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Per the thread they aren't even concerned about this but the spending bill and are using this bill as leverage
love too shoot myself in the foot rather than compromise with moderates in my party
Because it doesn't outwardly have a provision to use poor people as jet fuel
@TimStone oh because they're thinking about maybe doing CHIP and dream and they want to make sure that can't happen?
NEW: K.T. McFarland denied in a Senate hearing that she was aware of Russia contacts Flynn made. But she was found to have discussed the contacts over email. https://www.axios.com/mcfarland-testified-she-wasnt-aware-of-flynn-contacts-she-emailed-about-2514905209.html?utm_source=twitter&utm_medium=social&utm_campaign=organic&utm_content=textshort&utm_term=politics
love too lie under oath
@Unionhawk Yeah something along those lines
Nice, Phoenix DSA's bail fund is funded
12:03 AM
@GodEmperorDune lol and to keep record in an easily searchable format
#BREAKING: Patagonia to sue Trump for shrinking national monuments http://hill.cm/6gvo9vO
Ahahaha the capitalism wars are going to be so fun
@TimStone "whoever wins, we lose"
i forget which movie that's a tagline from
what stage of late capitalism is "bono offering to write a song to protest kraft-heinz' hostile takeover bid for unilever"? https://www.ft.com/content/76cddc3e-d42e-11e7-a303-9060cb1e5f44
We've already lost
And just like that, the Freedom Caucus caves. 3/3 https://twitter.com/jakesherman/status/937834724239781888
Charles Koch would have personally murdered all of them if they did sink it
12:19 AM
@TimStone cucks
HATCH defends Trump endorsing Roy Moore: “I don't think he had any choice but to do that... that's the only Republican we can get down there.” Adds that “many of the things he allegedly did were decades ago.” (Via pooler @Carrasquillo)
This is fun --> Jeff Sessions argued in Clinton impeachment proceedings that presidents *can* obstruct justice http://politi.co/2ByUkEb via @politico
12:39 AM
BREAKING: @VerminSupreme's @HillaryClinton pony protest is a go. The man will be provided a full parking space across from the book signing event at Gibson's for use of up to two ponies, Concord attorney James Kennedy confirms. The justice system has spoken. #nhpolitics
> But the exact opposite view was once argued by another senior Trump lawyer: Attorney General Jeff Sessions.
well we know who's keeping their job
@TimStone vermin supreme is an antifascist and I love it
Roy Moore in the US Senate would be a stain on the GOP and on the nation. Leigh Corfman and other victims are courageous heroes. No vote, no majority is worth losing our honor, our integrity.
I hated this dude when he ran for president but I'd take him a million years in a row over Trump for the rest of this term.
12:59 AM
He's also been consistent in condemning Moore which tbf says less about Romney and more about what the baseline human behaviour should be and how everyone else can't even reach that point
Goldman Sachs: GOP tax bill could have negative impact on US economy http://hill.cm/GtoInJJ
Yeah congratulations on mitt romney on not being completely morally bankrupt only partially
@TimStone they are so pissed about the corp AMT thing
It's so great
1:18 AM
i mean it's probably not worth the rest of the junk in the bill for the dems to jump onboard to pass it
It's definitely not worth
This bill is an abominable transfer of wealth into fewer and fewer hands, and yet they're just getting started because guess what suddenly we don't have money I guess we have to privatize Medicare and end Medicaid sorry
I feel like whoever comes after Trump is going to basically like be all "put that thing back where it came from or so help me"
Unfortunately, this feels like the start of a kind of death spiral. Trump basically ran on "undo everything Obama did". If the next president's platform is "undo everything Trump did", then we will basically be entirely stopping any forward progress we might have had.
@murgatroid99 yes, this is a real danger
No, this bill is a definite vision of something past just "undo Obama" that we're going to continue to see for years
This is the culmination of 30 years of right wing movement in this country
1:29 AM
i have heard theories that the congress is trying to get all the stuff done right now because they are pretty sure trump is going to get booted out or somehow unable to do anything the longer he is in office
plus they are scared of 2018 costing them seats
And as long as Citizens United is a thing, the class war waged against us is only going to accelerate
as long as income inequality continues and the poor get poorer and neither side tries to help, politics are going to get more partisan and rage fueled
even though republicans passed this atrocious bill, they are going to wash their hands of any damage it does and blame it on minorities or some other ridiculous thing
And the thing is Democrats had the opportunity to do vast things in 2009 but didn't because they falsely believed that their opponents would respect their respect for process which absolutely did not happen
@Unionhawk they got fuct with the stimulus bill
The American Dream assertion that there's inherent reward in hard work is extremely toxic since it leaves people searching for an excuse to why that doesn't play out instead of just admitting to themselves the only fairness is forced
1:39 AM
not enough stimulus to actually fix the economy quickly
tax cuts to piss off dem voters
and still no republican votes
At this point if we can't turn things around soon I'm just hoping my taxes are low when I cash out on this company so I can turn around and use my Big Boy Money to help vote these jerks out ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
Also to launch these yappy ass dogs across the street into the sun
I finally found the elusive bad dogs
@GodEmperorDune well that and remember how they accepted tons of republican amendments and such to ACA and got tons of respect for taking months to do it
@TimStone i always knew you were secretly making some sort of working version of the Normandy
@Unionhawk yep
Instead of just handwriting it in 2 hours and passing it
The respect for norms has gotten them real far
R: "put these things in and we'll vote for it"
D: "ok, done"
R: *walking away* "lol, cucks"
1:48 AM
I'm not 100% sure who this is for because if that's true maybe they should just, you know, elect one? |:
@TimStone HUE
For those insisting it was normal in 1970s Alabama for a grown man to pursue teenage girls, check out this story. In 1957, the Alabama Klan toppled a leader for marrying a 15-year-old girl. Even *they* knew this was wrong. https://twitter.com/alanlcross/status/937744648658964485
I don't even know where to go from that
The klan welcome to the hashtag #resistance
Don't encourage them
@Unionhawk rule #1 is no cops, rule #2 is no nazis
1:53 AM
(I apparently own this card and it's next to my DSA card now lol)
Study: Climate change may put thousands of historic US locations under water this century http://hill.cm/oVhHqQj
Someone call the people concerned about erasing history
> The Washington Post reported the data, which found that global warming could result in sea levels rising by 3.3 feet by the year 2100
You show that climate change who's boss
this is on the extremely low side
i've read 6-10 feet
Ooo! I have something for this
> Those who deny climate science do not genuinely reject that science, but they are indifferent to its impact. They are, in other words, people who are sufficiently rich and powerful that they believe they can escape even the worst case scenarios while imposing their costs on the rest of the population, so long as our current social structure is maintained.
1:57 AM
@Unionhawk fair
Ecosocialism or exterminism, probably
RNC has reinstated support for Moore because of Trump's endorsement eyeroll
I called this weeks ago too
Once things die down they're all going to quietly reendorse him and suffer no consequences
But see a net gain from #theresistance people for being principled or some shit
When no you look me in the eyes and tell me John McCain is principled
He believes in advancing right wing politics and that's it
@TimStone love too take a stand but not really
@Unionhawk what's his follower count at now?
Who cares follower counts are fake anyway
2:05 AM
but unfollow campaigns are fun
Hah apparently there's an entire set of cards that work together with United Resistance (normal monsters People Running About and Oppressed People and the trap card Huge Revolution)
People Running About is 600/600 and Oppressed People is 400/2000, and Huge Revolution requires all of them to be on the field so
But I kind of want to find the rest of this series to keep with my DSA card
Yeah like $5 shipping lol
2:47 AM
Oh sure they get you with "America First" but then a Canadian comes in and buys LA's most expensive house
2:58 AM
@TimStone phase 2, make it recognized as Canadian soil thus to enter you need a passport
phase 3, expand!
Canada's plan for conquering the US, which was stolen from what some people say China is doing to Australia
3:17 AM
@GodEmperorDune Oh I did not know that Romney's niece is the RNC chair
of course
3:28 AM
NRSC source says it is remaining out of the Alabama race and that chairman @SenCoryGardner remains committed to this position https://twitter.com/jaketapper/status/937873773138759680
Just so we’re clear, Senator Grassley, here’s what my constituents are spending “every darn penny” on: 🏡 Rent. 🍊 Groceries. 💊 Prescriptions. 📚 College tuition. You just made their lives harder in order to give billionaires massive tax breaks. https://twitter.com/npr/status/937661017152253953
3:45 AM
Their mistake was not living in Iowa with its significantly below-average rent prices, obvs
Are we still in reality? Am I awake?
Prison Paul is an enigma
Imagine my shock
@TimStone yeh, i'm questioning if when we pulled Trump from Gate if we actually sent the entire world into the anime
because you know, anime logic != normal logic
Makes sense
@TimStone what is it?
An F-35 missing an access panel
3:53 AM
@TimStone their mistake is not going back in time so their parents make a lot of money
@TimStone isn't the F-35 a stealth multirole fighter? that's the stealth working.....on a small part of the plane
it's supposed to make everything invisible
Ah, of course
> Alt-right women are upset that alt-right men are treating them terribly
It's almost like
The movement can be traced directly back to toxic white masculinity
Nah that can't be it
alt-right are the ultra conservative?
4:02 AM
Yes and no? I mean, they're very right-wing but "conservative" isn't quite the right descriptor.
Conservative I think has status quo implications
Which is incorrect really
The so called quote un quote "alt right" is the openly white supremacist wing of the right wing populist movement of the last couple years
ok. so yeh i was thinking this entire time that Alt-Right wanted to progress Forward but Alt-Left was stuck in their ways always going Back and the only way society moves on is making the webpage do multiple redirects.
if Alt-Right is white supremacist it's proably good we disable the javascript to stop those redirects
This is a dumb joke
On many different levels
@Unionhawk yes the joke but i seriously did thought Alt-Right was moving forward and Alt-Left was stuck in the past
Trump White House weighing plans for private spies to counter "deep state" enemies https://interc.pt/2kkwOHL
lol what is even this
4:12 AM
Alt left is a term that originated from the center to draw false equivalences between socialists and nazis
And like "fake news" traveled the human centipede to the right as a weapon
4:42 AM
@TimStone keeping devos' brother on the govt payroll
5:02 AM
The biggest casualty to AI won't be jobs, but the final and complete eradication of trust in anything you see or hear. http://research.nvidia.com/publication/2017-12_Unsupervised-Image-to-Image-Translation
No worries we're doing so splendidly with truth at the moment I'm sure this won't be a problem
love to claim anything i don't like is fake news
@GodEmperorDune i don't like that, it's fake news
4 hours later…
8:53 AM
@TimStone So Trump wants his own Gestapo?
2 hours later…
11:10 AM
Toronto Star: Vinay Menon: Why Billy Bush’s Trump op-ed should terrify us all. google.com/newsstand/s/CBIwsbumnDo
I'm too lazy to make a better manual title
But tl;dr trump is a rapist
11:35 AM
Racist rapist Roy lost cred: kissed red faced coed - more on this predatory story shortly.
@PrivatePansy This is the first site I've seen that actually blocks access with ad blockers installed, instead of just asking you nicely to allow ads.
@StrixVaria Oh hmm, tl;dr is that McCain tweeted that he was 78 followers short of 3M. The internet responded with #UnfollowMcCain
He's now 30 000 followers away from 3M
@MBraedley So they didn't go with Trump's Cut Cut Cut Act?
That's so disappointing
dammit ActBlue
not only did I tell you to send all $10 to Doug Jones
I also wanted that to be one-time
because the election is next week
good thing it's fairly easy to cancel a recurring
@PrivatePansy Classic Internet.
I don't think I can reallocate the funds though
You win this time, DNC
1 hour later…
2:56 PM
Rail fares to increase again by 3.4% this January. We are paying 50% more than rail users in Europe. It is cheaper to fly Newcastle to London via SPAIN than it is to get the train there. This proves once again that the private rail model is failing. Renationalise the railways.
Holy shit he's right
131 quid for a 3 hour train ride?
@Unionhawk To be fair, planes are really cheap
3:26 PM
@Nzall Especially now they're tax exempt
Like I know that from a distance perspective, flying within the UK via Spain is the equivalent of like, me flying via ORD but
It feels more insane than that
Because it'd be like, me flying from Detroit to Cincinnati via Atlanta or something
And I mean I've flown from Indianapolis to Salt Lake via Los Angeles, so
Embattled Rep. John Conyers to step down Tuesday http://www.cnn.com/2017/12/05/politics/john-conyers-out-retires/index.html
@Arperum Yep |:
good and or good
al franken next
and that other guy that I forget his name
him too
:pointing_right: :door:
Roy Moore?
That guy too though apparently the race is fairly close?
He's going to win by 3 points though
3:38 PM
Also Mueller's office has released its expenses report
Which while I guess there might be some giveaways in there I don't really find that to be news but apparently everyone else does so I'm sure it won't get distorted into something stupid
FEMA has informed employees who’ve worked extra hours battling record wave of natural disasters in 2017 that they may have to pay back some overtime | @josheidelson https://www.bloomberg.com/news/articles/2017-12-05/fema-tells-staffers-they-might-get-billed-for-working-too-much
@TimStone But muh (well, the US taxpayers) $5mil!
yeah how can we pay for this we have no money in the budget what happened who could have predicted this
(editor's note: households take on debt all the time)
(editor's note: the government isn't a FUCKING HOUSEHOLD)
Whoa there, are you suggesting that governments should always run a balanced budget?
I'm suggesting that these ghouls will use the tax cut as an excuse for why we need to privatize medicare, social security, and end medicaid
"Retiring" amid sexual assault allegations while endorsing your son to run for your set is what people just love about politics, eh?
3:46 PM
ugh god dammit
Urgh. While I get it, I still kinda feel like if his son, y'know, hasn't assaulted anyone, then if he has good ties to the community so be it?
Like he's gotta go through an election, if people like him then great
@Unionhawk Okay, that's the appropriate opinion. Deficits are a necessary evil on occasion, though.
Not really sure that it's somehow worse than the shadow hand that picks other candidates and props them up with campaign money
@TimStone Actually, hm. Conyers apparently introduced the house medicare for all bill, so perhaps this is fine
We'll see, I think this line of attack will appear though, but we'll see
Being associated with the democratic establishment is a strong negative for me, but I could get on board with such a candidate depending on messaging and such
.@SpeakerRyan: "I want to give credit to Senate Republicans" for passing their version of tax bill. "The forces of the status quo are clearly stacked against us. But guess what: we're doing it." http://abcn.ws/2ArxsJM https://t.co/1LokJ2WAfr
My dude
3:55 PM
He's got a point though, the democratic party is the force of the status quo
He's not clever enough for that joke
Yeah but I am
Besides his narrative is that anyone left of John McCain is a communist
And my man I wish
You know how much shit we would have gotten done on 51 votes if the democratic party of 2009 actually rammed things through?
@GodEmperorDune Sorry, I think I was wrong in replying to this before. They are enforcing that workers must make minimum wage, except that that was already supposed to be a thing so take that as you will. But I think it's inclusive of the tip pool redistribution
So basically you can make sure everyone gets paid exactly minimum wage and then pocket the rest
I'd be on board with pooling tips just for workers
That sounds like it could be fine
I'd be more on board with like, including tips and paying workers more but you know, we're here culturally and I don't think that will ever change
OH also Scott Walker wants to drug test food stamp recipients
love too starve addicts
The one where that fake US embassy turns out to be fake news -- that the US embassy itself allegedly seemed to invent. (ht @pulitzercenter newsletter) http://pulitzercenter.org/reporting/true-story-fake-us-embassy-ghana?utm_source=Email&utm_medium=Newsletter&utm_campaign=12052017
Freedom Caucus chairman rips GOP leadership days before shutdown deadline: Demands won't produce "honest debate" http://hill.cm/Dd0diyp
If you're worried about honest debate boy do I have news for you buddy
4:08 PM
@TimStone How do you pronounce "Ghanaian"? "ga-NAI-an"?
@Unionhawk What's the story behind the person quoted in that last retweet?
@TimStone Wait wait wait. You're this close to a government shutdown again?
Coal baron convicted for deadly mining disaster filed @FEC docs to made his WV Senate run official—but he also just got federal court approval to transfer his primary domicile to Las Vegas so he'd need a judge or probation office to OK any travel outside Nevada judicial district.
@KevinvanderVelden Look these folks are not good at running the show
Please tell me how to govern my country is dying
I have no idea, you should probably just give back most of the land to the dutch
@TimStone Looks like internal Labour drama, essentially. She's a particular Constituency Labour Party women's officer who has campaigned to remove a fellow women's officer from the party for transphobia
So it's multiple layers of drama at play
4:12 PM
Ah :/
This LA Times report today is terrifying. http://beta.latimes.com/politics/la-na-pol-climate-california-20171205-htmlstory.html
RIP California
Next update. If not all cakes are speech, then cake is not--as a category--speech. Also, there are plenty of cases requiring architects/contracts to serve all people
why is this a legal sentence that makes sense to me
god dammit
what kind of idiot world are we in that the phrase "cake is not--as a category--speech" is a legal argument that needs to be made
5:09 PM
Oh shit we're in one more state I think
Boise DSA meeting next week
I think Idaho was a state we weren't in yet
So I think that puts us in 49 states
5:28 PM
Actually, I can think of at least one good book on why workers don't get the full value of their labor. https://twitter.com/BV/status/937935558566993920
1 hour later…
6:32 PM
#BREAKING US military to stay in Syria "as long as we need to" says Pentagon
Cool, cool
Now we've even dropped the pretense of having an objective and are just occupying for funsies
Cartoon for @chronicleherald #Trump #RoyMoore
Moore is currently employing the Shaggy Defense by the way
In case anyone was wondering or keeping track
Press office for Jordan's King Abdullah II says the king received a phone call from POTUS informing him that the Trump administration will proceed with the transfer of the US embassy to Jerusalem. 1/
I guess since we've had a distinct lack of Islamic extremist threats here lately it was important to provoke some new ones
In Wake Of Weinstein, Men Wonder If Hugging Women Still OK http://cbsloc.al/2A1Ixlv#.WiXXKMVH09A.twitter
1. lol
2. Why would you pick the photo in which both people are holding beverages to set the tone for whether wanton hugging is "still acceptable"?
Ventura County Fire Captain Scott Quirarte had to break the news to his daughter that her apt burned down #Thomas Fire now 45,500 acres https://t.co/lUNw837m4t
6:48 PM
@TimStone Someone did tell Trump that Jerusalem isn't the capital of Jordan, right?
He's just apparently having the courtesy to forewarn them of the international incident he's about to cause I guess
@Yuuki gotta means test it though to spend extra money to make sure that addicts don't get it just in case
7:01 PM
Apparently Canada wants to 're-integrate' any terrorists who left Canada to join ISIS who decide to come back
@cazc_941 They're still Canadian citizens, and they still have rights. Remember that.
This is big border wall news for #RGV in Texas. CBP Dep. Comm. Ron Vitiello in press conf. today says they are asking for enforcement zones. What that means is homes, land south of the wall could be claimed under eminent domain.https://www.ice.gov/live
Yessss play that eminent domain hand
Yeah they have a right to be punished for their crimes, hopefully what he means by 'reintegration into society' is 'in prison'
@TimStone So, based on that picture, the wall isn't even going to be on the border, just close to it?
7:08 PM
@GodEmperorDune Hrm, yeah, that's rather troubling. I should be upfront and disclose that I followed him and was confused by some of the rumblings based on what I saw, but that and the other stories give a lot of important context :/
@Arperum Right, because they can't control Mexico's side of the border so they have to put the wall further into US territory to get what they want. But doing so means seizing land from private citizens
@cazc_941 Look at it this way: there's nothing stopping them from coming back without the blessings of the government, but this way makes it easy to keep tabs on them.
@TimStone lol "do not release under FOIA"
luv 2 de-veg
get owned
@TimStone Yea, but it also looks like it won't follow the turns in the border, so it'll even cut off some areasthat are not in the "enforcement zone" and on the mexican side of the wall.
7:12 PM
iirc we can't put a wall on a river because reasons
which the original border fence plan ran into
WHich will probably still be privately owned, and thus people will need to be able to access their land? or can the government just say "fuck it, you are not allowed to get to your rightfully owned land."
Yea, but the picture shows the wall going very straight, where there are turns in the river.
The government just says "it's our land now"
Eminent Domain allows the government to essentially go "hey yo fuck you this is our land now however here is some money for it"
But yes this is a sort-of problem currently even
@Unionhawk I get that, but they are not going to buy up parts between the wall and the river that are outside of their enforcement zone.
7:14 PM
They'd have to
tldr the entire plan is dumb as hell yes
Omfg Quebec lol
Well, or I presume so. Either way it's going to be hilariously bad for them because people will get angry regardless
Why do they have too?
Ok there are too many things to respond to individually so this will apply to all of them: uggggggh we are fuct
7:15 PM
> this shows us that we have to be more vigilant with our business in Montreal
Wtf lol
@GodEmperorDune It's a good thing the democrats have a clear vision for a 2018 and 2020 world
Yo dawg I heard you like problems so I put trump in charge of the country
@Arperum I mean if people can't actually get to the land anymore I'm not sure how the government can say that it's still "theirs"
It's a good thing that they've picked a side in the class war waged against us since the 80s
7:16 PM
@TimStone That's my point.
Right, so someone will at a minimum argue that if they're going to use eminent domain they have to buy all the inaccessible land
But people in those areas will be angry about them using eminent domain at all. There's not strong support for the physical wall in the areas that the wall would actually be
Now is probably not the best time for me to dive into the next chapter of my book:
Ayyy not every professor is a nutjob now apparently
7:17 PM
"4 - Exterminism: Heirarchy and scarcity"
aka what we're driving towards
at 80 miles an hour in a school zone
@Unionhawk Look we're not Judge Jeanine
> Neill Blomkamp’s 2013 movie Elysium portrays a dystopian Earth in the year 2154. A small elite—the 1 percent, if you will—has decamped for a space station called Elysium. There, they enjoy lives of comfort and leisure, lives that are apparently eternal due their access to miraculous “Med-Bay” technology. Back on Earth, meanwhile, the rest of humanity lives on a crowded, polluted planet, governed by a robotic police force.
Since I saw this so must you all
Rick Perry's an Instagram Thot now
.@SenateMajLdr: "I had hoped Judge Moore would...withdraw from the race. That obviously is not going to happen. If he were to be elected, I think he would immediately have an issue with the ethics committee." http://abcn.ws/2Ay8rdQ https://t.co/Y0ry3OQejH
Hm. I don't believe him but I'm also not even sure why he's bothering at this point.
Also like, is it normal to call people by their title when they were literally fired from that job?
Isn't Judge Napalotano not a judge anymore too but they still call him The Judge?
Yeah, he hasn't been a judge since 1995
Call him Professor I don't give a shit
At least he wasn't fired from being a judge though I don't think?
7:32 PM
Probably not
I don't care enough to look, it was the 90s so probably not
Like if a doctor committed malpractice and couldn't be a doctor anymore it seems weird that people would refer to them as doctor still
Doctor Rand Paul
Three Obama tweets, no Trump tweet make 2017 list of most retweeted tweets: http://hill.cm/WP7GXgF
Love to round out the year as pettily as possible
7:48 PM
Mike Pence once ratted out his fraternity brothers for having a keg http://bit.ly/2AwXysO
Snitches get stitches, smh
8:07 PM
NEW POLL: Most voters disapprove of GOP tax plan, think it benefits the wealthy http://hill.cm/ZXXJvj7
@TimStone Too bad the people making the laws don't give a shit what "most voters" think.
I can't un-see this.
oh no
Also can we take a second and appreciate how big Gorka's head is
@TimStone please dear god let the democrats pick up "disapproval of thing that benefits the wealthy" as a thing
(editor's note: citizens united is still a thing ecks dee)
8:23 PM
lol the thinking face Marx
NEW: Conservatives push for ObamaCare mandate repeal to be in GOP tax bill http://hill.cm/bkAeTPd
Sure why not gamble with the chance Collins et al will get pissed off by the double-cross
@TimStone Bloomberg View is...
Bunch of brain geniouses
8:42 PM
A Second Chance: This Amazing Organization Helps Disgraced Pedophiles Rebuild Their Lives By Getting Them Elected To Political Office http://clckhl.co/6YPpjcK
1 hour later…
9:47 PM
Country over Party
Jeff Flake welcome to the etc
Also like have you heard of actblue they will process an electronic payment
You don't need to write a check
Just make sure they don't mess with your contribution ratio
Look Republicans are scared of technology except when they're abusing it to flip polls
Or try to make it monthly for an election happening next week
Love to be cops
Going forward, police in Del., Md., Va. and W.Va. are on notice that they cannot compel a teen to masturbate in front of them for the purpose of taking his picture, even with a warrant.
Won’t someone think of the sexting?!
Also what cop was like “yeah this is a good plan to blow this sexting case right open”
@GodEmperorDune what the ever loving fuck
(Context is a 17 y/o was sexting his 15 y/o gf)
also i like this one
4th Cir.: This is one of those things that's so bad a police officer can't get immunity even though there's no case expressly saying it's a bad search.
basically "just because the supreme court has never ruled on $EXTREMELY_BAD_THING doesn't mean you can say you didn't think it was bad"
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