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12:00 AM
@Eric thx
BTW this A51 proposal is probably the worst I've seen in a while. All questions at +0/-4, most with 4 close votes.
There's also the Java for beginners proposal, which is pretty clearly a bad idea.
Tickling proposal got closed. I didn't realize it at the time, but the creator of that proposal is actually a (fairly new) user here.
1 hour later…
1:28 AM
@LoganM you beat me,, I was just coming to post all 3 !
Tickling cracked me up
@iKlsR Tickling is a case where I don't feel confident to judge the size of the community. Sure, I think it's pretty small, but I'm not a part of that community so I don't really know. That's why I'd rather Area51 users not close proposals like that. If they're too niche to have a community, then they won't make it through the process, so there's no need to close it prematurely.
@LoganM I can barely think of 3 questions related to tickling much less imagine a community
I love how the guy asks the questions as comments after the proposal got closed on Java for Beginners
@iKlsR Yes, but unless you're on the inside of the community you really have no way to judge how large it is. I certainly couldn't think of a single question related to Blender, but that doesn't mean that there's no community of Blender users.
@LoganM I know you were coming with something like that but seriously.. tickling?
Blender is a popular software, there has to be a community, not because you don't use it doesn't stand here. The entire idea of a SE site dedicated to Tickling is just ridiculous.
@iKlsR I bet people thought the same thing about anime when it was proposed.
@iKlsR What part of it is ridiculous?
1:38 AM
@LoganM to each their own then.. but seriously man.. Tickling, that one thing you can do with your hands or whatever
How scientific or fascinating is that?
Next there will be proposals for waking up and making coffee.
I could see that large portions of the BDSM community (which is literally millions of people) would have interest in tickling.

Proposed Q&A site for people to share knowledge concerning brewing appliances, modifications, methods, techniques, coffee blends, roasting and grinding. Everything related to the coffee world. Coffee is a science!

Currently in definition.

"Coffee is a science!" lol
1:39 AM
I am biased to some level then
The other day when there was a misunderstanding in the heap and some dude made a comment that went 'Anime.SE huh.. I guess you don't know what's on SE nowadays' It was irritating.. so..
I think that's the point. Everyone is biased towards thinking that things they've never heard of must not be very large communities. However, in reality, you can't really judge it. That's why IMO using NAVP close votes to close proposals because you think a community is small isn't really fair. Better to let the proposal die slowly if it doesn't have support.
@LoganM kill it before it lays eggs..
I personally think the quality of SE sites is decreasing
@iKlsR Proposals are mammals. They don't lay eggs.
I even see they are trying to jumpstart Astronomy again.
@iKlsR Yeah that's really annoying.
Q: How can I downvote or counteract in any (democratic) sense the creation of the Astronomy and Astrophysics site?

Eduardo Guerras ValeraTell me this isn't happening... The Astronomy and Astrophysics site is in the commitment phase at 65%. That site is going to bring fragmentation and general loss of quality to the Physics site. Just have a look at some of the Top Example Questions: What happens if two black holes collide? (this...

TL;DR: Everyone at physics thinks this is a bad idea (including the astronomers) but there's nothing we can do to stop it. SE isn't willing to close it as a duplicate.
1:47 AM
Yeah I was reading it, powerful post btw
Well I am a nutter too I guess, I am backing Github..
Why? I don't know..
Tho what Github will do to SO (if anything) is nothing compared to this
I think it's really stupid. Physics is already sort of in trouble. There are rarely any interesting posts on the site. Most of the posts are low-level popsci stuff. As a result, we don't have many experts either. So when a good question does get asked, it gets a mediocre answer and nothing else. Astronomy.SE will have that problem far worse than we do already, and fragmenting the sites will guarantee that lots of questions go unanswered.
As for Github, I don't even know what it is. Some kind of version control software or something, but I'm unlikely to ever use it. So I don't care one way or the other.
We stifled that stigma over on Blender, we surpassed the quality of the old 3d Graphics site by far.
Oh man, I love how every page has a SO in Language X proposal
@iKlsR I considered proposing SO in Klingon rather than KLU, but I figured the latter was less likely to be interpreted as a troll proposal.
Something I would like to know is, who are all these people who make proposals on Area51 but don't have accounts anywhere on SE? I see at least a few a week, and it doesn't make sense to me how anyone would even find Area51 without participating on SE sites.
1:54 AM
I have no idea.. what is even more bizarre is several popular sites now have no trace of the proposer
@iKlsR Examples?
This site?
Sometimes the proposer makes the proposal, but leaves before it's finished. That's not uncommon since most proposals will take at least a year to finish.
The person is here but has no activity
and over on Blender too
I think RaspberryPi too and Movies and TV
I made a lurker account too ;)
A lot of the time the proposer is just making the proposal for Area51 rep. That's why I made Etiquette. It's unlikely I'll participate a lot in the final site.
1:59 AM
fair enough tho one would assume it's out of an interest in or on the subject
@iKlsR Usually the person making the proposal has some interest in the site, but they aren't always an expert. Not to mention, the final site may go in a different direction from what they intended.
new avatar time ..
Generally, the longer the site takes to make it through Area51, the more important the community is and the less important the individual who proposed it. There are some exceptions, like Culture and Life in Japan (the proposer for that one is still very active despite the proposal being near 2 years old and rather unlikely to make it to beta this time around). However, it's rather difficult to maintain any semblance of control over a proposal with more than 20-30 followers.
@iKlsR Isn't that just your old avatar?
@LoganM chat.se not updating .. :/
@iKlsR Nice drool. Might want to wipe that off your face.
2:14 AM
@Eric Drool is moe.
@LoganM BS
@Eric My first Miki avatar had drool, and was incredibly moe. I've got plenty more like that as well.
@LoganM I still call BS. I find nothing moe about it.
Oh, now see, it was far too small for me to see that before.
Now I like it less. lol
2:16 AM
^That is adorable. If you don't think so then you are wrong.
well this is silly... :/
damn site
Incidentally I don't actually see any drool on @iKlsR's new avatar.
@LoganM I have no idea what he is talking abt
It was my mistake, actually. Looking at it quickly, the white part at his chin looked like drool coming from the far side of his mouth.
Now I can't unsee it.
@iKlsR You should photoshop some drool on your avatar. It would be more moe.
2:19 AM
I'll add some drool to it. Just hold on.
Hey, I use ps too ;)
@iKlsR No you don't. You flip bits.
Ok. I push polygons, flip bits and use photoshop..
2:23 AM
morbidly fascinating..
XD @LoganM dafuq
Bonus points if you can figure out what anime that drool is from.
Srsly XD.. full size, its some pixelated blue
no thanks :D
@iKlsR Yah I was too lazy to do anything fancy so I just cut and pasted from paint.
2:28 AM
@iKlsR Cat: "Okay, that's enough..."
@Eric waah
@iKlsR What?
@Eric comeon 3 gifs
@iKlsR Didn't you notice the quotes?
Is that more clear?
2:32 AM
I don't even know what's going on anymore.
@LoganM Me either. He lost me after the cat.
XD .. man..
Meh. As long as my avatar is the most moe, it doesn't really matter.
@LoganM keep your moe
@Eric this is how I flip bits
@iKlsR That's about how productive I am on Fridays.
2:34 AM
aha.. btw, sweet apps, I saw your site
Thanks :3
@Krazer disturbing
@iKlsR No more than the one you have now. lol
2:39 AM
@Krazer link without moe plz
@Krazer Yay drool
@LoganM lolis and drool, You would not like to see my mental sketch of you..
... LOL
@LoganM Ika Musume
Krazer is incredible.
2:41 AM
He is..
Q: Does Agarest: Generations of War 2 carry on from the true end or normal end of the previous game?

Memor-XI completed Agarest: Generations of War Zero, and now going to start playing Agarest: Generations of War before playing Agarest: Generations of War 2. However, I'm wondering if the sequel carries on from the true end or the normal end. I ask this, as when I played Atelier Meruru there was a spoi...

._. oh noes..
@Krazer Yup, that's the one.
2:43 AM
More moe~
BTW @iKlsR here's original with sleazy suit and lack of moedrool:
@LoganM too lowres
@iKlsR You could just find the highres one yourself :/
@LoganM gratz :3
@Krazer I don't know who that is
2:48 AM
@iKlsR You don't want to click here then.
oh noes..
*sets as wallpaper
This one is kinda moe:
@LoganM err..
XD.. I suck at ms paint
not really
2:53 AM
I cry evrytim.
2:57 AM
5 mins ago, by iKlsR
user image
3:03 AM
BTW @iKlsR when does your avatar guy show up in Bleach? I watched around 60 episodes and I don't remember anyone who looked like that.
@LoganM up for spoilers?
@LoganM epi 116
@iKlsR I don't really care about spoilers. I'm not going to watch or read it.
Arrancar Arc season 6
when he shows up in karakura town to punk Ichigo
@Krazer I see "Hosted on zerochan.net" D:
3:05 AM
Squee ! ^^
Q: Is Grimmjow Jaegerjaquez alive?

iKlsRIn Bleach, whilst watching the final fight bewtween Ichigo and Grimmjow i noticed that Grimmjow's body did not vanish when he was defeated as the other espadas did (in the aftermath when Nnoitra appeared). There is no mention of Grimmjow after this. Confused i turned to the manga, in 286 i could ...

@Eric there
@Krazer Perfect~
I remember about 2 months back when I first showed up here, I didn't normally use chat on SE so it was my first time
I saw some dudes here and tried to start a convo about sensu beans.. XD ..
Forums have a bad effect on your mind
@iKlsR We're all still perfectly sane in this channel.
(For about an hour every Tuesday.)
@Eric oddly enough
3:19 AM
@Eric What happens on Tuesdays?
@LoganM I don't know, Tuesday seems to be the quietest weekday. I figure something must be keeping us sane.
@LoganM NCIS apparently
Mar 22 at 15:11, by iKlsR
hmm.. what do you guys think the closest real world thing is to a sensu bean?
@Krazer way before that :P
Apr 2 at 2:24, by Mysticial
I wouldn't say that I'm a Pi fanatic. Most people have no idea that I give approximately zero fucks about Pi. It's in the algorithms and the programming that I'm interested in.
Apr 2 at 2:27, by Mysticial
in Lounge<C++> on Stack Overflow Chat, yesterday, by Borgleader
Mysticial has also set the record for the least amount of fucks given about C
ah. nice :) @Krazer
Mar 22 at 15:31, by JNat
@Washu no, I'm older than @Krazer
I didn't see that back then
3:34 AM
@iKlsR I can't get older than 93 D:
@Krazer D:
ah nice.. almost at 3k rep on Blender
I come back and I see a bunch of my messages quoted. :)
Hay everyone: lets spam Mysticial on Tuesday so he comes back to like 50+ 100+ notices
schedule an event.. hahaha
too many has
3:46 AM
@Krazer Happens occasionally on SO.
@Mysticial then we shall up the ante!
@Mysticial If you get triple-digit notifications, screenshot the icon, please. I've never seen it so high. :P
I lost! D:
3:51 AM
Works, lol.
1,000? o_o
@Eric it crashed Flash :D!
@Krazer Yup, lol
3:54 AM
@Mysticial What about the one in the top left?
No, the top left of SE in general.
To the far left of the rep score at the top of the page.
that damn array question
@Eric Don't remember. Never got to triple digits though.
Lame sauce.
@iKlsR ?
@LoganM Why hasn't Poker been shut down yet?
After 500 days in beta, they still aren't even "Okay" in avid users.
And their Q/D and V/D are in the toilet.
3:57 AM
Q: Why is processing a sorted array faster than an unsorted array?

GManNickGHere is a piece of C++ code that shows some very peculiar performance. For some strange reason, sorting the data miraculously speeds up the code by almost 6x: #include <algorithm> #include <ctime> #include <iostream> int main() { // Generate data const unsigned arraySize = 32768; in...

Oh, that.
Yup, highest-voted answer on SO.
Pretty much cuz cheets and reddit.
awww skeet skeet skeet
+1 for anyone who gets that ref
@iKlsR Jon Skeet? All the way to the window? And wall?
@Eric not really
@Eric Dave Chappelle
he did it first :P
Don't care.
3:59 AM
So its kinda mixed
@Eric No idea, but they did shut down Library & Info Science. That one had roughly the same number of questions, but even lower traffic.
I get the feeling that SE may be shutting down more beta sites in the near future, so I'm paying attention to the meta sites for all the betas that look like they're in trouble.
@LoganM Actually, traffic is identical. (204 for both)
The avid user count was demolished, sadly. It just says 0 now.
@Eric Their traffic was less when the announcement was made. Since then it's gone up a bit.
That's odd.
But yeah, I'd like to see some beta sites go by the wayside. Poker is #1.
I'd also like to see Area 51.2.
@Eric I would like to see 'Java for beginner programmers'
4:07 AM
As for their avid user count, I don't remember very well, but IIRC they had only one 3k user, and one more 2k user. They didn't even have a full page worth of avid users.
That's really sad.
I thought we were doing badly.
@Eric Nah, we're fine in terms of being shut down. There's no chance we'll get shut down unless our stats start dropping a lot (or SE drastically changes their policy towards beta sites).
If Robert is to be believed, things are only going to get more lenient.
I am concerned about our level of experts, though. For sustainability purposes.
@Eric I don't believe that entirely. They may get easier to make it to beta, but I don't think they're likely to get more lenient for sites which are in beta.
@Eric Yes, that's the trouble. We're at the point where if even one of our 1k users decided to leave, it would have a noticeable impact on the community.
Yeah. I actually noticed a difference when Mysticial stopped being so active. Cough, cough.
4:15 AM
@LoganM active users
@Eric I made a difference?
@Mysticial Yup.
If I didn't have so much shit to do...
Yeah, I know. I've been dropping signs for you to come back. But I know you're busy, so I've been trying to not push too hard.
I'm more of a question asker than an answerer.
4:16 AM
S'fine with me, lol
@iKlsR There really isn't much difference between the two here.
@Mysticial everyone makes a difference
@Krazer Noticeable difference? :P
I can't answer anything much on the site, some of those anime, first I've seen them, I only have about a dozen series and a few mangas under my belt
@iKlsR That's what I thought, too. But I still have more answers than questions.
Just look at my MAL list and you'll feel like an anime god compared to me.
4:26 AM
ok break it up..
4:29 AM
... lol
@Eric I don't think Q/A ratio is a great measure of expertise here. I have lots more questions than answers, but most of those are seeding questions (as are probably a majority of all questions on the site).
@LoganM That's somewhat true, but it is still somewhat representative. It's not as good as on other sites (namely graduated ones) but works for most intended purposes.
@Eric I think overall number of answers may be a better measure of expertise. That's typically what I look at even on graduated sites. If a user has 1000 questions and 1000 answers, I view them roughly equivalently to one with 1000 answers but no questions.
@LoganM I don't think that's any better (but no worse). I'm 4 behind you in answers, but you know far, far more than I do.
Not that our Q/A ratios are fair, either.
@Eric I know a lot of stuff about series which are very niche. I don't think that makes me significantly better for the purposes of this site. I don't really consider myself an expert in anything popular, which is what we mostly need experts for.
4:36 AM
@LoganM I'm pretty sure you could answer most things about popular series, not counting Bleach, Naruto, One Piece kind of things. Some of the more popular series which have ended, you definitely have expertise in.
You also have a great deal of expertise on anime in general.
@Eric Nah, I've just seen a lot of anime, and I have pretty good memory. But I'm not the kind of person who reads interviews with creators, twitter feeds, fan books, etc. For 95% of the series I've seen, I'm no better than anyone else at answering, and significantly worse than the real experts.
@LoganM The good memory is important. I have a pretty decent one myself, but definitely not as sharp as yours when it comes to series particulars.
(With the possible exception of FMA Brotherhood, about which I can remember pretty much everything.)
@Eric A good memory only helps with the easy questions, though. For hard questions, the answer is typically in some sort of supplementary material that I've probably never even heard of.
@LoganM I'd say that it helps 7 to 8 out of 10 times. It's not a silver bullet, but it's an important factor.
Also knowing where to look is part of that. When you see a question about X in-universe, you know that's in episode Y or arc Z and you can quickly dig it up.
4:56 AM
@Eric o/
3 hours later…
8:23 AM
@Krazer Ooooooold
7 hours later…
3:39 PM
5 hours later…
8:11 PM
@Krazer Add that to the "Praise for madara-sama" on Trello
Q: Can we ask questions about the anime series for summer 2013 already?

Vixen PopuliI looked at the poll for which upcoming series we could ask questions about. This left me with a question about Gatchaman Crowds - will it take place in the same universe as the original Gatchaman series? Googling did not answer it, and I think this will not be answerable until the series starts...

8:30 PM
Q: Is Gatchaman Crowds set in the same universe as Gatchaman?

Vixen PopuliI read about the upcoming Gatchaman Crowds anime. According to this source, the series is about "Gatchaman" — warriors who fight in special reinforced suits powered by "NOTE," the manifestation of special spiritual powers in living beings. This surprised me - the original Gatchaman ser...

8:48 PM
I don't know what's up with the antagonistic answers recently. I've flagged two answers in the last couple days where the person responding was being a total dick.
9:02 PM
@Danalog Do you have any examples? I only see one deleted answer recently which was somewhat hostile, here.
@Krazer Oh I missed that one. Yeah that is also pretty hostile.
yeah, that one
It's not like "eat a dick" hostile, but it's still bad for what I'd consider a very friendly site.
9:21 PM
Did anyone catch what that chat flag was about?
I was in the bathroom and missed it apparently.
9:32 PM
@LoganM Then how did you know?
@Krazer So long as you don't refresh the page, flags don't disappear even if they get cleared. Also, if you go to chat.stackexchange.com, the flags stay around for a while (I still see them), but when I try to see what they are for it tells me that there's no new flags to display.
it seem there was 4 but I missed them too D:
Anyway since there aren't any more it was either a troll or just someone who said something inappropriate. If it were an actual interesting argument we'd have seen more than that.
Also, the 4 is probably just the number before they got cleared. It's very likely that someone added a 5th flag, resulting in the message getting deleted and a chat suspension for the user.
@Krazer: Did you buy Animal Crossing New Leaf?
@Wipqozn Not yet~ I still haven't had time to break in my Wii-U D,: No time for games atm~
9:41 PM
@Krazer Ah, that sucks. Oh right! You bought MH3U.
@Wipqozn It's sitting in it's case taunting me every night~
damn this project from hell~
@Wipqozn How's your new town?
@Krazer Good thus far.
You're the mayor now.
You can't do much mayor stuff for a few days though.
Townsfolk need to all like you.
Congrats on 1000 questions!
@Wipqozn Rule with a iron spiked shell!
@Krazer That's the plan!
@Wipqozn I look forward to visiting your glorious fortress, when I eventually get the game
9:50 PM
@Krazer Excellent.
@Krazer: Do I have your friend code?
@Wipqozn yes, I'll ping you with it when I get back home~
@Krazer Okay so no I don't :P
I'll send you mine when you get home as well.
yay :D

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