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12:25 AM
Q: Looking for this action manhwa

Sweet Dreamsİ am looking for a action manhwa . ML gets back to first day all game like world started and he wakes up near his friend who happens to be girl and they are at universty and he knows what is gonna happen he leads her and a few more people too this is all i remember sadly please help me find it

1:10 AM
@Spencer ¿Ya estamos hablando español?
1:44 AM
@Adamant no suficiente. pero para eso está Google Translate.
The suspect post was in Spanish, so I was puzzled over what triggered SmokeDetector.
2:05 AM
@Spencer my guess is something in Spanish
@uhoh I'm not sure I follow: the asteroid was named after Douglas Adams because of the temporary name, not the other way round?
Any space rock named Something-42 could be Douglased
2:35 AM
Q: Looking for a HP fanfiction- severitus?

Throwaway22I’m looking for a Harry Potter fanfiction— I don’t think it was a completed work or maybe was just a one shot- I only recall reading one chapter. In the story there’s a scene with Harry, Dumbledore and Snape in dumbledore’s office,Harry is upset because Snape is to become guardian/ caretaker for ...

3:01 AM
Q: What's the song playing in episode 59 of Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood?

Best JeanistI can't find it with google, shazam or anything like that, it's episode 59: Lost Light at 14:41

@Spencer Probably the mere fact that the post was in Spanish.
To be clear, it was spam/fraud, offering to provide advertising in the form of "news articles."
But if SmokeDetector is set up to flag anything that it doesn't understand as spam (because in most cases, it will be nonsense), then it will flag Spanish as spam.
Q: Trying to find a modern murder / suspense with reverse chronology

BriI read a book a few years ago that I can't remember the name of. From what I can remember of the plot, a man and a woman committed murder and then covered it up. It begins at the end (reverse chronology) and works its way back to the beginning. I think the woman is visiting a town she grew up in,...

3:53 AM
@AncientSwordRage yes, the author was not named "Douglas Adams" because of the asteroid, if that's what you mean by "the other way around".
4:12 AM
@Adamant No, this is a known spammer.
But Smokey will detect most non-English content, intentionally (except on non-English sites).
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6:29 AM
Q: Romance drama colored manga with a female main character who argues with the Crown Prince

SavaI’m looking for a fantasy romance manga. I remember it being fully colored. It had this one scene where the female main character was being harassed by a trashy crown prince( think he was blonde) in a path way away from the party. The (step)brother male lead steps in and get super angry at him.

7:20 AM
@uhoh that is not what I mean
What I'm saying is that the asteroid was named after Adams because if the temporary name, so the idea that this specific space rock was intended to be named after Adams and the temporary name helped in that makes no sense to me.
7:46 AM
Q: A space opera novel with a hierarchy Humans/Geeks/Gooks (or Humans/Gooks/Geeks, I an not sure)

AlfredThis is definitely a novel, too long even for a novella. I read it at least four decades ago, maybe five. Therefore it is a quite a bit fuzzy in my memory. The book might be even older than that. It is a space opera, with interstellar travel. There are many humanoid species (or varieties, since t...

Q: I'm looking for a movie I haven't seen in a long time

Benny A.The movie was about a kid named max who was training to be a soldier for some massive government. aliens had invaded earth in the movie, and the kid was stranded on an alien planet after his ship went down, and it had one of those aliens as cargo. He is hunted down by the alien, and in the end he...

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10:48 AM
Q: Is Eru Ilúvatar the God?

BartorsWe can read in the answers to this and this question that Tolkien envisioned his works to take place in our own world, albeit be it on "different stage of imagination" or "a period of the actual Old World of this planet" To my understanding, in the lore, Eru Ilùvatar is the almighty god and creat...

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1:17 PM
Q: How did fire kill Laena Velaryon, when it didn't kill Daenerys?

Mehdi DehghaniDid Game of Thrones lie about being fireproof, or Laena Valaryon is not true Valerian, or there are some other reasons for that?

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2:41 PM
Q: Why does John Boyega play Finn with an American accent?

TenthJusticeAccents in Star Wars are famously all over the place. There are lots of examples where the actor's natural accent leads to a bit of dissonance within the general rule of commoners=American, ruling elites=British/transatlantic. (Mace Windu and Rey come to mind). But Boyega is the only major cast m...

2:59 PM
Wait, the Disc is turning? I thought the Disc was stationary and only the Sun turned around it.
I see.
3:15 PM
@b_jonas With the Disc turning, the sun can repeatedly loop safely between pairs of elephants and just keep repeating that safe path. If the sun's path rotates then the elephants have to play dodge-em all the time to keep the sun from smacking into their butts.
3:51 PM
posted on October 03, 2022 by tech

Click here to go see the bonus panel!Hovertext: Anything is Turing-complete if you're willing to be patient. Today's News:

4:47 PM
Yowza. Fandom.com, our favourite site that bought memory-alpha and all the wikia.com properties, has now bought a bunch of other stuff, including gamespot, comicvine, gamefaqs, and metacritic.
Soon to be the amazon of fannish stuff, I guess...
5:01 PM
@DavidW even now I find that hard to visualise
@DavidW send like it
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6:08 PM
Q: How does smiting work in Supernatural TV show?

RedactedThe wiki for Supernatural says that Smiting is a powerful ability where a being kills another being, generally by touching them. This is very vague, as it is like saying a soldier kills an enemy by killing them. Simply touching them initiates the smite, but is not due to touching that the other...

6:33 PM
Q: Remove DRM from HDMI Video Source for archiving purchased digital content

J Matzafter a recent incident where Universal has removed some of it's content, which had been legally purchased by people, from sites like Amazon Prime. I would like to be able to create a local digital copy (or perhaps even create a DVD archive) of digital content I have purchased, as to prevent stud...

6:58 PM
@DavidW You mean, the Sun doesn't go under the turtle? That's a design defect.
Q: Continent sized, X-shaped alien

BatnorBeskarI have a vague recollection of this book, mostly the X-shaped alien. Can’t find anything through internet searches. I thought it may be some sort of “choose your adventure” book, but I haven’t seen it on any lists or pages discussing those sorts of books. Alien description: Hugging a water world...

@Mithical Thanks for that explanation.
7:11 PM
@Spencer Actually, now that you say that, it could. The last drawings of it I saw had the sun not as high above the Hub as the Turtle is below it, so that affected my mental picture. The drawings could obviously have been incorrect.
But it's funnier to imagine a world-sized elephant accidentally getting goosed by the sun. :)
2 hours later…
9:09 PM
Q: Film with metal base/city and spaceships in canyon landscape

CraigDoes anyone recognise this film? It plays for a second or less in a montage of films available for streaming on TVNZ+, but I have searched through their catalog and not been able to identify it

Q: Demon killer whose brother is his sword. Girl witnesses killing, and is included in the contract

H2SO5I once watched an anime but I forgot the name. I only saw the first episode. There was a girl who saw a boy from her school kill a demon or something like that. His sword turned out to be his brother. They kill demons together for an organization. Because she witnessed it, she’s now included in ...

Q: Does the sun orbit Great A'Tuin or the Discworld?

ValorumThe Discworld is lit by a tiny 'sunlet' which orbits the disc at a rate of once per day, but is this miniature sun orbiting the disc itself, or around Great A'Tuin?

2 hours later…
10:52 PM
Q: Why didn’t the Imperials hunt down The Bendu?

Blue Skin and Glowing Red EyesIt seems to me that when the Emperor sends out his minions (Darth Vader and Inquisitors) to root out all the surviving force users, he would have sent them to destroy The Bendu. In Thrawn: Alliances, The Emperor can detect Chiss Skywalkers, so it doesn’t seem to be much of a stretch to see him se...

11:44 PM
Q: Short story about 3 alien hunters when mankind was still in tribes/prehistoric

Leslie ButlerMy dad told me about this short story he had read and it piqued my interest based on what he described. It would have been a short story in a similar size of book to the Commando War stories in pictures comic, but as writing without pictures. The story was around 3 alien hunters that would come ...


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