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12:09 AM
Q: '80 sci fi horror movie featuring an incorporeal alien that passes from human body to body like electricity

Adriano OrmondeThe movie begins with a truck transporting a metal coffin with a child inside being cryopreserved. An accident follows and the refrigeration system is damaged releasing an incorporeal alien from its prison. The alien passes from human body to human body like electricity. A couple chases the alien...

12:34 AM
Q: Weird/experimental black & white film from early 2000s?

user45623I'm trying to remember a science fiction film I saw on a plane flight around 20 years ago. If I recall correctly, the film was mostly or entirely black and white, but appeared to be a contemporary film rather than an oldie. I remember for certain that they also played K-Pax on the flight, so the ...

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3:01 AM
Q: Movie or TV show that involves a mutagenic substance, similar to the Forced Evolutionary Virus dipping vats from the first Fallout game

JackThis could have been a movie or TV show, but I believe it was in colour. There was a villain who had given himself a reptilian tail and menaces the heroes in some sort of facility with walkways above a substance that causes whatever is submerged in it to mutate instantly. A very specific example:...

3:51 AM
Q: How large is Daeho?

AdamantThe series Alchemy of Souls is set in a country called Daeho, which is presumably fictional, since it is described as not appearing on maps or being recorded in history. Although the majority of the plot takes place in the capital city, several other villages and forts (cities, seemingly) are men...

4:41 AM
Q: Looking for a new show to watch. Must include space ships lol

urmom789To name a few sci fi shows I like: Star Trek, Stargate, Andromeda To name a fantasy show I like: The Hobbit.(Awesome) Star wars sucks.(Yes, I went there lol) What should I watch next?

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6:19 AM
Q: Looking for a Manga

drl3466It is an isekai I believe, the last chapters I remember reading was the MC fighting against enemies that had numbers on the back of the hands that indicated how strong they were. MC proceeds to defeat a triple digit enemy. Enemies sister is a double digit agent that can control people and morph t...

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7:33 AM
Q: Star Trek novel where Riker becomes ill after drinking water aboard a Cardassian Vessel?

Helbent IVPlot Details/Summary I recall very little of this particular Trek novel. I'm not even sure what the main story arc was. The part I remember is that Riker is sent aboard a Cardassian vessel for some sort of meeting or diplomatic exchange. While there, he gets a glass of water from the dispenser...

8:22 AM
Q: Pls I need a name Ave been trying to remember for a while I’m going crazy 😂

Osiki Esthermovie that after a man dies two friends are tasked to transfer his body by air but the jet crashes so they get stuck transferring the man in a cooler without drawing suspicious to them they attend a night party and drink beer from the dead body cooler I think cos the party needed a cooler they st...

9:36 AM
Q: Looking for a manhwa/manhua where mc had strong regeneration

Dan NadI no longer remember if it was a manhwa or a manhua but it was colorful. I think the MC had a strong regenerative ability which had a red and black thing coming out each time it regenerated. The story also had others with abilities, but that's all I remember.

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11:09 AM
posted on August 16, 2022 by tech

Click here to go see the bonus panel!Hovertext: Pretty sure this ruined my 8-year-old's day when I explained it to her. Today's News:

Q: Modern fantasy novel with yellow cover about girl who discovers she is a witch

LunaIt was written by a young, female (possibly Australian, I can’t really remember) author and probably came out somewhere between 2008-2013. It begins with the protagonist going about her day to day life (I think she was being bullied at school) until certain strange events cause her to discover sh...

11:39 AM
Q: Manga where whenever the main character sleeps he travels to a post-apocalyptic future full of monsters

user156981The main character falls asleep in the middle of class and finds himself as a skeleton with only his head normal in a post-apocalypse. There he fights against skeletons with brains then green giant worm. The more he kills monsters the more he gets stronger and more body parts gets restored. After...

12:29 PM
Q: Why does Sabriel remark that "Touchstone" is a fool's name?

detlyIn Garth Nix's book Sabriel, the titular character discovers a statue of a man. She is able to reanimate the man, she asks his name, and he replies "Touchstone." She replies something along the lines of "Touchstone? That's a fool's name." (I don't have the book with me so I can't quote it exactly...

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2:32 PM
Q: Female lead get betrayed by her boyfriend and her best friend and get killed because of that. Then she get reborn to revenge herself

Manar AlharbiThe manhwa is about a female that has power in her necklace (the necklace is like a storage world in which she can store anything) so her boyfriend and her best friend betray her to get the necklace (the boyfriend presents the necklace to the best friend) then leave her to get tortured and raped ...

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3:46 PM
Q: Why do the Dunedain wear Fëanorian stars?

graffeWhy do the Dunedain wear Fëanorian stars? Is it because of their Noldorin descent through Ëarendil?

4:35 PM
Q: Movie where scientists were doing experiments on prisoners and a surviving prisoner got god-like powers

DidiThere was some prisoners that these scientists were doing experiments on. All the other prisoners died except one. He had to be retaught how to read and write by the scientist lady. The prisoner started gaining god-like power and could read minds and I think I remember him scalping somebody. At t...

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Twenty twenty twenty four hours to go. I wanna be sedated.
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Nothing to do, nowhere to go home. I wanna be sedated.
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Q: Book about a man with the last name Seigel or Siegel

Elliott SloanI can't remember the name of a book I read in a freshman lit class. Its about a man whose last name is something like Seigel. He is perhaps 45-60 and has injuries that make him walk with a cane. He hires a young girl to work as a maid. She secretly has an abusive boyfriend and drug problems. The ...

6:38 PM
Q: H2O: Just Add Water - how come the mermaids keep their human forms?

Valts SkurjatsIt's said that 10 seconds after contact with water they turn into mermaids. But there's water in the air all the time. Theoretically, they have contact with water all the time. Why are they in their human forms? Also, how do they take a shower? Wash their feet, their private parts, basically the ...

7:28 PM
Q: Is there a scifi character that could beat all other scifi characters in a fight?

Liam ChangTaking all character like God and the Darkness is TV's Supernatural, Darth Vader from star wars, Thanos, Alioth, and Scarlet Witch from marvel, Superman, Darkseid, and the source/presence from DC, and any other character from any other franchise, which of the characters based on their powerset wo...

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9:56 PM
Q: Was it not inexcusably foolish of Sauron to not guard the Ring-destroying lava pit?

N. PetixI know that he did not think that anyone would want to destroy it, but rather that somebody would instead claim it and try to fight Him with it, but if there is only one place on the planet where the Ring can be destroyed, and the Ring means so much, and you are at active war, and you hear tiding...


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