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5:34 AM
Good morning :)
@ExtrovertedMainMan Sounds quite confrontational :D
@dhein Yep, that's going to be confrontational no matter what you do, but perhaps that's sometimes needed. You can't always do things without confrontation.
@Tinkeringbell True. Still, sometimes it might help trying to have some more empathy for someone... or am I wrong? :P
5:52 AM
@dhein Sure. But does this sound like it need empathy to you?
Perhaps the empathy here is helping her get her life on track ;)
Yeah I think so. My opinion is, no one is acting without a reason. And that OP pretty much sounds ignorant to what ever might have been driven that "adult child". In addition, being a friend of the parents, I am quite sure the person posting this doesn't even know the full storys, but rather the storys of her parents complaining about her. So the view we are being presented is VERY biased.
As said, at least from my opinion.
6:07 AM
That's probably true... I just gave it a comment asking to focus more on what the friends have tried already, or considered but not done... Because right now we have a story of a women doing all things wrong, but nothing about how the people we're supposed to help interact have interacted with her so far.
Pretty much my point. Thanks for phrasing that comment.
You're welcome? :P
Next time you know how to do it :P
In theory...
Hahaha ;)
Just kidding :)
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7:19 AM
@Tinkeringbell :P
1 hour later…
8:42 AM
There was a sudden, drastic drop in internet quality today for some reason. :/
It just took me ten minutes to load this page.
9:22 AM
Oof :(
7 hours later…
4:03 PM
@Mithical AFAIK Middle East is being hit hard?
Iran has been hit hard in the past few days, although I haven't noticed anything
4:21 PM
No idea, hadn't heard anything
1 hour later…
5:44 PM
@Mithical If both countries are hit maybe it's not political
Sharks chewing through undersea wires
There's wireshark for finding out if that's happening :P
3 hours later…
8:34 PM
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9:37 PM
@ExtrovertedMainMan That's some friend.
What's all that about true friends insulting you if it's true

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