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7:00 PM
University politics is always fuct.
Wtf though
Me in @jacobinmag talking about that time Bernie said "class warfare" https://jacobinmag.com/2017/12/gop-tax-plan-bernie-sanders
That's not an excuse
Dr. Erekat: President Trump disqualified the US to play any role in any peace process. #Jerusalem #Palestine 🇵🇸 https://t.co/AFtnB2UjN5
Can almost here Jared's "Whew!" from here
@cazc_941 It's not so much an excuse as a response to "where do they find university faculty these days".
Emphasis on "these days".
University politics has always been fuct. This isn't some modern, new-age, third-wave feminism thing.
7:10 PM
Universities these days are a marxist conspiracy
Wait shit I wasn't supposed to tell you guys that
#BREAKING Hamas says Trump's decision opens "gates of hell"
This is going well
Love too set the entire middle east on fire and also accelerate apartheid
@Unionhawk That would explain the fire
Well at least we've answered the question of whether or not we're going to war with Iran, the answer is yes
Tom Cotton made sure to already put out a relevant statement
Saying Iran forced Trump's hand or...something
7:27 PM
@Yuuki I don't remember saying any of those words
Fair enough tho
Still messed up
@TimStone Tom Cotton retire early
Better video here -- POTUS clearly slurring his words, or has a case of dry mouth. https://t.co/dehhfvWts1
Prevailing theory is that his dentures are trying to escape
JUST IN: EPA inspector general to investigate Trump EPA chief's meeting with coal industry group http://hill.cm/h6hn2eT
@TimStone could be dentures, i've never heard of dry mouth being that bad that it causes you to slur
It's heat stroke
Wait no that was hillary on 9/11
Yeah, you could tell something was up the whole speech but the "United States" at the end was really mangled
@Unionhawk Biggest mistake was not reframing that as her being overwhelmed with patriotism
Like the itis, but for The Troops and Such
Tillerson and Mattis were both opposed to Trump’s Jerusalem announcement due to security concerns.
lol no wai
7:46 PM
yeah this guy is going to get people killed
The US embassy in Jordan has already told families to keep their kids out of school
Trump makes a rare public demand of the Saudis, telling them to lift the Yemen blockade.
Welcome to the resi…waaaaaaait a minute
7:51 PM
What is going on
I guess in exchange for claiming Jerusalem for Israel he figured it was only fair to suggest we stop the massive politically-created famine in Yemen as one is often wont to do in such circumstances and also all the time because it's horrific
I'm more surprised because like Trump is totally on board with the Saudi aesthetic so
You mean the dictator aesthetic, it's not exclusive to saudi
Coal CEO: GOP tax bill ‘wipes us out,’ destroys thousands of mining jobs http://hill.cm/5wo2nb6
Ah, I see, I see
@KevinvanderVelden No I just mean like, gold on everything, and
7:55 PM
Legally you’re fine, but spiritually you are a real mess. Do NOT skip this guy’s post history. https://www.reddit.com/r/legaladvice/comments/4vd3ax/ny_exgirlfriend_is_threatening_to_press_charges/?st=JAVGZROV&sh=9d04ec9a
@Unionhawk yes, dictator aesthetic
Deputy AG Rosenstein Says He's Satisfied With Mueller's Work https://www.nbcwashington.com/investigations/Rod-Rosenstein-Says-Hes-Satisfied-With-Muellers-Work-462325583.html via @nbcwashington
Ryan says Republicans to target welfare, Medicare, Medicaid spending in 2018 http://wapo.st/2Anhzlj?tid=ss_tw&utm_term=.16ff493bbc9e
looks into the camera
I'd be interested to hear your opinions on the Wilfrid Laurier thing guys
I know, it's Canadian
8:13 PM
I both lack sufficient context, and am insufficiently invested in the idea that universities are against free speech to have a meaningful opinion. I think gender neutral pronouns is a sensitive issue, and I think a debate video is probably not the way to handle it. Probably.
@cazc_941 what is the wilfred laurier thing
@TimStone is there ever a post on r/legaladvice that isn't terrible?
@ToxicFrog There are definitely totally reasonable ones that are stuff like "I have this legal problem, how do I deal with it?", or "Someone is messing with me, can I get them to stop?"
8:29 PM
@Nicole_Cliffe @ebruenig I'm a militant atheist, and even I think this guy needs Jesus.
@ToxicFrog I've posted about it like three times
Scroll up a lil tho there's an image
8:45 PM
@cazc_941 oh, that -- I forgot which university it was
My take: "teach the controvery" is complete garbage; that said, it looks like the university handled this inappropriately; more generally, context matters and we don't have enough of it.
@ToxicFrog Pretty much this.
@cazc_941 Even reading some of the stuff you've posted, I have no idea which side to take because there isn't enough info to form an opinion, and frankly, I don't have the time or desire to form an opinion.
The video was of a debate on the topic they were covering in the class, it featured arguments from multiple perspectives
Well, two
But I've never seen the video, the course syllabus, or any other course material. How am I to judge if that video was appropriate?
At least they didn't remove her, that would have been outrageous
@TimStone You mean the tax bill contains something good? Color me very surprised.
8:58 PM
== MBraedley
Also, even knowing all of these things, the way the video is presented in class makes a huge difference
Most of the responses are 'oh wow I'm surprised that I apparently agree with him on some things'
love too lie to people as a social experiment to own the libs
I don't think it's about owning libs as much as pointing out a bias that is affecting critical thinking
Most of the people seem pretty open minded when he tells them it's actually trump's plan
9:01 PM
tbf, I don't know what the tax bill involves, I personally also don't care. I've got my own taxes to deal with (and those are among the highest percentually speaking on the bloody planet)
It involves a false theory of trickle down economics is what it involves
The idea that corporate tax cuts leads to higher wages is manifestly false and yet that's what they want to sell
They're blowing a hole in the federal budget, and are going to use this to continue to take more and more away from the most vulnerable so that the top 1% which holds like half of the wealth in this country can hoard more and more.
I just looked up on wikipedia: and Belgium has the highest taxes in the world. (up to 64% income tax, and on top of that a VAT of 21%)
Tbf he only mentions like three parts of the bill but it's obvious none of the people he interviewed knew anything about it
@Arperum Jesus christ
@Unionhawk small business tax is supposed to go down at least isn't it?
9:04 PM
@cazc_941 These numbers also don't account for the extra tax your employer has to pay because he employs you.
Small businesses are categorically not the most vulnerable.
But yes I believe they are on the regular corporate rate
@cazc_941 I think the tax rate for me is somewhere around 40-45% Not sure, and I can't be bothered to look it up.
@cazc_941 The way he frames the propositions isn't fair. The corporate tax rate isn't just small business, it's all businesses. The "death tax" isn't on every inheritance, just those above something like $5mil. And I'm not sure the child tax credit is in either the house or senate bills, but if it is, tax credits are already more beneficial to the rich compared to the poor.
IIRC, there is also like 10%+ of pay that is taken away for social security system, not sure if that is included in the tax rate.
hahahahahahahahahahahahahaha I had a feeling that was probably how he framed it
god dammit
At the end of the day, we as a country have two choices. We can live in a society in the richest country in the world that provides for all of its people, or we can have billionares. We cannot have both.
9:10 PM
@Arperum looked it up, your employer also has to pay 30% of your pay as taxes (on top of your pay), that is not included in the tax numbers I noted earlier.
We can either provide services for the poorest among us, or we can let kids who won the parent lottery and were born on third base get a lot of money they did not earn
What's the incentive to work in an influential career if you don't get to keep any of your money in a socialist scenario or however that works
Nobody is gonna want to do the hard jobs
@cazc_941 I don't think socialism means no one gets paid.
That's not what I meant
> if you don't get to keep any of your money in a socialist scenario
9:17 PM
Whatever jobs billionaires do to become billionaires nobody is gonna want to do
The meritocracy is a lie
You think those who work the hardest have the most money>?
@cazc_941 Sit pretty and lie about how much they're worth?
You think the billionares are the best and brightest among us?
re you kidding I probably work harder than Donald trump
@cazc_941 @Unionhawk's opinion is... more extreme than most.
9:18 PM
@Unionhawk the ones who earned their fortunes, yeah. The ones who inherited it no
@cazc_941 Very very few billionaires "earned" their fortunes. I think it's like Bill Gates and that's it.
Also the jobs billionares do to become billionares are, generally, be investment bankers
@cazc_941 Most billionaires had a lot of help. Familial or otherwise.
There are very few true actual rags to riches stories
@Yuuki my opinion is unaffected by this statement
I mean, even Bill Gates had a fairly well-off family, IIRC.
9:20 PM
Also, no one needs that much damn money
@Yuuki You can almost count Zuck, Larry Page, and Sergey Brin in that as well.
@cazc_941 It does have the effect of making your opinion invalid though.
@MBraedley Zuck dropped out of Harvard
Not "right" or "wrong", just unworkable.
Alright I don't know why everyone is suddenly asking me how I feel about billionaires, maybe you just needed someone to dogpile today but I have shit to do
@Yuuki no it doesn't, it just means that 'yes' doesn't apply to very many
9:21 PM
@Unionhawk So? Bill Gates didn't complete his degree (at Harvard) either.
@cazc_941 ... you're the one who mentioned billionaires first?
No I'm not, uni was
And now we're having a discussion about how I specifically view them when I don't really have an opinion and it's a very specific topic and I don't care that much
Ask somebody who knows more about it
@MBraedley In fact he also went to Harvard. Going to Harvard at all means you probably have a very strong family support system, and feeling like you are stable enough to drop out requires more so
Is essentially what I'm saying
@cazc_941 I mean, technically you would be the one who would know the most about your own opinion of billionaires.
Yeah they both created a thing so it's more than just being an investment banker
9:24 PM
@Unionhawk Yes, those are fair points.
I mean, unless mind readers exist, I guess.
@Yuuki I don't have time to explain why the semantics of whatever people have been replying to me with are irrelevant to anything we were talking about
Like I asked a question and instead of getting a discussion I just got asked a bunch of unrelated questions
Going back to work
I was merely pointing out that the idea that the tax plan could be imagined as something a democratic socialist might bring up is absurd
@cazc_941 the thing I fall back on is that it is fundamentally unfair that someone who actually works for a living has to pay a higher part of their income to taxes than someone who coasts on the profits from their investments
@GodEmperorDune that's my opinion too, I'm referring to the 'you know a lot of them inherit it right' or whatever unrelated response
@Unionhawk there we go. Thank you
9:34 PM
@cazc_941 Well, a lot of that comes down to establishing what's common knowledge. When you ask "how does socialism encourage people do whatever billionaires do", we first have to establish what you think billionaires do. Also, when we talk about billionaires earning fortunes, we also have to parse what exactly is meant by "earning a fortune".
Fair enough. I do have work to do though
You might understandably think that being given $100 that you grow to a multi-million dollar empire through careful investment as "earning a fortune" while someone else might understandably think starting with that $100 as being given an advantage over someone who had to work three part-time jobs just to pay for rent and not really earning that fortune.
It's all about making sure that we're talking from the same perspective.
Does it matter if I think billionaires are smart
I mean, depends on whether you think being a billionaire automatically qualifies you as being smart.
i.e. Do you think intelligence can be measured by your bank account?
Conversely, do you think poor people are stupid?
I mean, the problem with associating personality traits and aptitude to wealth is that you implicitly associate lack of those traits or aptitude to lack of wealth. If people are billionaires because they're smart and hard-working, it implies that poor people are dumb and lazy.
Because if they were smart and hard-working, they'd be billionaires, right?
9:54 PM
Update: the hearing is now almost 7 hours old and still going. https://twitter.com/kyledcheney/status/938491753295998976
Jr. gunning for Carter Page's record
Incidentally, I'm not saying that this is your view, I'm just expanding/extrapolating.
General reminder that in 25 days the IC loses a program that covers 100,000 foreign natsec targets. It'll derail every non-domestic CT op, cut off IC support to mil-ops, disrupt DPRK and Iran surveillance, and cripple US foreign intelligence during the reauth gap.
Oh yeah. Good thing we didn't just kick a hornet's nest!
meanwhile in "things just shit in America, lets see something nice elsewhere in the world"
.@JulieBishopMP: I'm hoping the same sex marriage bill will pass today. MORE: http://bit.ly/2ksC0cJ https://t.co/c0DTKeQ4P0
@Memor-X Here's hoping :)
10:37 PM
My lungs collapsed. COLLAPSED.
That's not even the first time I've seen that happen and I don't think that's the same instance and yeah, my word
@TimStone o.0
I guess when you're that racist it just happens? >_>
10:57 PM
White association for the advancement of colored people is like an additional layer of dumb on top of the racism yeah
@Unionhawk basically this is what SURJ is actually
not like "i dunno what NAACP the acronym means" but like "white people doing anti-racist work"
11:25 PM
Oh, Franken had more than one accuser/incident?
@Yuuki fine, smart and lucky then
I personally don't believe billionaires are anything more than "has at least a billion dollars worth of things".
@Yuuki well some of them have photographic evidence
the one where he groped a lady during a county fair her husband was right next to them and saw the whole thing
@GodEmperorDune I just thought it was that one lady who went on to forgive him.
11:41 PM
@Yuuki that was the first one, i thought there were others
but these days it all becomes a jumbled mess and i can't keep it straight
@GodEmperorDune what the fuck what an apple
I keep seeing new articles that say "Franken accused of <something>" and they all seem to be different things
@cazc_941 or other people that franken groped see franken getting away with it and reach out to reporters to tell their stories too
Paraphrasing slight, TIME is calling it a broken silence. The people have spoken out are making others more willing to speak out
11:50 PM
a lot of the stigma with sexual assault is that the victim thinks that no one will believe them, it's just their word against this powerful person, etc. But when you have other victims also speaking up, it makes the rest of the victims more likely to speak out because they know that their stories will not be immediately discredited
mind you that there are tremendous assholes out there who will harass anyone who speaks out against someone they like, so these victims are not doing it to make money, they are literally disrupting their lives and putting themselves in jeopardy for the greater good of stopping a predator in a position of power
also it is profoundly hypocritical that republican senators are all chiming in on the "franken's gotta go" while remaining silent on trump and roy moore
REUTERS: 8 countries, including France, Egypt, and the UK, have requested an emergency meeting of the UN Security Council over Trump's Jerusalem decision. France and the UK. Our closest allies.
love too stir up international drama to distract from my large adult son testifying to congress for 8 hours
@GodEmperorDune They want to have it both ways. They want to be able to say "you can't tell us who to associate with if you can't keep your own house clean", but they won't listen anyway
@murgatroid99 it's simpler than that, they want their team to win and they DGAF what else happens
if impeaching trump gives them a win, they will be all over that
if complaining about deficits hamstrings dem policy proposals, they are all about it
once their policy proposals are up, deficits are fake news
@GodEmperorDune Can I ask for your permission to be a jerk?
In response to the jerks in California that suggested that Houston deserved Harvey for voting Republican, can I facetiously suggest that California deserved the wildfires for... I dunno, Weinstein?
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