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12:05 AM
really odd though. All the quick answers are from people with 0<x<100 rep, and only one has a link
although so far now, canadianvisaexpert appears 25 times on that page....
We know from past experience Canadiavisaexpert is suspect.
@RoflcoptrException @mindcorrosive @ankurbanerjee it's probably worth seeing if these accounts have the same IP...
all accounts on the page were created 21-24 days ago.
Now there is also that there are more upvotes that would normally be expected.
Oh dear. Now also "what options do i have to get from Thessaloniki, Greece to Sofia, Bulgaria".
12:27 AM
I liked when we had a 'too vague' close reason.
I was referring to the spam ring. Almost all their activity might just be 'cover'.
Q: Looking for a good law firm that can assist me with the visa application to canada?

jamilPPthere is a good chance that i will get a job in Canada, and my future employer is willing to sponsor me in my visa application. so now im looking for some assistance with the visa application process

one of the answerers asked this too
and just hours later answers how canadianvisaexpert can help
This might be connected "Pakistani travelling to Indian Kashmir?"
And to "Can I apply for US visa while I am a visitor in Canada?"
And "How to travel with huge sum of money?"
1:06 AM
Here "they" are again: What are the lightest travel adapters/converters available for France?
1:36 AM
and again:How long does travel toothpaste last?
and again: Does Istanbul airport have x-ray scanners before the exit?
(aitazaz copied from tripadvisor.co.uk/…).
yes, im looking for ways and i was hoping to learn from people who already did this is the past. you mentioned walking. can you please be more specific please? — Sumansharma 1 hour ago
Resisting the urge to explain how using two feet can propel you forwards...
2 hours later…
3:23 AM
@MarkMayo is right, these accounts all have the same IP
I'll contact the community team later today unless some other mod doesn't beat me to it.
there are a total of eight accounts suspect
welcome back BTW!
2 hours later…
5:26 AM
yikes, that's a lot
1 hour later…
6:45 AM
@MarkMayo Just flagged it for moderator attention.
2 hours later…
8:57 AM
My guess: Sumansharma, aitazaz, MrWorking, john, jamilPP, TamaraReynolds, Tratimp78, monika but the last is more of a guess than the rest.
aitazaz is the worst user on SE..
none of his answers is good.. always wrong and always arguing in comments to defend his bad answers..
oooh, just noticed, my rep is 39,999
If unregistered users are counted, scratch 'monika' and replace with Canadian Visa Expert.
That could be because he has no idea what he is writing about. Does Istanbul airport have x-ray scanners before the exit? for example is just a copy of Trip Advisor from 3 years earlier.
Though it begins "I just returned from a short trip to Istanbul".
9:16 AM
Pop something like "Crater Lake is a National Park in Oregon." into the tag wiki excerpt and it should tip you over 40K.
or simple accept any answer to one of my questions..
I do not want to cheat to get the 40k
i have a flight in 4 hrs..
need to be at the airport in 4 hrs..
my clothes not dry.. my bags not packed.. stuff all over the place.. and i am simply browsing the net...
every single flight i had I've been through the same exact thing.. and everytime i say next time i will do it earlier..
i guess it is just me.. i will never change
... Do not use this tag for questions about other crate lakes (eg Okama, a.k.a. 五色沼, goshiki numa, in Japan).
'Accept an answer' sounds better! Re prep for travel I was the same - right down to wet clothes - (and still am to some extent) but a Packing List made a huge improvement (see travel.stackexchange.com/questions/25923/…).
9:33 AM
I have a packing list.. it has everything from underwear to money...
9:44 AM
I would like it added to "What tasks would I need to complete to prepare for any international trip, regardless of destination?" but I fear not practical.
yes.. it is different from one person to another..
@NeAnDerthal You're just like a diva. :P
diva? how so
Don't you know that real men, and hairy beasts like @hippietrail travel light? One pair of underwear in the wallet is more than enough for 20 days, man.
10:01 AM
hippie packs a lot..
two big back bags..
I do not pack a lot.. but since i kinda have two homes, a lot of stuff moving here..
@NeAnDerthal and HIPPIE LOST TEN KILOS on his trip so far (-:
i gained 4... I went to 82kg.. now 86..
seriously guys we are talking about weight? damn it..
what kinds of men are you !!!!!! :D
@NeAnDerthal: just got my laptop battery repaired at the secondhand electronics market in guangzhou for 50 yuan - i didn't even bother haggling for that price
@hippietrail the same place we went to?
yeah the african one (-: i kinda like it there now
we're skinny men. you're a fatso.
10:06 AM
I am not fatso.. you saw me
tell me, you shed a few tears when you went there without me? right :D :D
also picked up a huge bottle of milk tea which you can't get in my area. it's only about half an hour walk from my hostel anyway
well you would've got a better price for my battery (-:
i couldn't find a touchscreen stylus though and nobody even knew what i meant
same casing, they just changed the cells.. correct?
a guy at my hostel ordered a cover for it for about $4 on taobao that should be here tomorrow
you need to look for a "capacitive screen stylus" ...
yeah it was gonna be at least double for a whole replacement one, none of which were new anyway
10:08 AM
changing the cells is ok.. it is basically a new battery now..
yeah they don't know the word stylus and touchscreen pen just confused them and they tried to sell me regular pens
they only charged it to about 30% so i'm gonna run it down now then charge it. you never know if the replaced it with used cells or something
oh are you able to set up a VPN at the moment by the way?
run it down to 25%.. then charge it up..
i can run vpn now for 2 hrs..
ok. 30% right now. you leaving in 2 hrs?
in 3 hours..
vpn didn't work at all when i got back anyway. i could sign in but not connect to anything through it.
aren't you already on your vacation?
vpn didn't work at all when i got back anyway. i could sign in but not connect to anything through it.
10:11 AM
try vpn now..
my space available ticket didn't help me in the past two days..
that's what you get when you have a $60 ticket for a roundtrip flight (JED-CGK-JED)..
still, better than paying $800 for a full fare ticket.. i do not mind going to the airport twice or three times as long as the ticket is so cheap..
no questions about such an airport and I can't google it d-:
so connected to VPN ok... trying to connect to google through it...
ooh google connected. no fb yet...
AUD took a dive against the CNY since i lost my ATM card - dunno why yet
hmm we have questions about the airport but don't have the airport iata tag...
cgk = soekarno hatta international airport
yep. is there another intl airport in jakarta too?
yep. is there another intl airport in jakarta too?
10:20 AM
not that i know of...
one airport only..
three terminals..
terminal 1 and 2 are old.. but ok and functional..
i personally love it.. no long walks..
and you wonder why you're so fat? d-;
i got hair.. :D
Spam wave, people. What the hell?!
when spam waves at me i do not wave back
I bite!
10:25 AM
ok 25% - going for the cables
@hippietrail take the battery off when you are staying for long times on cable..
and, keep the battery around 70-80% if u r not going to use it for long times..
HLP - Jakarta, Indonesia - Halim Perdana Kusama
lithium batteries stay longer if u know how to take care of them..
do not over charge them for no reason.. each cycle counts..
@pnuts never heard of it, seems like a military airport
Halim Perdanakusuma International Airport (Indonesian: Bandar Udara Internasional Halim Perdanakusuma) (IATA: HLP, ICAO: WIHH) is located in East Jakarta in the Indonesian capital Jakarta.[1]

This airport is also used for military, private and presidential purposes. Government officials are also allowed to use it.
@pnuts there are ZERO commercial flights to that airport..
10:29 AM
Neither had I but was aware another existed (a taxi driver might have been checking he did not take me to the wrong one).
Explains why little known, but the Q was "is there another intl airport in jakarta?"
i actually always tell taxi drivers "ke bandara"... and they always take me to CGK
ke bandara means to the airport...
no one ever asked me which airport..
they only ask which terminal
hey i got this strange message that says "plugged in, charging"
it is always "plugged in, not charging" :D
the best thing about battery advice is that there are so many to choose from
yeah how do i know they didn't just hack the battery to remove the "not" from that message? (-:
remember the usb stick i bought for 30CNY?
10:33 AM
it is 64gb as advertised.. the only problem was... it is so slow.. like so damn slow..
Are you used to USB 3 or 2?
if i could get the battery rebuilt at home for $10 i wouldn't give a shit about fussing over its lifespan
USB 7 is luckiest
@pnuts 2
@hippietrail it is easy.. trust me..
10:36 AM
Did you end up with a ONE!?
@pnuts 0.1 i guess
usb prototype 0.001
@NeAnDerthal: never trust anyone who says "trust me"
@hippietrail except me..
Of course.
does the USB stick speed up after it installs all its rootkits, zero days, key scanners, and spyware?
10:41 AM
@NeAnDerthal Do you mean zero international commercial flights? (Seem to be some domestic ones).
yes i meant that..
@hippietrail it didn't install any thing from it.. only the standard driver
then i formatted it..
Also, are you the one who wrote the script to find tags without descriptions?
it's USB you don't have to do anything ... just plug it in
yes.. hence i said the standard driver.. because it didn't ask to install anything!
@pnuts: i wrote a tool or two to do stuff like that a few years ago
10:43 AM
@pnuts SEDE script?
Yes. Ah! I got lucky (in asking Ne An Derthal while you were in chat). Found it is a meta Q but forgot I'd never be able to find it again. I think we may be down to 8 missing Excerpts and I offered something for [crater-lake] about one page up from here.
look for 'hippietrail' on github
Ah! There are Dunbars in my ancestry.
@pnuts you must be bald then :D
I think "tonsured".
10:50 AM
hitchhikers religion's ritual..
all virile men are bald. effeminate men keep their hair just like women of course.
that's the excuse..
real men don't need excuses
you just made one ;)
next you're going to proclaim hairless chests to be a man thing
11:02 AM
@hippietrail LOL
anyway, are u going to Singapore soon?
no of course not. i'm staying in china for a month and trying to decide where to head next
i will go to manila and Singapore in august..
if i chicken out on kyrgyzstan i'll head to burma
Q: What should I call a capacitive touchscreen stylus in Standard Chinese?

hippietrailI'm in China and would like to buy a stylus for the tablet I aquired a week ago. I tried to explain to several stalls at a secondhand electonics market in Guangzhou today what I needed and nobody understood. I know the word for 'stylus' in the sense used with touchscreens is 触控笔 (chùkòngbǐ) but...

i could also head back to vietnam which was my favourite. probably to da lat. or back to the village in cambodia where i taught english
i also thought about taiwan and japan again
3 hours later…
1:49 PM
@hippietrail @GayotFow Do bald men have hairless chests?
How about their buttocks?
2:08 PM
@JoErNanO If your hormones are not preoccupied with rumpy pumpy, they get frustrated and start pushing your hair out. Hence the urban legend
@JoErNanO: my chest is neither hairless nor hairy but then again i have not yet achieved complete baldness.
i deem it the responsibility of every participant in travel.SE to star JoErNanO's comment about buttocks
Q: What can I do to make driving in the rain at night easier?

HaLeiViWhen it rains the lane markings become almost invisible. Even in the daylight it is hard to see, but at night it is much harder. Would installing a specific color of foglights help? Would it help to use polarized lenses?

I don't get the topicality of this!
buy a google self driving car and download the "driving in the rain" app?
2:34 PM
@GayotFow Which urban legend? The virility of bald men? :D
@hippietrail Star ahead!
others are not virile enough to take up the starring alongside me
hmm my repaired laptop battery is charging to 99% but won't seem to reach 100%
2:56 PM
@hippietrail Answer that! LOL, I totally promise to upvote!
Q: Sony vaio laptop's battery never charges to 100%

Sunny KumarI bought a brand new sony vaio laptop (Model E15135). All is good, but its battery never charges to 100%. When it reaches to 99%, and i point the mouse to the battery, it shows "99% Available (Plugged in, Charging)". When i contacted to sony vaio care for warranty, they are saying that there is n...

@hippietrail 99% is enough, as well as kinda meaningless. Remember that a depleted battery might still show you 100% charge, and the last just mere minutes.
@GayotFow Neither do I and I specifically changed the [driving] tag because of it.
@pnuts If he stops masterbating maybe his eyesight will be improved? At least that's what I was always told...
My eyesight is a bit suspect driving at night- you should have warned me earlier.
3:21 PM
I can't even find my glasses sometimes.
3:38 PM
@GayotFow there ya go. pinned, so there's no doubt as to where this quip originated from
Reminds me of "what use is a dictionary if you don't know how to spell?" (wish I could remember the source though).
@mindcorrosive b****d - tempted to flag that for moderator!
@pnuts meh. like I care. Travel-SE mods are my best buddies
@GayotFow Your law overtook @NeAnDerthal's underwear one.
'sides, I can just cancel the flags and nobody will be the wiser
3:55 PM
weeel ... guess diamonds deserve something for the work they do (maybe?), on occasion
(That's the English version of gratitude.)
Donations are kindly redirected to Medecins sans frontieres, EFF or your nearest orphan shelter
hmm, found a bug in starring messages in chat. I cannot typically star my own response, but if I pin and then unpin it, a star is added which cannot be removed
@mindcorrosive Post that on Meta.SE
@pnuts Are they blood diamonds?
Are you thinking of laundering them? Eh? Eh?
4:13 PM
What's another word for 'thesaurus'?
@mindcorrosive That's fine, nobody will notice it over there.
Beware peeps.........
SI 2015/806 will come into force on 19 October 2015, 4 and 18 January 2016 and 1 April 2015. SI 2015/1451 is an Order of Council made under SI 2015/806 which appoints those dates for its commencement.
Plus I have maxed out for today and I caught it too late for an emergency bounty :(
4:38 PM
@JoErNanO Guess so (but you have misspelt - missing a y).
Where about this time? I always do. -.-
@GayotFow synonym
@JoErNanO end of first word
... of the last two :$
"blood diamonds". (sorry for confusion)
5:20 PM
Reminds of when Naomi Campbell lied to the court about them :) Silly cow
1 hour later…
6:29 PM
@JoErNanO remind me please...... the underwear law?
2 hours later…
8:07 PM
@pnuts Are they called bloody diamonds?
@GayotFow remember the 4-day underwear question?
depends whether referring to allotropes of carbon (no, seriously) or humans (in jest -feebly).
1 hour later…
9:23 PM
@pnuts you ingest humans?!
How about the dude asking if metal detectors catch the metal that's part of the compound he uses as a moisturiser.
10:21 PM
@JoErNanO Recap. Started when Gayot (G) offered a theory and then requested his name not be associated with it ∴ invitation for others to advertise “Gayot’s Law” rather than let G get away with it fading away on chat. mindcorrosive (m) saw an opportunity to wind up G and so pinned the relevant chat entry - to up its profile. I then interfered with @m b++++d - tempted to flag that for moderator!
m brushed off my ‘threat’ by wielding his mod powers I can just cancel the flags and nobody will be the wiser. m had trumped me, which I then ungraciously acknowledged, with weeel ... guess diamonds deserve something for the work they do (maybe?), on occasion.
You chipped in with “blood diamonds” (I guess referring to carbon) which I (feebly) tried to twist back to mods by suggesting a typo, ie should be “bloody diamonds”, as in “bloody nuisance mods” - but there were other chats going and I screwed up. Then Are they called bloody diamonds? was just getting too surreal.
10:34 PM
@JoErNanO It's a very dim memory, something about cleaning them right?
@pnuts It's not so much here as those self-absorbed creeps on the main site, SO. They take umbrage at something and you're in for a whirlwind of downvotes and deleted answers.
You may have guessed that I'm not the world's greatest fan of that site :)
I wouldn't be there if I didn't need it for my 'day job', LOL
In TSE it's very recreational and stimulating
@GayotFow I was not following it but I think it was a discussion about how combinations (up/down/inside out/etc) combinations could manage and hence when x4 (days for each) what the maximum days was before they had to be washed.
I prefer SO to SU (though getting a bid jaded all round - already have abandoned SU and WA). Agree TSE is far less 'formal' but for a Q&A site don't think 'fast & loose' is good. It's fun like chat is but for quality discipline is essential (provided not so much as to drive away the contributors). I think TSE is still a little too 'cavalier' though doing blood&"y" well for its age AND facing a much stiffer challenge than The Trilogy where quantification is SO much easier.
*** missing "many" from end of first line above.
11:09 PM
Q: Is it true you must not stop at Red lights in South Africa while driving?

DanIf it is true, are there any rules of thumb about where you should and shouldn't do it.

11:21 PM
what? If that were true, why would red lights exist?
@NeAnDerthal here's a question. If a wedding is happening in Iran (not your favourite country but bear with me) - any idea what type of gift is common there? Do you give gifts for destination weddings (eg when we're flying from NZ/UK/Canada?)
11:55 PM
@pnuts It gets back to Lorna Morello, it's a great law and perhaps an opportunity to use the image

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