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@Memor-X oooof, B2 is hot. (who is that another girl?)
@kit it's 6O. 2B's Operator who 2B got a desert flower from and got her "heart" broken by another Operator (if i remember correctly) and was consoled by 2B when she called up
i know she was all upset one time and 2B consoles her by saying she need 6O. i like to think that 2B wasn't saying that she needs 6O as her operator, she just needs 6O
noice~~~~ (I mean nice.)
@kit it is......until you enter Route C
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5:55 AM
Q: Is Jinchuuriki are immune to genjutsu?

kitSo everyone knows that Killer Bee can instantly break the genjustu which Sasuke cast on him. How about other Jinchuuriki? Does they also have this ability as well?

6:30 AM
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10:19 AM
Q: Shinigami's Death

SwarnenduWhy did REM say that he WOULDN'T DIE if he would kill L, in Episode 14 of Death Note, even though we know that a Shinigami will die if he/she kills a human before his natural death ?

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12:12 PM
thought my monitor started to accumulate dead pixels at an alarming rate but turned out it's fly poops
1:03 PM
@Hakase TIL fly's poop
Q: Why do flies leave dirty spots on shiny/glossy surfaces?

user1306322I've seen flies leave dark spots on lacquered wood, mirrors, glass and monitors. Why do they do that? Is it some food stash or are they dumping waste in a single spot? Why pick a smooth surface?

"they prefer to"
The more you know ._.
nothing works better than your nail at scratching them off, but then the next best tool is a microfiber cloth to remove the finger grease traces
I tend to use microfibre cloths & everclear
To clean monitors that is.
I've found alcohol wipes to work miracles
1:16 PM
(everclear = 95% alcohol ;')
It's usually cheaper for me to get then the medicinal alchol at 99%.
And defo, cheaper then buying alcohol wipes xd
en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Everclear_(alcohol) at a 0.7 liter bottle costing me about 10 bucks. And a micro fibre cloth almost nothing ;')
there used to be an open store at a medical factory that sold 99% pure ethyl solution for like half a buck, I've got about 20 bottles back in 2007 or something, still got some in the storage
That's a steal ;o
it was definitely
I remember standing in a line of alcoholics and shady grandmas with a laaarge bag on wheels
people definitely diluted and resold that stuff
1:21 PM
hahaha, I usually get those bottles during bankruptcy sales, buy 1 bottle, then sign up for the after auction list, at which they go at bottom prices
I think stores already have a deal between each other, so one tier of stores resells all its expiring or expired stock to a lower tier store where people don't care and just buy anyway
there's a bit of a monopoly going on with a lot of store chains here
We got similar things here as well.
But most of it is also available to individuals, but only on a need to know/ friends only basis.
ah I'm not friends with anyone in the city stores :p
not yet ;p
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10:18 PM
@Tonepoet never noticed before but do they both have Ahoge?
2 hours later…
11:57 PM
Q: Where exactly does A Certain Scientific Accelerator fit in the timeline?

Himitsu_no_YamiWhere exactly does A Certain Scientific Accelerator take place in the timeline? I know it'd some time after Accelerator's gunshot wound by the necklace but that's about it.


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