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12:29 AM
> I actually created an account to upvote this question
@iKlsR (speechless)
It had me rofling.
Rule #1 of SE. Be as specific as possible. People love these little loopholes.
more on topic, only one anime I'm watching is released today, and no manga got released... ;[
@iKlsR i think Heston Blumentov could come up with a way which isn't a joke....probably using liquid nitrogen
@ton.yeung Haven't gotten any time in eons.. just a one piece now and then. Busy AF.
12:35 AM
@ton.yeung which anime is it?
@Sakamoto Why are there no images?!
@LoganM Edit 'em in
@JNat I'd rather write my own answer.
@LoganM Or that. An answer with tons of images
1:00 AM
@JNat tokyo ravens
@ton.yeung I don't watch it
Is it good?
@JNat mah mah
i like it
better than some of the other stuff I'm watching
@ton.yeung I see
1:32 AM
@JNat the episodes are pretty slow with some interesting tid bits here and there
for example this week's episode felt downright filler like until the last 5 minutes
@ton.yeung Coppelion-slow?
@JNat no, not that slow
@ton.yeung Good. 'Cause otherwise I was gonna ask you what kept you from dropping it :P
if i were you, i would wait for a batch, its one of those shows where the end of episode is always a cliff hanger
@ton.yeung I'll add it to my to watch list, then
1:35 AM
@JNat its hard for me to drop fantasy/supernatural stuff
@ton.yeung I don't like dropping anything either
@JNat I don't mind dropping stuff I don't like
pure romance/drama stuff is usually dropped
white album 2 and golden time was dropped
@ton.yeung Well, yeah. If I really don't like, np
rom/com stuff I like to watch
@JNat I know what you mean though, gingitsune is slow too
but it has a fox god, so I want to see if anything interesting will happen
@ton.yeung Really? I've been DLing it to watch later :P
1:39 AM
its too slice of life so far though
haru's story made me want to cry
but other than that it's been pretty boring
@JNat are you watching log horizon?
@ton.yeung Haven't started yet. Intend to start next week
it can be slow too, but i like it
strike the blood, unbreakable machine doll, and outbreak company are entertaining this season IMO
@ton.yeung I don't mind slow. But Coppelion was not the kind of slow I can stand. When I watch four episodes and all of them get me restless and looking for some distraction outside the show, that means I should drop it :P
@ton.yeung I like Machine-doll too
@JNat i dont disagree
i'm really only watching it for the glasses girl
oh yea, and kyoukai no kanata
i enjoy that one too
@ton.yeung Intend to start that one too, after I catch up on Log Horizon
1:49 AM
you should start kanata first
the girls are cuter :D
Ah, I see
@Krazer recommended I start Log Horizon first
ah, well, they're both good
I like eye candy though, so that's why I say kanata first
gotta vary up the shows
but either way is fine
Well, and I'm gonna watch 'em both either way
@ton.yeung I'm also guessing that's why you like Machine-doll
1:54 AM
@JNat I like the characters, and that includes the girl too
I actually read the manga before, so I wasn't sure I was going to watch the show
especially frey
i don't remember her boobs being that big, but I'm not complaining
ah, they're eating onigiri
i need to wake up early enough to go buy some from the japanese convenience store close to me
their tuna salad onigiri is pretty good
and its only 1.50
I can't seem to open them without ripping the seaweed though...
ohhhhh that's how they keep it from getting soggy
2:37 AM
do you guys stream all your anime cause a lot of the time when i look the anime you guys mention on anime news network (so see if it has an english release and what kind) its always crunchyroll and i never find it in any of the regular anime stores
3:12 AM
@Memor-X ahh... you're getting into the 4chan party van teritory
in other news, gingitsune and galilei donna is seriously depressing
@ton.yeung Yeah I tried to pay attention to the story of Galilei Donna and it was too heavy, so I went back to just watching Hocchi.
@LoganM oh did you see her getting comfy in the last episode?
she was cute
Yeah she is cute a lot.
That's the only reason I watch that show.
@LoganM ey, did gundam build fighters not get a release this week?
never mind i just missed it
3:28 AM
Is that show any good?
@LoganM not really
i enjoy the fight scenes, and there's a bit of a mystery regarding the bishounen guy
i'm watching it mostly out of curiosity, though the female lead is cute too
Yeah I figured. My friend is the head of [sage] and she's a huge gundam fan as well as a massive fujoshi. She told me I should watch it, which usually is a good sign to avoid it as much as possible.
BTW her computer is broken atm so if you're getting it from them then you'll have to wait.
@LoganM oh? i've never watched any of their releases
nah, i'm watching it from CR
@ton.yeung They're pretty good, but they mostly do shows that don't interest me at all.
@LoganM oh, i watched the first season of gundam age from them
then it got boring and i dropped the show
3:51 AM
hmm.. is it wierd that i find girls like gaen izuko strangely attractive
like 3d girls that are like her
as in tomboys
4:04 AM
@ton.yeung i was just wondering cause if you all did then you must have pretty good internet connections to not have to worry about buffering
1 hour later…
5:11 AM
@Krazer -san. I just want to pinch those cheeks.
Then this happened:
Q: Galaxy S3 google play not working

CodeMonkeyAlxMy girlfriends Galaxy S3 is not letting her access Google Play Store on the device. She Has tried all of the conventional means of getting things fixed clearing data / cache / force stopping all to no avail. Any other options that do not involve resting the phone?

Also... How ya'll doin?
@Neko_Kun y u no come over to house n play?
5:21 AM
@iKlsR Missed this one
I was not aware I was invited o.o
@Neko_Kun house as in this chat room
Oh lol, I have two seperate profiles one for this and one for coding.
But no real reason. Been meaning to get back into this place.
tempted to rename this room "Ani-mango House"
@Neko_Kun mix business n pleasure!
5:27 AM
I would rather not. Kinda just here xD
@Neko_Kun ༼;´༎ຶ ۝ ༎ຶ༽
Its not your fault - Its just I'm OCD about those things. xD
@Neko_Kun (ʃ˘̩̩ε˘̩ƪ)
@Neko_Kun (╥﹏╥)
5:30 AM
Oh yeah! I'm an out of the closet Fujoshi now :3 - Kinda told my parents a few weeks ago I was Bi.
@Neko_Kun (・)σσσ(*゜Д゜)
Wut? o.O
@Neko_Kun fudanshi is the word you are looking for
unless you swapped genders
if so, congrats
xD No but I would consider being a trap if I lost some weight ;) - Aside of that Pardon not being totally sure of the lingo. Still kinda new to everything being out in the open.
@Neko_Kun what kind of trap?
5:35 AM
Well >.> Maid Uniforms and the like... Since you asked.
Sweet, Splash Screen works <3
of the french variety?
Of course... :D
Mah Hoodie :3
@Neko_Kun nees more ponies
or ninja turtle
My real face lol
@Neko_Kun who's this secksee face?
5:48 AM
Mine actually >.>
look at dat secksee jowl
that's like AAA+
Lol its my hair
Glad you like though! :3
Guess mah age!
@Neko_Kun hmm
@Neko_Kun twenty.... two?
Good guess.
@Neko_Kun pipl
6:00 AM
@Neko_Kun pipl.com
Hehe, haxor
I think harry potter should be an anime >.> And there should be a Bizzare Love thing going on with Harry Ron and Draco! :3
So I have 1,810,000 gold in Gaia... >.>
6:11 AM
6:26 AM
Levi <3
Gundam Build Fighters.
Someone already rule 34'd the mom xD
i hope it's tasteful
Not really
rule 34 = There is Porn of it - No exceptions.
2 hours later…
8:32 AM
Q: How does Goku's hair increase when he becomes super saiyan 3?

Märmîk ŠhâhTill Super Saiyan 2, goku's hair is the same size of his normal hair. But when he Shows the transformation to SSJ 3, his hair starts growing and becomes pretty long. Is there an explanation for that or its just the way it is? Even if the hair grows while in SSJ 3, it should not shrink back when h...

1 hour later…
9:58 AM
@MadaraUchiha @Krazer This week's Naruto chapter was lame
4 hours later…
2:04 PM
I'm just going to leave this here for the lulz
2:51 PM
@kalina ah, @Krazer had posted it up a couple days ago
the beginning was interesting, then the whole magical girl stuff happened and i moved on
fair enough
I thought it was funny that Microsoft would even consider such a thing
@kalina it was M$ Singapore. I doubt bill gates cared.
@Neko_Kun, i dunno... rowling really wanted to make sure everyone knew it was the end. Half the damn cast died.
3:29 PM
@ton.yeung better survival rate than Tomino
I don't really watch his works
@ton.yeung that's a shame, I like some of gundam
@Krazer 00 is the only one I liked
which one did you like?
I think it might be fun to build the models though
but only if they move :D
3:45 PM
I don't think I'll ever be able to reach the end of your anisong playlist, @Krazer -dono!
@JNat turn on shuffle
@Krazer speaking of which, animeplaylist has roughly 3000 songs
@ton.yeung 0080, 8th MS team, stardust memory
> first time anyone other than creator Yoshiyuki Tomino
@ton.yeung do you have a mix?
@ton.yeung exactly
3:52 PM
@Krazer I have a set of favorites, yea, not sure how to share though
@Krazer only 6 episodes? I should get it
@ton.yeung unicorn is good too
@Krazer have you watched 00?
@ton.yeung too Wing. I like Seed better (But not Destiny)
@Krazer i guess i should put wing on the list then :D
i liked heroic age... i need to see if there are anything like that... (i know, not gundam related)
build fighters is not bad... a bit shallow but not bad
4:01 PM
@Krazer a bit? compared to any other gundam series its a total sunrise show
@ton.yeung ?
@Krazer its reaally shallow
so far its shallower than digimon
@Krazer Not now. Now I'm on the Railgun and Index songs :P
1 hour later…
5:33 PM
Q: Why does Rin have cat-ears?

looperIn the Little Busters!-anime, Rin sometime has cat-ears for a very short time (mostly only a split second). Is it used to show a character trait? What does it mean? Here's an image of it:

2 hours later…
7:39 PM
Q: Why almost all anime episodes are 20 minutes long?

Tech SupportI don't know if this question is accepted in this site, but I just wondered why all animes are around 20 minutes long ? sometimes less or more due to the beginning and end music and scenes, and some recap from last episodes...etc, but it's always around 20 minutes. Why is that ?

@Sakamoto whare do you leave the ads!!!
It's sad that I can only answer the easy questions. :(
Haven't had as much time as I used to have for Anime.
LOL, I haven't seen a anime episode since............ last year...
I haven't watched anime at all since this morning.
@LoganM i miss academia
there used to be so much time
but you can't make six figures in academia very easily
7:45 PM
lol I wish I had time.
I work 80-90 hours a week
@LoganM what's your position there?
@ton.yeung Graduate student
@LoganM o.0
@LoganM that explains it
@ton.yeung It's not really any different for the postdocs or professors though. They're all working all the time.
7:49 PM
@LoganM gotta churn out those papers in order get tenure man
I guess its a little different for non scientific phds
For anyone interested
@JNat oh nice
I don't think I would work on translating manga if I had the skillz
@JNat that email will get massive amounts of SPAM >_<
btw, anyone see something like this?
@Braiam They're probably ready for that :P
8:00 PM
@Braiam You mean the grey bar?
I can scroll to the right...
8:17 PM
ok, found the problem... funny thing is that it doesn't happen on other SE sites :(
8:28 PM
@Braiam care to share?
@Krazer nah, is one of my addons...
9:04 PM
A nice recruiter I know needs these skills - GUI developer that can develop applications for down hole drilling. Wants it to look really glitzy and like a video game so they want video game developers…Requires 3D development, HTML5, Silverlight and WebGL..
@ton.yeung how much does it pay ;D
@Krazer i dunno, i didn't ask. I can forward you her email if you're interested
@ton.yeung I'm probably not but I have an idea why some of the skills are needed
@Krazer shrugs it dun really matter to me, just asking around since she asked me to
@ton.yeung sounds like it's more about developting 3d visualizations than interfaces
9:17 PM
@Krazer probably, I'm not sure
lol this post
Q: Special character

DarioI bought boba fett in the game, he came out on the elecator then just walk through a level and was gone. This was 5 days ago and i havent seen him since. So im like "wth was the point of buying him?!" Im bummed ;c

@LoganM I'm tempted to post an answer like - its so you can buy him again!
9:48 PM
I'm confused how this is topping the multicollider. The answer is because it's the correct answer. If the arguments were real numbers then it's debatable, but for integer arguments 0^0 = 1 is as obvious as 1^1 = 1.
@LoganM maybe its cuz he wants a stellar question badge
1 hour later…
11:00 PM
@ton.yeung Not with 5 favorites. :)
Getting favorites is a lot harder than votes.
11:34 PM
@Mysticial Is there any way to find all questions with more favorites than net votes with data explorer?
11:53 PM
@LoganM yes

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