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Hello tinkeringbell!
3 hours later…
2:47 AM
Q: Dealing with a once close friend who might open communication channels

I_learn_as_I_live Fifteen months ago: I was blocked on all social networking sites (except LinkedIn) due to the fact that I was behaving badly towards her for a period in time - I was a dickto her for almost a year - because of my unresolved life experiences while being in a difficult place in life. A key p...

3:08 AM
Q: How should I work on improving my social intelligence?

user71927I have been told that I am socially unintelligent. What can I do about it?

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4:17 AM
@ExtrovertedMainMan Ok, it's really late and I need to go to bed, but I just saw this question in the review queue, and I think it could use some help I made some formatting edits to it, but I think it needs some help. It's already picked up an answer that looks like a "me too". I'm going to leave a comment on that before bed, but I don't have the time and energy to help the question right now.
If whoever gets in here first could drop a comment to the OP to help them narrow the question a bit, that would be excellent.
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5:25 AM
GaMen :)
2 hours later…
7:07 AM
@Ælis my condolences ;)
Your question is on the first page of HNQ and it shows.
@Tinkeringbell yup, 7 answers so far...
Just dropped comments on 4 of them ;)
There should be a badge for moderating that amount of answers in the early morning
@Tinkeringbell "Early Bird"
would fit for you :p
@Magisch I like that :)
@Tinkeringbell Well, you are the one doing all that moderator work :p Silently flagging stuff is much more easier ^^
7:10 AM
@Tinkeringbell I'm especially impressed by the fact and delicacy you're showing in indicating the answerers that they could really use a read on "how to write a good answer"
^ there should be an acronym for that. HTWAGA
@Ælis Yep! I should probably not have answered it, I always feel awkward if I do so and then moderate the other answers ;)
@avazula GAG. Good Answer Guidelines :P
Also works in a 'silence yourself until you've read those' way ;)
@Tinkeringbell same for me
@Tinkeringbell I like your answer. I rather have you not leaving those comments that than have you not leaving your answer :)
@Tinkeringbell this somehow reminds me of "RT*M" ... if you know what I mean ... haha
@Ælis Oh, I know. And I don't think I'll ever stop answering just because it makes moderating more awkward ;-)
7:13 AM
That's always a bad idea ;p
Can't wait until AJ is fully back though, things are definitely a bit smoother when there's three of us :)
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@Tinkeringbell Isn't there also an election coming up?
So there should be 4 of you soon
@avazula Well... A little bit :P Though that is just rude ;) That's why I referred people to 'write a good answer' and 'citation expectations'
@Magisch 5. We also still have John :)
@Tinkeringbell Of course :) That was more of a joke, we don't treat people rudely (at least I hope they don't see it that way?)
7:15 AM
@avazula I hope not :D
There will always be someone who is angry at our moderating style I guess, but overall I think people are happy
@avazula If people are angry at you, its either a chance to learn to be a better mod, or you're doing things right ;p
(thinks about that nice article a user wrote about IPS :D)
@avazula I don't want to be rude, but does John actualy do anything? I never saw them on IPS
@avazula Yep, that was a good one, and one we should strive to see more of! :)
7:16 AM
@JourneymanGeek exactly haha
@Ælis John is there from time to time, behind the screens. :) It's true though that he's not very visible :)
'llo o/
@Imus morning :D
@Imus o/
@Imus Good morning! :)
7:31 AM
Hallo. Yet another greeting message
@Tinkeringbell '^.^
> And then, just as Wilbur was settling down for his morning nap, he heard again the thin voice that had addressed him the night before.
"Salutations!" said the voice.
Wilbur jumped to his feet. "Salu-what?" he cried.
"Salutations!" repeated the voice.
"What are they, and where are you?" screamed Wilbur. "Please, please, tell me where you are. And what are salutations?"
"Salutations are greetings," said the voice. "When I say 'salutations,' it's just my fancy way of saying hello or good morning."
And your fancy of salutationing is quoting a children's book?
meta-hello's are a thing now
@M.A.R.ಠ_ಠ I'm having trouble parsing that sentence...
7:42 AM
@Mithrandir I can't tell which one is the bot.
@Ælis: Not an answer at all, and maybe even a frame challange so I just message you here. But from what I experienced so far, its best to not reveal any of your opinion on political views at work at all. You would wonder how wrong you can be sometimes with assuming others political views. And my impression is, most people are aware that others not comment on political topics, not cause they agree/disagree, but cause they just don't want to have such conversations with others for this reasons x)
Cause signaling to Alex in any way your disagreement could possibly backfire, too. From my own experiences. ^^
@dhein That's IIRC what all the other 'answers' said, so sometimes challenging the frame is the answer.
— Nicola Tesla
Ah, I see. I was just reading the low rated answers for the sake of quickly help moderating. And they didn't but I hadn't checked the 3 highly voted ones, due to lack of time x)
My "try this" answer to that question would be to just start talking to anyone else in the room about anything else
To express not being itnerested at all in what hes saying... :'D
7:46 AM
@Imus Yep, there's already someone sharing your opinion there too :)
@Upper_Case: You pingable here? x)
BTW, it makes no sense that Upper Case is in Title case.
Or do we have another used called TITLE CASE?
We would have in a couple minutes if one of us feels like trolling today
I always feel like trolling but only the effortless type
Picking on Mith is effortless
@M.A.R.ಠ_ಠ I always considered "uppper case" to be only about single letters. Like: Every First Letter Of Each Word In This Sentence Is In Upper Case.
7:56 AM
Not like he can respond back or anything
first time I heard about title case
Nah, that's SpongeBob Case.
^ That's case in point.
o/ hi case, how're you holding up in there?
8:00 AM
@Imus "If a mountain biker sends a trick, does it even count of there's nobody around to say "yo"?"
Tʜɪs ɪs ʙᴀᴅᴀss ᴄᴀsᴇ.
@M.A.R.ಠ_ಠ that's Deathcase
@Mithrandir Only if a tree falling in a forrest makes a sound if nobody is around to hear it
@M.A.R.ಠ_ಠ That sounds like someone shouting in a library
8:03 AM
Or with severe asthma
. . .
'You insensitive clod!'
Shouting really quietly: "Tʜɪs ɪs ᴀ ʟɪʙʀᴀʀʏ. sᴏ ᴇɪᴛʜᴇʀ sʜᴜᴛ ᴜᴘ ᴏʀ ᴛᴀᴋᴇ ʏᴏᴜʀ ᴅɪsᴄᴜssɪᴏɴs ᴏᴜᴛsɪᴅᴇ!"
Q: How to overcome Trauma and Xenophobia

Scottie HFor the last 2 years, I have been working on overcoming my past Trauma. My Diagnoses are: PTSD (not from war, from emotional abuse), Depression, anxiety and a hint of ADHD. I am also a "little aspy". Note: none of those are my words. My Significant other uses the analogy that I am a "doormat that...

@Imus tiny noises
hey, I got a question, is it weird for me, as a 19-year old to have friends of over 40, one even being 57?
depends on how you became friends
8:18 AM
through online
if you're playing together in a DnD group for example, age doesn't really matter much I guess
i mean, they live an ocean away for me XD
online age doesn't matter much
as long as you don't meet up in person :p
@Termatinator It would have been weird 50 years ago. Now everyone is like that.
I'm 20 right now and I have 50-yo 'online friends'.
I've had an interesting discussion with my in-laws some time ago about the difference between "online friends" and "real friends"
8:21 AM
what's funny is that I'm the mediator in most arguments, even though I'm one of the youngest in the group
Of course it depends on where you hang around often. If you hang around YouTube celebrities 13-year-olds are the most people you'd meet
@ExtrovertedMainMan I closed that one :)
@Imus Gets pretty weird, those conversations.
@Tinkeringbell i was on it but you were faster haha
If someone defends online friends, of course.
What is life.
8:23 AM
we mostly hang around in a certain game @M.A.R.ಠ_ಠ
@avazula Well, at least it's good to hear that someone was trying too :D
@M.A.R.ಠ_ಠ We ended with "online friends can't be real friends until you met them in person. Which doesn't mean they're any less valuable to you"
they can be real friends, they helped through a lot of personal stuff
@Tinkeringbell :)
although there was still some unresolved ambiguity about counting calling + webcam as meeting in person :p
8:24 AM
@Tinkeringbell I was trying to persuade the question to close itself with telekinesis.
I feel underappreciated.
@avazula If you want something to do, they also posted an answer to Aelis' question, and it's both not explaining how to deal with Alex and could use links to 'how to write a good answer' and the 'citation expectations' ;)
@Termatinator yet you can't hug them ;)
well, they live in america and i live in europe
Alex got famous without even trying
@Tinkeringbell I actually was too slow because I'm in a meeting rn but if no one does it by the time I'm free, then sure i'll do it :)
8:25 AM
@M.A.R.ಠ_ಠ Go get some reputation and you can do the work manually. Telekinesis isn't that good of a way of moderating ;)
@Termatinator pfft, Atlantic isn't an ocean dude.
It's like an overgrown sea.
plus north sea for me XD
I guess it makes sense that the cute, adorably small European countries get their own cute, adorably small ocean.
@M.A.R.ಠ_ಠ connected to other overgrown seas that together cover over half of the globe? There's a word for that (hint, it starts with an O)
8:27 AM
@Imus Olive
i also have a friend in Guam
@Imus I find the differentiation kinda pointless.
The whole American continent looks like an ostrich
@M.A.R.ಠ_ಠ you're missing the "overgrown sea" in your obvious trolls ...
i think you mean north american continent XD
8:30 AM
Well, Mexico is the neck
The USA is parts of the head that are redundant, and Canada is the brain
but what about brazil?
The butt, maybe?
I'm not a seasoned ostrichist.
@Imus I swear there's this dinosaur name that starts with an O but it's at the tip of my tongue.
8:35 AM
Wow, who knew dinosaurs would be so tiny.
Oviraptor is definitely a knockoff. Made in China.
Meaning: Egg plunderer
@M.A.R.ಠ_ಠ Mongolia* but close enough :p
This guy has 'titan' in its name and is from Russia. dinochecker.com/dinosaurs/OLOROTITAN
I'm finding a lot of similar analogs in human society
giant swan
8:40 AM
Probably the type that inhales the princess instead of carrying her
The Wild Swans is a literary fairy tale by Hans Christian Andersen about a princess who rescues her 11 brothers from a spell cast by an evil queen. The tale was first published on 2 October 1838 as the first installment in Andersen's Fairy Tales Told for Children by C. A. Reitzel in Copenhagen, Denmark. It has been adapted to various media including ballet, television, and film. == Synopsis == In a faraway kingdom, there lives a widowed king with his twelve children: eleven princes and one princess. One day, he decides to remarry. He marries a wicked queen who was a witch. Out of spite, the queen...
ANTARCTOSAURUS this is a funny one i found, i like the name
found in Argentina
or well discovered
at least we know this lizard wasn't from the north
i didn't discover it of course haha
Giant penguin?
i know right
8:42 AM
The thought of a penguin plummeting Tokyo is less scary than Godzilla.
what about the Banji
what about 'm?
mei? that's a dinosaur
that's a month
i know lol
also a dinosaur apparently
8:47 AM
@ExtrovertedMainMan What the hell is "being a little aspy"? x'D
Aren't we all a little aspy? >.<
Deinogalerix - "terrible hedgehog" lol
@dhein pff, speek for yourself. I'm entirely non-aspy ... with a couple of let's say "quirks"
I just have PDDNOS
@Imus thats my point. And well, I am not just a little aspy xD
attention deficit oh look a squirrel disorder
8:50 AM
@dhein It's when you only spy from time to time. So you are a "little a spy"
@Imus XD
pervasive developmental disorder - not otherwise specified ---- my form of autism
@Termatinator can you be a bit more specific?
@Ælis Ohhhh one better shouldn't post that in the internet... also having his post tagged as autism-spectrum makes it even more dificult being a spy sometimes.... I mean, I think me bein an autist and considering I had to be aspy.... I would fail horribly :x
@Termatinator I first read "persuasive developmental disorder". I thought your disorder was very persuasive :p
@Imus sure i can
@Ælis XD, wouldn't that be great
8:53 AM
I suffer from Dunning–Kruger effect. My jokes are great
According to the DSM-IV, PDD-NOS is a diagnosis that is used for "severe and pervasive impairment in the development of reciprocal social interaction or verbal and nonverbal communication skills, or when stereotyped behavior, interests, and activities are present, but the criteria are not met for a specific PDD" or for several other disorders
Uhhhh I just got an invite to an team internal trainings session on how to use StackOverflow for our work x)
I like that its an official requirement of my job crawling around here ^^
@dhein technically this isn't stackoverflow :p
@dhein Haha XD Good luck with all the boringness that is to come :p
show the trainer your account and ask if you pass the training through experience?
9:01 AM
@Imus @M.A.R.ಠ_ಠ another weird one: Megapnosaurus [wiki] - "big dead lizard"
That's a very self-descriptive and literal name
would be funny if that one got cloned ...
Did I just ruin your afternoon or are you really into dinosaurs all of a sudden?
Daddy, I wanne see the big dead lizard alking around, can we go see him?
I'm just really not into doing my work this morning ...
I've always had a thing for dinosaurs
9:04 AM
someone mind changing topics before this one goes into detail about his old fetishes?
how about the Bangiomorpha pubescens
Terminator on a T-Rex. I wish they made movies on demand
that would be funny lol
@Imus Here
Q: Did 20% of US soldiers in Vietnam use heroin, 95% of whom quit afterwards?

d-bThe following claims were made around 04:50 of this TED talk by Johann Hari: 20 percent of all American troops were using loads of heroin, and if you look at the news reports from the time, they were really worried, because they thought, my God, we're going to have hundreds of thousands of ju...

Pretty interesting.
Part of being addicted is putting a label on it and pretending change is hard.
dang, surprising fact
9:23 AM
I feel that this question: "was it wrong of me to have constantly suggest both of us to speak about our feelings?" (from here) is primarily opinion-based. Any though on this (to know if this should be removed from the question)
Thinking from my "I think" answer I would leave it in. It shows how OP is already thinking about what he was doing wrong and seeks confirmation on what he should be doing instead. If that was the main/only question asked it should've been closed entirely instead. As it is now I think it adds to the question rather than distract from it.
I may have overused the word "thinking" a bit in there ... sorry about that :p
@Imus I guess you are overthinking things :p
you think?
I wonder if there's anyone with the required experience to answer that question :)
@Imus There are some theories about relationships and about how they evolve over time that make me think OP did a really bad job of trying to 'revive' this one.
But I'm at work now, so no time to actually write answers.
As for the 'was it wrong of me'... I think that needs editing, not entirely take it out but rephrasing. But this morning I wasn't sure what to turn it into so I just made the quick list-formatting and grammar edit.
I have romantic feelings for one of my friends (who I've actually seen quite a lot) so I may have experience later, hopefully not though, most of you already know this XD
9:32 AM
@Tinkeringbell I'm on it
Done, what do you all think?
@Ælis Nice! :)
@Rainbacon Do you know you are the user who earned the most rep this year (2019)? I'm "only" number 5 ^^
#24 this year yet I don't even recall answering anything this year :o
apperently I did answer 4 questions, huh
9:48 AM
@Imus Some user also gain rep when their old questions/answers are upvoted. So you don't need to actually post anything to gain rep on a given year
nope, all rep from those 4 answers I think
except maybe 2 or 3 upvotes
funny how my best answer basically boils down to "do this"
OP confirmed that it worked though :D
and questions?
oh wait
you answered that XD
hah! :p
@Imus You might want to try to back it up a little then (with external sources that you will have googled) ^^ (I actually don't have time to read it right now, so maybe you already did that?)
I kinda did in the comments below that, not in the answer itself
9:58 AM
@Imus Then you should put the comments in your answer since comments aren't suppose to be important and could be remove any time
I might do that some day when I 'm not about to go fetch some food and have to stop procrastinating. Most likely I'll forget about it again though ... sorry in advance
10:20 AM
"I don't know of a natural way to do this" - that, the "natural" part, is actually a really good thought to follow. If I was in a room where somebody was spouting racist statements, my reaction would be disgust. Even if I wouldn't say anything, my face would naturally display that disgust. Looking at the guy as if he's made up of excrement, or at least as if I'm asking myself if he just escaped the loony bin. Mouthing a WTF when he says something like "all [x] are rapists". This will not work as well with other, less offensive discussion subjects, but it would work here. — R. Schmitz 39 secs ago
#21812 R. Schmitz (141 rep) | A: How to let other coworkers know that I don't share my coworker's political views? (score: 17) | posted 18 hours ago by Upper_Case (13578 rep) | edited 15 hours ago by Upper_Case (13578 rep) | Toxicity 0.61927444 | tps/fps: 0/0
Matched regex(es) ["chatty"]
@IPSCommentBot tp
Marked this comment as caught correctly (tp). Currently marked 1tps/0fps. beep boop My human overlords won't let me flag that, so you'll have to do it yourself.
I'm currently writing an article about my work (which is, more or less, like a report of what I did these past few months) and last time I gave such a report to my manager (in my previous job), it did not go well. I don't mind other people reading my article, but I'm kind of terrified by the thought of letting my manager read it (even though he is far from being like my previous manager in my other job). But I have to send my first draft to my manager tonight, so...
@Imus True, but for a coworker looking over your shoulder its hard to see the difference :P
@Ælis Thanks. But I am actually finding it very itneresting and looking forward x)
@dhein Ah good for you then, I tend to be very annoid when people are saying stuff that I already know!
10:35 AM
My new mental image of @avazula.
@Mithrandir Yep, definitively mine too ^^
@Mithrandir oh dear
I believe you found my new avatar
My big chiefs are talking about some important buisness right next to me and this is soooo weird. I don't even dare moving, I don't want them to notice me ><
@Ælis Ugh, I had the same yesterday ... this is the worst
10:48 AM
@avazula Yep, and it's almost time for me to eat, but I'm stuck!!!
@Ælis D: fortunately there's 12 min left
hopefully they'll move by then :D
Yep, hopefully ^^'
Ugh, I found an amazing rock band and now I'm so jealous of the singer's voice
@avazula Sometimes your hunger is greater than your fears. I succesfully manage to escape \o/ :p
@Ælis yay!
I barely feel hunger so I couldn't pretend I understand but I imagine how it feels :)
11:00 AM
@avazula It's like when you need to pee but different :p
@Ælis ugh
I pee before and after every meeting, and sometimes it ain't even enough!
@Ælis True, me too. But 2 key points are making my attitude at work place way different from the one I have in private life. A) They pay me to do the job the way they want it to be done. That helps me supressing my annoyance of things like this. Reminding me, I am not doing it for fun but for the check. (Adding to that, here is effort taken to respect my diferent learning ways as auti :))
and B) I actually AM learning here a lot. Most trainings and meetings, at least to some extent in fact GIVE new insights. So I really enjoy them as it so far hasn't happened that I had a training/meeting where I had not gotten at least some new knowledge :)
But what I want to say: I get your point here and I feel the same way
@Ælis Manager of the day award :P
2 hours later…
12:55 PM
okay I just posted something on Reddit and someone told me to "RTFM"
I thought we were the one doing this (/sarcasm)
Oh shoot I don't have hooks on that keyboard, only parentheses
@avazula I guess you can't be captain then... #BadJoke
oh shoot I didn't get the joke
Am I tired today? lol
Ahah, I like how you express your understanding in here :p
oh dear, you have no idea how stupid I feel right now
Nothing works right
I really should go left
uh... what does RTFM mean?
1:02 PM
@Termatinator Read the freaking manual
@avazula That's just a little tiredness ^^
@avazula for a second i thought you told me to find it myself, then i realized that was the actual meaning XD
i feel stupid now too
@Termatinator oh no, I wouldn't be so rude :p
It's like this joke:
> What does "quoi" mean in French?
> What
> I told you, "quoi"
> What
@Ælis Ooh, that's exciting
1:10 PM
@Ælis how do you know that?
ooh, thanks
@Rainbacon I'm a bit jalouse, but still congrats to you ^^
I'm 20th
@Ælis Aww, thanks :)
@avazula You can also find it on IPS itself interpersonal.stackexchange.com/users
1:13 PM
interpersonal.stackexchange.com/a/21831/1599 < I'm seeing flags and votes on this one, though to me it might marginally include some backup? Is it because it's suggesting the same non-verbal language as interpersonal.stackexchange.com/a/21818/1599? Can someone that voted there drop a comment? :)
@Tinkeringbell I flagged it, I thought it was lacking some backup for the first paragraph. Why is "roll your eyes and sigh" a good idea?
Note to self: Word my answer as "I have learned that ..." means I can bypass Tink's backup requirement ^^,
@Imus Nah, that's not true ;)
I'll drop a comment, it just came up for me in the review queue
@Rainbacon Ah, great :) Thanks.
1:17 PM
Speaking from experience, I can say that rolling your eyes will invite just as much discussion as saying you don't agree ...
^ That look backed up to you?
@Imus Now add a time when you did that, and describe the results ;)
Note that I said 'marginally' as in 'Over time, I learned to use body language instead of verbal communication'.
You expect me to remember stuff?
how dare you!
It's just not so bad it should be deleted without any comment at all ;)
you should know by now that I have a really bad memory, and requiring that of me means I can't write any answers anymore :'(
meanie! :p
last time i rolled my eyes, people didn't see my face :P
1:19 PM
rolls eyes urgh, now people think I roll my eyes at other people. What's next, that they think I lie as well?
Okay. Then we have interpersonal.stackexchange.com/q/21819/1599 ... is that question really complete? Or do we ask for them to include why they can't use their words? In one way having had the previous argument might be enough to focus on, in another, the argument was about not doing homework so we don't really know if just saying what they want to say in the way they want to say it will set her off?
so is OP asking how to confront the mentor or...?
@Termatinator Yeah, but how to confront about another issue.
It sounds good time me: "I want to tell her that her lack of trust hurt but I also don't want to create more tension"
(but asking for more details can't hurt)
an answer has been added from someone btw
1:28 PM
Oh no, I have a sore throat so I'm making some tea and I just realized I'm using my last bag of lemon tea. Hope I only need one cup today
@Rainbacon can't you use the bag twice?
@Rainbacon have you ever tried to re use it?
Fellow Indian here.Why did you marry if you cannot trust a girl? No one can force/safeguard for too long. To give an idea about indian culture to others : adultery is less than 0.0001% in india, so almost every girl is trustable unless you find some valid proof than just being beautiful and bachelor men living nearby. — NiceGuy 20 secs ago
#15293 NiceGuy (56 rep) | Q: How can I have a conversation with my wife to be ensured of her faithfulness? (score: 9) | posted 349 days ago by Naresh Yadav (60 rep) | edited 349 days ago by avazula (8515 rep) | Toxicity 0.45834973 | Comment on inactive post | tps/fps: 0/0
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1:30 PM
Most of the time those tea bags are strong enough to be used twice or thrice. I use mine thrice.
@avazula I have, I don't particularly like reusing bags
but of course it depends on how strong you like your tea
I like it pretty strong
ha, there it is :D
@avazula oof, it's going to take me a bit to get used to seeing the back of the German pub girl
1:34 PM
How can I have a conversation with my wife to be ensured of her faithfulness? What if she says 'I am faithful to you' - Will you trust her? I don't think so. — NiceGuy 1 min ago
#15293 NiceGuy (56 rep) | Q: How can I have a conversation with my wife to be ensured of her faithfulness? (score: 9) | posted 349 days ago by Naresh Yadav (60 rep) | edited 349 days ago by avazula (8515 rep) | Toxicity 0.3314806 | Comment on inactive post | tps/fps: 0/0
@Rainbacon :( sorry about that
@avazula It's ok, I just don't like change and there's been quite a bit of that in my life. A new avazulatar isn't that big of a deal in comparison ;)
@Rainbacon :) don't worry, I'll remain as nice to you as I've ever (I hope?) been
You don't like change? I'll keep the quarter, then.
Mith FTW
1:37 PM
@avazula That's acceptable
funny that I draw avazulavatars to people but don't use one myself
I suppose you could hand draw a german pub girl
@Rainbacon I've not been in the mood these days :(
Big blues yesterday
Overwhelming days at work
So I wrote instead. Feels good tbh.
Sorry to hear that. I'm glad you have an outlet
1:43 PM
I'm glad I could come back here :D
@avazula I'm glad you could come back here too :)
@Rainbacon +1 for that
I've been doing 12-hour days for the last ... three weeks?
I feel kinda empty
Let's settle for basic income! lol
1:49 PM
Is the 12-hour day thing over for you?
@avazula ugh, that sounds awful
@Ælis actually no... It's just that I'm remote today and my teammate is on vacation today (which is great because I don't have to train him today, and I was kinda exhausted of switching from teaching him and doing my own work. I hope he still gets what he needs from that training. I don't feel like I've been present enough for him, even if I'm surely the most dedicated person to knowledge sharing I've seen in my company)
@avazula Seeing how I kinda missed everything here in the past weeks months. Care to explain WHY YOU WORK 12 HOUR DAYS?
@Imus Well. Recently I admitted to myself that what I do for a living isn't a real job. Like, I set up the DevOps chain for a corporation because the devs and ops don't want to do it themselves. And I've slowly become the person people turn up to find answers they could find online. I'm currently working on the integration of a project from a client and nothing works. We're constantly trying to fix things while our bosses yell at each other to find whose fault it is.
@avazula I wish I was able to get your guilt go away :/
1:53 PM
@Ælis We'll see each other soon, that's already a great joy <3
I guess you can guess why I am here!
@Rainb HNQ return?
1:55 PM
@Rainb you're bored?
what is hnq
I guess I'll google it
@avazula "what I do for a living isn't a real job" -> That definitively sound like a real job to me. You are paid to have answers and help people. I have seen jobs with less meaning
@Ælis sure
1:58 PM
@avazula nah, I just wanted to ask for abstract advice without giving too many examples
@Rainb hot network questions :) the navbar at the right of your screen on all sites of Stack Exchange
@avazula Also, it's not because "it's not a real job", that you have to work 12h a day (!!!) for it!
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