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Q: Manuscript recovered from crashed plane about human-insect hive in Siberia

ArivacaNOT HELSTROMS HIVE Cannot find old 20+ years paperback scifi novel about insect-human hive in Siberia. A man follows his brother to work in a research station in Siberia. His brother looks after the (sledge??) dogs in the secret facility. Hive is destroyed and man leaves on plane together with ...

Q: Is there a list of Sci Fi technologies, like Feraliminal Lycanthropizer / Transpositron?

alientialWhere can I find some list of Sci-Fi technology words like Feraliminal Lycanthropizer and Transpositron?

2:26 AM
Q: Looking for the title of a fantasy novel

Brandon MaggardSo heres what i remember; It takes place on another planet, thousands of years after the colonists from earth arrived. There is a prologue where they describe how the first colonists are attacked by vampires and werewolves and other nightmare creatures, turned out the planet had a force that was ...

2:51 AM
Q: Original SCI-FI movie

William J HussI remember a movie on the original SCI-FI channel about a male and female protagonist stranded on an island village and while searching for answers the female protagonist notices an inn keeper had gill slits behind his ears. I can't remember the name of the movie.

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Help, help, my delete votes have no power! Have I been demodded? :-P
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Q: What put the Old Ones out of business?

Hauke ReddmannLovecraft is not exactly my favorite, so I didn't read each and everything. In any case, I don't recall any author involved in the Cthulhu Mythos to exactly specify why the Old Ones went out of business, being so damn powerful and eldritch and whatnot. Here are some spontaneous hypotheses I made ...

11:29 AM
Q: Any meaning or significance to the name "Felodon"?

Rand al'ThorI've just read Hal Clement's 1963 short novella "The Green World" (available from Project Gutenberg). Set on an alien planet, it features an amphibian carnivore which is called a Felodon and appears briefly throughout the story after being introduced in a zoo in the opening scene. Where does the ...

Q: Why was the journalist Monica Stuart put in a container?

joeytwiddleIn season 5 episode 3 of The Expanse, "Churn", the journalist Monica Stuart is kidnapped and held in a shipping container. But near the end of episode 4, the ship that was apparently coming to collect her stops before entering the station. Why? What was the point of putting her in the container,...

Q: March 2021 Topic Challenge: Cornelia Funke

Rand al'ThorThis post is for the third of SFF.SE's new series of topic challenges, encouraging the site's community to take part together in asking and answering questions on a particular topic each month. According to community votes on the topic challenge proposals thread, the March 2021 topic challenge is...

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posted on February 28, 2021 by tech

Click here to go see the bonus panel!Hovertext: I'd like to think some PR person at Waymo briefly considered sharing this before taking a very long hard look at the word 'scrotums'. Today's News:

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Q: Are there still oceans on the darkened Matrix Earth?

Better not tellIn the first Matrix film, we see how Morpheus shows Anderson the devastated Earth, first from a TV screen, then like being actually there, looking on a city that looks like New York (the destroyed buildings look like the former WTCs). If it's indeed New York, it looks like they're watching it fro...

5:40 PM
Q: Is Squirrel Girl's "power" intentionally over exaggerated like One-Punch Man?

honeste_vivereReading the following questions and answers: Is there an in-universe reason for why Squirrel Girl is so powerful? Does Squirrel Girl have maxed power stats on the Marvel Wiki? What are Squirrel Girl's 'actual' stats? Is she truly the most powerful being in the Marvel universe? How did Squirrel Gi...

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Q: Why was Smaug able to defeat Erebor?

StumblerThe dwarves of Erebor were a powerful nation who were well aware of the existence of dragons (and their relative proximity to the Withered Heath). Despite vast resources, of both time and money, they seem however to have been entirely unprepared to handle the attack by Smaug (who also destroyed D...

8:32 PM
Q: Novel about a scientist/astronaut finding abandoned architecture that seems to have emerged from the planet?

Bill HutchisonI can only vaguely remember parts of this — a female astronaut or scientist (I think) is exploring a planet that seems to have been abandoned. What she finds is a lot of architecture that seems to have organically arisen from the planet. It doesn't seem to be built, but like it grew this way or s...


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