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4:41 AM
Q: How can it be that so many people seriously can't stand being near somebody who has eaten garlic?

Yodahe MiyaoOnce, many years ago now, in the late 1990s, when I was in year seven in school (13 years old), I felt sick before school, as I often did. Without me or her thinking twice about it, my mum gave me some raw garlic to chew on, which was very common in our family whenever somebody felt ill. It was t...

5:35 AM
@Magisch Morning! :)
@ExtrovertedMainMan I love the smell of garlic in the morning...
5:52 AM
how's it going @tink ?
Just waking up, getting going.. Turned of the mail, skype and teams again yesterday so mostly catching up on messages.
I'm already 2 hours into the workday
Ah, yeah. Early shifts again..
Still healthy?
yeah, although my coworker, who was tested positive and ordered to come back after 2 weeks home quarantine and declared cured by the ministry of health without a second test, has showed symptoms again after being at work for 2 days
and he sat about a meter away from me for both of those days
That sucks.
5:57 AM
Apparently they still wont give him a new test to confirm if he still has it, but they put him under another 2 weeks of quarantine
Well at least that means he won't be cross-contaminating everything for another two weeks :/
except, you know, me
who still has to work (no wfh) and go to other people's workplaces to fix hardware issues now that both the other people who could do it are out. No masks or PPE at this job either and I can't buy any because nobody's selling them anywhere
Unless you're sneezing, masks won't help you. The countries where they're making them mandatory are doing it so people with slight cold symptoms or e.g. hayfever won't sneeze/exhale droplets all over... even then they apparently won't stop everything :| (That's what they tell us).

Gloves are nice, but if used well, they don't offer much over handwashing after you've visited each workplace...
I understand most of that stuff can make you feel safer, but it doesn't actually make your work much safer
I read that talking is actually more effective at spreading it then sneezing at similar distance
cause talking produces more microdroplets
A mask would save infecting others while you're not sure if you have it
That's true
6:07 AM
I'm not too worried about myself, statistically speaking I got a around 2% chance of a severe case and less then .1% to actually die
non risk group and all
but there are people here who aren't so lucky or, more commonly, care for or live with people who aren't so lucky
Yeah, it's hard. My mom works with elderly/fragile people too. She's constantly reminding us that if we bring things home to her, she might take it who knows where...
So even a random walk becomes stressful if others don't move out of the way enough.
on a brighter note, 4 day weekend
and I get to go outside and bike because I live in a small backwater and seeing someone out on the fields is really uncommon during the weekend and certainly not in the forest paths
6:29 AM
That sounds lovely! I'm planning to go walking tonight and tomorrow again too, so I can skip Sa, Su and Mon... Because of Easter I think it's going to be way too busy.

Kinda weird, as soon as the sun comes out, a lot of people that don't otherwise seem to exercise are suddenly walking the same paths as me :/
As far as I'm concerned, we can go back to less sun and lower temps, so those people stay inside and the streets are safer :)
I have a three day weekend, not fancying using up a PTO day in these circumstances ;)
time to collect wild garlic
Sounds nice! Is there a lot to collect from the forest near you?
Yes the forest in the next town over (7km away) is always covered in it
well, in spring anyways
there's even a sign that says you can collect wild garlic and pick mushrooms in that forest
I have fond memories of going out with my mom and picking wild garlic and mushrooms to make a meal later
6:34 AM
Ours may have brambles and forest berries at the end of summer... But nothing you can pick in spring.
especially those mushrooms that you can fry like a steak and eat with pasta and wild garlic pesto
Sounds goooood!
We had a dish yesterday, I think I can still taste the garlic in my mouth...
I'm not sure whether I like or dislike it.
im a fan of all things garlic and onion
and mushroom
except truffels. Somehow they taste awful, the expensive ones taste even more awful
I don't think I ever ate a truffel, except for chocolate ones ;)
I did like the food I had yesterday, I think I like garlic too. It adds some nice flavor to dishes. I'm just not sure if I like it this much :P
I had a (supposedly super expensive) steak with truffles, carrot puree and potatos before.
6:38 AM
Mushrooms are okay-ish, when well prepared (hint: mom is often the one cooking and she does not)
It tasted legitimately worse then my usual leftover ingredients mush-vaguely-defined-as-an-omelette
Ah, yeah. gourmet food :P
insult to injury I paid 80€ for it
there is some expensive food that is worth it
the good thing about garlic and onion is it makes everything taste great
Yes but isn't it also a bit like salt: If you're used to too much of it, you won't appreciate things without?
may be, I put garlic on everything that can support it
garlic pasta, garlic pesto, garlic butter for bread
6:43 AM
I've been using mustard-honey salad dressing to put on bread, instead of butter. Add some cheese... lovely :)
the local grocer has garlic mustard dressing for salads
if it werent so high calorie I would put that in every meal
Q: I most of the time don't initiate conversation with roomates, now when I say hi to them they ignore me

Alan HuangI am usually a quiet person who can't think of things to say when I meet people. I notice a pattern that when I don't initiate small talk with people for a couple of times, when I meet them again and I say hi to them they start to ignore me. Why is that and what I can do to improve the situatio...

7:01 AM
What's with all the low quality questions lately!?
@Tinkeringbell Don't know but making a question here can be challenging for new users
@Tinkeringbell people are stuck at home and being thrust into new social situations
@Magisch Eh, most of them don't really seem to involve being a consequence of changed social situations...
@CaldeiraG True... but why are we getting so many new users ;)
@ExtrovertedMainMan Anyhow... lacks details... eyes please?
@Tinkeringbell People are stuck at home with their crushes on their homes so maybe they're stumbling while interacting in a different way?
Just a guess :p
Hmm. I already countered that: I don't think many of our latest low quality questions are seemingly consequences of staying at home... :/
7:12 AM
Maybe past events? It explains why there are new users
(Being at home) explains (...)*
@CaldeiraG Maybe.
I dunno, all I know is that our frontpage is starting to look bad.
you just know someone will write a romantic comedy "love in times of corona" about 2 people from across the street falling in love while in quarantine
it almost writes itself
@Tinkeringbell Yea
I barely talk to anyone other than here so no new questions for IPS xD
I've been playing with one for a while now, but can't write it in such a way that it doesn't sound way worse than things actually are :/
So it's too much of a rant to be a good question
what scenario is it?
7:21 AM
Basically, interactions with mom have been crap for a while. Now with all this, she keeps making elephants out of mosquito's, and I can't find a way to give my opinion on even small things or get her out of my hair...
my way of getting my stepmom out of my hair was moving out
So I was aiming for some sort of neutral 'when living together and tensions getting higher, how to prevent little things setting of a nuclear bomb type sermon/rant'... but I can't get the last part neutral enough.
@Magisch Yeah... I compared this on Discord with having a stone in your shoe and a bench just a few meters away... I chose to walk along until that bench, because it's easier to take of your shoe there and get rid of the stone... My apartment is the bench, it's almost finished, I'm almost there...
I think that if you have a fundamental personality conflict distance is the best way to cope
Yeah, one part that doesn't work there is that she insists on coming along on most of my walks and eating together. And otherwise complaining that I spend too much time in my room :|
My stepmom used to do that and my dad kinda condoned it. When I got diagnosed with ASD after moving out he's since expressed regret of what he made me go through
@Tinkeringbell it seems like she has a different vision of what your life should be like
7:33 AM
Oh, she sure does.
you have to decide then if your relationship to her staying positive is worth making those changes to your life, and if not, how you clearly communicate that
Yeah, tried the latter... it's not very much working.
That is because you're probably used to compromise and softening your language
So for now it's just walk on eggshells, avoid mom, avoid setting her off, and if she does, just remain quiet (which sets her off about me remaining quiet, but it's better than answering her when there's no right answer)
What is your end goal?
At some point, somewhere, you'll have to set adult boundaries with your mom. It sounds like she thinks she has way more agency over your life then she actually does.
7:45 AM
@Magisch I don't know. She claims she's not trying to control me, but to have a relationship where I tell her stuff and we do fun things together. I'm not interested in that, she gossips/twists words and her ideas of fun aren't mine. She knows that.
The end goal is probably to just co-exist like you do with the strangers at the supermarket these days... 1.5m between us and no chit-chat
@Tinkeringbell never heard of "elephants out of mosquito's" but a storm in a glass of water :p
That's the horizon of my personal experience. My stepmother was very fine leaving me alone after I moved out
Yeah, I hope my mom is too. For now she seems a bit too much interested in helping me move out though, so let's hope I survive the move first.
If it gets too much, just fly away
birds can do that :D
I'll try. I just hope I don't crash into any cage bars
3 hours later…
10:27 AM
I built my first Android app! :o
technically it's only a Webview
It's an app, and it supposedly works, so yay!
but because I needed a "kiosk browser", this is the solution I got :P
Just load up the company page and boom, you can't browse freely through the network
10:30 AM
it's basically for some tablets that will run stuff as a kiosk
It's not like everyone will use it on their phones xD
we already have a MDM system in place
but the browser on there is like what it would do with a VPN
A person earlier gave me some chocolate easter eggs, like 8 of them
I ate half of them :P
I got a care package from work delivered at home. Easter eggs and flower bulbs. Mom thinks it's only the flower bulbs, trying to keep it that way :P
10:57 AM
yay :)
11:36 AM
Q: How to distinguish goofy and purposefully?

sawyerMy hiring manager(He is India, I am Thai/Chinese) keep repeating mistakes. Many software engineers here resign very frequent. Rumor says technical team like me has high turn over rate because of him For example: Project delay Error prunes Production crash No testcases Bad approach Code is so ti...

12:06 PM
@ExtrovertedMainMan The question sounds weird:
> How can I setup a trick or implement some methods to observe his mind?
Don't? Maybe talking would solve the issue?
1 hour later…
1:13 PM
@CaldeiraG Seems your comment got either seriously misread... or someone's trying to keep you on a string.
2 hours later…
2:45 PM
@Tinkeringbell I'm a bit late to the party but I see what you mean
Maybe I put it wrong
Don't worry. Technically parties aren't allowed right now so being late to one is no big deal either ;)
was on the field today so got somewhat busy during the past hour
Busy is good...
My schedule today was one of many single hours of doing a thing, and it's not made working, concentration and productivity easy today.
That's somewhat ok? xD
@Tinkeringbell Meanwhile they have reminded us that they expect all of us to make up the 15 minutes we have to leave before the next shift starts later in the year
cause it's technically not a full 8 hour day
2:52 PM
@Magisch If I can do anything to signal boost a CV or something, lemme know.
I know my company has many people working in Germany too, I could ask around...
you know what, if they're looking for a tsql/javascript/php/vba guy that has a GDPR background, I'm game
@Magisch I saw your list of technologies and almost cried. Those sound like a lot of things I'd want to avoid.
seriously though as soon as the economy picks back up I'm ditching this place
@Magisch I have no clue, but probably one of those can land you a job ... de.cgi.com/de/karriere
Click from there.
Oof, the cookie accepting widget covers up the menu bar
2:56 PM
(But only do it if you feel like you might be able to handle the office politics that might come with a big company, depends on your manager but some are worse than others at making you to through trainings and being a semi-manager instead of programmer)
Not terrible design, that says that most people will deal with it before continuing to browse
TBH I would settle for a lack of abject contempt
Yeah this is... UGH!
Seriously, 15 minutes?!
early shift is 6am-2.15pm
half an hour lunch means we're working 7h45m
late shift is 2.45pm-11pm, same deal. They did this to make it so late and early shift people dont cross paths
Work contract says 8h though, so they expect us to make up the 15min per day (so 1h15m per week) at a later date when restrictions are lifted
just really assholeish about work times, same reason WFH isn't on the table even though I'm a dev and I could do every single thing from home
@Magisch Yeah that's awful. My company is very opposed to WFH, but I'm really glad our CEO set aside his concerns about it for the sake of our safety
@Magisch Yeah, this doesn't sound good. While I seem to remember you thought they were a reasonable company to work for, before all this?
bbl, dinner
3:06 PM
@Tinkeringbell yeah, usually reasonable, just really particular about start and end time and being late
2 hours later…
4:39 PM
@ExtrovertedMainMan A manager called India should be interesting
5:18 PM
@M.A.R. Many people seem to name their children after places, so it's not too weird. Could be a girl's name ;)
(I think it is, a girl name)
3 hours later…
8:24 PM
Q: Is it helpful for a person with mental illness to talk to other patients?

gleekI am currently working on an idea to start a social platform to provide support for mental health. Along with many features, there's one thought to make moderated chat rooms, where people can connect with those in similar situations in real-time, and thus are able to vent, talk about, and expres...


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