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12:00 AM
@Rainb I like teaching things in new ways so that people understand better. :)
@ElizB Huh what?
Yeah, I definitely try to scope out what a person knows and understands, as well as how they understand, when I'm teaching things.
2 hours later…
2:14 AM
Q: How do we know if an answer is correct?

emptyThis is kind of a meta question and I'm sort of "thinking aloud" so bear with me, give me constructive criticism and I'll edit the question to reflect that. How do we know that high-ranking or designated answers to IPS questions are correct and not just the results of confirmation bias ? In oth...

3 hours later…
5:22 AM
T 3127 -" If we explain our anger and not express it, we will immediately open door to solutions instead of arguments."~ अगर हम अपना ग़ुस्सा , व्यक्त करने के बजाय , उसे समझा दें ; तो बहस के बजाय , समाधान के दरवाज़े तुरत खुल जाते हैं ~
2 hours later…
7:48 AM
Q: What is the name of the technique to pretend to has noted the other's idea in order to dismiss it?

OokerSay person A makes a proposal to B, and B reacts with a smile, an "uh huh", or an "is it?", so that A assumes that B receives it and just needs time to consider. But in fact B uses this technique to make A thinks so, in the hope that A won't ask about this in the future. Does this technique have...

2 hours later…
9:56 AM
@ExtrovertedMainMan I'm not sure identification requests like this are a good thing for IPS? Our terminology tag is more about the reverse (explain this term) instead of gimme this term, and I don't see what the politeness tag is doing there either?
Perhaps a meta question is in order.
10:09 AM
@Tinkeringbell maybe it is about politeness.
@Tinkeringbell There already was a meta question. Good. I closed it as off-topic.
@AJ Perhaps, but I found a meta question where there's two answers stating these are off-topic, so... closed :)
@Tinkeringbell And it was answered by you. :P
Hahaha yeah, that too :)
I can't believe I forgot about that question :)
Q: IPS-Related Questions Without Clear IPS Goals, Valid Only in the Case of a Definitive Answer

Upper_CaseI have in mind two questions, largely the same in content and approach, but for which I offered opposing opinions on voting to close: Is this a known Interpersonal “Anti-Skill”, if avoided could de-escalate conflict—or could it be original? I call it “barking” was a request for a word (or verifi...

^ Plugging that here for our chat regulars... it's a pretty good question which might need a deserve your reading and votes/counterarguments if you have them :)
2 hours later…
12:32 PM
Q: How do big groups of people form?

Matin N.Well recently I was watching a talent show, and there was a group of people who mocked some movie characters. The original group consists of about 100 people but there were only a few of them present at the show. My question is: How did these people get together in the first place? How did the pe...

3 hours later…
3:11 PM
It's quiet. I have come to make some noise. Quack! Quack!
Oh I changed my name to the German version, LOL.
Wait, I just realised there is a Rainbacon and a Rainb, and they are not the same, weird...
1 hour later…
4:21 PM
Q: Medical Device Adoption

gatorbackA stubborn 80 year old is prone to falling: a cellular Applewatch with fall detection enabled would seem to be a good safeguard. What strategies are effective to convince geriatric luddites to adopt such technology?

5:19 PM
"Geriatric luddites". never heard of that before lol
5:41 PM
I had to google the word too ;)
6 hours later…
11:56 PM
Q: How to respond to a family member who want to drive the car

NofelI am very introvert kind of person and don't argue with someone but sometimes it feel some people just do not know how and where to stop. So I have a car, there are some people in my spouse family who are teenage and others who wanna just want to take joyride and I am not easy with it because som...


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