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2:13 AM
Q: Anxiety concerning his ex

saraI met my man 2 1/2 years ago. We started out casually dating, we had sex pretty quickly and we would meet once a week (sometimes more often), text almost everyday. After 2 months, we were having a conversation and I started asking questions about how long he'd been single etc..You know, the usual...

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11:26 AM
Q: Do you think my ex asked me to come stay with her to punish me?

DoublePisces CapVenusGreetings and salutations 👋 To begin, this time of year is rough for me. December is my great grandmother's death month and Dec 2019 was the 2 year anniversary. Meanwhile, at the end of Dec. I found out someone was commiting bank fraud on me and had spent all my money in my bank account. It was ...

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2:30 PM
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3:12 PM
@brug Did you listen to the youtube video I posted earlier? (I know you are not non-binary, but I though you might like it nonetheless ^^)
I didn't. I'm at a coffee shop and on mobile. I'll have a listen when I get home
Here is a spoiler: "F*ck you, f*ck you, for telling me to fit inside your gender binary!"
I kind of want to share it at my workplace x) Maybe if I'm still brave enough Monday, I'll do it in the #random channel
I hope that goes over well
I think it should be okay. We have a lot of feminist women at work and, even though they are cis women, they don't like to be tell "you can't do that because you are a girl"
3:39 PM
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4:52 PM
Q: How to explain a problem without finger-pointing?

NyagolovaI try to avoid all kinds of "everyday life" arguings, but sometimes I just want an explanation for minor problems. "Why are you late?" and "You know where we keep documents, why put it in a different locker?" should have responses like "Sorry, I got into traffic!" or "Haha, I didn't realize I d...

5:11 PM
@Ælis Nice!
I do enjoy a good F U to gender norms.
and the idea of people fitting into boxes.
@brug Yeah, it's peachy. It gives me the energy I need to burn down the patriarchy :p
@Ælis F the patriarchy!!!
in Tavern on the Meta on Meta Stack Exchange Chat, Jan 2 at 20:34, by Mithical
*goes on a box-breaking rampage*
5:27 PM
YaY \o/
F boxes
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6:33 PM
@brug But boxes!! You know... They protect your yarn from discoloration by light, from dust, from smells...
They allow you to stack stuff and store more
And carry a lot of things at once!
No No No you're thinking of storage containers.
damn I felt like I could come up with a joke here but I failed...
6:51 PM
No worries ;)
7:19 PM
I do that a lot. I start telling a joke because I think I have a good setup but then I realize I have no punchline. But then it's too late and I am embarrassed.

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