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> Chip: What's the deal? Why does everyone hate your character
Yuri: well, [Sasuke] is kind of an asshole
Chip: and i assume that reflects on you?
Yuri: Unfortunately yes
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Q: Are things like huge drops of sweat or flashes of light in anime and manga diegetic in any possible way?

Vun-Hugh VawSo I'm used to the fact that symbolic things like huge drops of sweat, huge aneurystic veins, etc. are more or less abstract exaggerations of intense emotions rather than literal drops of sweat or veins. But now I'm drawing a character with a big drop of sweat looking at themself in a mirror, and...

7:38 PM
Q: Finding the title of 80s possibly 90s anime

DEVON C SMYLYThis and will be difficult because it was only roughly 5 seconds worth of content to explain. I apologize I'm looking for a show that featured a nighttime cityscape backdrop and a anime transformation sequence which ended with the girl's chest size growing exponentially. I believe she was wear...

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10:39 PM
no idea where that is from but i want to know

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