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12:38 AM
Q: Is Levi Ackerman going soft on Zeke Yeager (The Beast Titan)?

KonnichiwaThe Beast Titan has been killing innumerable soldiers, a lot of them were murdered right in front of Levi Ackerman's very eyes. Levi Ackerman did smash Zeke Yeager to a pulp on some occasions, Zeke Yeager still remained alive much to my anger. In the manga chapter 116, Levi Ackerman was even cau...

@Tonepoet not sure. she just migrates south because it's coming up to Winter for us down here on the flipside of the world
1:02 AM
@Memor-X That'd make sense if she was in the outside world, since she's basically the embodiment of winter but as a Yuki Onna in the Touhou setting, I don't think she could exist outside of Gensokyo so she probably just disappears. Either that or she wakes up and becomes Yukari, since Yukari hibernates throughout the whole Winter for no known reason.
Also, Lilly White Mage is the enemy:
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4:18 AM
Is Ima, Soko ni Iru Boku (Now and Then, Here and There) or Tokyo Magnitude 8.0 more depressing? I know they're both considered right up there.
4:47 AM
didn't know there was different levels of depressing anime
5:23 AM
Nothin' like some strawberry flavored sno-cones to cheer up a depressing anime! Yeah, strawberry, wel'll go with that. =P
6:04 AM
@Memor-X Well of course. Compare Shinsekai Yori with Angel Beats.
@Tonepoet I feel like this won't end well for Cirno.
6:33 AM
@forest Don't worry about it. They just play in the sun all day 'til Cirno gets a tan and Yuuka tries to send her off home with a sunflower gift before she gets a sunburn. Then Hidden Star in Four Seasons happens:
And Cirno proves she really is the strongest by defeating wannabe Yukari:
@Tonepoet EASY MODO??
@forest Everything's easy mode for Cirno. =P
Well, she is the strongest!
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7:59 AM
Wannabe Reimu:
Come to think of it, a whole bunch of cast members are wannabes of characters from earlier installments. Even Sakuya is a wannabe Yumeko.
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3:50 PM
Q: What do L and Yagami Light Read when they are seen reading like Lin EP15 and Light in Last EP

justanswerthequestionI was wondering what is that diary kind of book which light and L read. It looks like a diary but why will they read a diary or memo.

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8:12 PM
Q: What conditions trigger becoming an undead

RumpelstiltskinIn the latest Jojo series, JoJo no Kimyou na Bouken: Ougon no Kaze episode 30, Giorno notices that Bucciarati became an undead and bucciarati hypothesizes that his strong will was probably a factor at play. That however does not add up, because lots of people who have died including abachio and t...

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10:52 PM
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11:07 PM
Look at poor Homura. She looks so sad. It is almost as if she was left hung out to dry.

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