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9:50 AM
Package update: apparently it was handed to the painter of one of the neighbors. Painter has been contacted and said it's at X's, so now we wait to see what X has to say
I need it .. it's the mop and bucket I wanted to use to clean the floor!
10:10 AM
More that Neighbour -> Neighbour's painter -> X
(I'm half debating leaving a box out with a (smart?) lock for deliveries
or even just a box
Yeah, similar thing here... Or get a video doorbell that allows me to just talk and tell them to leave the package, i just have to get keys and unlock the door XD
(I was looking at one :D )
(since the company that makes the AP I probably will get, and one of the 2 router options I want also makes a video doorbell)
3 hours later…
1:06 PM
@JourneymanGeek AP?
Access point
(If you need me to explain, ask. I'm worried I'll bore y'all to death)
But rather than a router that does it all - I prefer to split up my network into different things that do one thing well
so I'd have a router (DIY or otherwise), modem (well ONT) and access point for wifi seperately
? I didn't know APs could do that. I thought they were just for improving wifi coverage.
@Sarov Well as opposed to a router/ap
Oh no, I mean Unify make a video doorbell, and the APs I definately want
Well AP, new apartment will be tiny :D
1:12 PM
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3:31 PM
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3:49 PM
aic flag in 3... 2...
4:02 PM
Huh. Guess not.
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6:00 PM
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11:50 PM
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