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6:16 AM
Q: What to say when someone says "I'm so jealous of your X, I wish I had an X"

AnnekeBought a house recently and have gotten this sentiment a few times from different people about different things, eg: "I wish I had an office/extra room" . I don't really have a good goto response for this kind of statement and often end up fumbling for a kinda lame response like "thanks" or "some...

4 hours later…
10:20 AM
Task failed sucessfully: Have a meeting that lasts long enough (and which you have to attend without having any input) that I now also have deep-cleaned my keyboard.
3 hours later…
1:19 PM
@Tinkeringbell Did you "'have to attend without having any input'" or "'have to attend', without having any input"?
@Sarov I had to attend despite not being needed :P
Not quite as bad then. :P
I mean, such a waste of the money they're paying me (I know, their money, don't whine :P)
Does your manager know it's a waste?
I don't think they fully realize...
1:24 PM
If not, you have a duty to inform him/her/it, imo.
If yes, not your problem.
I mean, I dropped the suggestion I could do other work a few times... they seem to be okay with it, as long as I'm present in the meeting?
(and I'm not disruptive, and semi-paying attention so I can jump in when they do decide I'm needed)
Especially that last part is something I struggle with though. I can't pay enough attention and do useful work. Hence me ending up getting all the keys of my keyboard and cleaning that XD
I mean, hey, that's useful! Kinda!
I guess so XD It really needed it. The keys were starting to get a quite gross XD
1:28 PM
Ew. :P
No reply yet from sanbdbox. What d'you think the odds are this'll turn into another one untouched for years? :P
@Sarov Oh, nice one! I hadn't even seen it yet, replying was on my list for tonight but you saved me some work... cool!
Haha, welcome.
@Sarov i guess heh
how are you all?
1:48 PM
Screaming internally.
3 hours later…
4:56 PM
Q: How to support people who feel something mistakenly without invalidating their feelings

OmegastickA few times recently I've found myself trying to offer support to people that are unhappy because they feel something that I think is false. For example, my girlfriend sometimes says "I feel so ugly". She's not, she's very beautiful (I don't want to post pictures, you'll just have to believe me),...

5:22 PM
Q: How should I deal with a friend distancing himself from family and myself due to wife?

user27182818Some Background: I have a very close friend, let's call him Alex. I also have a good relationship with his mother and, to some extent, with his father, since we have lived in the same neighbourhood for more than 20 years and spent together a lot of time, so you can imagine. He has been in a relat...

1 hour later…
6:48 PM
@ExtrovertedMainMan Not sure about having left that one open, it seems to have had everything but I also really wanted to answer it, so if anyone wants to challenge a bias I'm game :D
>,< Ack. Again question was closed while I was editing it.
Sorry :(
I was writing an answer when that question popped up so I couldn't immediately give it the attention it required. If it helps though, soon there'll be a way to handle this:
Nah, I get it. While I was editing it, I was thinking "This might not even be on topic..." but figured I'd finish the edit 'cause there were so many errors. :P
Q: Changing the question reopening experience

Lisa ParkNow that the Public Platform team is actively working on updating review queue workflows, it’s time we address the feedback and feature requests related to the question reopening experience. How it works today A closed question has a single opportunity to enter the Reopen votes queue and be consi...

@Sarov I'll leave it pending. Hopefully the OP drops by soon and they can approve your edit, and make their own :D
I'm used to being the only one checking review queues often. Getting preempted like this is weird.
6:58 PM
You're not the 'only' only one, but yeah... there aren't that many people reviewing here.
I'm... not too unhappy about our recent activity though, it seems we have a bit more questions, and a bit more people returning to actually make edits and clarify their posts.
We might just be having a 'good' week.. .but it's one I could really use XD
7:16 PM
I meant on pmse. I'm not the only one there to ever review, but it generally takes several hours for someone else to come along.
OP approved my edit but without making additional changes.
7:39 PM
Oh, maybe those are being made now then...
Fingers crossed!

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