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@DavidW I guess the two aren't so different after all 🤷🏻‍♂️
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Q: In the Simpsons credits why does it say “starring” and then after a few names it says, “also starring?”

1.21 gigawattsIn the Simpsons credits why does it say “starring” and then after a few names it says, “also starring?” My guess is that the “also starring” aren’t regular voices but the characters voices are on almost every single show.

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Q: Children's book with "a ring, a stone, a finger bone"

2shortguyI'm trying to find a fantasy book from my childhood library, about 45 years ago. I distinctly remember a quote from it, a ring, a stone, a finger bone describing three talismanic objects. There was mention of spells being "the crucible that held the will of the spellcaster". I think there was a...

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Q: Movie about a family living on a floating island that had ships

FulcrumSo my husband is trying to find a movie he watched as a kid. He said it’s a live action movie about a family that lived on a floating island and they didn’t have powers. But they would use their ships to come help when disaster struck. Does this ring any bells? It’s not Sky High or Zoom or Up Up ...

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Q: Manhwa/webcomic about noble lady reincarnated after dying from an unidentifiable disease

XoliaFrom what I remember, the plot revolves a noble lady who was reincarnated after dying from an identifiable disease (resulting from magic?). FL married a noble man due to loving him at first sight. Although the FL’s father was against it, she married anyways. The FL’s husband turned out to be che...

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Q: Manga about a grand mage that uses lightning magic and reincarnates as his own descendant

AnimeRaupeI searched for this manga for over an hour and I couldn't find it anyhwere so here I am. I read it a few months ago, it's about a grand mage that uses lightning magic and reincarnates as his own grand grand grand...son. In on of the first chapters he trains with his brother(or similar) and starts...

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Q: Book about boy who goes to a magical academy

NoshotBoy who grew up in a secluded cabin with his Uncle who pretends to be his father. His mother was killed by the son of the Werewolf alpha and his real father retaliated and killed the werewolf out of anger. He was then imprisoned in Jotunheim i believe. The son then grows up without learning any m...

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Q: How did the Veil open (and close)?

F1KrazyIn Episode 5 of Ms. Marvel, the Veil separating the human world from the Noor dimension suddenly opens for no apparent reason. One of the Clandestines tries to go through it and is gruesomely disintegrated. Kamala manages to convince Najra not to try going through the Veil, and None of this is e...

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Q: Nativity poem from the Innkeeper's perspective where he laments over not having known whom he pushed off

EFHIn my latter High School days, as part of an oral communications course, I was required to memorize and deliver a poem before the class. I found one in the school library and met the requirement with decent marks. For some reason I cannot recall enough about this poem to find it again. Known deta...

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Q: Medieval fantasy book: flat worlds, golden skins, eternal night and days

NicolasI am looking for a fantasy (medieval) book, for teenager/young adult. Here is what I remember : In a world split in constant night and day part nobody goes to the night part there are 'normal people' and 'golden'(/or 'amber' /or 'of the sun') people A guy, with a golden girl have to go in the ni...

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Q: YA book I cant remember the name of

FlorenceI read this book years ago, but all I remember is one scene from it. Its a hero’s journey style book I think. What I remember is the main character ended up going to this island where there was a beautiful woman who served them food, but it turns out it was actually an illusion and the food was r...

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Q: Short 70s(?) sci-fi story about smuggler sending cat embryo back in time to serve man and save him from alien pirates

Sabaki12The Title pretty much says it all. This story was in an anthology I read in middle school and can't quite identify to replace. The space smuggler is attacked by an alien race, codes the instruction to "serve man" into the cat DNA, then sends it to a nearby planet back millions of years. Immediate...

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posted on July 07, 2022 by tech

Click here to go see the bonus panel!Hovertext: Apple Immortality unfortunately got sued out of existence, so now you gotta die. Today's News:

Greetings, Earthlings.
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Q: Children's animated show where the world loses its color

BMFIt was an animated movie or episode of a show that I remember watching as a kid, in English, likely in the early 2000's, likely on VHS, likely for an American audience. At first I thought it was from the children's show "The Land Before Time", but after looking around and watching a few episodes,...

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@Donald.McLean Ahoy!
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Q: Sci-fi military forces Mercenaries story acronym GENIE, Greatest Effectiveness Nexus Identification and Elimination

user3763301Trying to find story that I read years ago. I really wanted to reread it again. Setting: A remote planet hires a mercenary general to help defend it from an impending invasion by a much larger professional mercenary force. If successful he would retire to this planet. A doctor or EMT on this plan...

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Q: Manga. Main characters clear the world and wake up in the future real world

oblivioI'm looking for a manga I have read before. The main character lives in a fantasy world or something. When he and everyone else clear the main quest or defeated the boss. They wake up in the real world in the future. The fake world was only training for be able to save the humanity or something.


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