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10:24 PM
Tennessee governor considering clemency for sex trafficking victim Cyntoia Brown http://hill.cm/NtEcWa5
Police thought he was eaten by alligators in 2000. Now his high school sweetheart is on trial for his murder. https://wapo.st/2RVliyr
10:45 PM
Software companies like 1Password already discussing potentially not hiring Aussie staff because of the impact of #aabill /cc @terrimbutler @billshortenmp https://blog.1password.com/does-australias-access-and-assistance-law-impact-1password/
Australia recently passed an extremely silly law about requiring weakened encryption
@GodEmperorDune Yikes
@SaintWacko Basically, the government can compel individual developers to add backdoors to their company's encryption and under pain of prosecution, said developers have to keep those backdoors secret from the companies.
yeah this is going to backfire on australia spectacularly
Those weekly stand-ups are going to be fun.
@Yuuki What the fuck
10:50 PM
> "Johnson, I can see from the Git history that you added some weird code on Thursday. What's that about?"
> "Uh... I am legally barred from informing you on this matter?"
@Yuuki the commit message says "definitely not a backdoor for the #aabill, nothing to see here"
Yeah, that's a real quick "Don't hire anyone from Australia"
Also, fun interactions with GDPR.
11:04 PM
yay, insider trading
EXCLUSIVE: Armed Services Chair James Inhofe bought 50k-100k in Raytheon stock days after pushing for record Pentagon budget. @lachlan asked his office about it today. He dropped the stock soon thereafter. https://www.thedailybeast.com/sen-james-inhofe-bought-defense-stock-days-after-pushing-for-record-pentagon-spendingthen-dumped-it-when-asked-about-it/main-info
(i don't remember if congress got around to removing their exemption from insider trading rules or not)
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