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1:13 AM
I updated the [Grief] tag description, hope its okay
From: Questions that dealing with grievances. The deceased can be an acquaintance, friend, family, or pet.
To: Questions about interactions surrounding grief and death. The deceased can be an acquaintance, friend, family, or pet.
1:34 AM
@Jesse looks good, thanks :D
"grievances" in (Am?) English usually doesn't have that meaning - it's more like "complaints" - so I definitely like that wording better
1:50 AM
i agree with EmC, the wording is much better.
5 hours later…
7:05 AM
Hi there!
I don't want to be awake
@Mithrandir yea, me neither ...
But I have colorful stuff to show if you wanna open your eyes :D
7:21 AM
@Noon btw, good to hear that suggestion was well received by your friend
@avazula FCA?
@Mithrandir frame-challenge answer?
@JAD wooow wait, what?
a.k.a. Don't Use Acronyms When People Don't Know What They Mean
@avazula exactly ^
7:25 AM
@JAD Well, we all know FC and we only use it for Answers, so I assumed it'd be kinda obvious ... I was wrong ^^
@avazula ah, my/Google's first guess would have been Fiat Chrysler Automobiles
I had an eye-opening experience this morning. I woke up.
Hello @Tink :)
@avazula Good morning! How's everyone?
7:45 AM
@Tinkeringbell sleepy, but curious what @ava's colorful things look like :D
@Mithrandir Heh, it's just that I finished @Noon's drawing, but they're not there yet so maybe I'll wait until they're here so I can show them at the same time :D
Hey English-native pals, I have a question for you
Does Dutch but really good at English count? :P
Fire away, we'll figure it out :P
Of course dear :)
How would you call the Greenwich's time zone? UTC?
8:00 AM
@avazula GMT
@Mithrandir Ha, I had doubts about that. Thanks.
GMT is Greenwich's timezone. UTC is the standard timezone, which also happens to be Greenwich's time.
Mmh. So there's nothing wrong in using UTC except that it makes English people the center of the Universe? :p
Well, they're different things. Use UTC when you want a universal standard time. Use GMT when you want to refer specifically to the time in Greenwich.
UTC != Greenwich time, in other words.
I'm not sure how UTC handles daylight saving time and such
during summer, GMT becomes BST (british summer time).
8:07 AM
UTC doesn't change.
hmm, so they remain the same then
gotta keep in mind that not everybody knows that the UK is not in GMT in the summer
@avazula Hello, I'm here now :D
@Mithrandir Very old joke. :P
8:41 AM
Q: Friendly Cuddling, in an non-romantic way

SuimonMight be a weird questions, but I'm really confused. A good female friend of mine (I'm male) recently suggested we should cuddle, after we talked about how both of us feel rather lonely at the moment. That actually sounds good to me, I'd really enjoy holding someone in my arms again since I'm pre...

8:58 AM
@Noon Hey there! Sorry, I was in a conf call :)
I've got your drawing :D
@avazula I'm all eyes :D (no need to apologize ^^ )
I thought you were a tree...
user image
@Mithrandir A tree with a lot of eyes :P
@avazula Oh, it's beautiful!
There is just a signature missing :D
@Noon Huh, it's there actually :p
"MCAV 17/10"
9:01 AM
@avazula The fact that it wasn't "avazula" had me confused :P
@avazula Niiice. The multicolored tree is a stroke of genius
@Noon Hehe. "AV" is for avazula and MC are my IRL initials :p
@avazula Haha, nice!
I don't want IRL people to know about my URL life and vice versa
@avazula That's understandable :)
9:03 AM
So I sign with something that wouldn't betray me in any of the ways :p
@Mithrandir it's a reference to Noon's previous avatar :p
@avazula If I had a color printer, I would have printed that (but since I only have a black and white printer, I'm just gonna print the previous version :D )
@Noon Then print it black and white and color it yourself :D
Okay, who's next? haha
I have ideas for Mith :p
@avazula Actually, I have planned to print it several time so I would be able to do multiple version of it :D
@Noon Yay :D
@Mithrandir It'd be based on your avatars and what you told me about yourself, plus lil' references from myself :D
@Noon May I ask you something dear? Do you have articles and websites about autism that you'd recommend I read?
9:10 AM
@avazula Sounds good :D
yay :D
@avazula Well, I give some of them to you already, I'm gonna check if I can find some other ones (but I can already tell you that "Autisme pour les nuls" is absolutly useless in the case of adulte woman with autism)
@Noon Oh don't worry, it was just in case you had good references. I digged a lot myself (BTW, Medium has a handful of good articles on the topic)
@avazula Well, I'm still gonna check if I can find other references for you ^^ And, thanks for the Meduim reference, it looks interesting :)
:) you're welcome
9:21 AM
Hello there @Termatinator :)
@Termatinator o/
@Termatinator Hello :)
9:40 AM
@avazula This comic might interest you. It's about Temple Grandin, a famous woman with autism who did a lot of things for animal protection (and when you are finished, you can also read the other comics, all about wonderful women, that are linked at the bottom of the page before the comment section)
@Noon Oh, Pénélope Bagieu! I have nearly all her books! I love that drawer!
@avazula Well, you have probably already read that, then ^^ I don't have her books myself but I'm planning at buying one at some point
@Noon those are great christmas gifts :)
@avazula I agree :)
still typing c#...
just changed profile picture
9:51 AM
@Termatinator Ah, right :D
though it didn't update in chat, weird...
@Termatinator it needs a bit of time to refresh
@avazula ah okay, makes sense
@avazula how long?
9:53 AM
@Termatinator I don't know exactly. I'd say a few minutes?
@Termatinator Well, I just decided to do that too :D
@Noon Aaaaaaaaaaw. <3 <3 <3
10:09 AM
@avazula Well, I had the same reaction when I saw your drawing <3
@Noon :D cuteness overload
refreshes a couple profiles so new avatars propagate to chat
10:28 AM
> Living on Earth is expensive, but it does include a free trip around the sun.
@AJ haha :D
absolutely no response or acknowledgement of feedback beyond the initial post so far
time to generate our own hyperbolic moral outrage :D
@Magisch I can't promise that this isn't all you're going to get though... Which, in a sense, is disappointing, but may be the best because it focuses on moving forward instead of looking back
10:48 AM
@Tinkeringbell It just confirms that the first time this happened wasn't just unfortunate timing but that the development is very much driven by external outrage over community feedback
which means it is pointless to try and fix anything and better to just try and have fun
hey my avatar updated, :D
Thing I'm most curious about is how those topic titles were inappropriate and what IPS should've done against them.
now I'm not a green light anymore
Why do we have meta anymore anyways? Clearly it doesn't mean anything. Hundreds of well researched posts making arguments with thousands of combined votes and thousands of comments can be sidestepped by a 140 char tweet with some hyperbolic outrage
who cares anyways right?
I know you're worried about our self-governance. That's not in any danger. I.. would rather (probably badly) compare this to SmokeDetector causing trouble, or the comment bot spewing too many comments into the main chat. The people responsible for those bots are also trusted to make sure things get fixed, even if that fix is crude.

So, it may be necessary to turn SmokeDetector off, or prevent the comment bot from posting in the main chatroom until regexes are fixed. Those fixes are heavy-handed, but they're meant to give people time to fix the problem. As Tim explained on MSE, IPS titles *
IPS was taken out of HNQ the same way someone turns a rogue bot off.
10:57 AM
Yes I do care that it was a tweet
that was a tweet by non members with no interest or stake in the success of the site
@Tinkeringbell if it was on meta, there would've been a chance for community feedback
their input should not matter anywhere near as much as self governance of a community
and the fact that they were taken seriously when a dozen meta posts with well thought out reasons weren't shows a misplacing of priorities
if this is what drives the community team to make changes we need a new community team
@Magisch I agree on that. It's deeply unfair if the decision was indeed made upon review of a tweet from someone who didn't even care to come and see what it was about.
@avazula Well, there is something to be said for not coming to see what it is about if the title is NSFW and you are actually at work
@Magisch Can you link me to a meta post about IPS titles appearing out of context on HNQ, which leads to people perceiving IPS as an unwelcome part of the network, and that either asks a.) for the regexes to be updated to exclude certain topics from IPS or b.) to exclude IPS from HNQ entirely?
11:00 AM
@JAD I block HNQ at work with Adblock. And should someone says something about the content on my monitor I'd be very upset. I believe in a trust contract, I do a good job, you do a good job, don't bother knowing the details about what I do
This is in the face of hundreds of ignored good ideas and well reasoned feature requests. Apparently, the only way to effect any change on SE this year has been to generate a moral outrage that makes the company look bad
Which is the one concern I can understand. People worrying about NSFW content when they browse SO for work
the fact that this didn'T use to be the case is precisely why I came here and not quora or some other site
@Tinkeringbell here's a meta post that deals with exactly the same problem (sensationalist titles): interpersonal.meta.stackexchange.com/questions/1520/…
over a year ago
@Magisch True. But were these really clickbait titles then? Or just ones that looked bad out of context?
They did describe the issue discussed in the question...
so did the ones from tuesday
they could have been worded in a way that was less offensive ("eye catching") to the normal users, but weren't
we've been fighting a constant battle against clickbait titles here
nobody ever cared, nor would they have at all until someone complained on twitter in a way that could make the company look bad
11:09 AM
@Magisch Well, you're not the only with that sentiment, your post on MSE already has a lot of upvotes.
Until they change the way they act in this every further effort is poisoned
doesn't matter what they try, if the framing is this, then it's pointless and detrimental.
I chalked the welcoming wagon debacle up to poor timing and gave them the benefit of the doubt. You know fool me once and fool me twice.
@Magisch "Fool me once, shame on you; fool me twice, shame on me." that one?
Hi. I come visit you \o/ It's been a while. How is everyone?
@Belle-Sophie Right now? :P
Most people are disappointed or outright mad. You have excellent timing XD
There was a small scandal yesterday, and we're still feeling the effects
11:14 AM
This seems to sum it up quite nicely:
To clarify, I absolutely support a profile option to disable HNQ, or even disable questions that are not related to programming (I might not want to get sucked into politics while I am working, period), but to declare an emergency and disable it for everybody because someone on twitter who doesn't even use the site is a puritan who tries to see hidden subtext in everything they read? That's just silly. — forest 5 hours ago
we lost some 75% of our traffic
@Magisch let's wait for google analytics to update to see that
Oh that's not good. What happened?
and worse. Nobody on the community was contacted or even told until after the fact, but they had plenty of time to respond to self righteous twitter outrage
And I am known for my excellent timing -tips hat-
11:16 AM
@Belle-Sophie There was a tweet about IPS question titles showing out of context in HNQ, and mentioning that out of context those titles can seem unwelcoming. So a dev reacted by pulling IPS out of HNQ entirely, but the choice to do so wasn't communicated properly to the community.
It's so frustrating that your well reasoned and researched arguments going through all the proper channels do nothing at all, but being rude and inconsiderate apparently works
who knows, maybe we should all start tweeting at SE staff to make FRs
That seems rather frustrating. Especially since it's sudden and there's no choice in the matter.
@Magisch Erh... I really don't like Twitter. Someone called out one of our users and calling them discriminatory whereas they'd have realized OP wasn't discriminative at all should they have read the question!
Thats the problem of twitter. Nuance doesn't mesh with 140 character limit
I always associate Twitter with arguments.
11:20 AM
@avazula Most people here agree on not liking Twitter ;)
@Magisch char limit on Twitter is 280 now :P
@Tinkeringbell I generally hate twitter
too much politics these days
@Termatinator And if it's not political, they will somehow make it political
Twitter improved a lot now that you're no longer seeing every post everyone likes... just the ones people tweet and/or retweet.
And as with everything online, you just have to be careful what you do allow in your feed and what not.
You're not obliged to click on the metoo hashtag in the sidebar if you have no interest in that discussion.
Tweets directed at you don't mean they need an urgent reply
And always check profiles to get a sense of who you're talking too if that person isn't a friend of yours.
Be careful what you put out there, keep a firm line between private opinions and e.g. things that are workplace relevant
or just don't use it because it's a toxic cesspit that by design supresses any nuance and is a drain on the constructive discourse of society
Don't let people put words in your mouth, or drag words out of it
That's the general guidance I got from work.
11:24 AM
@Magisch used fancy words. I like them words. Starring.
considering tweets in a discussion to begin with is a non starter
Heh. The only thing in my Twitter? "Always code as if the guy who ends up maintaining your code will be a violent psychopath who knows where you live."
@Magisch There's plenty of people writing plenty of interesting threads that do allow for nuance. Just remember that if it doesn't fit in one message, write two.
@Tinkeringbell There is plenty of people writing thoughtful and nuanced posts on 4chan or even 8chan too, but that doesn't mean one shouldn't discount anything that comes from there.
@Magisch You're free to do so ;)
11:26 AM
I do have a twitter account, a new one. Deleted my old one. I don't follow people, just companies, that could provide me with relevant updates. My ISP, the ferry, my favourite online game...
@Tinkeringbell also, have you read the tweets that lead to this? Do they meet your definition of thoughtful and nuanced?
It's kind of nice to be able to open twitter when my game doesn't work and see "We're having server issues, currently working on resolving them. ETA 9.30".
@Magisch No. One of my reactions was that Adam should've posted their reply to the original poster of that tweet then, and not to the account that retweeted it. But that doesn't change the fact that we're out of HNQ, for reasons, and that going on and on about 'but it was a tweet'... is not going to help the discussion move forward.
So I'm going to withdraw from that, for now.
@Magisch similar to how there are some thoughtful answers on IPS ;) ;)
@Tinkeringbell I think the thing that would help the discussion move forward would be a heartfelt apology from staff with concrete steps about how they'll involve the community over external non members with an agenda from now on.
11:33 AM
I like bashing twitter, but indeed, that's not getting us anywhere.
@Magisch That's a good demand. I agree with that one, and it's still on my list...
@Magisch that'll only happen if they consider TDD a problem. And given that they're trying to attract new users, I don't think that's too likely
@Tinkeringbell I think it's worth to consider some civil disobedience to make it happen
uh oh
What, a mutiny? :P
11:36 AM
@Magisch be careful they don't double down
@Belle-Sophie Again?
I'm a bit out of mutiny ideas right now though.
There's like one every other day in this moment...
I've not been here for a little while. I'm all up for mutiny.
11:39 AM
@Tinkeringbell No. Normal users, stop voting, stop closing, stop deleting, stop flagging
if they want to outsource community governance to twitter, let them.
@Magisch Yep. That's what gets beta sites to be shut down... not a good idea.
I'm sorry. I just can't let that happen.
You'd be throwing away everything we achieved so far, which is... quite a lot, to be frank.
apparently we're "problematic" and "people have been pinged to review this sites content"
fine then
that's what I meant with double down btw. You don't want to trigger them to press a delete button somewhere saying "good riddance"
I've been told you like cat pictures
My kitties are growing :3
My belly hurts so much right now I regret I've been born a female...
@Belle-Sophie Aaaaaw. This (doesn't alleviate the pain yet) makes me feel better.
11:44 AM
@avazula you chose.... poorly
@avazula :(. I can commiserate.
I haven't had the problem in years now though, yay meds!
@JAD Hahaha. Should I have the choice, I'd have been born a male!
(normally I'd have said "jk" but today... that hurts too badly for that)
Or you could also disconnect the network cable from his pc when he is at lunch, put some clear tape over the pins, and reconnect the cable. Try not to laugh when he returns and franctically calls the network guys trying to figure why his internet doesnt work... — vikingsteve 1 min ago
I'm chuckling here :')
@Tinkeringbell Erh. I'm the luckiest one. Sister #2 has endometriosis, and sisters #5 and #6 had their first periods at AGE 7 AND A HALF GOOD LORD
11:46 AM
How many siblings :O
@Belle-Sophie We're 9
@Belle-Sophie terrible advice though
@JAD hehe
@JAD It is. But it made me laugh so I like it as a comment. The mental image is good enough.
I had to wander from one office to another to ask for a pill. My shyness didn't like it haha
11:48 AM
@avazula You have all my sympathy. It's been years since I'm telling myself "you should go check yourself for endometriosis" but I only just had the courage to take a rendez-vous (english accent here :P)
@Noon :( that's terrible, I'm sorry you have to go through so much pain. When I see my sister when she's having her periods, I can't help but cry...
@Noon randay vows
@Tinkeringbell I understand, you're a mod, you're kind of bound by this. Normal users aren't, however.
Maybe some of them decide that a site that blatantly does not care about their input no longer needs some of that free labor that keeps it going. Maybe someone in SE's management will notice this and take note.
@avazula Is an IUD an option for her? I have a hormone issue that got relieved a lot by a mirena IUD. Maybe it works for endomitriosis too.
@Belle-Sophie idk, but IUD is what's making me suffer so much rn (I got to discover I'm allergic to hormonal drugs and therefore can only bear copper IUD. It works perfectly, but my periods got even worse). I'll tell her so she can ask her physician though. Thanks for letting me know :)
11:52 AM
@Belle-Sophie maybe ask a question about it on IPS, it won't end up in HNQ anyways, so all is fine :P
@avazula Well, hopefully I will have something that helps after this gynecologist meeting (maybe something that removes the period entirely, that would be the dream :P )
@JAD too soon, pal ... :p
@avazula :\
@JAD Heh! If anyone has any real good questions about autism, veganism or LGBTQ, now is indeed the time to ask them! :D
upvotes for everyone, since downvotes are unwelcoming :D
11:53 AM
@Noon I hope it'll go smoothly. Experience taught me that it's incredibly hard to get properly diagnosed :/
@Tinkeringbell Ahah, maybe I could find something that combine the four of them :P
@Tinkeringbell So my autistic cow is LGBTQ+, can I still eat it?
But period-less pills exist :D I took some for a while. Hated it. Made me nervous xD
@JAD That's... not IPS. Closed as off-topic, next!
Technically, there's no need to stop taking the pill for a week.
11:54 AM
@Tinkeringbell Tyrannic mod returns
@Tinkeringbell ooh but close votes are definitely unwelcoming
@Noon 4? :P
@Tinkeringbell How do I ask if I can still eat my autistic LBGTQ+ cow?
time to reopen
@Belle-Sophie true dat
11:55 AM
@Magisch we can be as nasty as we want... we're not on HNQ anymore, so no-one will notice :P
@avazula I was never gone!
real talk though, I see this happening on SO and MSE
And I see SE possibly dying over this lack of direction and communication
IPS question: How do I respond if people say my Autistic LBGTQ+ Vegan question is off-topic?
They're incredibly reliant on users continuing to donate their free time
@avazula Yeah, my famous "Facebook friend" had an hard time getting diagnose for they endometriosis :/
@Belle-Sophie Noice!
@Noon that's a shame :/ Oh, and I'm sorry for that ableist ranting you had to go through. I talked with the Twitter, appears they didn't even bother to read. I was so mad.
11:57 AM
@Noon My problem is still undiagnosed. But I found a solution. Don't need to know the problem if I have a solution :)
@avazula Yeah, I'm still bothered that someone thought my title was ableist :/
@Belle-Sophie Well, that's quite true, glade you found a solution :)
@Noon Noon, please don't be. And please don't feed it any further (at least on Twitter) either.
The real ableism is that tweet btw
I'd be tempted to report it to twitter if I didn't know twitter doesn't care one iota
@Noon It's not your fault dear. But I get it :/
@Tinkeringbell Don't worry, I don't have a Twitter account and don't plan in engaging with this user ^^
11:59 AM
Something is getting hammered over here. Literally. I'm curious. Checking it out.
Take a look at that entire profile, and you'll see that it's not looking like something that should be taken very seriously (I'm saying this at a risk of doing one of those online character assassinations I so dislike seeing other people do... but I'm sceptical here)
@Belle-Sophie Let us know!
I'm so utterly sick and tired of people who are clearly not autistic themselves treating us like we're children and need protection from a genuine question because it might become uncomfortable.
@Magisch in Bean's voice when she's high "Guuuuuuuys! We should start our own social media!"
@avazula Then you end up with voat, where posts are like 90% far right
12:00 PM
There's just a worker modifying a nearby office. Boring.
@avazula We have The Awkward Silence?
@Magisch I'm fascinated by the fact that there's so many words you use that I don't understand!
voat was a site created by people that thought reddit was too pro-censorship
you can imagine the rest
@Magisch o_o
@Tinkeringbell Yay :D
just like 8chan was created because someone thought 4chan was too pro censorship
you can too imagine the rest
12:03 PM
@Magisch "4chan was too pro censorship"??! o_o
@avazula Now imagine what ends up on 8chan
basically whatever 4chan deems to be inappropriate
@Magisch My brain censored itself so I don't have to think about it
@Tinkeringbell So, here is my question with 4 NHQ words: "How can I tell my new coworkers that I'm vegan, autist, lesbian and queer so that they won't be offensive toward those communities when I'm around?" :P
@Noon That could work in the end!
@avazula Of course, I know what an on-topic question looks like *haughty look*
12:08 PM
Oh no, my question hit the HNQ
Not an IPS question, obviously
I just saw the shortest answer ever
@EmC I just had to say, I absolutely love your comment
@avazula Share that with us!
@Noon one sec
@Belle-Sophie That's not nice -_- (jk)
I never said I'm nice :)
12:11 PM
@Belle-Sophie now I'm trying to find it and guess your name there
@Belle-Sophie FOUND IT!
I know your secret gal
@avazula All the juicy secrets
@Belle-Sophie wooh
there's orange juice somewhere?
gimme some
Secretly, I hope some relevant people read it and will be like "this is going on?"
Wishful thinking probably
@Belle-Sophie Yea, that's terrible what he's doing to you :(
He seems completely oblivious to it too. I'm not sure if that makes it better or worse.
1:16 PM
Looks like we have our first would've-hit-HNQ-and-been-completely-ruined question! That cuddling question's answer is too perfect too. I almost want to give it a bounty
at like 220 views, instead of the usual 10-25k
1:36 PM
@Noon heh, thanks. trying to not make any assumptions about the wording there, but with the mention of "some questions are things we don't want in the list", I think it's important to clarify what exactly that means
as a side note... wasn't there a proposal for a sexuality.se at some point? did it get to a point where anyone talked about it showing up in HNQ?
It actually launched and was closed, IIRC.
welp D:
@Mithrandir 15 and 16 days isn't much time to get a community up to speed...
what would be 'too little activity' during those days?
@Mithrandir That's sad, it would have been an important subject to talk about :/
1:43 PM
thanks for the links - I'm definitely going to wait until I'm not at work to check those out though :P
@Tinkeringbell judging the question and answer stats, that doesn't seem to be the case really
Here's hoping there'll be some staff feedback on the meta thread today
they're low, but not extremely low
My guess is that there weren't enough closed beta users to their liking
but this is on HNQ ^^
@Magisch o_o
1:49 PM
maybe I should tweet that
@Magisch how many comments saying "girl" do you think have been deleted so far :P
@EmC no clue, not a mod so I can't see
@Mithrandir I thought there is no problem (tm) with expressing genuine concern (tm) over twitter?
Ok I'm being facetious
You could, however, address it on the MSE question
@JAD Erh. I feel like it'd just lead in ELL.SE's eviction from HNQ
1:52 PM
eh, unlikely
@avazula which is a bad thing why?
See I'm really good at this "How can this sexist title be on my sidebar when I'm looking for programming questions? Describing a girl as inoffensive like she's some sort of object"
I have nothing against ELL, but if IPS can be out on a whim...
@Magisch How object oriented of you
(also that's ELU BTW)
@JAD I agree. However, IMO, no site should get evicted from HNQ.
1:53 PM
:shrugs: evict them both!
@Magisch haha, I'm just joking ;) as with most HNQ, it does explain itself in the question body, so hopefully the English mods aren't having too bad a time ;)
@avazula well yeah
@Mithrandir Hehe, I wasn't sure and I had 50% chance, so ... I tried :p
but we've seen that's not an option apparently
@Mithrandir curious, if a sexist appearing title is enough to get a site evicted from HNQ, why not this one?
1:54 PM
I'm still baffled that there are two sites btw
Why should someone not tweet this right now and start round 2?
@Magisch Honest answer, because it is adding fuel to a dumpster fire
@Magisch Because we're better people than that.
there was someone (seems to be a buddy of the original tweeter?) screenshotting a parenting.se title on that same thread already :/ so.. I don't think we need to add to it
also technically i think that question can be closed
1:55 PM
@EmC ok, but honestly. that question was ridiculous
Please, please... I understand everyone is mad here. But please, please also don't lower yourself to that level, be the better person here.
@JAD I'm not a parent or aspiring parent so... no comment :)
@Tinkeringbell >:D
the point has been made, so now we get the "fun" part of figuring out how to deal with it
@EmC And we're all open for joking nefarious plans... but please make sure everyone knows you're not serious ;)
1:57 PM
oh yeah, the civil thingy
My thought was just upvoting anything in HNQ
remember your IPS, people! :P
It's posivity
communication and all that
@EmC good comma fix, I was about to make a joke about how you're all my IPS people :p
@scohe001 hahah, I didn't want anyone to accuse me of using the wrong "your" :P
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