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6:46 AM
What a beautifully boooring Sunday, there's nothing to do! :/
7:01 AM
Q: How to make friends in a unique way?

00xxqhxx00Recently I have been in a new class for approximately half a month. We are having online class now and will be back to school soon. As I used to be a quiet student, I would like to try to make friends in a humorous or active way, what can I do? What kind of jokes can I tell?

1 hour later…
8:16 AM
Q: How to ask someone if they need help with a subject

penseeI am a tutor. I wanted to send a message to a student like - Just checking in. I could help you with various comp science/math subjects. Do let me know whenever you need any help. Is this appropriate? Any suggestions?

11 hours later…
6:49 PM
Q: Reply to "Thanks for helping me out"

penseeIf someone messages me - Thanks for helping me out Will it be polite if I don't reply? Will a reply like - No problem good enough?

4 hours later…
10:59 PM
11:23 PM
Okay you asked for it: HIIIIIIII!!!!!!!!

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