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2:53 AM
Q: What if you want to stay anonymous?

Victoriaso i have one friend we’re in the same school and i also have friends from different school, this friend of mine i reported her to the police bc she keep stealing expensive clothes, foods and stuff like that. i gave my name and my address to the police and after that, i changed my mind bc i don’t...

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3:58 AM
It's a bad answer to a bad question. The answer has no merit on its own. — Nelson 2 mins ago
#23974 Nelson (1375 rep) | A: My colleague keeps microwaving fish at work, how can I stop this (score: -2) | posted 2 hours ago by obe (97 rep) | Toxicity 0.0 | tps/fps: 0/0
Matched regex(es) ["chatty"]
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6:17 AM
@Ælis Thanks for sharing. But As I had said: That is not how I am used to that term being used. When I learned from my therapist/autistic close friend about it. I learned it being used synonym for asperger as opposition for infantile autism. Just that back then people weren't connecting asperger with autism as such. So the term helped me putting a point to many discussions.
Hey everyone :)
6:32 AM
How r u doing?
Fine! You? :)
Okish ^^
oh? What's happening?
6:47 AM
Ah to put it short, a friend I am quite close to for almost a year now, started over the past 2 weeks causing a lot of drama. They don't really tell me what its about... So yeah... dunno. I don't like drama for no apparent reason. '^.^
oh :(
7:12 AM
Yeah what ever. :D Except for that I am fine, too :) Having birthday the comming weekend and I just want to celebrate with no one but myself. Whole weekend blocked for me. I even reserved a table for 1 person at my favorite restaurant x'D
Writing "me-time" slots in my calendar for now seems to do a great job :)
@dhein yay! Good for you :)
I love going to a restaurant on my own.
What is it going to be, 28?
@avazula Like Keanu Reeves? ;)
@AJ You know I know nothing about movies :p so I ... don't get the reference :p
Well, he was found eating alone on a park bench once. There have been occurrences of him taking public transport alone. So he kinda loves his own company.
Keanu Charles Reeves ( kee-AH-noo; born September 2, 1964) is a Canadian actor, producer, and musician. Reeves gained fame for his starring roles in several blockbuster films, including comedies from the Bill and Ted franchise (1989–present); action thrillers Point Break (1991), Speed (1994), and the John Wick franchise (2014–present); psychological thriller The Devil's Advocate (1997); supernatural action horror Constantine (2005); and sci-fi action series The Matrix (1999–present). He has also appeared in drama films such as Dangerous Liaisons (1988), My Own Private Idaho (1991), and Little Buddha...
7:27 AM
Oh, that. Right. I know about that.
@avazula Never did that before. Time I spent alone allways feels so wasted for me... Cause I could also spent it with others... '^^ But as thats the problem and I really wanted to go there again.... That's killing 2 birds with one stone. :D
@avazula yeps :)
I heard he recently found a partner
@avazula Like a lunch mate? Or a commuting partner? Sharing the tickets? :D
sorry... duh >.<
@dhein love partner? :p
7:47 AM
@avazula Yeah, dunno... just found that course the conversation took funny ^^
thanks :P
Morning! :)
@AJ The meme itself :p
8:33 AM
8:59 AM
Morning :)
Today I found lots of align="end" in html written this year.
Align attribute has been deprecated since, what, 2000? Earlier? At least 20 years now. I'm sad :(
@Belle Please, tell me it's on the CSS and not directly on the HTML?
@Ælis Sorry... no
:'( People hard coding CSS in their HTML are evil
9:30 AM
@Belle :(
9:45 AM
@chump let's have cat
@chumpbot Ouch x)
And maybe another cat @chump ?
You are in a funny mood today, are you? :p
10:19 AM
If someone wants to had something here?
Well, I apparently failed with my comment :/
Don't worry about it... this is one of those things/times where.. well, we're running into the limitations of how setting expectations upfront works :/
Yeah, I think this user was expecting to be able to just give their opinion and be done with it
11:06 AM
I'm sad, I don't have any idea for an IPS on-topic question to ask :(
@Ælis you'll come up with some :)
@chumpbot parrot
11:23 AM
@CaldeiraG I just had an idea :D Plus, it's probably gonna help reduce my anxiety, so that's great! Now I just have to take the time to write it (maybe tonight or this weekend)
@chumbot doggo
@Ælis yay :)
@chumpbot kitten?
Well, seems like the @chumbot doesn't want to show dogs anymore ^^
I mean, it's true that cat are usually cuter :p
🎵 "Ahhhh Savinia koanichiawa" 🎵
11:44 AM
@Ælis View it that way: Having nothing interpersonally struggling you at the moment is actually something good, isn't it? :P
@dhein Nah, it just means that you are not asking yourself the right question :p ("how can I be better?"). Or that I don't have any/enough interpersonal communication. But since I'm talking with my coworkers everyday, that's probably not it ^^
@Ælis Again: Thats your perspective then (Well and mine, too '^.^). But it remains dependend on the perspective :P
12:10 PM
Looks like a sand cat. They're so cute <3
Let's play Find the Cat.
@AJ found it!
One of my cats just booped the other one on the head
This one has low-resolution so it might be a challenging one.
@Belle lol
12:19 PM
I swear there's no cat in the second picture
Found the first one though
@Belle You know it would be pretty obvious once I tell you where it is.
Do you want a hint?
Is it the white thing at the front?
You can upload a pic with a free-hand circle around it.
No, it isn't. But what if I tell you it is just a little up from your circle?
It's a cute little yellow kitten with white legs..
12:31 PM
@AJ oh! found it!
Good. Just upload a pic with a circle around it.
Darn it Mac! Where's the free hand option?!
that wasn't easy :p
Glad to hear it was a challenging one. :P
So, tell me which one of my hints gave away?
12:37 PM
@AJ the fact that the cat was yellow and white :p
Nice new ava @ava
@brug Thanks! :)
Can you spot the leopard?
It was on Twitter a while ago.
So, don't google it. Although, I know you would.
12:45 PM
heh, I'm good at this! :p
Does anyone here know how to use window.location.href to navigate from an angular page, for example app.example.com/angular/page to app.example.com, where app.example.com is not an angular page?
I don't know the first part of the url, the 'app' bit, I just know that it's the same as the current page
Ah, found it. It was surprisingly simple: window.location.href = '/'
@Belle x) nice you found it
Glad you found it. :P
I tried window.location.href = '' first, but that didn't work, because angular assumed it was an angular route
@AJ Found it!
shoooot I had so much trouble finding that last one!
you gotta do free-hand circles :)
@avazula Really or you're just kidding? :P
1:02 PM
@AJ no, I really struggled xD
lol. okay. Last one for the day.
honestly, i can't find anything on those pictures
my monitor has a weird color scheme too though
1:03 PM
@avazula Let's save some fun for next day. :P
And I will be leaving from work very soon.
@AJ no, I mean, this one looks like a nightmare to find :p
Cause you got all the colors there. :P
@AJ I hate it
That could be interesting to test neural networks on those and see if they can find the freaking cat
1:05 PM
Where's your talent now robot, huh?!
@avazula there is something like that to find wally/waldo, idk xd
@Belle @avazula gave up? ;P
I swear that's a cat
Nope. But you're close. ;)
This is how I feel
1:12 PM
Should I post the answer now?
Sure, unless @avazula wants to give it another go?
this picture gives me anxiety
There you go.
@avazula I could swear there are absolutely no cat in here (and same for the other pictures)
I told you @Belle you were close.
1:13 PM
@AJ omg ...
That cat wasn't in the first picture! I swear!
@AJ So where is the cat on this one?
No excuse will work. :P
1:14 PM
@AJ And on this other one?
Wait I will upload pictures with free-hand circles.
wanna laugh a bit?
I placed a bid on a house and the only thing that's bothering me a bit is the kitchen, so I'm looking for a new one. I requested a brochure online yesterday but they were asking for my personal info, as in name, address, etc ... I knew I would get the brochure from my email so I gave my actual address, but filled in the rest with pseudonyms
1:18 PM
This morning I get a call: "Ms Zula? Would you like to meet and talk about your kitchen project?"
@AJ what even :p
@Ælis There you go.
@CaldeiraG ;P
It took me some time to remember I gave the name "Ava Zula" haha
1:19 PM
@AJ Thanks :) I must say though, that I don't like your game because I'm apparently very bad at it ><
couldn't agree more
@Ælis Thanks. :P
Alright, last day of my job :)
You can do it, @Rain!
@Belle Thanks!
1:31 PM
@Rainbacon Have fun!
@Ælis I plan to. The office manager brought in her panini press so that we could make grilled cheese for my goodbye lunch :)
@Rainbacon Oh, that seems nice :)
1:50 PM
2:37 PM
One really nice thing is that with it being my last day, pretty much all I have to do is get this PR I've been working on merged
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4:05 PM
diamonds, you should probably bump HNQ chat because it's been 9 days without activity there :D
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7:12 PM
Q: How to tell someone to laugh decently

NofelMy brother in law laughs really evil sound when playing with my son. It is annoying and a very stupid sound. I am sort of introvert and whenever I try to confront someone with something my heartbeat goes up and ponding in my head. How can I tell my brother in law that playing is fine but laughi...

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8:33 PM
Q: How to identify and approach persons of low income with the aim to help

GriffinI apologize in advance if this seems distasteful in any way, I'm genuinely trying to be helpful. I live in a low income area in the UK, however I am fairly comfortable financially. It pains me greatly to think of all of the every day struggles people/families on low income face. Especially when...

9:07 PM
@ExtrovertedMainMan "I am unsure how I could consistently identify who could really use that help" -> That's kind of make me really uncomfortable. I don't want an IPS answer saying stuff like: "poor people are smelly, wear hoodies, have a beard, etc..." :/
*also applies to college students
@El'endiaStarman :p Also applies to me, except that my face doesn't produce hairs, so I don't have a beard
9:33 PM
@Ælis oh, that's a good point.. when I read that I was imagining people would answer with things like "person in front of you in a checkout line was asked to put some items back"
@ExtrovertedMainMan MWAHAHAHAHAHA.
@Mithical can you please laugh decently in my chatroom?
@scohe001 Teeheeheehee.
Much better, thank you<3
9:41 PM
@scohe001 @EmC Good thing that I Sandbox this question. Thanks to me you are cleaning up stuff :p
@Ælis :) your question looks pretty good imo!
could be misremembering but is this the same job when you from full to part time?
@EmC Yep
But people didn't really ask about it and to the few that did, I just said that it was because of my "tiredness issues"
ah ok, that was my next question :p
I'm good at reading minds when I know people :p
it might be worth mentioning that, as a potential angle for showing it is serious? idk, I don't have personal experience to back that up ;)
9:50 PM
@EmC I updated my question. Do you think that's good enough?
(not the whole question, just the part that we are currently talking about)
@Ælis yeah, that seems fine :)
A: Sandbox for Proposed Questions

ÆlisHow to tell someone that I'm on the autism spectrum while mitigating the risk of not been believed? autism-spectrum coworker written-interaction I'm on the autism spectrum. My manager knows about that but my coworkers don't. I have been working here for a little more than a year and not tel...

Thanks for the feedback :)
@Sandman And you too Sandman :p
10:15 PM
Q: How to address mutual colleague's Asperger's syndrome?

miszoI'm in a writing group* and there's this girl who joined around the time I did. Unfortunately, she behaves quite eccentrically. Having some medical background I have strong suspicion that she has an Asperger's syndrome, which isn't a problem itself, but I start to notice how other members are s...

@ExtrovertedMainMan .. seems a bit x-y problem

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