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1:24 AM
@Ash She does, although to be fair about that aside it's my understanding that Andrew Lloyd Webber basically just told her she couldn't sing well enough
1:51 AM
@Nik3141 not really because it would send a message that the president was above the law
^ timed to the final message which is that while it probably wont go the way people want it to, it will show that no one is above the law
Saanich News: Father of suspect in 3 B.C. deaths expects son will go out in ‘blaze of glory’.
> Alan Schmegelsky says his son, 18-year-old Bryer Schmegelsky, had a troubled upbringing. He struggled through his parents’ acrimonious split in 2005 and his main influences became video games and YouTube.
> “He’s on a suicide mission. He wants his pain to end,” he said, breaking down into tears. “Basically, he’s going to be dead today or tomorrow. I know that. Rest in peace, Bryer. I love you. I’m so sorry all this had to happen.”
Wait isn't this literally the guy who said they were "non-violent", "good" people
> Schmegelsky said his son doesn’t own any real guns and doesn’t know how to drive. He worked at the Port Alberni Walmart after graduating from high school earlier this year, but was disappointed with the job and told his dad he was setting off to Alberta with McLeod to look for work.
@TimStone that was the other father
They've also formally been charged with murder cbc.ca/news/canada/british-columbia/…
2:52 AM
@Wipqozn hmmm
> "He wants his hurt to end," Mr Schmegelsky told Canadian Press.

"They're going to go out in a blaze of glory. Trust me on this."
you say goodbye to your son expecting him to be killed yet you also expect that he is going to go out in a "blaze of glory"
>The firing of ballistic missiles would cast new doubts on efforts to restart denuclearisation talks after US President Donald Trump and North Korean leader Kim Jong Un met at the demilitarized zone (DMZ) at the end of June.
no they wouldn't, Trump would call it fake news, his very bestest friend Kim Jong Un wouldn't do that because they have a special relationship because "they're connected"
2 hours later…
4:51 AM
Somehow, someone put this parody of the United States seal with golf clubs and a Russian two-headed bird on a screen behind Trump at a Turning Point USA thing
@TimStone i like to think of the former and that inmates, even the most hardened murderers know it's wrong to do anything to children
5:39 AM
@Stormblessed that is genuinely the best thing I've seen all day
6 hours later…
11:59 AM
Seniors group unhappy with proposed Halifax Transit fee hikes cbc.ca/news/canada/nova-scotia/…
So basically, they're considering giving children aged 12 and younger free ridership, but then cutting the senior discount to cover it.
> A staff report recommends establishing a pilot program that would offer free transit for all children up to age 12, but to offset that cost, seniors would see their prices jump by a dollar a trip from $1.75 to $2.75 as of Sept. 30.
> Seniors would also see an increase in the cost of a monthly pass, which would go from $58 to $82.50, an increase of more than 40 per cent.
> Under the proposal, seniors would still be able to ride free on Tuesdays and there will still programs in place to help vulnerable seniors.
> VanGorder said seniors would understand if there was an increase in fares, but to increase the cost by more than 50 per cent is unreasonable for those on a fixed income.
12:54 PM
I mean, I could see them bumping the cost to say $2 a trip and ~$65 a month, which certainly won't cover the cost of covering children, but it is more reasonable. I understand that people taking kids aged 6 to 12 on the bus are also the same people who don't have other means of transportation and are probably living pay-cheque to pay-cheque, but that doesn't mean you get to take it out on the seniors.
1:20 PM
@MBraedley That's a good point, but supposedly that's not the motivation
> The hope is that if children are used to taking public transportation, they'll be more likely to stick to it once they have to pay, and it will increase ridership in the long term.
It's purely about increasing ridership.
@Wipqozn Okay, but I say to them are you going to let your 10 year old ride the bus alone to get to a friends place?
I know there are kids that take transit buses to school. I've seen them. They were also high school students going to Dartmouth High, so were already more than 12 years old.
1:51 PM
@MBraedley Young children taking the bus to school is normal in belgium. Hell, we got extra buses every morning and evening on school days for that purpose
which by the way sucks for me because on school days, my bus also takes the long way around so what should be an 8 minute trip turns into a 20 minute trip
@Nzall For most students that need a bus, there's a school bus that takes them, but because of the rules about how far students can walk at various grade levels, there are very few buses in the urban core for high school students
It would be about a half-hour walk for this group I saw, but a less than 10 minute bus ride and 2 minute walk.
@MBraedley I'd expect a high school student to be able to take a bus on their own
Yes, most definitely. But almost all high school students are at least 15 years old.
@MBraedley Same for me actually: I need either a half hour walk to the station, or 2 minutes walking plus 10 minutes bus ride. Problem is that due to poor timing on the bus operators, it's a coin flip whether I arrive just BEFORE or just AFTER a train, which makes a huge difference for how early I am at work
My point is that the only students currently taking Halifax Transit buses to school are the ones that wouldn't be affected by this rule change, and it's unlikely that those who are currently walking to school and could benefit from the change (they are few and far between) likely won't take the bus.
So the whole ridership argument just falls through for me.
And just to make things extra clear, school buses are completely separate from transit buses. School buses are run by the school board and are for only students going to school (or are sometimes used for field trips).
2:08 PM
Major gaps found in climate change education for students across Canada thenarwhal.ca/…
> The study found that Manitoba’s education program doesn’t merely neglect to include in lessons that experts have reached consensus on human-caused climate change, but goes in the opposite direction by providing documentation from the organization Friends of Science, a known climate change denial group.
> The provided supplementary materials for Grade 11 chemistry say: “It should be noted that there is significantly polarized debate on the issue among scientists. Students should be justifiably cautious about accepting unsubstantiated claims about global warming.”
Nova Scotia is on the bottom. although from what I understand our province does do a lot for actually fighting climate change.
Our education system needs fixing around it though, it seems. MAssive fixing.
> Another interesting finding was that chance contributes in a big way to curriculum development.

> “Sometimes you might get one or two of the teachers on your small team who are very passionate about climate change and then suddenly your science curriculum guide can have a substantial focus on climate change, but the opposite might also be true,” he said.

> Wynes acknowledges that his study only looks at what is in the education guides for teachers. It doesn’t look at what education looks like in practice.
2:37 PM
I feel like this primary's not gonna change, we're getting Biden as president
His lead is so big, and while it went down, it's still like 13 points
And I do think he'd win the presidency.
> At a student summit hosted by the conservative group Turning Point, the president stood in front of an image of the seal which looked at first glance to be perfectly normal. But the eagle has two heads, like Russia’s national symbol, and the bird is holding golf clubs instead of its usual arrows. Neither the White House nor Turning Point knows how the apparent practical joke on the president got on the screen or who created it, the Washington Post reports.
@Yuuki Yeah I posted that
Pretty funny
It gets better and better as I stare at the seal.
2:55 PM
@Wipqozn What does "It's climate" even mean without the other parts?
@Ronan Climate vs. weather, maybe?
Yeah but "It's the climate that's not warming" doesn't make any sense
Also Manitoba, where we're causing the climate to be bad, but not any warmer
> Newfoundland and Labrador, and Prince Edward Island have similar supporting documentation included in their education guides.
Not us! (Small victories?)
@Wipqozn I think this last point is particularly important. There are many teachers that will teach above and beyond the curriculum.
@Stormblessed I mean, if he is the nominee, progressives will vote for him because they don't have any other reasonable choice, and most moderates will vote for him over Trump because he's not Trump and doesn't scare them like a progressive candidate would.
3:13 PM
I do wonder how much of Biden's support is due to him being Obama's VP and post-Trump nostalgia for Obama.
@Ronan No, just fundamentals of climate science, i.e. climate != weather
3:24 PM
Neat bit of history for anyone interested
Incl. The introduction of the scientific method
There's a reason why algebra is named the way it is (hint: many Arabic surnames have an "al-" prefix)
Although the name doesn't have anything to do with a particular person.
> The word algebra comes from the Arabic الجبر (al-jabr lit. "the reunion of broken parts") from the title of the book Ilm al-jabr wa'l-muḳābala by the Persian mathematician and astronomer al-Khwarizmi.
Astronomy is also very important in religion.
Astronomical discoveries are a common thread in many religions, from Stonehenge to the Catholic Church.
@Yuuki yes! This is true very good
Galileo was persecuted by the church for his heliocentrist beliefs
3:40 PM
@MBraedley Yeah that's why I included it
3:57 PM
@Yuuki Biden doesn't wonder. Constant "Barack and I"s deployed.
At this point his slogan should be 'Mike "Barack and I" Pence 2020'
6:31 PM
@TimStone Might be an airsoft rifle? That's what the description above makes it sound like. Either way, turns out he's a NAzi! Colour me shocked.
Also I laughed at this:
> Another claims to be located in Russia, near Moscow, and belongs to several groups of fans for sexualized Japanese animation.
"Sexualized Japanese animation". I fucking love it. Trying to make it sound super professional. It's called Hentai.
Right but if you put that word in the normal news a lot of people wouldn't know what it means
Like "bukkake"
And then they might Google it and, well...
@GnomeSlice I get why, it's just a hilarious phasing to me.
"pornographic Japanese animation" would've been less funny, for example.
Yeah true
@Wipqozn Ah, that explains the good people comment. Good people on both sides
@puzzlepiece87 tbh I just assumed it was typical parental blindness
But also lol. Nicely done.
I really hope they catch these two soon.
> In an interview with Global News, Madison Hempsted said she shared one Grade 7 class with Schmegelsky in Port Alberni when they were both 13 years old. While she only had limited contact with Bryer, Hempsted said the few interactions she did have with him were troubling.

> “There were times he would tell me and my friends ways he wanted to kill us and then himself, which is scary,” she said. “One of my friends commented that Bryer said he wanted to kill his whole family.
2 hours later…
9:02 PM
I was really confused why there was a debate over how much stuff you could fit into a cart at Target but now I know
@TimStone this is the dumbest timeline
@TimStone The responses to this are just flabbergasting
@TimStone Because of course it is. Everything is bigger in Texas, including the coldblooded immorality of our cops.
@TimStone wtf
@TimStone I didn't know that happened and now I wish I didn't.
@TimStone Love the top response from the white guy saying Trump has done more for African Americans than any other president. A white guy. Also I feel like there was another president who may have done more... Hmmm... Back with the civil war... Hmm... Name escapes me...
I’m pretty sure there are not “Swedish migrant militants”
These MAGA idiots on Twitter are the worst

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