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3:01 AM
8 hours later…
10:35 AM
grr great firewall and grr stack exchange
no vpn since i've been back in mainland china
can't get bluetooth to work between the netbook and the swipey
can't get any map site to give me directions from my hostel to the electronics shopping area in english
10:50 AM
nihao @pnuts - i'm lucky if i can even get a comment to post at the moment ...
but at least chat is working
Was afraid of that - maybe keep until you return to civilization!
i intended to get my netbook battery rebuilt today
but i'm just happy to not be dissolving in my own sweat and sleeping in mcdonalds since i escaped a certain island (-:
gah TSE has even logged me out now
11:15 AM
Premise: Individual sites have some discretion but SE rules. Conclusion: Blogs such as “Lets go shopping” apply to TSE. Final sentence there is “Every question and answer ultimately should be about teaching and learning -- yes, even the shopping ones.”
Ergo: shopping is not off-topic per se. Corollary: “a question asking about buying camping gear in the Balkans” is on topic (if asked well). Q: Is sourcing material when away from home on topic at TSE? A: By precedent, Yes. Conclusion: “Where in Jerusalem …?” is on topic for someone who does not live there.
Test: Does that fit “ask us what you need to learn to tell what you should buy"? IMO yes (the location). But is that "Travel"? Yes, Jerusalem is not your base.
Test: Is it ephemeral ("But that answer will only be valid for a year at best.")? IMO no - what is available in the shops may change rapidly but Best Buy / Cash Converters don't have a habit of disappearing overnight.
12:13 PM
@Relaxed, please ping me if you go into chat today, thanks
12:53 PM
@GayotFow No link-only answers. I'm onto you! :D
1:13 PM
@GayotFow great answer for the groin thing +1
@JoErNanO @NeAnDerthal the times when I get to do FGITW are a real treat for me. It makes my day!
No need to do so on TSE. Plenty of time to answer.
@NeAnDerthal We all know you'd like to know more about @GayotFow's groin, you dirty dirty boy. :P
It's a pure vocabulary issue
Once you know the word, everything is boring
Except in mixed company when you say "I was enchanted by a groyne"
FGITW = Fuck Good IT workers?
FGITW = Fastest Gun in the West.
Or Stack Overflow culture
1:20 PM
ooh.. I remember something about that..
now I do..
I never get to do them :(
being the first to answer in no time.. or something like that..
Yes. Even if it is a totally CRAP answer, it wins anyway
@JoErNanO well, why not.. at the end I have spend two days with hippietrail.. and once you do that once, you will have no problem doing so many times :D :D
@NeAnDerthal Yes. And the first answer of the day by @GayotFow is inherently naughty.
1:22 PM
@GayotFow true, I know many cases.. where bad answers got lots of votes just because they were the first,, and people will add more votes just because it has more votes!! while newer better answers are low on votes..
@NeAnDerthal :D
@JoErNanO you are naughty.. are all Italian like that?
you remind me of an Italian guy who was so much fun but he left.. @Geeo
I agree that votes attract votes, it is a problem with SO overall
Plus rep begats rep
If two people give exactly the same answer
some of my high score answers are so damn shitty..
don't know why people keep voting them..
the one with higher rep will be selected
because rep begats rep
1:25 PM
@GayotFow I'm so tempted to add another answer.
Just to pis* you off. :D
It is a shite aspect of SO
let us make a test..
I will answer.. and see if what @GayotFow said was right
@JoErNanO I invite you.
It's the truth, I promise
you don't need to test, but I invite you :)
ok.. :D
@GayotFow I'll add a synonym and try to get the accepted answer. :D
1:27 PM
@JoErNanO And it will help prove that rep begats rep......... For sure, or almost for sure.
You will get passive rep for a long time
For which you will need to get active rep.
If a person has something like 200 rep, he will win over a guy with 1 rep.
Even if they say the same thing
@GayotFow I'll remove my pedagogical comment. It's not needed any more since you now are. :)
It's a good complete answer and you got my +1
@JoErNanO well thank you kind squire
Also somebody with close vote rep can give an answer and then close the question
So the noob is totally fucked :)
Because he can't answer
@GayotFow That's as cruel as it is convoluted. :)
1:35 PM
I even saw it today
right here :) So it is also part of WHAT IS......... :) LOL
I also saw a wonderful canonical candidate
@NeAnDerthal Please don't tell anybody I said rep begats rep. If it turns into 'Gayot's Law' I will be horrified :(
Today has been good. I have only 4 votes left.
Q: Didn't purchase an Expressway / vignette before driving on highways in Czech Republic. What can I expect?

Andrew CheongUnfortunately I didn't know that Czech Republic doesn't have tollbooths—drivers are required to purchase a sticker before getting on any highway—until I arrived in Prague. What happens next? I imagine they're going to ticket my rental company (Avis)—but what are hte fines, and is there any way I...

trying for my bounty on another question badge
I hope it works!!!!
2:14 PM
@GayotFow don't tell anyone about what? 'Gayot's Law'? that's a known law
@NeAnDerthal LOL, no it's not. Nobody has even observed the phenomenon to my knowledge
2:32 PM
'Neanderthal's law' has a catchy ring to it. But what's the law?
Gayot's Law is now officially starred in chat!
Right below NeAnDerthal's Underwear Theorem
@GayotFow To get the badge do I have to wait before I produce an answer?
Or is it that you have to wait before placing a bounty?
2:55 PM
@GayotFow I've got the answer ready to be fired, just need your GO code. :)
@GayotFow No bar that. I read Hungary instead of Czech Republic in the question...
@JoErNanO You need to start some bounties
Make them supply a great image
I'm ahead of you in that department :)
I started one a long time ago. Got no attention. Felt betrayed and stopped doing it. :)
@JoErNanO It's a badge that means something because it's hard to get
It helps if you are a recreational use
Hey! when you got 15k you jumped in and protected stuff right? LOL!!!!
So start a bounty dude
I think I protected 5 questions in total. :D
3:14 PM
@JoErNanO You devil!
Throwing your weight around protecting questions....... LOL, it's funny :)
@GayotFow Yeah man. Behaving like Zeus oppressing minions and low-rep users! Mhuwauhwauhawuhwauhawhuaw!
@GayotFow So can I or can I not answer your bounty question? Anything to steal your of your rep. :D
3:52 PM
@JoErNanO It's fine. Really
4:16 PM
@GayotFow Done.
@pnuts What image?
One that would please @Gayot - maybe of a vignette?
4:44 PM
“The reasoning here is that it would be somewhat hard to show the proof of purchase to a camera driving by an automatic control.” is a bit suspect when the payment of a motorway sticker … is checked only when one gets stopped at a manned police control point. :)
@JoErNanO Where's the image dude? I was hoping you would use Morello's pic. Sigh. We must wait for an image answer :(
5:26 PM
@JoErNanO this is some exciting news: could life exist on the philae comet
6:14 PM
@pnuts oh there you are! you need to also take into account the types of shopping questions that we have been rejecting. note that i didn't closevote or downvote this question. just initiated the discussion on how to save the question if that did happen, as turned out to be the case.
@NeAnDerthal: i'm applying for a visa to philae tomorrow
Comes back to my premise, TSE makes the rules here, not SE?
(The Jerusalem Q is just for example, I'm trying to better understand the 'boundaries').
@pnuts: i'm not really in a position to analyse it right now since i can't log in to SE. i'm surprised chat is still working. also i'm tired after a long day of fighting with bluetooth and trying to google without google (-:
i suggest another meta question on shopping questions
My sympathies, appreciation and best wishes - this "shopping thing" is neither urgent nor particularly important!
but i'm sure we all don't want to open the floodgates of "where can i buy shin ramyeon in wisconsin" and "where can i buy a hp stream 7 cover or case in guangzhou"
well it is current though so a good time to tackle it if anyone else is interested. probably the OP and one or more of the closevoters ought to be interested though
6:32 PM
Interesting, but difficult to find a line to draw between your examples and eg Organic grocer in Tuscany - except that I can see none of those really belonging because any one specific recommendation is liable to outdate and another become more suitable. The A needs to be something like "Akihabara".
i always fall back to my rule of thumb that stuff in travel guidebooks is on topic
they always have shopping sections but never try to cover the entire gamut of sellable and purchasable items
Excellent idea but (obviously!) not covered by SE.
usually just the stuff you need for travel. say mountainclimbing equipment. and stuff people travel to buy, such as cheap electronics and cameras in hong kong.
well that's why we have our own meta and our own mods
But I get (easily) confused - SE seems to say one thing, a site another, which is 'reliable'? Note the TSE Help center points to the (SE) blog I mentioned, I have not found on TSE your excellent rule of thumb.
@pnuts @GayotFow I can't think of a picture that would enhance that answer.
I could show a picture of a Czech police check (pun intended) however there'd be no guarantee that they'd be checking the vignettes.
@NeAnDerthal Yeah I saw that. Great stuff.
I love the whole concept behind comets being snapshots of the universe's past.
I find it somewhat romantic. :)
6:42 PM
Not suggesting that there is ever room to improve a JoErNanO answer, but you do mention "the motorway vignette is a 2-part sticker."
But I may be overlooking some of the image rules - eg for the specific bonus, does any picture have to have been taken by the person answering?
that's because it's just my personal rule of thumb. it hasn't been embraced by SE or TSE though i've stated it numerous times over the years (-:
comets are also snapshots of the universe's future
7:05 PM
@JoErNanO Is the one of Lorna Morello not useful?
7:20 PM
You do not need to take the photos, but I have not yet found the rules for which permission you need to use a photo which is out there on the web.
7:31 PM
Willeke Do you mean posting any image on TSE (or elsewhere within SE) or for the @Gayot bonus challenge. (I meant just the latter.)
I just read his introduction to the bonus and it does not mention 'personally taken pictures' so I assume that the usual rules for the site apply.
But if you have a photo that can help with an answer to that question, one you took yourself, use it, I would expect he will appreciate it better than a random 'picked off the web' pick.
That's very reasonable (and I expect applies in general) but Gayot/JoErNanO have been batting this about on chat and might have made more specific arrangements between themselves.
@GayotFow can you share your opinion on the bonus photos with us, please.
@Willeke Sorry, I have no such image (and as JoErNanO has indicated, the subject matter is challenging for one).
I now wonder if I know someone that has such a sticker on his car, and whether I can take a photo. I know quite a few people who travel to Slovakia, not that many who do go to or through Czech republic.
7:41 PM
Gayot wants a photo of Lorna Morello in an answer - but connecting her with Czech speeding is a tall ask!
There is a picture of a Czech vignette earlier in chat - seems not suitable however.
I just realized that the best car to take that pick is stuck in Germany, broke down.
Lorna's photo was a jest :)
So not a German car then.
But the bounty that asks for a photo is serious. More images! It brightens the day :)
No a car of a Czech/Slovak couple living in the Netherlands who do visit the relatives regularly.
7:44 PM
And hopefully get more noobs involved
Very good point.
@GayotFow Do the rules (for SE or just TSE) put restrictions on which photos we can use?
I have been active on a site, since closed, where we could use some of the creative commons but not all photos on the web.
This is the page where those are listed: flickr.com/creativecommons
@Willeke I think they make the poster responsible and that, in theory, all licencing issues on SE are very complex. However I doubt SE counts as a commercial site so difficult to fine based on exploitation. Mostly I think reasonably safe provided an image is removed if there is a reasonable objection
I kind of remember having seen information about what is acceptable for TSE, but I could not find it when actively searching for it.
In practice it seems very unlikely anyone would object to most usage on TSE - often it is free advertising for the 'owner'. Logos may be particularly sensitive and I know I used one for Cognito (on Web Apps), and Cognito have seen and effectively approved it. May be muddied by an owner claiming "you can't do that" even when you can.
I think SE's rules are basically "comply with the Owner's rules".
7:58 PM
Some people object to any use for which you are not paying, others do not mind at all. I just checked, my photos are set to creative commons, which basically means that you are welcome to use as long as you do not make money out of it.
I am trying to read a legal text about the setting to selected for my photos, and instead of the English I was expecting I get a Dutch translation. Very nice, except that they also translated the names of the different versions and I do not recognize them from the English version.
Getty Images went after a friend for a HUGE sum (I think paid, but perhaps after negotiating down a bit) for an image on his site that, if I remember correctly, had been up for several years, had been provided by a 3rd party and listed as ‘open source’ (but Getty claimed it was a modification of one they owned – nothing special, just a cocktail glass).
Good reason to be careful with what you do with pictures on internet.
On my site you will only find images I made myself, with one exception for the logo of the guild, which all members have permission to use.
If I ever find one of my pictures somewhere else I can sue them (not that I want) as I hold copyright.
For photos I put on flickr I have very many less restrictions, I just found out I do not restrict to non commercial, which makes sense as I set these limits for that site which was commercial.
I will try that car without a vignet q tomorrow, bedtime here.
8:27 PM
@Willeke that would make a great competition photo.
@pnuts @Willeke The rules for pictures are stated. Basically we follow se rules and want people to reference provenance and licence, the later if applicable.
@Willeke Yes if you search on se help you'll find a part on content and one on pictures. I'm in the app now so I can't link it to you. ;)
8:59 PM
@GayotFow Who the hell is Lorna Morello? :D
Did you Google her?
Orange is the New Black
I am an addict
Q: Couldn't attend booked appointment

KojoMissed a Schengen Visa appointment at Netherlands embassy. What can I do?

Once the clock resets, I am going to put in an answer here if it is still empty
It will be like DUH... Um... DUH
@JoErNanO She is a total whack job.
Seriously deranged
9:39 PM
@GayotFow No I don't follow the show.
What's it about?
Lesbians in Prison...
They went for the sex sells aproach.
Did not really work for Cell Block H.
Still a great show...
Although I would certainly love to take a sledgehammer to piper's head.
1 hour later…
10:58 PM
@chx just realised you're in Vancouver. I'm here for another day, and back next week for 2 days, if you're free
11:41 PM
Q: How can Canadianvisaexpert or other immigration agencies help me with my Canadian visa application?

MrWorkingi know that i can also use an immigration lawyer to do it for me, but i want to understand how can an immigration agency (like Canadianvisaexpert) help me, and what are the differences.

I'm not sure what's going on here, but 5 answers in minutes, lots of downvotes and on a relatively dull openended topic?
I have flagged for a mod as suspected spam.
I think "Looking for a good law firm that can assist me with the visa application to canada?" is part of it.

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