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5:54 AM
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Morning everyone!
@ankiiiiiii it may be due to the fact that we're only a beta site, so the number of reviews needed to make the dot turn red is this low we don't even have a grey dot
Hi y'all
me back from moving/vacation
@JAD hey there! How is it going?
6:10 AM
well, after today we should have internet at our new house
so that should improve things slightly
and I'm still waiting on a new lego set to be delivered
yay! good news :)
is your lego set coming with a particular theme?
this looks so cool!
hence me buying it :P
I love the intricate big lego sets
seems like lots of fun
6:23 AM
and nice as display piece
Sure :D
Tailored home decor! yay!
@JAD how did it go?
6:41 AM
pretty well. We had a week of painting the living room and other renovations, and moved in the weekend of the 11th. Then a week of relaxing :)
7:02 AM
@JAD that's nice you had time to unwind :)
7:21 AM
very necessary too :)
7:59 AM
@JAD oh god. I'd want internet shortly after power, and I wouldn't mind if it was before running water XD
@JAD ooh, that's the one with the eco-plastic
8:12 AM
@JourneymanGeek methinks your priorities need fixing
@Mithrandir well, I couldn't run internet without power.
8:26 AM
hey :)
@Mithrandir <3
@dhein \o !
9:24 AM
@JourneymanGeek I would've liked that too
now I've had to spend a week on the wifi of the neighbors
with no tv
and my pc didn't have a wireless card, so no internet on my pc :(
9:42 AM
@JAD this is why my oh snap box has 2 different wifi adaptors....
1 hour later…
10:43 AM
@JourneymanGeek I'm a cheapass, didn't bother getting a wireless adapter since I usually have a wired connection anyways
@JAD oh, I have a 3-4 dollar one
one of those tiny things
I fix stuff a lot so a known good backup is always good
old desktop had one of those strange built in ones with a antenna on the outside. I intentionally didn't get one for this since I didn't use it on my old box
@Mithrandir well, why else would you need to know where the nearest 7-11 is?
hmm good point
you buy a pack of pringles and a cold beverage in a bottle.
get yer carbs, fats and salt. Use the beverage to make a stand and build a cantenna.
We're in business!
(actually I'd just tether off my phone. I have a fantastic plan)
10:58 AM
I was planning to do that, tether phone, but for some reason my phone didn't want to recognise usb cords
11:35 AM
Q: How to cool the fervor of a colleague who trolls and asks undesired questions?

PaulDI have a colleauge of mine at work. He's just my peer, not my boss or a higher rank, I do not report to him in any way. When I'm late for work (for different, sometimes very personal reasons), he asks questions "why are you late at work? what's you reason?" I gave him a clear answer many times,...

12:06 PM
Good morning everyone
@Rainbacon Good afternoon to you! How are you today?
Hello there people :)
Afternoon everyone :)
Good Evening everyone!
@avazula I'm doing mostly well, though I'm having trouble trying to reconnect with an old friend
12:21 PM
@Rainbacon how come?
12:37 PM
I'm having trouble finding the right words to say to them. We were really good friends in college, but then we just sort of lost touch after school ended and I moved. Partly because of the distance, partly because they were really busy with all they had going on in their life (they started transitioning a little over 2 years ago)
@Rainbacon I never tried to get back in touch with an old friend, I find it way too scary
@Ælis It's very scary, especially because this is the first friend I've ever had who transitioned, so I'm afraid that I may accidentally say something hurtful without realizing it
@Rainbacon If you want me to read it (to check for clumsiness error) before you send the message, I would be glad to do so :)
If Youtrack was a person, I would be really mad at them. Currently, I'm just really mad at how incompetent the people who designed and coded it are! Grrrrrrr
1:20 PM
@Ælis gitlab has cool UI
What would you prefer if say you had a software ?
@ankiiiiiii I know, unfortunately we aren't using it (yet) because it costs too much (but I'm hoping that people at my work will change their mind eventually)
@ankiiiiiii What do you mean? What kind of software are we talking about?
@Ælis among GitHub, bugzilla, gitlab etc., which one do you prefer
since it is the owner's choice, I made an hypothetical software of yours
1:37 PM
@ankiiiiiii I didn't test them all but gitlab is very cool. In comparison, github is far less interesting (and Jenkins is hell)
@Ælis Ohh, never heard of Jenkins
developer.blender.org some companies are so cool, they have it all made by themselves.
from beginner tutorials to starting points and dev chat + forum + mailing list.
Hi @avazula!
the dot convention was what I thought too
@ankiiiiiii Unless the tools that exist really don't respond to what you need, making everything by yourself is a waste of time IMO
okay okay I get it, Youtrack is ugly xd
But I liked blender's community and code base is understandable too, So guess I'd work on it
I don't mind something ugly. However, I definitively mind things that aren't user-friendly (so much not user-friendly that you can't make the difference between a bug and a feature...)
All it takes is CSS colour property of the tag!
Put it in a feature request and they'd be confused too whether it's a bug or otherwise.
2:17 PM
@Ælis what? GitLab has free plans ... I'm on one right now :p
@ankiiiiiii hey there!
@avazula Yeah, but for some reasons, my manager doesn't want the free version (probably because one of the functionality that he wants is lacking?)
@Ælis IMO the features that are not available in the free plan aren't vital. But my manager used to think the same, and after having Jenkins breaking down three times in a row, they decided we give GitLab a go :p now I'm happy and my life is so much simpler
@avazula Haha, I bet you are :p We are also giving gitlab a try, but with a version who can have a max of 9(?) users
2:36 PM
@Ælis oh, weird
didn't now they had such plans
It's for a paid version, so I guess it makes sense to limit the number of users
3:15 PM
you know, he really got on my nerves. next time he asks, I'll answer that I've slept with his mom. — PaulD 1 min ago
@IPSCommentBot not sure if rude or just tp
@Rainbacon doesn't have anything to do here anyway
@Rainbacon porque no los dos?
@IPSCommentBot rude
3:31 PM
Well, mostly I was trying to decide whether to flag as nln or rude. I ended up deciding on "unfriendly or unkind"
Ahh gotcha
How's the married life treating you btw?
Mostly good, except that she's off work for the summer, which means she's been baking a lot and I need to start going to the gym to work off all of the cookies and pie
Oh no. That's sounds like a blessing and a curse
It is
Probably means she's super excited when you come home every night though. She'll finally have entertainment :p
3:37 PM
Yeah, but even that has it's drawbacks
Mm that's fair. When I had just finished college and started working and my SO was still in school, she came out to crash with me for a few weeks during her summer. It was nice to come home to all the attention, but there were definitely days when I just wanted to sit on the couch and relax without having to be entertainment
@scohe001 Yep, that
4:12 PM
Q: How long do i wait before assuming our plans won't go ahead?

jasminexI messaged my friend, april on Monday asking if she would like to meet on Friday. It is now Tuesday and she has not replied or read it. I understand people have busy lives but I need to know if she can meet because now my friend charlee is asking if I can meet Friday? I will ask april again to ...

3 hours later…
6:45 PM
Q: Ok, someone really needs to fully explain this one

Johns-30539 upvotes. The only Answer replied to by OP: "Thank you. I agree with your comment about the internal negotiation" Please assure me this isn't personal. How can I communicate my issues with a potential date's pushy behavior?

@IntrovertedMetaMan can someone else try to get some clarification on this? Given my history with the user, I feel like if I push it won't turn out well. It's still unclear to me what they're asking for here...
(And asking if they've read @Ava's pretty comprehensive comment is also a question I'd want answered before trying to write up an answer)
I've left a comment asking your question
Just saw that. Thanks :)
I feel like I have a good understanding of what that user wants
Ooh please enlighten me. Every time I write something answering the direct question they ask, they never seem satisfied
7:00 PM
That's because what they want isn't actually an explanation of why their post was deleted. What they really want is to have their post undeleted without having to adhere to our backup policy, but they've gotten in trouble in the past for posting meta questions that demand their answer be restored
Ahh. Welp. That's not something that we can help with then, even if we wanted to
7:29 PM
Well, I posted my answer
7:42 PM
@Rainbacon I like it. I'm not sure if it'd support your answer, but if you want some hard numbers--tools shows we've deleted 11 answers since last Monday
Good to know
8:01 PM
Alright, stepping away
Just ready for this Monday to be over
I had an appointment at the bank to get something notarized at 12:30. They didn't take me in until 1:45. And then it took all of two minutes to get the notary signature and stamp :/
ugh, that's awful
My wife had a similar experience when she went to the DMV to change her name on her driver's license
Oh gosh I'd take sitting in the bank over the DMV any day
That place is actually torture
Yeah, I don't know how it is where you are, but in NY you have to stand in line for 30 minutes to an hour just to be given a number in the queue
Damn. You have to stand in line to get in line. That's actually crazy
Note: depends on where you are in NY.
8:10 PM
I got my TX license recently--I went into the DMV at 10am and grabbed a number, then went back to work. I got back to the DMV at 1pm and still had to wait an hr and a half to get called
Yep, supposedly you can "make a reservation", but when I did that I got there and they told me that I still had to stand in the line to check in for my reservation (which just put me into the queue with everyone else)
Huh. Good to know. Everyone was telling me to do that next time, too
8:49 PM
Q: Can I remain friends if my online relationship has become an emotional affair?

Shay Ava707Why am I engaging in an online relationship when I'm married? I'm in a horrible predicament and I don't know what to do. I've been with my incredible Husband for 6 years. It truly is a beautiful love story. I friend requested this guy on Facebook. We started talking on the Messenger app. It sta...

9:09 PM
Q: Is there a polite/tactile way to ask someone to leave your house after they come round for dinner?

jasminexI sometimes have friends over for dinner. I am an introvert & after they've been here for about 2-3 hours I wish for them to leave so i can relax a little before bed alone. Is there a polite way I can ask them to leave?

1 hour later…
10:23 PM
Q: How to cite something that 'everyone knows'?

Johns-305My excellent, highly rated Answer here was deleted for lack of citation: How can I communicate my issues with a potential date's pushy behavior? The Answer is based one a very well known 'thing', basically, you can't change someone. How can this be cited effectively without overloading an Answ...


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