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10:00 PM
Anyone have a link to the Cohen filing yet?
The SDNY submission -- 40 pages. https://www.documentcloud.org/documents/5453410-SDNY-Cohen-Sentencing-Submission.html Mueller's -- 7 pages. https://www.documentcloud.org/documents/5453413-SCO-Cohen-Sentencing-Submission.html Story tk
Did I read it right, that there are two filings? One from SDNY and one from Müller?
which one recommended the substantial sentence?
@TimStone THis is my shocked face. It looks very similar to my regular face.
@puzzlepiece87 It's honestly both hilarious and unsettling how close this is to the dilbert quote I'm thinking of, especially since I'm pretty sure Scott Adams thinks Donald Trump is the second coming or something.
10:02 PM
@MadScientist The SDNY one is less forgiving I think
Mueller's document details the extent to which Cohen has cooperated in the SCO's investigation, though points out he still lied a lot and that what he did was pretty serious. It doesn't make a recommendation of sentence length but says it would be appropriate that time served be concurrent with the charges from SDNY
Of importance,
Thanks, @TimStone
@TimStone Company executives is Trump Org?
So maybe we could possibly actually indict Jr! Wouldn't that be fun?
> Fourth, Cohen described the circumstances of preparing and circulating his response to the congressional inquiries, while continuing to accept responsibility for the false statements contained within it.
James Alex Fields Jr has been found guilty on all ten charges, including the first-degree murder of Heather Heyer
10:09 PM
Hell yeah
Meanwhile, in Manafort-land: The judge just entered an order indicating Mueller's office is submitting its memo to the court about Manafort's alleged plea breach under seal, and the judge ordered the redacted version be filed publicly
@Unionhawk was he the neo-nazi guy who drove the car into the crowd?
@BradC yes
So anyway yeah the President, per prosecutors, did a felony. Very cool. It doesn't matter because no one's going to impeach over financial crimes because whomst amongst us, but
well, I recognized the name of the victim, not him
he faces between practically life after you add up the aggravated malicious wounding minimums, and 6x life
10:13 PM
Hey remember that guy Trump made VA Secretary and it was kind of like "whatever I guess?"
Trump's VA secretary praised Confederate president as "martyr to 'The Lost Cause" 1995 speech http://hill.cm/8rDCFl4
Very weird how this keeps happening!
@TimStone such a bizarre coincidence!!
@TimStone is this the guy that had the confederate general poster in his office?
@TimStone lol, nice
It is not that guy but that guy was also at the VA
@TimStone lol, i'm dying
3rd krassenstein brother best krassenstein
i will take jacob whoa-l takes directly into the veins
10:30 PM
> The company, backed by investors including private equity firm Willis Stein & Partners of Chicago, is the latest in a series of for-profit colleges to close after allegations that they were loading students up with debt while not providing them with marketable skills
> Birmingham, Alabama-based Education Corp. of America said it was closing schools operating as ... Golf Academy of America
> two-year golf college offering an associate's degree in Golf Operations and Management with a curriculum of golf instruction and golf business management
i mean the golf program worked for the guy behind @dogrates
I wrote about why access journalism is, actually, bad https://splinternews.com/access-journalism-must-die-1830938074
> Politics is, as Chris Hooks wrote in 2016, “the way we distribute pain”—it’s “how we determine who gets medication and who dies young, who learns in a class of twenty kids and who learns in a class of thirty.” But what is politics if you’re privileged enough to insulate yourself from that pain?
damn this is a good way to put it
@TimStone slow or dead, must be everyone trying to grab it at the same time
They have corroborating testimony, email evidence, travel documents indicating Manafort lied about involvement with Kilimnik
Also that he lied about the reasons for a source of money from an undisclosed entity
Totally clears the President. Thank you!
Short filing but it indicates that they believe he willfully told multiple lies and they are prepared to prove that in court
@TimStone LOL. Had to check to make sure that was a real one. Because NO, it does not.
@TimStone "the report that said i most definitely DID CRIMES totally cleared me"
i can't even lol hard enough
Oh, and the filing says that Manafort lied about something related to an extra investigation
But the information is redacted
11:05 PM
@TimStone ah the CRIMES speedrunner
@TimStone to #resistance, black lines matter
If you're wondering how Sean Hannity is reacting to the Cohen news on his radio show, he's currently fantasizing about Trumps new AG investigating Hillary
@TimStone i've lolled so much today people near my cube are looking at me
11:22 PM
Never seen a member of Congress do this before https://www.mcclatchydc.com/news/politics-government/congress/article222791425.html
tfw you start a lobbying firm before you're done with the whole voting on bills thing
The current topic at the right-wing American Priority Conference in DC: "Why you should subscribe to PewDiePie." Perhaps a dozen people are in the audience.
narrows eyes But why?
@TimStone can't get beat by a little non-white kid unboxing toys
they are qwhite upset that pewdiepie is not number 1
@TimStone oh i thought this was an incoming freshman being really bold
Hahah no, no, it's actually Quite Bad
> Ethics watchdogs say the situation makes a mockery of the rules restricting lawmakers from working as lobbyists until they’ve been out of office for at least one year.
11:46 PM
Today, in bro wtf
Amber Heard shared that if Jason Momoa felt he wasn’t getting enough attention from her, he would tear pages out of whatever book she was reading at the time https://vult.re/2EhonG4
11:59 PM
Trump has finally realized he just might be in some trouble, Roger Stone says: https://www.nytimes.com/2018/12/07/us/politics/manafort-special-counsel-lies.html?action=click&module=Top%20Stories&pgtype=Homepage
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