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3:03 AM
Q: What did Administrator (Quinella) said in silence in SAO Alicization final episode?

I am a StudentIn the moment where Quinella lifted up to above (In my knowledge, she going to the "Real World"), there is a scene where she said something in her mouth, but it total silent, So what did she said at that moment? Additional Uncertainty of mine: After that, the clown jump right to her, did bot...

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5:20 AM
Q: Guy and fox girl tries to stop this girl who seduces guys and has them cum befor taking there soul

Brandon PowellSo basically this guy was with his friends and they were watching a girl get undressed from another build across the street through the window and when the main character looked through the telescope he saw her with a fox tail, then he looked away and it was gone then he looked back through the t...

5:42 AM
Q: Need help finding this anime show

SpicyketchupSo all I remember is it’s from at least 2005-2018 the notable scene for me was pretty sure mechs were involved but they found an ancient warship in a mountain they used to defend them selves and then to go on the offensive. Pretty sure there was a queen maybe. The ship was I think either purple o...

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7:55 AM
8:49 AM
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10:45 AM
ohai, a tomato!
hallo @JNat
hows life with you?
how's it going?
@ToshinouKyouko good, good. Busy, tired, but good
10:47 AM
@JNat very similar here
I'm buying a house!
in the countryside
oooh, nice
I can start a slice-of-life anime out there
10:48 AM
there's a vegetable patch so i can grow some tomatoes
makes sense ;P
You still working at SE?
watch anything good lately, @Tosh?
11:18 AM
@JNat I haven't been watching much anime unfortunately. I've been watching She-Ra though
@ToshinouKyouko first I've heard of it! The original, or the reboot? (google tells me there's two versions :P )
The reboot :)
@ToshinouKyouko awww, that's cute, you're going to make baby Toshino's
@JNat i havn't seen it myself yet but i hear nothing but good things about it. i like the art style of it compared to the original and it seems to have a more coherent plot too
considering that i think the original was only made to promote the toy line
11:40 AM
It's pretty fun, The artist was someone I was following anyway - so it was great to see her do well
12:36 PM
Q: Naruto's reference in One Piece (wano arc)

Ivan LibedinskyI recently started watching Wano arc in One Piece, and being a Naruto fan too, couldn't help but try and notice some similarities. Pitifully I couldn't find much, so I' asking for help! Do you notice any Naruto reference in One Piece's Wano Arc? The only I could notice is: Orochi as an antagon...

:thinking: random dialog bars? gyazo.com/1ac403441d149590806d6a675df8775c
@Dimitrimx what does it do?
close itself ;s
Originally taught it was a script going haywire, but even with scripts off it exists.
Guess it's a bug of sorts.
cc @JNat
1:00 PM
@Dimitrimx no idea what that is... is only shown here, or in other SE sites?
Can't seem to reproduce it elsewhere.
The close prompt is the same as the close prompt on a flag's bar.
As if it got flagged, and the prompt did not (yet/properly) load I guess?
hmmmm.... may be worth reporting on MSE, then, as a problem that may affect other mods?
Hmm, will do when I got some time. Can't seem to reproduce it anymore on A&M either. It does now indeed have a flag bar there, which does kinda confirm the suspisions
huh, weird
welp, in that case, maybe only report it if you stumble upon it again, @Dimitrimx :)
Will do ;)
1:58 PM
Q: Why is Midoriya from My Hero Academia compared with Naruto and called "green Naruto"?

PabloMany times in internet Midoriya from My Hero Academia is compared with Naruto and called "green Naruto". Why is this so? Is the character design? Is the style of My Hero Academia story compared with Naruto? Or what?

1 hour later…
3:18 PM
morning or afternoon how yall doing?
@xpert afternoon~, pretty good. How about yourself
4:16 PM
im good working on some school stuff rn.
Cool, what kinda study you doing?
AP world history
Awesome ^^
5:20 PM
^^ S-class voice acting by Saori Hayami.
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7:55 PM
Q: Are OVAs in One Punch Man considered "canon" or "filler"?

PabloIn another question asked here half year ago, it was pointed out that for 10 years since the appearence of One Punch Man, the powers heroes showed werent any kind of power. For example, no hero appeared who could manipulate ice or fire without artifacts , invisibility, people who could naturally ...

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