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1:33 AM
"In addition to bringing the comment to the attention of the moderators, a sufficient number of flags on a single comment will cause it to be deleted automatically" anime.stackexchange.com/help/privileges/flag-posts
whoops, I might have used a comment flag for the wrong purpose
what I wanted to say was "hey I think this comment would work as an answer", which is like, the opposite of wanting to delete it >_<;;
oh phew, "retract flag" is an option
@Mysticial ah, I think I actually first stumbled across that scene about a year ago on YouTube, thanks to the YouTube Algorithm™
I haven't seen the anime, so I don't fully understand the context of the scene
but this was VERY intense o.o
1:49 AM
@ahiijny well you do have the forth flag which is more or less custom
but yeh flags aren't really the best thing to get comments as answers
2:05 AM
actually i'll make our own Meta Post
2:17 AM
ok, give it a bit for the Hell Butterflys to post it
2:34 AM
Q: PSA: Reputation has been recalculated for questions

Memor-XSo if you logged in today on any site you might have seen either your Rep go up all of a sudden or this as per the link in the banner, Stack Overflow is now rewarding Questions more rep We’re recalculating reputation for every Stack Overflow and Stack Exchange individual based on this chan...

2:47 AM
so using wayback machine, end of August about i was 26,589 Rep, now ignoring the trickle i got over the months i now have 36,125 so i gained ‭9,536‬
if rep = boob size my boobs just went up by over 33%!
3:17 AM
a glitch in the matrix!
I went up from 1100 something to 1434
so about a ~30% increase
I don't remember exactly what I was at before, though
@ahiijny wayback machine and also on the Arqade meta i linked to there's a query aswell
ya see this is why time travel is so tricky
ah, it's okay, I have a screenshot of my profile from 2019-10-05 right after I got the electorate badge, and checking my records, I haven't gotten any question upvotes since then
so before they went into the past and created an alternate 2019, I had 1149 rep
so, I got a 25% boost from that change
4:24 AM
@ahiijny I'm trying find a place to get the show. No luck, it's too old.
4:34 AM
Alright. Another round of this:
Jan 18 at 2:37, by Mysticial
Trivia: Without looking them up online. Which of these 4 pokemon cards are the most valuable? And why?
Without looking them up, can you rank them from least to most valuable.
Hint: The 3 to the left are the same rarity. The one on the far right is 2-3x more rare.
And they're all from the same set.
Q: You know what anime is this?

KristalLee I don’t know what anime is this I need to know pls :(

4:50 AM
@Mysticial wait, the pokemon is beating the waifu?
@Memor-X It's a different rarity class.
The 3 to the left are "Ultra Rares". The Glaceon is a "Secret Rare".
5:19 AM
Q: I have read dragon ball af(after future) xicors manga

bharat savaniGuy's don't you thing xicor should be in canano version of dragon ball super After all xicor is created by toyotaro and now toyo taro is part of dragon ball so i think they should bring xicor in canano version.... What you think guys let me know.....

Ranking those 4 cards is actually pretty hard. Two of them are really close.
@Mysticial the trainer cards?
no. The Glaceon is one of the two that are really close.
Running the numbers a bit, the 3 on the left (full art ultra rare) are 1-in-400 booster packs. The one on the right (full art secret rare) is around 1-in-900.
How the hell did I pull 2 of them from 180 packs. (btw, these are my duplicates. I have a lot more in my primary set.)
Ranking is:
Lillie: $50
Glaceon: $12
Gardenia: $10
Looker: $5
Looker and Glaceon are of the normal price for their rarity class.
Gardenia and Lillie (especially the Lillie) are inflated by the waifu tax.
6:07 AM
@Mysticial it's how randomness actually works
something that's 1-900 and getting it twice in that 900 doesn't make it any less so because it's fully random
just like how someone could have 2000 packs and get nothing
6:33 AM
@Memor-X I know. There's 18 and 17 of the "full art ultra rares" and "full art secret rares" respectively. Empirical evidence from many peoples shows them to poll at around 1-in-23 and 1-in-55 packs respectively.
I've opened 180 packs and netted 11 "ultra rares" and 4 "secret rares".
By birthday paradox 11 random out of 18 different possibilities is almost guaranteed to net duplicates.
Getting a duplicate on 4 picks out of 17 total is maybe slightly unusual. But not rare.
Total, 3 duplicates of the "ultra rares" and 1 duplicate of the "secret rares".
That Lillie is the most expensive of the ultra rares (no kidding, that artwork is amazing). And I got lucky enough to land a duplicate on that.
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Q: D Gray Man's 14th Melody song is in what episodes?

Show ManMelody or Joined Hands Sealed with a Kiss song appears in the 93rd episode. But if I recall this song or part of it (or atleast the music) appears before episode 93. I want to know what episode is that.

5:55 PM
I can't access Meta at work to search there before asking here but I do want to ask. My answer to this question is marked as needing additional references/citations but the question is in and of itself a hypothetical situation that has not happened so I'm not sure what sorts of references I could add to it.
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9:44 PM
@xpert morning
9:59 PM
@Himitsu_no_Yami there's кяαzєя's comment about the chocker and cane, maybe use the wiki to state what aspect of them would factor in to it working/not working. also personally (though it may have been my own misunderstanding) i thought Accelerator's power to reflect vectors was passive so reflecting sound ways would occur before he would hear anything
10:18 PM
@Memor-X He only passively reflects vectors that are directly harmful to him otherwise he would be deflecting light, all sound, everything
He would need to be able to determine what vectors are harmful and what isn't. So I guess you would need to slip past whatever the filter is.

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