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12:01 AM
Yea, they new that season 4 was coming but there was a pause so they named season 3 part 2
1:01 AM
the work day just doesn't feel right without my dose of cute yuri
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Q: Cannot remember

JoobaluFighting/ ability anime from around 2002-2008 ish. The characters could use the matter around them to activate their ability. Had a rainbow like effect when activated. The location was an island like/ quarantine zone wasteland. There were 2 main or primary Male characters that I remember it was...

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3:12 AM
@Mysticial also, in Sword/Shield, Corsola is now a Ghost type archivedforchat.tumblr.com/post/189009067014
something something coral reef bleaching, hmm... :thinking:
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11:15 AM
@Memor-X I enjoyed the first season back when it was new, but then it got popular, so I couldn't make myself watch the second season. Watching popular anime makes me ill.
@forest to be i don't really care if a show is popular. though the more popular it is the more i might have to be careful with spoilers
I worry that if it is popular, it will end up going on and on until it jumps the shark.
Also my inner 4chan makes me hate popular things.
11:32 AM
@forest yeh that is always a concern if it's based off something else
i suppose that's how some anime get popular, they are based off a popular long running manga
The best (worst) examples are the "Big Three": One Peace, Bleach, and Naruto.
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3:06 PM
Q: Dr. Stone: How Senku could have made gunpowder without guano?

Dimitrios DesyllasIn Dr. Stone Sekku couldn't make gunpowder anymore because Tsukasa has the control of the cave full of bats, source of saltpeter used in gun powder and nitric acid. So in which other way could Sekku create the required saltpeter? Also could Sekku make gun cotton or TNT instead of gunpowder and u...

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4:53 PM
Q: 「戦って勝たなくたっていい..」

Paweł BatkoIn this YouTube video from an anime 暗殺教室 渚 殺気② t=44s what I hear the character is saying is the following: 戦{たたか}って勝{か}たなくたっていい、殺{ころ}せば勝{か}ちなんだ。 I don't understand where the part in bold comes from. I would guess that it is some variation of the following sentence, but with some additional...

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Q: Need recommendation about big boobs loli hentai

Akshay RajYa the title says it all, Something like eruru chan from mankitsu happenings

@ahiijny There's a lot of weird new forms and evolutions.
I was like WTF when I ran into the new Meowth.
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7:11 PM
wow I didnt know questions like this where allowed lol
@xpert They're not.
I knew it
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8:52 PM
Q: has anyone found anyone else trying to work on a real world gungi game?

TakkI've been trying to create or find a real version of gungi for a while now and I'm probably going to start taking what I've done to a free online version. Anyone else find anything useful? I really need to collaborate with other fans. https://www.docdroid.net/EVvuZvf/gungi-rules.docx https://...

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10:08 PM
@Mysticial ^ not sure which is weirder
@Sakamoto ...........
@xpert doesn't stop people asking for them. but generally they are in......a bit more taste than this
@Memor-X wut... I haven't seen the 2nd one.
I did already catch the 1st one.
@Mysticial it looks like a special pre-order/early purchase bonus
> If you buy, or receive, Pokémon Sword or Shield during the first two months of its release, you'll have the opportunity to download a very special Meowth as an early-purchase bonus.
I could never get into pokemon
> The first is that it's the Kanto variant of Meowth, which you can't catch in the wild in the Galar region. The only way to receive it in-game is to trade with an NPC you encounter throughout your travels.

The second is that this Meowth has the ability to Gigantamax.
looks like you can trade for it too from an NPC but that one doesn't have Gigantamax
@xpert it's ok but some people are hurt by Sword and Shield because they've culled half the national Pokedex and the reasons they have given for why they had to having held up, like one was that they had to redo all the models however there's been reports that the models are being reused
Looks different from the Dynamax Crystal codes that come with the dual-pack (which is what I ordered).
10:17 PM
Jim Sterling is particularly hurt because there's no Ekans and all his other faves were cut too
@Memor-X There's more to it than just the models I think. The Pokemon camp feature has the pokemon walking, running, and other poses.
almost as if a Nintendo Fan Boy was in charge and wanted to hurt him for giving Zelda and Pokemon (i think) 7/10's despite the second one he never played
I'm sure there are certain simplifications that can be done - like blanket extrapolations to entire groups of pokemon. But there's certainly a lot of per-pokemon customization.
@Mysticial yeh i haven't played so i don't know what's been added. only 2nd/3rd hand information
i do hear that the Wild Area is poorly optimized and suffers from framerate issues and that you can over level from just catching pokemon there
For example, I trained up a Gardevoir on Sunday. In the Pokemon camp, her walking and running stances are quite different from other pokemon.
10:20 PM
one of my colleague said that they breezed through the first 2 gyms and all the trainers before them without type advantage after only exploring the Wild Area and catching pokemon
@Memor-X The game prevents you from catching high-level pokemon in the Wild Area. But you can over-train.
Which is basically what I ended up doing.
My team is in the 60s now. And I still have 2 badges to go.
@Mysticial yeh Jim Sterling mentions that
Every badge starting from the 2nd, I've been able to OHKO everyone.
Granted, I had type advantage most of the time.
@Mysticial is there still the level cap that previous games have where after a certain level a Pokemon would be harder to control until you got the badge?
1st Gym is grass. My starter is water. But it had a weaker bug move. I managed to 2HKO'ed all them by being overleveled.
Then it was the water gym. OHKO everybody because overleveled.
The fire, fighting, and ground gyms were dumb because of my water starter and the Gardevoir I trained on the side.
10:23 PM
Grinding sounds easier now but for me it's totally pointless unless i can have a Ralts from the very start
@Memor-X That only applies to traded pokemon. Pokemon with your OT will always obey.
@Memor-X You can get the Ralts in the Wild Area.
Also, the game has forced experience share to everyone in the team.
@Mysticial Level 1? i want to start from the very beginning of their development
16 IIRC when I caught it. Since it was a Dynamax catch it looks like it has some 31 IVs. Also got lucky with Modest nature.
So even when I was training just my starter, everyone else on the team leveled up and were no more than 10 levels behind my starter.
@Mysticial yeh i heard about that which to me isn't so much of an issue but i suppose could be a problem when catching lower level Pokemon
So I had a Vulpix sitting in team. At some point mid-game, it learned Flamethrower and that thing started becoming useful.
I have a fire stone for it. Haven't decided if I should use it.
10:26 PM
@Mysticial has that always been the case? seem to recall in Yellow and Gold that it wasn't
@Memor-X It always was.
Also, EV reducing berries are commonplace.
@Mysticial hmmmm, maybe i am mistaking it for my experiments with Pokemon Yellow Pikachu Cloning
So it was easy to regularly feed the Gardevoir Kelpsy berries to clear her attack EVs.
i can't remember if i ever saw E/IV stats when i played or if i saw EV and assumed it for Evasion
when i go onto Heart Gold on the Emulator and use cheats to get a Level 1 Female Ralts i might actually do some research on those stats
Yeah. EV training used to be competitive only. But SW/SH made them so accessible that you can use them during normal gameplay.
@Memor-X Why do you need level 1? You can hatch them at level 1 anyway.
Gardevoir went from something outclassed and overlooked to actually being somewhat good in gen 6 thanks to fairy type.
10:32 PM
@Mysticial if i recall from Gold the daycare is a bit a ways and i like starting off with my Level 1 Ralts and raise it into my main partnered Gardevoir
stuff the starters
@Memor-X Goldenrod City
Which I think is before the 4th badge.
Back in the gen4 days, it was Starmie that I loved.
Make and egg with Psychic, Surf, Thunderbolt, Ice Beam. Send it to the new game and hatch it there.
Use it as the starter.
The difficult part IIRC, was finding the water stone during normal game play.
@Mysticial yeh that's what i wanted to do but i only ever had 1 game and 1 console so couldn't trade to myself
@Memor-X ah...
I'm hoping the Pokemon bank will let me do that without a 2nd Switch.
when i played Leaf Green on VisualBoyAdvance i just used gameshark code to make it so that every wild pokemon encounter was a Level 1 Ralts and turned the cheat off once i got it
Those hacks are obvious though. Since the catch location isn't correct.
When I start my 2nd play-through, I wanna try sending a Ralts egg with Psychic, Moonblast, Thunderbolt, Shadow Ball.
My current Gardevoir still doesn't know Thunderbolt. The TM is too hard to find.
@Memor-X Though all the Pokemon games in all these years. I've found myself consistently picking the water starter. Simply because water types can usually learn ice moves - which covers the grass weakness and makes the end-game easier against all those dragon types.
10:40 PM
@Mysticial that would be good because then i could get my first one, then just breed a whole lot, like Ash having caught nothing but Tauros in the Safari Zone
Bill's Sister: Hey Bill, what's with that green and White Server?
Bill: oh one trainer has that for themselves for...
Me: Bill! Bill! Bill! new region, need a Ralts!
Bill:it's hers and she's filled it with nothing but Level 1 Female Ralts that she breeds in Kanto
@Mysticial yeh if i recall Leaf Green you can't get a Ralts unless you imported it into the game where it's only found in that new zone for international pokemon, way too late for me
@Mysticial and when you get the Penguin one (can't remember which game it was) it was also Metal Type which if i recall had the same advantage as Rock against physical attacks
@Memor-X DPP gen4 - Piplup
Metal when fully evolved to Empoleon.
@Mysticial yeh that.
That gen was interesting because the rock-paper-scissors for the starters reverses after they are fully evolved.
Torterra: Grass/Ground
Infernape: Fire/Fighting
Empoleon: Water/Steel
Not quite completely, but at least partially so.
Empoleon has access to both flying and ice moves.
Everyone has super-effective STAB against the other starters. Except Empoleon vs. Torterra which has no stab, but has double-super-effective ice.
Infernape was the best in competitive. Ridiculous attack+speed and access to strong Fire, Fighting, Ground, and Rock attacks.
Pair with Starmie, and they had super-effective coverage against pretty much everything.
i never played competitive so never had to worry about that
Actually semi-competitive. Like in the battle tower. In real competitive, everybody will be using status moves.
1st pokemon is usually a suicide pokemon that lays down tons of entry hazards.
Starmie was useful in competitive not because of its extreme type coverage with psychic/water/electric/ice, but because it's fast and it has Rapid Spin which clears entry hazards.
11:06 PM
^^ Didn't know that was a thing. I haven't been on Pokemon online since like gen4.
11:21 PM
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@Mysticial likewise, a very good thing to do'
11:37 PM

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