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12:11 AM
is there any etiquette on flirting
what specific portion of flirting? pick up lines, when to know when to stop, when to know when your flirtations are wanted, etc?
what is not allowed
@Rainb ah okay hmm that's still really rather broad
well, nevermind
okay, let me know if you think of anything specific
12:56 AM
@El'endiaStarman and one is a CM now. ;)
Ah yes, that's true. :)
1:15 AM
Good night! :)
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3:06 AM
Can she help around the juice bar? She needs a place to go, but can't get in the way of you doing business so why not have her help? — jcmack 1 min ago
#22080 jcmack (1541 rep) | Q: How can I stop my niece with developmental disorder from sitting behind my juice bar? (score: 3) | posted 21 hours ago by Amanda d'Halluin (316 rep) | edited 20 hours ago by avazula (9082 rep) | Toxicity 0.11442376 | tps/fps: 0/0
Matched regex(es) ["possible-aic"]
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4:35 AM
I never give money to homeless people, because it encourages begging which I find unpleasant, and in my country we actually have community-funded shelters where homeless can go and have their needs met. This may seem heartless and if I were in their situation I would probably be profoundly unhappy, but I can't square begging with a good society. — w00t 1 min ago
#22058 w00t (101 rep) | A: How to interact with a person asking for change without giving them false hope? (score: -1) | posted 3 days ago by ProcolHarum (732 rep) | edited 3 days ago by ProcolHarum (732 rep) | Toxicity 0.30593184 | tps/fps: 0/0
Matched regex(es) ["chatty"]
5:25 AM
@Tinkeringbell Hehe, but keep in mind that you usually aren't that jealous when I am telling that I start working already at 6 am x)
True! Getting the train at 7am is too early enough for me ;)
in HNQ Feed, Jun 1 at 1:16, by Em C
not sure how to stop that from happening, unless we just have to ping it alive every 7 days :\
@EmC I will just point out that the interval becomes 14 days when the room has sufficient number messages and it has more than one user who posted there. meta.stackexchange.com/tags/frozen-rooms/info chat.stackexchange.com/faq#retention
I wasn't able to reply in that room, I hope it's ok to mentioning it there.
There are several rooms where Generic Bot is used for the purposes of keeping them alive.
5:40 AM
@avazula: referring to your answer to the questions 1 and 7, how long would you give them before you would take actions?
5:57 AM
@Rainbacon Fish oil contains important fatty acids such as Omega 3.
@MartinSleziak I can be programmed to flip a table in there once a week
(╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻
┬─┬ノ( º _ ºノ)
@dhein Only vote if the answer involves a countdown like those in the batman animated series when the Joker or Penguin want to blow up some place.
@IPSCommentBot tp
Marked this comment as caught correctly (tp). Currently marked 1tps/0fps. beep boop My human overlords won't let me flag that, so you'll have to do it yourself.
Morning everonye!
@M.A.R.ಠ_ಠ yeah or just make the voting be the countdown oÔ
@avazula: morning!
6:16 AM
@dhein Well... for the 1st question, since it's on HNQ, it may be problematic for such an answer to stay, because it's very visible to the whole SE community (since it's on HNQ), so I would try to take actions quickly.
If it was already flagged by the community, then I would assume that we agree on the fact that this answer is not the best fit in its current form. After the user says they don't see anything wrong with their answer (since this is the given context for this question), I'd try to rephrase my comments. I'd then wait for them to answer or if it takes too long, I'd leave a comment explaining why I put their answer on hold (i.e. deleted) for now and that we can undelete it should they make the edit.
@M.A.R.ಠ_ಠ Of course, you'd need access to that room first.
@avazula Bonjour!
@dhein About question #7 this is a bit less urgent, but the workflow would be about the same to me :)
Maybe. Only if it's the right salutation.
@avazula "Taking actions quickly" and "being less urgent" is so foggy, I would really like to hear what timespans we are talking about here ^^
6:19 AM
@M.A.R.ಠ_ಠ Ahoj! (How do you say "hello" in Persian?)
@avazula "salam!" It's the same assalamu-va-aleikum in Arabic, but we drop the extra parts because they're . . . Arabic
@dhein I understand how bothersome it might be indeed (yay! autism :p), but it really depends on the context (HNQ or not, reactivity/responsiveness of the answerer, ...). Moderation is not about a handful of users, and we do not want to pollute the chat with requests, for instance), so in order for other people to see it, I would say it's about a few hours. But if it's really harmful/rude then I would take actions immediately.
BTW if you wanna continue this conversation I'd suggest we pursue in the dedicated election chatroom :)
@dhein I don't think it's realistic to expect a defined range
That way other nominees may answer you and we won't bother the chat with it :p
6:23 AM
Unless you want "10 minutes to 10 years" as a response
@M.A.R.ಠ_ಠ then Salam to you!
@M.A.R.ಠ_ಠ "6 to 8 weeks"
@M.A.R.ಠ_ಠ I didn't ask for a "defined range"
Sorry for being considered about how I want this to evolve... honestly. That was rude
@avazula You're doing it wrong.
"Salam ur face (ノಠ益ಠ)ノ彡┻━┻"
@avazula Or that
@dhein I don't think MAR wanted to be offending, they're joking about 95% of their time. I think I understood what you meant and I'm happy you care about making this community evolve towards something even better :)
I hope I answered your question? If not, please don't hesitate to tell me :)
Well, I felt offended, tho. And no it didn't answer my question. I was about to write down a response in the election chat room, but I am too triggered right now to continue the conversation. I might come back to it at a later point.
6:29 AM
. . . what the heck happened?
Did I say something offensive? I'm only supposed to say those to @Mith
Oh, this one?
@dhein Did I do something wrong? I'm so sorry you're triggered :/ take the time you need
7 mins ago, by M.A.R. ಠ_ಠ
@dhein I don't think it's realistic to expect a defined range
I wasn't joking, I do mean it. And I'm just saying it's not realistic/practical, not any other adjective that can or might be implied.
It'd be like asking "how long do you wait for the OP to respond before closing a question"
(It'd be pretty awkward if that's actually either question 1 or 7)
Let me try to clear things up here a bit: Do note that there's a difference between when a modertor steps in vs. when the community steps in.

The community is pretty much expected to vote (including delete/closure), flag and comment as soon as they see something.

Moderators can do the same for up/downvoting and commenting, and we can flag answers as NAA to put them in the queue for the community to handle. Again, there doesn't need to be a delay but the community shouldn't become raised with an expectation that the mod will handle those steps and they only need to review in the queues ;)
@Tinkeringbell That's . . . intimidatingly long. Don't you think you should ping Ava and dhein though. I'm just a cute little birdie who's trying to sit on this elec bzzzzzzt
@M.A.R.ಠ_ಠ Dhein said they're going to take a step away, so not pinging them deliberately ;) and ava never misses anything! :P
6:39 AM
Indeed :p
Thanks for the heads up. I wasn't sure mods were able of flagging just like regular users, that's great to know they are. For the remaining I agree with you, that's how I see things.
@Tinkeringbell Well I already know those. Except mods shouldn't be on the CV queue or they'll hurt the chances of morals getting Stewards
@avazula More like mods flag things into the abyss
It gets deleted as soon as they flag
@M.A.R.ಠ_ಠ Yes and no, I do cast 5th votes sometimes but I'm not often working from the queue anyways.
IIRC Snailboat preferred it for some reason. Like maybe it automatically marks the existing flags as helpful. Or the Marshals, OMG.
@Tinkeringbell No and yes, that doesn't contradict my statement
@AJ \o
6:43 AM
@M.A.R.ಠ_ಠ Flag deleting stuff applies only to red flags for us mods, and our close votes are binding. But we can use mod flags, NAA and VLQ like any other user.
@AJ Disagreeing with Tink while not disagreeing with Tink
Schrodinger's debate.
@M.A.R.ಠ_ಠ So, you're agreeing with Tink.
BTW, have you seen pictures of him? He looks like an anime character.
him? Schrodinger?
Nah, he doesn't to me.
6:46 AM
@Tinkeringbell Yeah except Germans draw eyes on top of their o's.
@M.A.R.ಠ_ಠ lol
@avazula But mods aren't eligible for the Deputy or Marshal badges until they step down...
@Mithrandir Good one, my evil minion. They can't step down and have to accept their fate if elected.
Hmm, Ava and Aelis have Marshal already
7:06 AM
Marshal is like the easiest badge on IPS to get, with all the NAA's and chatty comments.
I earned that badge within 7 months since IPS launch.
Long before I was appointed as a moderator.
@Rainbacon Yes, but I won't discuss that in such a public place ^^
7:17 AM
Why can't we have 4 choices in the election? :(
There's only one spot
what if we make it so each good candidate earns equal votes?
CM decides? based on talks with the candidates I presume
95 people have voted so far
You can see who voted and roughly when (but not for whom) here: interpersonal.stackexchange.com/help/badges/81?page=1
@Imus pretty sure that never happened before
To whoever didn't win because you missed 1 vote that I didn't give you. Sorry, you all earned it equally in my eyes but I had to make a decission :)
7:33 AM
I am not sure because of how STV works, that a tie is even possible.
@Magisch 95? There's 119 people with badges...
@Imus Try to see it likes that: we will all do great mods but we all have different strengths and weaknesses and the community will decide what strength we currently need most. All you have to do know is trust the community
I'll make the best mod, no doubt
@Tinkeringbell No kidding. When Chem graduated, only 2 people had Marshal
@Ash They can happen, apparently. votingmatters.org.uk/issue18/i18p6.pdf
No idea how SE handles that though
@Ælis The plot thickens
7:47 AM
@Adamant Hey Adamant, just wanted to point to you that the high reps you see are mostly not active anymore and that they gain a huge part of their rep through HNQ. However, we have been out of HNQ for almost 6 months recently which made it much harder for the user active during this period (like me, avazula, rainbacon or ElizB) to gain rep (I know I gain most of my rep during the time we were out of HNQ)
Dangit, I can't find the fish oil :(
@Tinkeringbell I think it's visit the election page and have enough rep to cast a vote, not actually vote?
Or was that the cactus one?
@M.A.R.ಠ_ಠ Yep, caucus is about visiting, constituent badges are only awarded to those who vote ;)
I vote Lincoln
8:05 AM
@Tinkeringbell now there are
@Magisch I could've sworn there were already a 104 when I checked earlier this morning, before you posted about the 95 :/
@Adamant what @Ælis said is pretty much correct. I have 9k rep, but mostly from answers to questions that became HNQ or questions that became HNQ. Yet by comparison I know next to nothing about the current workings of it
@Tinkeringbell not sure if I misread then
@Magisch I dunno, I was confused :P
I know it was 104 before, I told AJ as much in the mod room XD Timestamps prove that was earlier ;)
What number do you currently see?
@Magisch She won't stop until you admit you were wrong
8:12 AM
@Magisch 125
@M.A.R.ಠ_ಠ Not true XD
hmm. Same as for me. not sure where I got that 95 from then
carry on
@Magisch No, we must now bully you for not being able to read a 3 digit number. Bad cactus!
Q: How to avoid answering "Where are you from?"

George TI live in the UK but am not originally from here, having moved in the last decade. Quite often when I talk to people I get asked where I'm from. It usually seems to be in response to my accent, as I'm white, and since it's not a commonly heard foreign accent I completely accept that most people ...

@M.A.R.ಠ_ಠ You ahve to vote. I haven't cast any votes yet and have not the badge despite I was visiting the election site quite often this morning. :)
@ExtrovertedMainMan Darm, this is a new user and their question is (as far as I can tell) already perfect! I can't even edit the tags! :'(
8:20 AM
@ExtrovertedMainMan If you say "maather Russia" then not only they won't bother you anymore, they won't bother you for anything forever.
@dhein Don't vote till you find the highest bidder
@M.A.R.ಠ_ಠ You do know you can change your votes after, right?
@Ælis It won't be obvious they did that though
It's more dramatic if you get the badge after being paid.
"Hasta la vista, baby"
@M.A.R.ಠ_ಠ Yep. About to reengage negotiations with ava now ^^
8:26 AM
@dhein I think a reasonable set of terms would be 1. being able to serially downvote people twice a week, 2. reduce the threshold of gold badges by 50 %, and 3. a free "legendary" badge.
Are you willing to back up moderator decisions with citations and evidence? — Johns-305 11 hours ago
Depends. Are you willing to back up your challenges of moderator decisions with citations and evidence?
@ExtrovertedMainMan Find a tag to add after all \o/ :p
a claim made without evidence can be dismissed without evidence
@Ælis What a strange tag.
@ExtrovertedMainMan I would almost say that 'where are you from' is considered smalltalk, so t o answer with the name of the hometown + immediately ask the other person where they are from (and then continue with stuff like 'what is your hometown like' or something). But that doesn't make clear you don't want to answer the question XD
@Tinkeringbell if you continuously dodge the question every time they try to streer back to it, it should either become obvious to them you don't intend to answer it, or you should find a way to somewhat politely excuse yourself to do something else instead
8:39 AM
@Tinkeringbell That could be a frame challenge (if you know the person won't come back asking "where is <hometown name>?"
@Magisch Yah, plus it's a can of worms anyway. They can't explain why they suspended Mister Positive, for example.
@avazula you would also have access to moderators on other sites / forums as a moderator. Good LUCK!! — Mister Positive Jun 14 at 16:20
Referring to SE sites as forums.
@Tinkeringbell The only issue with my last statement is that I can't really back it up with experience or give citations so can't post it as an answer
stupid rules :(
I've actually been in a similar situation lots of times.
But I don't remember what I did
Actually maybe just told the truth.
@M.A.R.ಠ_ಠ I those kind of situation I tend to settle for a semi-truth if I don't want to tell the truth (but not lying, I don't like lying)
Too bad I didn't have time yesterday; I would have the perfect improvement to suggest in my troll election post. "Remove the requirement for back up. The upvotes will show that an answer is something worth trying even if the user can't provide backup. If you think it wont work, feel free to give your own better answer or stfu"
8:46 AM
@M.A.R.ಠ_ಠ Oh yeah that sounds reasonable. :D
@Imus Wut? 0o
@dhein Yesterday I said I wanted to write a fake entry for the election but I didn't have the time to do so. This would have been an awesome thing to joke about in that post :)
Kinda makes me wonder how many people would vote for it as 3d vote just for funsies XD
must resist urge to make trump joke
@Magisch You can't make trump jokes. The man is so brilliant that most jokes end up truths.
@Imus A believe that some people (less than "a lot" but more than "some") would have agree with you
@Ælis On that point, most likely. On everything else I would put into the troll post ... unlikely :p
8:53 AM
mind you, blatantly taking the piss will make CMs remove your nomination & warn you
Especially if it's not dilute.
@Magisch I would make it clear from the start of the post that it wasn't to be taken seriously and should at most receive 3d votes to not really mess with the actual election.
Similar to what some students did during the preasidium elections. One group decided that their main and only point would be to spend the election budget on providing free beer and snacks to whoever shows up on their stand. They wouldn't help in distributing textbooks, nor in mitigating with professors about anything. Just free stuff.
Didn't receive any votes ofcourse, but did make the election more interesting to attend :D
we had something similar in school with the student parliament
Yeah, that does bring back some memories
Still, it'd probably boil to how much the enforcer knows you online, and a CM is unlikely to have interacted with you much
They just 'won't take any chances'.
@M.A.R.ಠ_ಠ That doesn't matter much. The way I would've written the entire post would make it obvious to anyone but the most oblivious users that the post was not to be taken seriously
Starting with a big disclaimer on top that says "Please don't take this post seriously!"
And a footnote at the end mentioning "thanks to the current moderators to leave this post here as an example what not to do"
9:01 AM
Haha now I would want to see a nomination with so many disclaimers there's no space for the real stuff
Also, why are we debating something that you can't possibly do anymore.
We have better things to do. Like read this
Q: Are Richter-magnitude 10 earthquakes possible?

blundersThe largest earthquake since 1900 according to the United States Geological Survey (USGS) was Richter-9.5 magnitude quake in Chile in 1960. Are magnitude 10 earthquakes possible? If so, what is the most likely frequency of such earthquakes, and where are they the most likely to occur?

@M.A.R.ಠ_ಠ That's not more interesting than speculating on troll posts. Are you even aware you're on the internet right now?
I'm not sure those disclaimers would help in the slightest
@JAD help in what? make people realise it's a troll post? or prevent CM/mods from removing it?
and for "making an example of what not to do"
Hmm, possibly. Although I would most likely have succeeded in at least making the CM chuckle while reading it :)
9:08 AM
it kinda messes with the whole idea of open elections. Seeing as that would brand certain opinions as "certified incorrect by mods and CMs"
@JAD So what you're saying is that I should just pretend it's an actual post without any disclaimers and complain if/when it's removed that my "perfectly honest" nomination was deleted because the CM/mods didn't like it? Interesting
No, I'm saying that it's not the place to joke around in the first place.
@Imus Thats what a specific person has been doing for years
Yes, that's how you 'troll', per definition
and that making disclaimers only makes it worse
9:11 AM
Not post something with disclaimers! What is this, 2019?
Disclaimer: To those that didn't understand this because it's in chat and sarcastic sublteties are difficult to transfer: I had no intention of actually trolling the election. I'm here joking in chat to keep things interesting. please don't take me seriously on this topic.
@Imus To be honest, I actually would have been worried more about this actually ending in a trump effect '^.^ I could imagine that infact not just a few of the active communitybase which aren't thaaaat involved have a problem with that. ^^
@dhein Would be awesome if I happened to actually win the election with a troll post XD To then step down and have the true winner become a mod ^^,
The Tegenpartij (Counterparty, but also opponent) was a Dutch fictional political party, founded by Jacobse and Van Es, two vrije jongens (free guys, literally), played by Kees van Kooten and Wim de Bie. The Tegenpartij was the party for all Dutchmen who can no longer stand the Netherlands. Van Kooten and De Bie were trying to fight the populist tendencies of some of the other parties with their parody, but things turned out a bit differently: the Tegenpartij became so popular that it might well have gained several seats in parliament if it had actually taken part in elections. The party was finally...
I am not sure if that would work out that smooth and not just put a very bad light on our platform under the line :x

Not to not grant you the laugh, but I actually am happy you didn't make it '^.^
9:20 AM
@Imus I wrote an answer now, think it meets the rules ;-)
Fire alarm in server room next to us. Nobody knows if we should go outside or not now :O
If you don't see me in chat in a couple of hours, please send help. :p
If you see you're passing out, try to get out
9:47 AM
@Rainbacon I currently have the very perfect score of 7500 ips rep!
@Ælis Now you're fully self concious on what next thing you're going to do that would change the score so you can't do anything else until someone up/down votes one of your questions/answers/comments
Found out that the alarm is going off because a technissian is messing with the sensor
so every now and then we get this really loud noise. Fun times at work!
@Imus nice of them to notify you before they started
10:03 AM
just now got a message on slack (our busisess chat platform) "sorry, forgot to mention ... they're currently checking the fire alarm"
10:19 AM
@JAD "Who can no longer stand the Netherlands". With todays news, sign me up!
10:41 AM
@Tinkeringbell what happened today? :O
@Tinkeringbell "Canada joins the Netherlands in knockout stage after beating New Zealand" — Hmm, that does sound a bit criminal
@JAD The one about TU Eindhoven only accepting women as applicants for the next 18 months...
@Tinkeringbell you might not want to come to germany either. Mandatory quotas for all executive positions and uni enrollments are in discussion
and 2/3 major parties support them
@Magisch :/ I'll steer clear. I don't think I'm safe anywhere though ;)
I thought this company was great, but even they are starting to slip up more and more...
Every non small company will have to give eventually
10:54 AM
I had to fight not too long ago to not have to speak at some kind of inspiration talk because I was invited because I'm a female.
It's political pressure and not participating is increasingly seen as unacceptable.
I think I ruined my chances at getting a raise this year, luckily there's more important things than money ;)
You're in a progressive country working in a progressive industry
things bound to happen
Would be nice if people were progressive enough to listen to me.
Ah well, I 'won' the fight, I didn't have to go, though the stress didn't help.
A friend of mine and you would really get along
He's a SAP developer and graduated apprenticeship with really good grades. He was so upset because he applied to a big consulting firm and all they were interested in was his skin color, that he declined the role and went to work somewhere in bremen instead
10:59 AM
Sounds similar.
ironic considering he definitely didn't need to fall back on that. one of the smartest guys I know
in Tavern on the Meta on Meta Stack Exchange Chat, May 21 at 11:42, by Tinkeringbell
For me, it's more the principle of the matter, being asked because you're female is just wrong. And no-one has yet told me any other good reason for why they specifically want me for that job, and not any other suitable candidate that likes doing that kind of stuff. The timing is way off too, right around the time I get in trouble with the manager for repeated attempts to disassociate myself from the women-in-tech-company club.
That one
"If you wouldn't decline me because of who I am, don't accept me for it either."
@Tinkeringbell I mean this here site very much also leans in that direction
@Magisch Huh?
11:03 AM
@Tinkeringbell stack exchange
they're a very progressive company, even for tech industry norms
@Magisch Oh, yup. I took a look at some of their application forms, more talk about what you are than capabilities!
(For a moment I thought you were referring to IPS alone and confused :) )
@Mithrandir Oh, that's a good one. I'm going to keep that in mind.
Stack sites are a bit of an anomaly on the internet
somehow people here manage to refrain from the sheer causticness the rest of it seems to attract
@Tinkeringbell sometimes when I look at my twitter feed I feel like I'm a progressive nexus that spirals in on itself
then when I talk to friends of mine I'm reminded that it's extremely easy to isolate yourself from competing viewpoints online
@Tinkeringbell ah
I always found it curious that there are rules to select candidates (like 50% male/female in political parties) to prevent sexism which are by definition discriminating based on sex...
@Imus The idea is that everyone and thus every process maintained by people is sexist and thus these measures are intended to correct the sexism
Also sexism is not defined as discrimination by sex, only discrimination by sex against people who have been historically discriminated against by sex
11:11 AM
Only if you look at actual evidence, you see that it's rarely actual discrimination by sex but other factors ...
@Magisch it's nice that that is the textbook definition, but that's not what's in the constitution of many countries
@JAD people are working to change the laws to accomodate the academic definition of sexism
for instance here the green party has a big thing about redefining workplace discrimination that way
@Magisch So you mean only women should get benefits then?
I'm ambivalent on the issue, I found having a strong opinion one way or the other alienates people
I'll probably get through life fine one way or another
I just like questioning people on their opinions to see if they actually understood what they're talking about or are paroting what they heard in the news. :)
I fully acknowledge that discrimination against women/foreigners/... exists. But I believe it's not as bad some (most?) people make it seem.
11:17 AM
hmm, constitutionally defining certain groups into a victimposition sounds like a good way of balancing things out
I also dislike getting into the discussion because it inevitably arrives at "well you're a white man so you're unqualified to speak on minority/gender issues" which, I can't really refute since it comes down to a difference in fundamentals
so discussing is pointless
@Magisch To which I respond: "are you now invalidating my opinion based on my race?"
And now you're playing word poker instead of having a discussion
I'm childish in that aspect ^^. "They started it!"
You're right though. It helps to choose who to discuss with in the first place
I usually try to avoid the discussions entirely too... People that hold different opinions than me on gender stuff won't listen, and I'm tired of preaching to the choir ;)
"What's it like being a female dev?" > I'm not comfortable talking about that.
Works like a charm XD
11:25 AM
@Tinkeringbell "I'm assuming it's the same as being a male dev. What makes you think it would be anything otherwise?"
@Imus No, because that opens up a conversation anyways..
I don't mind conversation. And I like making other people uncomfortable about things they shouldn't have asked in the first place. Probably why my reactions are a bit different than what you would do ^^,
@Tinkeringbell Good morning....how's the weather in your location....its a bit overcast here in the US.
@MisterPositive Honestly I have no clue... no windows in the vicinity! But it's supposed to be very sunny and almost 30 degrees (C)
@Tinkeringbell Booo no windows.
11:32 AM
Yeah, I miss having a window here too. Natural light always manages to keep me awake better :)
We have plenty of windows and a lot of extra lighting on top of it ... too much light -.-
I have a pretty good seat when I go into the office.
Oh, I have a good spot too... corner desk, with two screens. So no people watching me chat XD
I am remote 2 days a week so no complaints there.
11:35 AM
31° here. I'm thankful I have AC at home now
AC is not optional.
I get cranky when I am hot when its not supposed to be.
@MisterPositive Same :)
@MisterPositive We have one office location though where the AC is so bad I wore my winter coat indoors and still wasn't feeling comfortable warm :/
@MisterPositive we have 2 people in the office who get headaches from AC use. So no AC in the office unless both are on vacation
@MisterPositive mild clouds and warm in the Netherlands. Thunder expected for tonight and tomorrow
@Tinkeringbell our thermostat is reading 26.4C now :/
@JAD That's actually pretty doable if you're just sitting around programming.
I'm still used to working in 40 degrees or more from my time at the garden center.
11:44 AM
@Tinkeringbell Isn't that illegal? :O
Idonno how you survived that
@Imus Ehhh. There's nothing my boss could reasonably do to lessen temperatures in a greenhouse XD Windows were opened, it had shadow fabric but that didn't really keep the heat out, and we had access to cold water and extra breaks, and ice cream :P
@Imus Slowly, and while messing around with water a lot :P
I mainly did the register though, so a lot of sitting in front of a fan
I'm already having trouble focussing in 26°C and that's with plenty of cold water
fans are not allowed on our desks because of noise :(
@Imus :/ If anyone here would complain about the noise a fan would make, I'd get really, really, really annoying XD The office is a big, big floor with all sorts of little 'islands' and entirely open floor plan so a lot of noise/background noise here.
@Magisch EEEEK
@JAD I would like to see your country one day
Same large open floor plan here, with 70 people in the room
I did have a small USB fan (free one a coworker didn't need herself) but now it rattles
so the noise also disturbs ME :p
11:51 AM
I don't like seeing my neighbors when I sit down....low walls are fine, but not "no walls"
@MisterPositive I have monitor walls. That works ;)
with 3 I could make that work. I only have 2 now. :-P
@MisterPositive I have 2 monitors + laptop screen
@Imus nice
We've been getting plenty of rain since Sunday, so the temperature is down to 25.
11:54 AM
@MisterPositive Do you have a laptop? Get a cheap standard to raise it upwards, and you can build the wall!
I have a nice HP Omen for my own use at home
for work I have a rather ridiculously powered workstation
@Tinkeringbell MOGA -> Make the office great again!
@Tinkeringbell ah yes, we recently got double 27" monitors. It's a proper wall alright
A: Sandbox for Proposed Questions

ConfusedHumanHow to tell boss I dislike my main work work hard-conversations At my job I work into two different teams, one with 75% allocation and another with the 25%. Where I'm most allocated, I take care of something that only I know and am responsible, but after more than two years, I don't feel like d...

@Imus My 'wall' currently looks like this:
12:00 PM
Love the plushies at work ^^,
We have a plushy companion cube to know who's responsible for second line support in our team that week.
My coworker send a lovely one this morning, he had his parrot on the front of his bike. But I can't really show you without showing him, and I'm not going to ;)
@Imus Cool!
Ours are being used for rubber duck debugging :)
and to send funny pictures
urgh, links in chat -.-
Looks nice!
other teams have a piggy and a chiby darth vader plushy for the same reason ^^,
I think so far we're the only team with mascot plushies. But I heard some jealous noises so I guess it won't be long XD
12:03 PM
Nice XD
@Tinkeringbell one of our teams has the angry birds plushies as mascots. Team Angry Nerds :P
The closest I've ever had to that was a team that had a hat of the poop emoji that you had to wear when you broke the build
@Rainbacon Too many people here would have to wear it so it wouldn't really work anymore -.-
@Rainbacon Hum, that feels... kind of wrong (like "destroying someone confidence" wrong) :/
@Ælis that depends a lot on the dynamics of a team
12:15 PM
@Ælis Depending on the work, it may be needed to REALLY FORCE people to never comit breaking stuff.
if it's a team with all new hires, it sounds like it's a bad idea. If it is a team that has worked together for a long time and can handle eachother's banter, it's probably no problem
@JAD You're seeing it wrong. If it's a team with new hires they should probably ask colleagues to review their code (if possible) before commiting to the main branch. Although I should also note that for us the reviewing is done only after committing ...
That's not the point, the point is that the experienced members can take wearing a poop hat as a joke, while wearing that hat will really shake the confidence of someone newer.
@Ælis Honestly, publicly shaming teammembers was the least of that team's problems. We had an absolutely awful manager. That I'm aware of, at least 3 of the client's employees quit because they had to work with him. A few of my colleagues also accused (though not in any official sense) him of blatant sexism.
@Rainbacon Well, I'm glad for you that you get away from there. That definitively doesn't sound like a pleasant workplace
Also, nice rep number on SE ^^
12:19 PM
@Imus what mith said. It's not about making mistakes, it's about how the team reacts. With experienced members, banter is fine. With uncertain new hires, it's probably received as emberrasment and humiliation
@Ælis Ooh, that is nice
@JAD I see it more as how it was explained before they made the mistake in the first place. If right from the start you explain that "commiting broken stuff is a nogo. No really, never ever ever do it. If you do you're making 50+ other people technicly workless, they can't do their work on a broken build. And just to really make that point clear, ...
...we made coworker XYZ wear the silly poopy hat because he didn't listen to our warning :p. If you think your code is ready to be committed, feel free to ask me to take a look first if you want to be sure :).
Then it should be sorta OK, as long as you also joke about it regularly before they actually commit anything breaking to trunk
Addendum: I would only make them actually wear the hat if they broke it in a way they could have easily prevented. If it's some special way the dependencies are resolved that would only become clear after committing to trunk I would just help them get it fixed the first time without public shaming :)
12:44 PM
My nose hurt because of my glasses and I don't want to work so I decided to post a cute picture in here instead:
@Ælis Aww!
So fluffy :D
@Imus mistakes happen, regardless of how severe they are, they happen. I'd hope you also have systems in place to prevent them from happening. Preventing merges if the build doesn't pass for example.
@Tinkeringbell For more fluffiness, see here:
user image
@JAD Unfortunately, many of my company's projects don't. I am a consultant, usually the people that have those kinds of things in place don't really need consultants
So, is anyone else surprised at how many people have voted in the election so far?
@Rainbacon Yes and no ^^ It's IPS, we always attract a lot of attention
12:50 PM
150 may be a lot for a pro tempore election though...
But it's the first day, there is always more people voting in the first day, isn't it?
@JAD We don't prevent merges. We do have a big wall of shame that show which parts af the build are broken and who made the latest commit to it to see if they're responsible :)
I see a lot of names I don't recognize, and also a lot of names I recognize, but who I haven't seen active in several months
We all commit to the main trunk. Which on monday get's forked when it's not broken to build a new version of our program. That one then get's tested thoroughly for a week and distributed to production the week after
@Rainbacon Me too. I do hope they are up to date with things here, though (I don't like the idea of people voting without knowing)
12:55 PM
When you look at it like that it's actually amazing how little issues we have overall :o
@Ælis We all know you forked yourself plenty of times to get enough votes and easily win the election. You can stop pretending soon when the election is closed and act surprised :p
(just kidding of course, to those who still don't know me)
@Imus Haha, they should have add a question in the mod questionnaire for me: "In case of conflict between two Ælis, how would you settle the issue?" :p
(for those who don't know me, this is a private joke, there is only one me, not several ^^)
Or so they claim.
@Mithrandir Ooh, that's why @Ælis accepts they as a pronoun (note sarcasm)
1:10 PM
@Rainbacon Yeah, people assuming I'm only one person are annoying :p
@Ælis silkie chicken!
So, I'm on the fence about this answer. I came upon it in the review queue, and ultimately decided to skip the review task. It could still use attention, and I'm going to go back and look again. On the surface, it lacks backup. When I look closer, it seems like a somewhat weak frame challenge and I'm not sure that the proposed solution is actually based in interpersonal skills.
we had people commit breaking stuff
or the post commit script breaking stuff
or people editing stuff broken in the live folder
all manageable :p
1:27 PM
@Imus EAFP-principle at work :P
@Rainbacon Oi, that's a hard one! I think we can at least safely ask them to take a look at the citation guidelines, and ask them whether or not they've had success using similar approaches... and we could point out that the Interpersonal Skills part seems to be inthe last paragraph, and that 'straight' discussion might need a bit more elaboration than what it currently is, including a strategy for what to do if it turns out OP is wrong about the job thing.
But with all that, don't hesitate to review according to the citation guidelines ;)
@Rainbacon Also... I should've edited the title there when I saw it :/ Now the question is asking two different things (stop her sitting behind the bar/communicating to uncle/niece that her presence is an issue).
And the answer is technically answering the title, with a lifehack.
My meta foo suggests that lifehacks are not great answers
They're not. And while offering her a job does get her from behind the juice bar, I think it'll still rattle customers and make them think she's her daughter too :P
@Ælis fork more Ælis until a majority decision can be reached?
Or some kind of branch prediction
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