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1:20 AM
Q: In the Boy Who Cried Werewolf, about Jordan’s father…

Louis HolmesDoes he remarry, if not, why not? Is there an explicit reason for her mom’s absence? And is her little brother merely adopted or a step/half-brother?

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4:16 AM
Q: Spider-Man and his Amazing Friends comic from the early 80s

SDHI had a comic when I was younger that I believe came with the Sunday paper in the US, specifically Colorado. It was branded as 'Spider-Man and His Amazing Friends', the same as the cartoon of the time featuring Spider-Man, Iceman, and Firestar. In the comic, they battled the Abomination not the G...

5:09 AM
Q: Is WWE on topic here?

user13267Some of the WWE characters like The Undertaker and Kane are clearly supernatural. There are probably more if we dig around enough. They also have enough viewers that there probably are people well versed in their lore. Is the WWE (or WWF) on topic here?

5:30 AM
Q: Who exactly is "you" here?

Jack VaderIn Spider Man No Way Home (2021), Aunt Mary stabs Norman with green colored syringe: GOBLIN: It didn't work. Norman was right. He got it from you, that pathetic sickness. Who exactly is "you" here?

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6:45 AM
Q: Cartoon in the style of children's drawings about a little prince who became an orphan

luminaluniiThe style of the cartoon is similar to children's drawings. The main character is a prince who became an orphan. He was wearing a big yellow crown. It seems that he was about to ascend to the throne, but for some reason the other children laughed at him. I remember an episode in which the prince ...

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8:38 AM
Q: What is the source of this humorous quotation: "it is obvious" (when it isn't obvious)

equin0x80I picked up a funny story about a professor who stated that something was "obvious" after taking a long time to think about it: the story on a Wiktionary user page. I asked the user where the story came from, and he said (not very convinced): "I've read that the mathematician was Norbert Weiner."...

8:49 AM
Q: CARTOON: A boy finds a gauntlet and fights against robots in a post apocalyptic world

ptlg225The series was a 3D show with a definitely not western art style from the 2000s. I'm sure that something metal or gauntlet was in the title. But I dont really remember anything else. The show starts with the boy finding the robot gauntlet that attaches to his arm and he cant take it off. Its tran...

9:39 AM
Q: Trying to remember a monster battling cartoon show

JulianI think the show aired somewhere around early 2000s. It kinda has the same premise as yugioh or Pokémon but they go to a huge lobby area to spectate other battlers and they’re able to go to the monster realm to able to talk to the monsters and possibly befriending them and recruited them.

10:04 AM
Q: In Wishmaster 3: Diana’s father died when the family car exploded, after he rescued Diana. Was he able to save his wife (her mother)?

Louis HolmesAnd if not, who was she cared for by, afterwards? She was a teenager in the movie, and flashbacks show the crash happened when she was a little girl.

10:54 AM
Q: Anime where a girl kills her friend over and over because she was going to a different school i am re asking the question lol

PotatoI remember the anime was about a girl who would kill her best friend over and over because she was going to a different school. The girl going to the different school had blue hair i believe, and she was very smart. The friend that was the killer friend had orange hair I believe wanted to kill th...

11:43 AM
Q: Manhwa where the main character is a a guy reincarnated as the heroine's step-brother

the watcherI remembered reading a wonderful manhwa where the main character (MC) is a a guy reincarnated as the heroine's step-brother. The heroine was a little girl with blue hair (if I remember correctly). He also befriended a girl who was....well, has maso tendencies. But I think it was a colorful manga ...

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2:07 PM
posted on August 13, 2022 by tech

Click here to go see the bonus panel!Hovertext: I worry this is one of those situations where I'm the only person in the room saying 'amIright??' Today's News:

2:52 PM
Q: Fantasy comic where someone gets smothered by a thorny vine plant late 70s early 80s

blackheadedgullTrying to find a story, or the comic magazine it appeared in. I read it in a childhood friend's garage around 1980-82 but given our ages (about 7) it was probably his father's from a few years previous. I'm in the UK. It left a strong visual impression on me as a kid and despite extensive searchi...

Q: Looking for time dilation spaceship "restart the Earth's rotation" sci-fi short story, please

MissourianThe plot is something happens to the ship, time dilation millions of years, the ships AI is damaged but before it goes offline it relieved the Captain an put the science officer in charge. They return to Earth and it it tidal locked. The Captain wants to find a habitable planet but the science o...

3:44 PM
Q: Mafia-style modern vampire fantasy TV show

PotatoCrispSome years ago I watched a TV series about a Mafia-style contemporary vampire family. It was American (or possibly Canadian) and centred on a man who had separated himself from the family but returned to become a sort of consigliere. There may have been slight black humour but I'm sure it wasn't ...

4:19 PM
Q: Looking for a short story about space crew who are overtaken by an alien consciousness

andjakI think I read it in a collection of horror or SF. The incident happens after landing on an alien planet. It may be Mars. I can not recall a physical entity being involved but somehow one of the crew's consciousness is taken over. The consciousness / point of view shifts from crew member to crew ...

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5:34 PM
Q: What is Blackheart participation in Infinity War in comics?

Bruno EstrazulasBlackheart was usually portrayed in some video games related to the Infinity War storyline, like Marvel Super Heroes and Marvel Super Heroes: War of the Gems. But how does Blackheart fits in the Infinity War story in comics? What's his participation?

Q: Space opera about a Dyson sphere

ZebyHelp me find a book, please. What I remember is that it was a space opera (fairly huge). It was about a star that suddenly went dark and people were intrigued. They set an expedition to find out why but they kinda lacked FTL because they mostly relied on some kind of transporters between planets....

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11:02 PM
Q: Why this didn't happen to Captain America in Avengers : Endgame?

MocasIn Thor: Love and Thunder, we saw that In Avengers: Endgame, Captain America wielded Mjölnir, however that didn't happen to him (he retained his normal outfit). Why is this?

Q: Why did Gorr still want to kill Thor?

MocasIn Thor: Love & Thunder, Gorr the God Butcher goes on a mission to kill all gods after being betrayed by his own god, thinking that all gods are selfish and don't care about their people. He then kidnaps Asgards' children to lure Thor into the dark realm to fight him there. But seeing Thor coming...

11:27 PM
Q: Why didn't Thanos and the Avengers go to the realm of eternity instead?

MocasIn "Thor: Love & Thunder" we get to know about the realm of eternity and how it can grant one person a wish. Why didn't Thanos nor the avengers go there to make their wish instead of collecting all the infinity stones?

Q: What Marvel movies have a lead actor's spouse/significant other as a side role in the same movie?

Peter NielsenIn Thor: Love and Thunder, when describing Thor's love life, Korrg explains how Thor fell in love with a "swashbuckling pirate" among others. The pirate was played by Elsa Pataky, Chris Hemsworth's wife. Has there ever been other instances of this in other Marvel movies, specifically where a lead...

11:52 PM
Q: Why didn't Thor do this in Avengers: Endgame?

MocasIn "Thor : Love & Thunder" we saw Thor giving his power to kids to fight Gorr's shadow monsters. Why didn't he use this power in Endgame to fight Thanos's army? The Avengers army would have been much stronger.


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