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5:54 AM
Morning everyone
Morning :)
6:29 AM
@JAD Next time, it's probably better to ping a mod for that instead of using a flag. Those flags are seen by all moderators, networkwide. They might get in a bad mood when bothered like that ;)
And good morning!
6:39 AM
oh really?
I thought it was just that chatroom's site's mods
my bad
No worries :) And yeah, it's networkwide. I even get the ones from Russian chatrooms ;)
Or Spanish.
Very fun.
hmm, I haven't seen those rooms flagged in a while
To be honest, me neither. And I hope they keep it that way
@JAD XD Did you see that? Seems to be a special day for spam messages in chat being flagged :P
6:48 AM
nope, didn't see it
Ah, guess I was too quick then :)
7:08 AM
Morning @Imus!
@Tinkeringbell yeah, we got a very weird one from Spanish yesterday ... brr
7:59 AM
@avazula Heh, I missed that one then!
8:11 AM
I guess you just have to guess Kappa — Totumus Maximus 25 secs ago
#22471 Totumus Maximus (101 rep) | Q: How to indicate the lack of sarcasm online (score: 9) | posted 27 hours ago by Akangka (151 rep) | edited 17 hours ago by Ælis (8115 rep) | Toxicity 0.030614601 | tps/fps: 0/0
Matched regex(es) ["short-comment", "possible-aic"]
@IPSCommentBot tp
Marked this comment as caught correctly (tp). Currently marked 1tps/0fps. beep boop My human overlords won't let me flag that, so you'll have to do it yourself.
...and it's back on HNQ? O_O
Slow day... it's got less than 8 hotness points.
8:27 AM
Does wealth play a part here? Are there any cultural rulings in relationships that lead to transfer of property etc when marrying an Indian woman? If yes then you may be looking into something more than IPS. — lucasgcb 36 secs ago
#22468 lucasgcb (439 rep) | Q: How to manage healthy relationship with traditional parents who do not like your partner? (score: 13) | posted 39 hours ago by anunhappyIndian (66 rep) | edited 33 hours ago by Em C (10430 rep) | Toxicity 0.23126526 | tps/fps: 0/0
Matched regex(es) ["experimental-aic(@scohe001)"]
What is a wrongo input given to IPS Comment bot?
@Mithrandir I still think that one shouldn't have been reopened anyways. There is an infinite set of answers one could give how to make sure not coming over as sarcastic and just changing the question from What can I do to [...] to How can I [...] doesnt really solve this problem in my opinion.
@NogShine means fp
@dhein You could say the same thing about almost any of the question on the site
@IPSCommentBot Hi
Invalid feedback type. Valid feedback types are tp, fp, rude, and wrongo
8:38 AM
@Mithrandir See, fp and wrongo are listed differently
@Mithrandir Well, yeah...
May 9 '18 at 11:11, by doppelgreener
fr: change the false positive feedback response to WRONGO
It got added as an extra option, instead of 'changed'
8:53 AM
Seems like my not-nice-coworker (who isn't there any more \o/) was writing bad code (and a new coworker is despairing reading that bad code). When I see how reluctant he was to implement tests (and ids for UI tests), I can't say I'm really surprised. But it got me thinking: do you think that someone who is reluctant to tests will always write ugly code?
Not always... It can also be a sign that you're focusing too much on tests (I had a team like that, where everyone was reluctant to write yet another test case for yet another edge case)
Hum, that's fair. I'm still not sure I would hire someone who would complain, during a job interview, that they had to write too many tests in their last job. But I know I care a lot about good practices and tests (that isn't for nothing that I become a QA engineer).
Hmm. In our case, it was because the team had one person that was mainly responsible for tests (in the beginning). That guy was full of 'what if's'.

It always reminded me a bit of a book I got, one called 'Java Puzzlers'. It had all these kinds of weird things that can go wrong if you program them a certain way. I suspect he read that one, and instead of writing good code, wanted tests to make sure no-one accidentally made a puzzle!
I don't complain about it during job interviews, but I do ask what the companies/teams stance on testing is.
Too little isn't good either.
9:14 AM
@Tinkeringbell I must say, I never encounter a case where too many tests were a problem. But I only worked for two different companies so far and there were both small (around 40 people).
@Ælis Well... in this case it was code that would have a number of tests... say we expect a 4 digit numerical input, we had tests for string input, empty input, 5 numbers, and 3 numbers. Then we'd review the code, merge it, and it ended up with that test guy... and he'd send it back because we didn't check 2 digit input. :/
Then he'd send it back because the value was an integer, so we should test for over/underflow (which is kinda impossible to hit with 4 digits and already having 5 and 3 ruled out as 'working unhappy flows').
And that way, a single piece of code could take weeks of back and forth arguing over tests to get to production. Eventually, he had to leave the team.
And the code looked like:
if(digits.lenght()==3) throw new SomeError();
if(digits.lenght()==5) throw new SomeError();

After adding his 2 digit test the code was changed to also include
if(digits.lenght()==2) throw new SomeErro();
@Tinkeringbell Yeah, that does seem a bit extreme to me Oo Also, having too many tests didn't cause a time problem when you wanted to compile/verify that all tests passed?
@Ælis Yeah, that was another thing... having that many tests to run sometimes meant a single Jenkins built could take hours :/
@Tinkeringbell o.O Glad our builds don't test first then. Without running tests, building our main applications takes between 20 and 45 minutes
We do have automated checks, that rebuild the server jars on every commit and run the tests for the relevant modules. Some times the build still gets broken for something that nobody expected ...
9:22 AM
@Imus In the end, we were aiming for a CI/CD pipeline: A merge would trigger a build, that would do about everything. If nothing broke, we could proceed :)
@Tinkeringbell That's why it's important to "prioritize" the tests between one another. Like: "this one runs every time, this one runs once a day, every day, this one runs once a week, every week, etc..."
@Ælis In the end, we did exactly that ;)
@Tinkeringbell Ah, having all that seems very nice. We still don't have a working pipeline capable of launching my UI tests, that's really not practical
1 hour later…
10:46 AM
Anyone knows what to expect of a "yearly results meeting" (not sure it's called that but it's the one-to-one meeting with your manager, where you both see how you have done during the previous year). I have never done one of those before and I'm a little stress (mine will only be in two months, but still)
I have similar ones every few months. It's usually just my manager asking 'how are you', 'how do you like your job' and telling me 'Your sexist manager gave us a great compliment about your work, you should be proud' :P
Q: How can I ask politely someone to place bounty on my IPS question?

Pamela LeeApologia for looking self-interested and self-seeking! I don't have much rep, but think that some of my questions can benefit the public. I remember someone who requested bounty donations on a Stack Exchange like this, and got downvoted like -20. His post got deleted. How can I ask politely som...

This post even though migrated from main site has separate revisions and separate questions on main and meta sites.
Q: How can I ask politely someone to place bounty on your Stack Exchange question?

Pamela LeeApologia for looking self-interested and self-seeking! I don't have much rep, but think that some of my questions can benefit the public. I remember someone who requested bounty donations on a Stack Exchange like this, and got downvoted like -20. His post got deleted.

@Tinkeringbell I have similars one every few months too, but this one is supposed to be "the big one" and I'm not sure how different it will be (Also, congrats to you for the compliment by sexist manager!)
@Ælis Meh. I tried to stop that compliment from reaching him, but failed. I don't know, doesn't seem the big ones for me are much different, besides the fact that I'm being told once a year that my salary will increase ;)
@Tinkeringbell I don't think they will tell me that my salary will increase, but it's nice to know that they aren't that different from the "smaller" one
10:56 AM
When I want to write a question for IPS.SE but i don't know how to even start :p
@Ælis It's only my stories ;) My company works with a system of performing beneath expectations, meeting expectations, or exceding expectations. You'll usually always hit 'meeting expectations', meaning your wages will increase with a certain percentage...
@Tinkeringbell Yeah, but I like your story, so I'm choosing to believe that it will all happen like that :p (but yeah, if other people want to share there experience too, I will be really gratefull)
11:17 AM
A: Sandbox for Proposed Questions

ÆlisHow to ask my manager for a part-time? workplace, ??? I'm currently working as a full-time QA engineer. I have been working here for a little less than a year. I'm on the autism spectrum with tiredness issue and working full time is just too much for me. My manager knows that I'm on the auti...

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1:21 PM
Q: Why did my girlfriend have a sudden and massive jealousy attack?

M.Π.BRight now I have been strugling with a lot of changes in my life. I am about to move to different house but essentially in the same area, I had an interview for my dream job and got accepted in yet another dream job. For the past months, when a change in my professional life is in order, we alwa...

@ExtrovertedMainMan This one could probably use a friendlier comment than what I provided already :)
1:41 PM
Q: How to deal with unreasonable neighbours whose landlord doesn't care?

Van AverseWe own our own house in a nice quiet residential area, about 100 houses, mostly young families, about 60% owner-occupier. There is no assigned parking, but the management company agreement we all signed says there are two spaces per unit, and that commercial vehicles may not be parked at all. Fo...

2:01 PM
Q: How to indicate that I am not arguing cause I think I am right but rather enjoy sharing my fantasys?

dheinOn this RPG post I just found myself being such referred problem player. It is asking about advice, how to deal with a player that continues discussing things the game master wouldn't support in his setting. I answered it with a frame challenge, as I found myself a few times already being that p...

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3:12 PM
...hmm, I still need another 1,330 rep before I can VTD. Y'all, ask more questions :P
@Mithrandir "How to handle people who ask for help online?"
(jk, that'd be off topic)
anyone have ideas on how OP could improve this question? I was hoping to find something we could help with there, but I'm not really sure what to suggest to them
@avazula "Respond sorry, I'm not qualified to help you with that."
@Mithrandir sorry, I'm not qualified to help you with that
"How do I approach meeting, and then maintaining a connection with, a long-lost relative?"
3:20 PM
@user1261710 There are many ways that relationships can be built. Enumerating all the ways that you could try to build a relationship too broad for this site. Same with enumerating all things you can tell them or talk to them about. Literally every sentence in any language you both speak is a valid answer to that question. — sphennings 1 min ago
#22476 sphennings (8215 rep) | Q: What to talk about with long lost relative? (score: -2) | posted 19 hours ago by user1261710 (843 rep) | edited 9 hours ago by user1261710 (843 rep) | Toxicity 0.06401541 | tps/fps: 0/0
Matched regex(es) ["possible-aic"]
@Mithrandir That's a pretty broad question. The set of ways to meet someone is uncountably large.
@scohe001 yay, you're back! <3
Haha hey hey!
@sphennings I think IPS is sort of Literature in the sense that often, a question is going to be broad, and there isn't always an objectively correct answer. That's part of being a subjective site. Sure, it might be broad, but I don't think it's too broad.
@Mithrandir You're not wrong.
3:35 PM
@Mithrandir You could turn that into an "online-interaction" question and then self-answer it (or not): "How to maintain a connection with an online friend?"
Yeah, the situation itself is about a very specific "someone", and OP is specifically asking about handling the initial phone call (vs. generally building a connection over time). so it seems like it'd be narrow enough to not have too many possibilities?
@Mithrandir (I'm not talking about the question EmC is talking about here, I'm just talking of a way for you to gain rep ^^)
@Ælis heh, my bad for not linking that reply to an earlier message :P
@EmC Well, it's because you wanted to see if people were following, right? :p (#TeacherLameExcuses)
haha, good excuse :P
3:50 PM
Yo people!
I am about 30 days from fanatic (first gold). But the busy time coming ahead might mess it up
The power of smartphones is on your side!
@scohe001 do you use the app?
And Hi!
Nah. I find it easier to just use the mobile site
And hey! :P
@scohe001 same here, except uploading photos in the chat.
have to request full site
Ahh I try to avoid chat on mobile--it's too hard to keep track of
Does it not allow you to upload stuffs?
3:54 PM
not that I know of.
Oof. There's probably a FR out there on Meta.SE somewhere then
Dang that really sucks it doesn't exist. Maybe the app allows it?
will have to try
does it count under fanatic?
mean question but okay
I mean opening the app would mark me logged in, right?
I believe so? Someone else here might be able to better answer that tho
4:00 PM
Meet Simba(sitting, male) and Butterscotch (female).
They seem to be going well together this summers
AAAH the upload speed
@scohe001 Mobile chat is great though!
@Mithrandir that requires some backing I guess
Meh. For me SE chat is something I can just leave open and passively follow throughout the day. Trying to use it on mobile would require constantly hopping between apps to check for responses and stuff, which doesn't sound too great to me
I use it all the time.
Are there banners/notifications on the app?
4:06 PM
What do you mean?
Like WhatsApp/messenger
you tap the banner, and app opens, with chat open
Chat isn't included in the app. The mobile web version is good.
The SE app is pretty much useless. I had it installed because yes, you'd get notifications, but those broke for me a while ago and so now the app is entirely useless.
Anybody saw the lion king movie?
I want to know if it's worth it apart from the render quality.
A: How can I indicate that what I'm saying is not sarcastic online?

WendyGI just add (not sarcastic) or /notsarcastic at the end. It seems to work fine.

4:36 PM
@ankiiiiiii Saying everything in a higher tone and strong words and adding a Thank you, please and a smiley doesn't make that not rude afaik.
@ankiiiiiii Nope
I heard it is good.
@Mithrandir Did you uninstall it then?
@ankiiiiiii You just have to login into site and visit home page or your profile or any question or answer. That will count as visiting.
@NogShine No, I wanted to try fiddling to see if I could get notifications to work again but haven't succeeded yet
5:13 PM
@NogShine I didn't follow this one.
trailer seemed good to me too.
I can open some questions. so great!
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11:03 PM
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11:23 PM
Q: How to know if someone is willing to chat or ask question

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