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6:10 AM
@scohe001 that's rough
6:52 AM
22 messages moved to Trash
7:35 AM
First gold badge in!
@avazula noon!
@ankiiiiiii yay! congrats!
@ankiiiiiii Congratulations
though its fanatic, but next up is electorate
Thanks Ava, nog,
1 hour later…
8:44 AM
Q: How to talk about what religious denomination you belong to without making the person uncomfortable?

user1261710I recently came into contact with some close relatives (my paternal grandparents) that I've never met and we've been talking on the phone and over email for a month or so. I sent them pictures of my daughter's birthday party. My husband and I are Catholic. We are not religious zealots and not 10...

@Rainbacon My IPS rep is currently 8,300. I like it :D
I am close to 50k but very far from 100k on Movies & TV.
@AJ don't worry, I'm even further from 1m on Pets.
Hehe. :P
@JAD Are you running for Pets moderator election?
Isn't it supposed to end today?
No you're not. And yes in 11 hours.
8:59 AM
@AJ nah
Don't feel I contribute enough to warrant a moderator position. Plus, the amount of drama going around on MSE is a bit too much for my liking, so I'd rather not get more invested in SE for the time being.
what drama?
Well, there always is, but I'd like to know which one.
the ads stuff, the removal of hot meta posts, mostly
3 hours later…
11:53 AM
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12:24 PM
@Ælis ooh, that's a nice number
1:02 PM
Q: How do I stop my co-worker sending me cat memes?

Lankers1My coworker is very distracting and keeps sending me cat memes. He doesn't separate work from fun. He's an alright guy and I do find them funny and want to let him down gently. Anyone have any solid advice?

The takeover has begun! :o
Ok people, quick announcement! As of today, there is only one room owner remaining for managing The Awkward Silence apart from IPS mods. We thank sphennings, Magisch and Kaspar for everything they've done for TAS while they were ROs. Since they don't have enough time to pursue with this activity, we're looking for two new room owners.
The mission basically consists of moving chatty bot messages to Trash and defuse potentially heated discussions. A room owner needs to be patient and remain polite, and most importantly they must be willing to take a bit more responsability regarding their activity in TAS. We'd like to know by Friday evening if there are people that'd like to "have the job" so, ping me if you're interested :)
Now I need to reassure you, it's very rare to have to mute or ban people, and things go pretty well most of the time :)
But it's nice to have a bunch of people ready to clean a bit the room when @IPSCommentBot gets too chatty
1:50 PM
(no one? :p)
@avazula Are you trying to demonstrate how patiente a room owner needs to be? If so, it looks like you are failing :p
Also, I volunteer :)
Warning, position involves much heckling from tiny men
bites tiny man
I keep forgetting its ok to clean up the bot messages.
Oho, it's that kind of party now! flashes fangs
I apparently have fangs now
I also watched isle of dogs today ;p
"I bit a lobbyist. He lost a lot of blood and nearly lost his hand, but everyone seems fine with it"
2:06 PM
@TheTinyMan Men? You mean that there is other people like you? :O
@Ælis We are infinite! Our numbers never end! Every day it's actually a different tiny man!
@TheTinyMan Well, as long as there is only one of you at the time, I can handle it :p
Didn't we have @Ælis recursion recently? We can have TheTinyMan recursion next!
Most of us are one holidays currently. So handling a lot of @TheTinyMan could be difficult (but yeah, I guess I would just need to create more "not-on-holidays" Ælis :p )
@avazula I'd love to help out, if you'll have me. I can't promise I'll be anymore active than I already am though (basically in chat 1p-ish to 10p-ish GMT on weekdays)
2:21 PM
Q: My co-workers keep calling me a robot, how can I resolve this?

ReginaldThere is a running joke in the office that I am a sophisticated humanoid-like robot, who has undergone thorough AI-learning to reach the state that I am now at. This originated when a co-worker perceived my walk to be extremely consistent when approaching my workstation. From then on it escalate...

@ExtrovertedMainMan do not steal their medicine and push them down the stairs.
You sure? I feel like that'd definitely prove you're not a robot. Or not a robot obeying Asimov's laws at least...
> How can I persuade them to cease this inefficient use of time?
I mean the person is clearly a robot
So I might recommend frequent use of terms like 'fleshbags' or 'human scum!'
It won't solve the problem but it will make them feel better!
(I'm also a little concerned that the idea of having a little fun in the workplace seems to be what they're really objecting to there...)
@TheTinyMan Maybe they do really mind being called a robot but don't want to admit it? That wouldn't be the first time I saw something like that
2:30 PM
That's fair. I actually called a friend a "calculator" once in middle school and it really bothered him.

Dude has a PhD in phyics now of course. :-)
@Feeds oh this is Cash
Might've just created a little more work for you @Em. And not the fun kind :/
@scohe001 What are you talking about (if I may ask)?
2:50 PM
@scohe001 noted :)
@Ælis noted too :)
@scohe001 no need to, don't worry :) It's best to have people who are often in here but there's not much more work to do. Think of it as a guardian role! o/
*piano intensifies*
@scohe001 heh it's fine, I already opened myself up to that by commenting :P
also hi everyone :)
Ahh! You're alive!!
3:06 PM
@scohe001 damnit. They assured me the trained hamster assasins would get the job done.
What do you mean the assasinate hamsters, not hamsters who are assasins?
LOL speaking of small packages of living cuteness--one of my friends just got a hedgehog!
I never realized, but they are surprisingly soft, fuzzy and cute (as long as they're letting you pet their stomach)
@JourneymanGeek oh so THAT's what my cat was freaking out about the other night??
@scohe001 omg I love hedgehogs
are there any pictures??
This is the only thing I have that doesn't have any human faces in it
user image
We were trying to let them socialize, but all they did was walk up to each other and sniff a little lol
3:18 PM
@scohe001 !!! so cute
@scohe001 haha, well that's still a pretty good outcome for animal introductions
Haha true. I was scared I'd be pulling spikes out of a snoot, so this was definitely preferable
pig and hedgepig?
Lol we were joking they're both technically hogs, so it should work
4:15 PM
No u
4:50 PM
qq: if a coworker uses another coworker's old name in chat.. how do you say "hey, you should probably edit that message" without making it a big deal :/
12 messages moved to Trash
5:17 PM
@EmC "Hey, their name is now XXX, you should probably edit that :) "
Also, I am assuming you are talking about the deadname of a trans person?
@Ælis basically, yeah - they switched to "they" pronouns and chose a new first name (it's pronounced the same as their old name, but different spelling, so less egregious I guess? but still..)
You don't bother changing the way you spell your name if you don't care about it. So telling this coworker to use the new spelling is definitively the right thing to do. Thank you for caring about that :)
5:33 PM
@Ælis very true! thanks for the help, message sent :)
Glad I could help :)
6:36 PM
Hello @JAD long time no see. I would like to ask you if you could recommend me a statistics textbook for studying basic undergraduate level statistics. It should be mathematically rigorous and cover all the main topics.
7:13 PM
Public Service Announcement: @Tinkeringbell is now a Disney princess. This concludes the public service announcement.
Woohoo! Congrats @Tink! What's the title of your princess song?
(Other commentary: I recognize that water bottle. And those are some impressively large horns.)
7:41 PM
@Mithrandir What is a Disney princess?
8:04 PM
@JaspervanLooij I think Mith was referring to this :)
@scohe001 Hmmm. Sorry by Rihanna? ;)
@Mithrandir yay! Thanks :D
@Mithrandir the horns were safely on the other side of the fence... Cows do drool a lot though!
@JaspervanLooij not Jad, but assuming it to be bundled with Probability, Introduction to Mathematical Statistics, by R V Hogg, A Craig and J W McKean
@Tinkeringbell have you seen cows playing with big balloons or balls?
They're just big dogs, + horns, - nails
8:23 PM
@ankiiiiiii Yeah, they're pretty gentle and laid back animals. I like them :)
@ankiiiiiii +stomachs
@scohe001 3 of them
@Tinkeringbell my aunt had a buffalo, very furious towards strangers, so basically a German shepherd.
when will ROs be announced?
@ankiiiiiii They set the deadline for nominating to Friday evening, so after that ;)
8:26 PM
ah okay,
Yawns good night :)
Sleep well.
Welp. I guess we can cownt @anki out of the conversation now
Seems so, yeah. I'll probably drop out soon too, the internet (data) here is very spotty. Sometimes it works for hours, at other times I'm glad I have two minutes of online time XD
If it does stop working, I'm going to sleep :P
How's things been over here?
Pretty good. HNQ has been handled pretty well as far as I've seen
And we had a bit of meta activity this week
Sounds like things keep moving, good! :P next year I'll try two weeks of vacation outside the Netherlands and no internet at all XD
8:52 PM
Haha do it! I think the bigger question is whether or not Meta.SE will make it without you :p
9:05 PM
They're doing fine too, it seems ;) comparing IPS to MSE neither is harder than the other to moderate, though they're certainly different.
Huh that's super interesting. I feel like from the volume alone MSE would be more work
And now I'm not out of internet but going to sleep anyways, as tomorrow there'll be another hill ( up with a train, some sightseeing on top and down a 5 km walk)
@scohe001 Actually, there aren't that many flags (and the ones that are, mostly are very easy). The thing with modding MSE is that people aren't really used to having mods around yet it seems (Back when it was just CMs flag handling could take a long time and some people got into a habit of only flagging the really egregious stuff).
It's getting better though, it seems :)
9:37 PM
@ankiiiiiii Thanks.

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