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12:25 AM
Q: Manhua/manga/manhwa where the female lead's kingdom gets destroyed and she gets kidnapped

Mangaootaku592It was a typical romance isekai to some extent. The female lead read a story and died and then reincarnated into it. She realizes her kingdom gets destroyed (I think). Her sister or someone she knew is supposed to be kidnapped in the story, but instead she gets kidnapped and is “held hostage.” R...

1:16 AM
Q: YA book ID: short stories including Masked Granny and hypnotic TV camera

equin0x80Who can identify this collection of sci-fi (or spec-fi) short stories that I read (in Britain) in the late '80s or early '90s? One story was about a rock singer called "Masked Granny". She was apparently an old woman in a mask, who refused to take off the mask, and got violent if anybody tried. S...

2:06 AM
Q: Book about a girl who finds out she was a fairy sent away to keep her safe, and gets sent someone to protect her

Ashly RamirezI’m pretty sure the cover has the girl in a dress sitting down next to a pool of water. She was born a fairy but brought up as human and eventually finds out she was actually a fairy sent away for her own protection. She gets sent someone to protect her and basically, in the end, she falls for hi...

2:31 AM
Q: Drug changes time perception to allow motorcycle rider to avoid logs - 1950's tv show

ProfPresburyOn a show like Science Fiction Theater (but not that one) a maniac was releasing logs from the back of his truck and killing motorcycle riders. A man took a drug which changed his time perception such that he could react in time to avoid the logs as they were released so he could catch the truck ...

2:57 AM
Q: Short Marvel fanfic about Magneto having a head cold

FuzzyBootsI think I read this in college, which would put it between 1998 and 2002. I thought I read it on the Fonts of Wisdom site, but I can't find it on there. It was a short humorous fanfic where Magneto wakes up with a head cold, and realizes that he has no medicine in the house. I think he is also aw...

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6:39 AM
Q: Did Harry Osborne know that his dad was the Green Goblin?

T HummusAt the end of Spider-Man 2, Harry Osborne discovers his father's Green Goblin lair. When I saw the movie, I understood that scene to be the moment when Harry first learns that his father was the Green Goblin. However, in Spider-man: No Way Home, Octavius sees the Green Goblin and immediately reco...

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8:26 AM
Q: Webcomic about "small differences" ruining a date (specifically one of them likes YOHpt1 the other YOHpt2)

TheIronKnuckleTrying to track down a webcomic. The panels are a back and forth between a couple on a first date. Something like "What do you do mostly?" "oh watch a lot of tv?" "whats your fav show?" "star trek" "omg which series?" "voyager" "omg which season?" "five" "omg which episode?" etc etc They get more...

9:16 AM
Q: When was obliviation discovered/invented?

The Boy Who LivedAccording to Harry Potter Wiki Mnemone Radford was the witch who first developed Memory Modifying Charms. She became the first Ministry of Magic Obliviator, due to her skill with the charm. When exactly did she do this?

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1:03 PM
Q: Is Omega Supreme the only Guardian Robot who can transform?

PabloIn the Transformers G1 cartoon, Guardian Robots are seen a couple of times, one battling Superion, another battling autobots, but as far as I remember, they never transform. Omega Supreme however, can turn into a rocket, a rocket base and a tank. Is Omega Supreme the only Guardian Robot who can t...

1:54 PM
Q: Book where Patton or MacArthur teams up with Robert E.Lee in an apocalyptic world

DCRA friend told me he read an excellent SF book years ago where Patton or maybe MacArthur partnered somehow with Robert E. Lee in a near-future apocalyptic world. Who knows this?

2:21 PM
@Marvin This makes me think of Heroes in Hell but I don't recall any specific stories that involve those leaders.
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4:01 PM
Q: How did Garak know that the Romulans won't question why a data rod was partially recoverable?

nsonline89In the episode In the Pale Moonlight, Vreenak says the following: VREENAK: You are persistent, Captain, I'll grant you that, but dogged determination isn't enough to change the reality of your situation. Time is definitely not on your side. The Dominion shipyards are working at one hundred perce...

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6:07 PM
Q: In the apocalyptic film These Final Hours, about the final 12 hours of the last humans on Earth in Australia, what happened to Rose’s mom?

Louis HolmesRose (the little girl that James rescues from thugs) is heading to her aunt’s house where her dad is. But ultimately she only finds her family dead]]. But her mom’s body is absent from this. Why is that? Did she abandon her family before the asteroid hit?

6:51 PM
posted on May 17, 2022 by tech

Click here to go see the bonus panel!Hovertext: There's nothing on the chalkboard, because you wouldn't pay attention anyway. Today's News:

7:42 PM
Q: Is Disney+'s Moon Night considered to be Canon to the MCU or other Disney Marvel productions?

Aaargh ZombiesHas the status of Moon Night's canon to the MCU been discussed in any official material, including interviews, behind the scenes documentaries, convention panel events\AMA, or official promotional material? Can we therefore confirm or refute its canonical status and its implications, for example,...

8:03 PM
@Babelfish If it's not a Moon Night, does that mean it's Monday?
Q: Has Jessica ever 'claimed' someone?

Nu'DaqIt's been a while since I've seen True Blood, but from what I remember it's common for vampires to 'stake a claim' on a particular human- Bill, for example did this to keep other vampires from harming Sookie- has Jessica ever claimed a human as 'hers' for any reason?

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9:59 PM
It's a little late for this, but that last HP question got me imagining a HP/MiB crossover where everyone is trying to obliviate everyone else.
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11:35 PM
Q: What episode is this from on Batman?

dean1957Anyone know what episode on the 1960s Batman TV show this is from?


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