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12:57 AM
Q: What did Estarossa did to the revenge counter of Meliodas in the Episode 20 Season 2 of Nanatsu no Taizai?

KeithGowther said that the power accumulated of Meliodas from that Revenge Counter is 30x stronger from the last time he used it, but it suddenly disappear when Estarossa touches Meliodas dagger. What happened? How did that strong magic disappear instantly?

1:07 AM
@forest I kind of get that instinctive knee-jerk reaction against popular things, because I think I've felt it too
but at the same time, I actually really unironically like Naruto
I first came across the series via randomly picking up volume 4 off of my younger brother's bed and flipping through it aimlessly
I remember one of my first impressions of the series being "wow, Sasuke and Sakura's names are so similar-looking, that's kind of confusing"
and then I read through it and it was right in the middle of the Zabuza and Haku arc, and by the end of it, I was like 'that was so intense'
and then I was like, 'geez, there's a good reason why this is so popular'
and then I went to read the rest of the manga starting from the beginning, and I basically binged from the start all the way to around the Pain arc over the course of several days
anyway, here's how I think about it:
yes, it's pretty common for people to hate on series just because they're popular
but you know what else is popular?
hating on series just because they're popular
so with hipster recursion level 2, you go against the grain of hating on popular series by actually unironically enjoying the popular series
of course, with hipster recursion level 3, it swings the other way again
but the magnitude is a bit smaller
so if you take the limit and sum the offsets of the hipster recursion levels approaching infinity, it basically mostly cancels out to 0
and so I just don't really pay the popularity of a series any mind and just decide whether I like it or not on its own merits
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5:00 AM
@ahiijny recursion
or more accurately var = var == false
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6:12 AM
@Memor-X hehe ^_^
oh right, that reminds me
it's possible to create fractals in PowerPoint
6:33 AM
r e c u r s i o n
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5:37 PM
Q: Is the anime The Twelve Kingdoms made digitally or with cel animation?

user50833It's made in 2002 which is slightly past the point when most production shifted to digital. Yet the animation looks pristine, and I know most digital anine back then was made in SD resolution. So is this just a really good upscale or was this transferred from a film stock like with cel animation?

what is the difference?
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7:19 PM
Q: Yu-Gi-Oh 5DS;could clear mind work our world?(Anime science: clear mind)

SarahIn the Yu-Gi-Oh 5D'S anime two characters share an ability, I'll be it with different levels of mastery, called Clear Mind. Help me satisfy my curiosity by answering one or more of the questions below ; is it possible to achieve without the use of momentum/NTD and if so how? What could it be com...

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8:59 PM
is it just me or do the Japanese voice actors better than the english dub ones?
9:12 PM
Some slightly NSFW 2B yuri for y'all: artstation.com/artwork/3AOy2 (cc @Memor-X)
And check the other art by the artist
Memor is the artist?
Memor is the connoisseur
9:36 PM
9:51 PM
@Memor-X a friend of mine went to see Frozen II. He recommends it, but says there was no yuri
@Gallifreyan :( no Elsa x Anna
@Gallifreyan i see alot of 2B and the Commander. but i still ship 2B with either A2 or 6O
@xpert lol, i wish
we all know if i was any good of an artist i would be doing yuri doujin and not lasting the night
> Here lies Memor-X. 1989 - 2019. She died doing what she loved.

Wait no she didn't. didn't even finish that first doujin before bleeding out
i'm going to feel sorry for my future girlfriend lol
10:14 PM

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