition, coming off as a somewhat kin
now sure he's useless but he is also doesn't seem like the kind of person you could peg the murders of your family to either, so at the start with that list of "which family member murdered my mother" he would be dead last, probably after Nunnally and we know she'd only be on the list just to make it complete
(though the list was incomplete because Charles refers to V.V as Brother but i doubt any of the princes or princesses would know of him as a uncle)
@Tonepoet the sick things that would be going though that mind of hers
@Memor-X Yuri with them is underrated.

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