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6:42 AM
@Ælis Erh.. Thanks for that. we talked about it with my therapist yesterday
My company requires me to learn Go. How promising career does it have?
I think it's well paid. IIRC
7:30 AM
8:00 AM
@avazula I think you might like this one better. I find it very true : instagram.com/p/B7rizxphfC9/?igshid=91e7yp1wjk2y
@Ælis Idk honestly. I mean ... IRL that'd be true, but I really don't feel that way here for example
But now Mr Ava (although he may be the only one) tries to accommodate and I do too. He now realizes when he speaks too loudly and I manage to be able to be hugged more often
We're trying to meet halfway and so far it's pretty good :)
@avazula It's true that people in here are awsome (and I don't say that because I'm part of them :p ). But I was more speaking about coworkers or random people who will complain that we don't do any effort... (my mother is really good at guilting trapping me that way)
8:15 AM
I completely understand! I'm just saying that I'm lucky enough to have some NT people in my life who don't force me to mask whereas doing zero effort to accommodate me
But I'm also very closeted too haha. I hardly ever unmask to be honest ...
@avazula When I read this I either think "Thank God it's Friday" or "Transparent Graphics Interchange Format" :p
First one. First one please. :p
totally didn't search for GIF
9:23 AM
You might find this interesting ... it describes how refusing to use the word "disabled" for disabled people tends to make them being invisible and that one doesn't show respect to them when they call them people "with special needs" or "with impairment" ... It doesn't seem obvious so I thought it might be worth a share :)
@Belle morning! :)
Q: How to have friend doing a favour sign a contract without making it look like I'm taking advantage of him?

user20887I have a tendency to over think things, get paranoid and get anxiety when it comes to the law. I had a couple of very unfortunate experience, even one I was completely in the right going to court is a huge headache. I would like to make an instructional video and put it on a streaming site such...

TGIFF indeed
sorry for swearing in the acronym
9:40 AM
surprised Pikachu intensifies
hey @avazula, are you celebrating a late inktober?
get it? because of your avatar? ah well, nevermind that was not a good one
I'm terrible at humour but this one I understood :D
referencing surprised pikachu, I think your humour is just fine
Oy, it's Friday.
I saw they made a shirt out of it. Now I want one.
9:47 AM
@Mithical o/
@avazula what happened to your left arm?
oh, edited :)
ugh. I have no motivation to work.
I do have quite interesting work on my plate right now, yet my mind is constantly drifting in the clouds
and now rebecca black is stuck in my head. noooooooooooooooooooo
9:53 AM
Hey, her later work isn't so bad.
Did someone mention motivation? Can I have some too?
@kscherrer who's that?
@Mithical Slightly? If I decided to wear that to work, I wouldn't even be allowed to enter the building!
I require Friday evening
TGIF indeed
9:56 AM
Same here. I require a Friday evening, a hot bath and snacks.
Oh, and a bit to time to finish my crochet F-bomb ;)
I'm gonna try finishing my dragon on the weekend
I'd love to see pictures once it's finished :)
It has one leg now and no wings and looks really silly
I'm heading home for my grandma's birthday. 2h30 drive tonight ... looking forward for the arrival
@Belle Maybe ... that means I'd like to see a picture now then ;)
9:58 AM
@Belle now I wanna see it right now
@avazula Have fun! The drive doesn't sound so fun, but hopefully the party is good :)
@Mithical well, all i see is a white thumbnail because the CDN youtube uses for images is blocked for me :)
@avazula i only know her song "Friday" with which she went viral some years ago. it's terible but funny
and videos don't play either
@kscherrer it's friday, friday, gotta get down on friday :p
9:59 AM
@Belle :D It's looking good already! :D
@CaldeiraG which seat will I take?
@avazula have a nice drive and day!
@Belle it looks a bit like these?
I don't mind driving ... as long as there's no traffic jam :p
I love that I have a great radio in my new car. Now I'm blasting heavy metal on the highway
@kscherrer take the front :p
@avazula nice!
10:04 AM
@CaldeiraG Thank you! You too! :)
@avazula Same! I hate traffic jams :x
@avazula :D thanks
Watchin' this really interesting game at work.
@Tinkeringbell That's the one!
Glad I don't live in Lisbon because there's always huge traffic jams every now and then, especially before and after work timelines
@Belle Then someday I might make my own ;) It's been on my favorite list for ages :)
You've got quite a bit of finishing to do. Do you have all the parts made already?
10:11 AM
@Tinkeringbell Nope. Just the body and the one leg. I estimate I'm about one 40% in.
I hope you have a very, very slow weekend then so you can spend the rest of the time finishing it! :D
10:26 AM
I hope so too! But if not, no worries, the deadline for it is the end of February :)
Oh, that should be plenty of time ;)
10:39 AM
@AJ cricket?
@avazula Yes! But now the game has been ended.
oh. Are you happy with who won?
Yeah!!! My team won!
> We enjoyed this. Landing two days before and playing a game like this, it was fantastic. Felt like 80% support was for us and the crowd was right behind us. You need that sort of push chasing 200+. We never spoke of the jetlag in the team. We didn't want any excuse.
10:57 AM
So, I'm in the top 20 as #20 of SU First Posts reviewers of all-time!
That begs for the rather pessimistic question though... did you increase your activity or did others decrease theirs...
The person that was on #20 is currently inactive :(
1 hour later…
12:19 PM
Considering the Dutch colonized various countries for their spices a long time, you'd expect their cooking to be a lot richer in flavours. Nope, my colleagues believe pepper and salt are the only spices in existence.
And even then pepper is only used sparingly. Salt on the other hand...
@Belle Didn't we mostly just get pepper in the first place? That, and kruidnagel and nootmuskaat?
@Tinkeringbell I'm not sure.
> De VOC zette alle middelen in om een monopolie in de handel in nootmuskaat, foelie en kruidnagelen te verkrijgen
De specerijenhandel is een commerciële activiteit, waarbij in de oudheid, middeleeuwen en vroegmoderne tijd specerijen, peper en andere exotische Aziatische producten naar Europa werden geëxporteerd in ruil voor goud en zilver. De specerijen waren destijds in de keuken zeer gewild als smaakstoffen en conserveringsmiddelen. Ook schreef men er gunstige geneeskundige werkingen aan toe. Zelfs meende men in de middeleeuwen dat de specerijen onmiddellijk uit het paradijs kwamen. Door hun schaarste waren specerijen ultieme luxeproducten voor de elite van de westerse rijken. Deze specerijenhandel heeft...
I forgot about foelie
We still use nootmuskaat here with sperziebonen, and kruidnagelen with bietjes.
But that's about it, if we're not having a 'knorr wereldgerecht' :P
That's about the extend of my parents' spice use too. I love my spices :)
Well, mainly my mom. My dad uses a lot more spices.
I'm thinking of trying to cook with more/different spices once I have my own apartment.
Especially my oldest brother was ... very controlling ... when it came to dinner. He's a very picky eater and would throw huge tantrums if he was requested to eat anything new/unknown/smelling funny. He's doing a tiny bit better now, I think it mostly helps him to try new stuff when he knows he has a choice to do so, instead of 'having to finish his plate or get a slice of bread' as is the house rule here...
But even now mom/dad don't like semi-spicy food, I do.
And my youngest brother seems to mimick the older one a lot.
12:58 PM
@Tinkeringbell can you read that? :o for me it looks like a bunch of letters combined weirdly :P
I know you're Dutch but i don't really understand these words if I wanted to
@CaldeiraG That, my dear, is called 'Dutch'. :P Of course you can understand some words. 'Commerciële'. Think English :P
commerciële activiteit - commercial activity xd
@Tink "Specerijenhandel" -> spice road, right? :p
@CaldeiraG Well done!
or spice handling, idk haha
1:00 PM
@avazula was wondering that word
@avazula Spice trade :)
ooh :)
handel > trade
@Tinkeringbell \o/
Another easy one: 'peper' ;)
1:01 PM
pepper? :o
apparently pepper isn't a spice ;) 'specerijen en peper' ;)
Area 51 is really getting left out by CM's :(
Pepper is a dried berry
@CaldeiraG really ? :'(
Tink if you ever want any ideas when you start experimenting let me know.
1:06 PM
@brug Oh, that's a good idea! I forgot you used to cook for a living :D
Cook friends are the best for advice <3
I think you'll have to remind me once I'm actually living on my own though :P
Even better is eating what they make
@avazula It's been a week since this question was made and no response from a CM so far, the proposal is currently rocking with 671 committers but only 67% progress on 200+ rep users
1:08 PM
My sister is a chef and oh my god her cooking <3
@CaldeiraG :(
@avazula :( hopefully some people will come in and satisfy the requirement
@CaldeiraG I just hit commit. Let's see what a private beta is like ;)
Only 32 'regular' SE users to go for that proposal now ;) :P
@Tinkeringbell yay :)
I committed too. Lets learn about drones now :) just waiting for the email (my SE email gets forwarded to my gmail every 30 minutes or so, just need to wait for that)
1:19 PM
Q: Why would my neighbour drill holes every single day?

David Andrei NedAside from building an indoor wall-climbing track and readjusting it daily, what other realistic options are there which would justify my neighbour drilling holes into walls for hours each day without fail? No explanation is unlikely enough, so please place your bets. It's been happening for man...

@ExtrovertedMainMan WE DON'T FREAKING KNOW
@avazula Here OP, this is your answer :)
@avazula Perhaps we need to rewrite the help center. Seems like we get a few too many questions that want us to explain why someone does something. The authors usually point to something in the help center like "understanding interpersonal interactions" to say, but that's what I'm asking
The problem is they are not actually asking about an interpersonal thing
I'll try to think of a meta post clarifying that requests of explanation on why someoen would do something are off the scope
OP needs this Mind Reader. Its height is adjustable. amazon.com/Mind-Reader-Adjustable-Height-Ergonomic/dp/…
1:26 PM
@CaldeiraG It wasn't meant to be rude, more as a joke about the fact that hole drilling seems very loosely related to IP skills ...
OP probably assumed we already own a Mind Reader
@Belle Don't you? :o
I keep mine locked in the basement. She is too valuable to let out of her cage.
Kinda like the precogs in Minority Report
The Friday Joke.
> There was a king ready to abdicate.
So he brought in his 3 sons. He tells them, "Each of you will receive a trial, the first to complete their trial will become king."
Beginning with his eldest son, a brave and foolhardy man of great stature he says, "You are to bring me your grandmother's emerald ring, lost decades ago in the wreck of the Windbreaker, from the bottom of the stormy North Sea." "Right away, Father." said the eldest son, departing at once, determined to become king.
Then to his middle son, Nimble and Self-righteous, "You are to retrieve your great grandfather's shield, bear
@avazula I know it wasn't rude, i didn't find rude :) and you're right
@AJ omg XD
2:10 PM
@Rainbacon I think you wrote a meta on that, right? I'm sorry it slipped through all sorts of other stuff. Remind me that I have put it on a list to at least think about this weekend ;)
@Tinkeringbell I wrote this meta that briefly touched on the issue, but it was more geared towards addressing the OP of whether or not the comments left were too much
2:50 PM
This friday is probably the least productive Friday I had in 3 months :\
how are we now though?
@CaldeiraG least productive day of the year*
Least productive day of the decade
@CaldeiraG Doing okay-ish. Almost finished the client side of work, now I need to do the stuff that's company related.
@avazula eheh but seriously, some Fridays i get some cool ideas and work a lot, not today it seems xD
I'm waiting for an email for about 3 hours now
2:58 PM
:( waiting sucks
@Tinkeringbell nice :)
btw I'm about to hit the road. Have a great weekend everyone!
@avazula you too!
@avazula Drive safe!
3:10 PM
insomnia got me bad. -_-
3:46 PM
@ElizB :( i saw your message on discord
@ElizB oof. How often does it hit you?
not often. I think it's because I have yeast infection meds up my *** and my brain doesn't like it. wanted to stay awake and figure out what the heck is going on.
now i'm just annoyed and grumpily getting through what I gotta do. I have a class to teach today and I'm not getting much out of my brain in terms of planning or creative ideas. Google is my friend today lol
@Rainbacon any idea how to speed up chat profile pic cache update?
back to original.
Aww I'm sorry girl :(
@ankii I hear sending cute pictures of your dogs in chat usually helps
not much I can do about it. I drank a big thing of black tea to get my caffeine and hoping it helps.
definitely chilling tonight. bed early.
3:59 PM
Have a nice weekend everyone going home!
don't be mistaken by the expressions, she's just tired
after playing in the balls
lolz what a mess
ik, got cleaned up though
she sometimes scares me at 4 am when she wakes up and contemplating something, looks at me, goes back to sleep
she's half cat
Oh @scohe001 the spell worked!
refresh your pages to behold Dumbo
3 hours later…
7:05 PM
Q: How to respond to getting email for other people?

MurchI use the email address firstname dot lastname at gmail. I estimate that some two hundred individuals share my first name and last name globally. About once or twice per month, I get an email that is clearly intended for a name-cousin of mine. I've been signed up for college alumni newsletters, ...

3 hours later…
10:17 PM
Oh, I just got 15 000 IPS rep point! \o/
Ooh you're almost top 10 :p
@scohe001 Oh, that's right, I have now more rep than you! \o/ :p
True. You finally passed me up lol
It's kind of sad though that most of the top users are now inactive. I wish we had more regulars and more hight rep users. I feel like our community is a little too small which put it on danger in the long term
Oh, I just took a look and I'm the only user in the top 30 of IPS who has had an account for less than 2 years! (I'm a one 1 year and 5 months IPS baby :p )
By the way @Tink I heard someone said "Happy New Year" on the phone today

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