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1:04 AM
Q: Assassination Classroom Song

Awww CuisineThere is a common used song for an unfortunate event that occurs in an episode of Assassination Classroom. I have found it in Episode 19 while Nagisa is narrating and while Mr. Karasuma and others are explaining the situation. Please help me find it. Here's a link for the video: enter link descri...

1:22 AM
@Sakamoto half tempted to remove the video link since i do expect the video (and the youtube user) to disappear
Don't worry, downloading it right now.
Always good to have mirrors for this kind of thing!
@forest wasn't saying you should and if your going to pirate you can pirate something more obviously better quality than someone recording the desktop
Oh god did they just record it with their desktop?
Ok yeah that's not worth downloading or mirroring.
Jesus christ.
1:26 AM
@forest ^ do you not see the Browser Bar?
I didn't look at the video. I just use youtube-dl for everything.
Most likely they're doing that to evade Youtube's automatic restrictions.
I know that some people add borders, even huge borders taking up half the screen in order to evade automatic detection. Some people even add background music to trick the system.
like it's english dub, have your issues with dubs and what not but it's been licensed and while i would be against pirating something licensed, if your going to pirate, pirate with some quality and self respect
Yeah I didn't know it was so bad. :P
2:09 AM
I miss BakaBT... ;_;
Back when it was only semiprivate.
@forest when was it that?
it was public and then went private
to get in you had to have been a member already or go through an interview
Well semi-private in that you technically needed to register and your leeching would be monitored, but you could just get around that by using the infohash directly, which was public.
i liked BakaBT because when i brought a CD i would then torrent it from there so i have a version with all the Meta Data and Cover Art to put into iTunes
The thing that makes me sad is that they only allowed you to torrent material that wasn't licensed in their jurisdiction, so they should have had no reason to go private...
And if they did go private, they should have changed their rules to allow any anime to be uploaded.
2:54 AM
(found these on yuri-ism and raizoo.wordpress.com)
user image
all for now
@forest unfortunately it doesn't work like that because then fan subs would actually be ok before a series is licensed
@Memor-X Yeah but if they're going private, they don't need to follow copyright law.
@forest well they still do, going private doesn't protect them from it
3:00 AM
It helps quite a lot.
E.g. see how e-hentai/sadpanda does it.
@forest it only helps them be more hidden to be honest. it would be like if KissAnime went private. they can still be DMCAed and face legal repercussions
Being more hidden stops automated DMCA bots from finding them.
It'd require a human to report them for it to do any good.
And granted they'd still be vulnerable to that, but not as much with automated takedowns.
@forest well the DMCA request is supposed to be made by a human. it's a legal action
"Supposed to" but 99.999% are entirely automated, and often false positives, sadly.
@forest and that's the DMCA needs to be reworked
3:04 AM
The worst part is that the takedown request says "under penalty of perjury" and yet absolutely nothing happens when they are false due to copyright trolls sending them out en masse.
Yeah I agree. It really does need to be reworked.
3:16 AM
@forest @Memor-X "MakiRinPana's Lessons on Living Together" really cute and wholesome little series dynasty-scans.com/series/…
@ahiijny would already have downloaded it
3:27 AM
Does anyone know of a site where I can upload the text for a Japanese Light Novel I'm translating for beta-translation-checking?
Oh, and I just finished watching Kyoukai no Kanata. I'm wondering, is it based off of a novella or is it a TV-only series?
@Toyu_Frey google translate would be my first guess because i can't anyone having any better machine translating software than Google because they have the servers and money to invest in it
@Toyu_Frey looks like the Light Novel came first
Beyond the Boundary (Japanese: 境界の彼方, Hepburn: Kyōkai no Kanata) is a Japanese light novel series written by Nagomu Torii, with illustrations by Tomoyo Kamoi. The work won an honorable mention in the Kyoto Animation Award competition in 2011. Kyoto Animation has published three volumes since June 2012. An anime television series adaptation, produced by Kyoto Animation, aired in Japan between October and December 2013. An original video animation episode was released in July 2014. A two-part anime film project premiered in March and April 2015. == Plot == One day, high school student Akihito Kanbara...
> Light novel
Written by Nagomu Torii
Illustrated by Tomoyo Kamoi
Published by Kyoto Animation
Imprint KA Esuma Bunko
Original run June 9, 2012 – December 18, 2013
Volumes 3
> Anime television series
Directed by Taichi Ishidate
Produced by Gou Tanaka
Riri Senami
Shigeru Saitō
Shinichi Nakamura
Written by Jukki Hanada
Music by Hikaru Nanase
Studio Kyoto Animation
Licensed by
Sentai Filmworks
Animatsu Entertainment
Original network Tokyo MX, TVA, ABC, BS11, Animax
English network
Animax Asia
Original run October 2, 2013 – December 18, 2013
Episodes 12 (List of episodes)
though can't say how accurate the anime is to it
Uh..... Google translate = shit worth = citing any actual translator who puts their time and effort into translating the work. Plus, I'm asking for a site where I can Upload the text for others to look at.
HA I KNEW IT WAS A light novel, the characters, and plot were soooo well developed, in terms of a story's standpoint.
From the New World i here was close with the anime but they still changed Messiah's gender (though i prefer it that Messiah is a girl who looks more like Maria than that cockolding weak shit Mamoru)
Yeah, in the novel, Maria's kid was a boy, they changed it to a girl in the anime. Did a decent job in terms of staying to the novel in terms of characterization, plot, setting, the whole novella's shebang.
@Toyu_Frey oh peer reviewing. hmmm, not sure. you might find someone at Baka Tsuki.org. or at the very least they might know of a place
3:34 AM
That wasn't a light novel though, it was a full novel wasn't it?
Shinsekai Yori was an amazing story anyway. I hope the novel gets translated. My moon is weak...
@Toyu_Frey both the novel and manga Messiah. though the manga is full more of fan service since you see Maria and Saki have sex a few times in that. not sure how graphic the novel got but in the anime we only see some sensual touching from Saki when she was locked up with Satoru and then implied sex before Maria left
to be honest i would love From the New World being just seeing Saki's and Maria's relationship develop
and maybe they have a daughter together
Isn't Maria the red haired girl?
.......it's a story where there's a guy with double irises. they can find a power to make yuri babies
@forest yes
I think it would be too sad to focus on their relationship given what happened. ;-;
@forest no, that wont happen. just show them having a relationship and growing up, starting a family
3:38 AM
But the anime is cannon. ;-;
As far as I know, there is less sex in the novella than the anime, according to shinsekaiyoricadet (site of a fantranslation of the five/four novels into English).
Yeah, the manga is purely fanservice galore.
Wait, is the novel getting translated? When did that start?
none of that "lets not explain why Maria, who loves Saki so much, had Mamoru's child without it being all rapey"
like that's the one plot hole i have in the anime. Maria loved Saki so much, i can not see her having Mamoru's child for any good reason
My assumption was always that it wasn't rapey, but Squealer exploited them after.
But I guess it's possible that he made them do it.
Its started sefveral years ago and ended sometime in 2017 I think
3:41 AM
Ended, so is it totally translated now?
The original novel?
the novella is done in terms of translation. THE ENTIRE STORY IS THERE!
I hope it's a high quality translation. I might have to read it...
@forest well you did a better job than me. a fan fiction i had the idea for Squealer tortured Mamoru to force himself on Maria. but while Mamoru's was then killed before Maria was she was rescued by the last Slave Dynasty who was after Squealer attacking them
I'm lolling as I have a image of someone racing to their computer and then going onto that website just to speed read the novel lol
its a good quality translation.
@Toyu_Frey who says that's not what @forest is doing lol
frantically trying to find the site on google
3:43 AM
HAHA, my point exactly lol
Hang on, I'll post a link
> Please do not upload these files anywhere else for people to download
Enjoy devouring the story. (Its not uploading or downloading if you read it online)
@forest *checks Baka Tsuki now*
@Toyu_Frey technically it is downloading when you open up the page since it goes into cache
3:45 AM
Meh.... is it downloading if you read it online though?
Posted a link to the start of the actual story that's online
You can go and read the story using the tabs on the right side of the computer screen, where it says part I, Chapter 1, etc.
Those probably don't have the translation updates.
The PDF and epub were last modified in 2018 so they have updates.
> I am not fluent in Japanese, so there will be translation mistakes as well as silly typos that I’ve overlooked. Please let me know if you find any.
Hey, for what the story is worth, its good as far as I can recall, seeing as how I went and read it a couple of times as the pages were coming out until it was eventually finished. If there are any mistakes, its going to be very very most liklely less than 10 in number.
Less than ten in the story overall, and as far as I can recall, there are Zero mistakes found, as far as someone who has only read the translation can tell.
So forest, are you going to read it?
Probably. I have troubles finishing long novels on a computer, but if I print it out or get an ereader for it, I'll probably be able to read it.
Also the theme is super depressing. :P
Always hard for me to read novels like that. But they're still good!
So yeah I guess I will read it.
3:53 AM
How did it compare to the anime in your opinion?
Both were good in their own way. On one hand, the novella is better as there's more content than the anime, but on the other hand, the anime is better as it provides fantastic visuals of the source material that my brain would be unable to do while reading.
I wonder which I'll be more able to emotionally connect with. It's rare for me to be able to connect with most media. Anime tends to work for me for some reason, perhaps a combination of art and music. I'll have to see if the novel is good enough to allow me to enjoy the characters.
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5:43 AM
user image
user image
Hina meet Hina. XP
aw :3
Their hair bows also look somewhat similar. Not quite the same mind you but similar.
I want to see Alice from Touhou acting as Hina's medium.
I think Hina would cheer her up.
I re-watched Rozen Maiden finally and the Tomoe episode where Hina shuts down was even more depressing than I remembered. At least she got a lot of time in the earlier episodes...
@forest sorry wont happen, you see Alice is who they are trying to become
5:51 AM
Rozen is actually a resident from Gensokyo
I would not at all be surprised.
Or maybe Rozen's daughter who died and started his obsession died and went to Gensokyo.
And that's who Alice Margatroid is.
She just changed her last name. :P
and the N-Fields are just location in Gensokyo
You notice the shape of the portal Laplace uses whenever he teleports somewhere...
He opens it and it looks just like Yukari's.
@forest but ofcause, Laplace is Yukari
I totally wouldn't be surprised.
Or a shikigami of hers.
5:55 AM
@forest Well, this is the only image tagged with both:
It's not specifically Hina and Alice, but Hina does seem to be admiring Alice most especially I suppose.
actually cannon
Shinku just looks disappointed, as expected of Shinku. Shinku's rarely impressed with anything.
Pallete from the actual game ^
From Scarlet Weather Rhapsody. Notice anything? :P
Yeah, I notice that unlike the other palettes, that the doll in the green and blue swatches are the other color. It's almost as if Zun meant to reference Suiseiseki and Soususeki in particular. XP
Most certainly.
Original Alice, Suigintou, Kanaria, Souseiseki, Suiseiseki, Shinku, Hinaichigo, and Barasuisho.
From left to right. It's just the right amount of subtle and not subtle.
6:01 AM
The top center Alice also looks very much like Sakuya.
One last thing I'd like to mention about the other image is that it looks like Soususeki is ready to chop off Shanghai's head in order to steal her Rosa Mystica.
Lol it does look like she's stalking her.
Poor Shanghai doll. She never had what it took to become Alice.
@forest Maybe Shanghai could have made it, but Horai's case was so hopeless that she committed suicide.
Are those the ones that explode?
I have to use bombs on that one. :P
Horai's almost as popular as Shanghai to be honest. You can even see hanging Hourai dolls in Marisa Stole the Precious Thing.
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Q: A title for this manga please (described in body) thank you

tenManga revolves around 1 guy 3 girls playing an mmorpg. Girl no.1 becomes wife of 1guy in the game *classmate i think. Girl no.2 arch enemy of guy 1 Girl 3. I think she is the president also plays she is pay to win, buys op items They make a club to play the mmorpg. Thanks

6 hours later…
9:34 PM
The Beloved Tomboyish Girl:
1 hour later…
10:47 PM
She may not seem none too wise at first glance, but remember that she is the founding mistress of cryogenics:
She is also best friends with a frog goddess:
user image
Or, well, on second thought maybe she is not...
Q: I watched this movie when i was younger but i cant find him now

Catarina SilvaI dont remember details but i remeber that a bird was injured and a girl (i think that she was poor) saved the bird and in Exchange the bird gave her a lot of things. I remember that a guy later, knowing what the bird gave the gir, injured proposely the wing of the same bird, treating him right ...

Nevertheless, she certainly lives up to her name. She is beloved by her friends, like Daiyosei:
user image
And Yuuka:
And most of all, the Motherly Letty Whiterock:
user image
user image
Farewell Letty, you'll be missed now that Winter's over:
If only Yuyuko had successfully gathered the Perfect Cherry Blossoms, maybe you could stay, but Reimu hates the cold:
The end.

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