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4:10 AM
Q: the covey and katniss

geek QwQClose to the end of The Ballad Of The Songbirds And The Snakes (TBOTSATS), Lucy Gray sings "The Hanging Tree" and, immediately afterward she is told to never sing this song again, for it brings up to many "touchy subjects", but Maude Ivory liked it. Personally, I think either Coyro killed Lucy Gr...

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7:03 AM
Q: Identify children's SF story from early 70's

sdprotoI think the story was a trilogy from the children's scholastic reader. Here are the things I think I remember about it. First book 3 children brothers/sister exploring hillside and discover a cave entrance. They follow some type of path or stairs that go deep underground and discover some city of...

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8:42 AM
Q: Comic issue where Iron Man is compared to Robert Downey Jr

ShreedharI remember seeing somewhere, a snapshot from a comic book where a lady (presumably a fan; might have been a reporter as well) addresses Tony Stark and says something like (paraphrased): You are definitely more handsome than Robert Downey Jr. Looking for this comic book issue.

9:40 AM
@Babelfish homework?
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1:55 PM
posted on September 15, 2020 by tech

Click here to go see the bonus panel!Hovertext: The proof of panel 3 was remarkably simple. Today's News:

Q: Alternate to Rick&Morty and Stein's Gate

QuasiVinciGuys are there any animes or comics similar to Rick & Morty (Big Mouth, Simpsons and all that stuff...) and Stein's gate with some serious Physics or Math involved? Please provide references while you suggest.. Thanks in advance..

2:10 PM
@DavidW Eh? What was that edit?
I'm not sure what you did and what I did.
I had to merge your link position, and I lost a couple of my changes... I hate that there's no better way to merge edits.
All yours appears to have done was change the link markdown from []() to [][n] [n]: style
Crap, then I lost more than I thought.
Yeah wasn't sure what the best place for the two links was on that
I'm in a call now, so I can't reconstruct it.
2:15 PM
Was just wondering what happened really
I'm just slower than you are I guess, otherwise you'd have to merge your changes to my edit. :)
Oh tbf I thought there was longer between the two than there was... time is dragging today apparently
Trade you.
Hello I am new guy here..
Anyways, Guys what are your favorite anime or comics similar to Rick & Morty (Big Mouth, Simpsons and all that stuff...) and Stein's gate with some serious Physics or Math involved? Please provide references while you suggest..
Q: Was the title "The Lord of the Rings" picked on purpose to be ambiguous?

B. BraunsdorfIn one sense, it might refer to "the lord of" the rings, as in the person or entity currently in possession of The One ring. In another way, it could (IMO) mean that The One ring is "the lord" out of the rings. As in, it "owns" the lesser rings, and rules over them (and everything and everyone el...

2:21 PM
Guys anybody read that??
@DavidW Nah I'd rather not be in a call
@QuasiVinci Hey, welcome!
@QuasiVinci Hello! There are usually people around but best not to be impatient :)
If you like the Simpsons though you'll probably like Futurama
There are only a couple of us active here right now, but people will drop by over the next while.
I was sad I missed out on 111,111 but that almost makes up for it
2:40 PM
Oh Hello sorry to be impatient...
I have checked Futurama, but I would like something more serious..Terror in Tokyo is another of my kinda genre...
Simpsons, Big Mouth (not seen this one) and Rick & Morty aren't serious? I thought you were after similar ones to those
Um, I wouldn't consider Simpsons serious.
That's what I'm saying
I'm not a big consumer of TV though, so I'm not a good source. :)
Oh, okay. I misunderstood.
Yeah just realised I didn't write that overly clearly
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5:47 PM
Q: Does time travel heal wounds?

Ryan_LAt the end of season two, This kinda flies in the face of what happens near the end of season one, beginning of season two though, What's going on here?

6:12 PM
Q: Where is this Star Wars image from?

Umbrella CorporationI found this image on Quora: What is the original source of this image? Google reverse image search didn't help.

6:37 PM
Q: Identify movie about astronauts returning a liquid sample from Venus

Daniel DarabosI think I saw this movie in the 90s on Hungarian TV. It started with a team of astronauts on Venus. There's this thick green liquid and they collect a sample in a thermos bottle. I think someone dies as they do this and they decide to return to Earth rather than take more risks. They return to Ea...

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8:58 PM
Q: Where can I locate the letter J.R.R. Tolkien wrote to A.A. Milne?

StudentQuestionsAKA the author of Winnie the Pooh? This web page ( https://tvtropes.org/pmwiki/pmwiki.php/Creator/JRRTolkien ) claims far far down that Tolkien once wrote a strongly worded letter to A.A. Milne complaining about his stage adaption of Wind in the Willows, which it seems Tolkien had much disliked. ...


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