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4:57 AM
Q: How to approach boundary setting when family composition changes?

JeffMy wife's sister is very close to our family, and over the course of the last few years, it's become a common practice for her to do her laundry at our house. I don't generally mind this, my wife enjoys this as an opportunity to visit with her sister, and we've used it on occasion as free childc...

5:26 AM
That is quite strange. You may want to wait for some weeks / months, until the new family (you wife's sister's family) gets a chance to buy a washing machine. If that does not happen, approach the brother-in-law, not the wife. Casually discuss about their situation as a new family, their needs, offer your availability to help if they need anything. Like a washing machine. (I put it as a sarcastic joke - but you get the idea). — virolino 1 min ago
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8:15 AM
Q: If I ask a co-worker for an electronic suggestion for use at work and then go buy a different electronic than what he suggested, is that rude?

AlesanaI asked my coworker for a work electronic device suggestion and he recommended this electronic that looked pretty nice. They're more for gaming but they work with a PC. So I am wondering - if I were to use his suggestion as a starting place to look for some similar electronics that could be more ...

@ExtrovertedMainMan I'm pretty sure this is off-topic, but I'm on mobile right now and can't find the ressources to back that up. Any help?
8:51 AM
@Ælis Yeah, I closed that one. It's both a bit of a list-type question and not about Interpersonal Skills at all (maaaybe it's about getting information about Interpersonal Skills, though even that is not sure).
@ExtrovertedMainMan I've also put this one on hold as unclear, because there's no clue in the whole story what they want to tell the in-law.
@Tinkeringbell Yeah, I thought that too, but I was waiting for people to ask for clarification before VtC ^^
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4:24 PM
Wow, OK, Saturday in its finest.
If only people got out to doing some fun things and worried less about sounding awkward/foolish/arrogant etc.
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5:54 PM
TIL that there's a post history type for "Post Tweeted"
Can't seem to find any posts in SEDE that have that history event though. I tried on IPS, SO, and MSE
6:06 PM
That's only for the automatic, official SE Twitter feeds though, which they stopped creating new ones years ago.
2 hours later…
7:53 PM
My father just reminded that there were government taxes to pay this month. Seems like the government forgot to send me a letter to remind me about that... (I have zero to pay this year, but it would have still but I still have to declare what I earned)
2 hours later…
9:38 PM
@M.A.R.ಠ_ಠ I was! Half of it went wrong but it ended with free popcorn and drinks at the movies so it's fine ;)
@Rainbacon Have you tried workplace? I think I've seen a few posts with it there

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