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5:30 AM
Q: Why didn't the spores affect the trioptes?

M. A. GoldingOn Tuesday, 09-28-2021, about 10 or 11 pm EDT, I thought of a plot problem in the classic story "The Lotus Eaters'. In Stanley G. Weinbaum's story "Parasite Planet" the dangers encountered by Hamilton "Ham" Hammond and Patricia Burlingame on the planet venus include attacks by the semi-intelligen...

5:55 AM
Q: somethings you like to be

guestmultilingual neural machine translation service developed by Google, to translate text, documents and websites from one language into anothe

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7:09 AM
Q: I'm looking fo a manga hat has a strong magician in the wooda

ExplicitSo the magician is either avoiding the capital or is being hunted by them. He is all alone, lives by himself in a log cabin. It might be an isekai or he is a very talented magician, huge magic circles. I'm pretty sure he uses a gigantic one to destroy an army or to purify a lake. I remember very ...

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10:55 AM
scifi.stackexchange.com/q/153768/4918 Ouch, another story that glorifies Bach's music.
11:38 AM
Q: Is Sisko the only Emissary?

EmpressSvetlanaDid the Prophets have a backup Emissary if Sisko died or something unforeseen happened? Is their any mention of more than one Emissary?

12:03 PM
Q: Did anyone get killed attempting to capture Carmen Sandiego?

EmpressSvetlanaI remember playing the games when I was younger, they were educational, and obviously contained no violence. When you encountered a villain, you were quickly teleported away. In Where on Earth Is Carmen Sandiego? I don't remember the characters having that ability. They did however get into dange...

@Slartibartfast don't for get to follow this post if you want to see all the answers!
I'm curious if there's a SEDE query that can show us the best moderator posts in the last quarter, on the main site of course, in the last quarter. If it helps our user-ids are 3804, 31936, 31394, 58193 — AncientSwordRage ♦ 22 secs ago
@AncientSwordRage Are you asking me?
OTOH, you've got TLC on board, who should more than capable to do that.
@SQB I could figure it out given time, possibly faster than infinite monkeys sat at infinite database terminals
but it's a comment on @JackBNimble's blog meta-post
@SQB why did you think I was asking you?
12:12 PM
@AncientSwordRage I didn't think you were asking me, but in general, when a SEDE query is needed, people ask TLC or me.
So not directly asking me, but more of a "is this a challenge?" asking me.
Maybe they misread your name as SQL?
@SQB "You talkin' t' me?!"
@SQB I'll be honest, I'm surprised I can't just put "user:1 OR user:2 ... user:N" into the search bar
Q: Can the Q create another universe?

EmpressSvetlanaCan the Q create other universes? In VOY: Death Wish: He did this by taking Janeway to the Q Continuum, which was presented in the Human-comprehensible form of a house in the middle of a desert with a road running by it. The road, he told her, represented the universe's edge and there was nothin...

1:17 PM
Q: Why did the Prophets choose a Human?

EmpressSvetlanaWhy would the prophets choose a Human to be an Emissary for them? Won't it have been easier to choose a Bajoran? Someone they could relate to?

@Marvin there's definitely a trope or idea of having outsiders mediate conflicts
What would classify a post as the best moderator post?
the highest voted post by someone who holds moderator?
@JackBNimble I guess?
1:34 PM
@JackBNimble People hold moderators?
checks Nobody is holding me.
I've seen people hold ferrets and carrots though.
@Randal'Thor Me either. Unfortunately.
I'm holding a bottle of juice, though, so that's fine for now.
1:50 PM
@Randal'Thor (looks around anxiously) Probably a poor choice of vegetable.
I've heard carrots can be lethal.
2:11 PM
Heh, for some reason scifi.stackexchange.com/q/224484/4918 has more downvotes than its prequels.
2:35 PM
@Spencer HEY! Ferrets aren't vegetables, no matter how inactive I might look :p
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3:46 PM
Q: Was there any attempt to have Q meet Archer?

EmpressSvetlanaI've seen Enterprise many times, and it only now occurred to me that Archer never encountered Q or a member of the Q Continuum. If you believe Trelane is part of the Q Continuum, then it would seem every captain until Sisko encountered Q or a member of the Q Continuum. As I remember, I don't thin...

Q: Which Author Should Receive Earliest Credit for Cyberpunk Literary Genre?

Silly but TrueAuthor William Gibson is often credited with creating the cyberpunk genre characterized by a dystopian future and a technology heavy society. He receives this distinction primarily due to popularity of two of his works Johnny Mnemonic published in 1981 (one year prior to Blade Runner being releas...

3:59 PM
Q is the least interesting character / race in ST for me. Second only to the Ferengi.
4:16 PM
@JackBNimble how so?
I just don't like the Q stories, and on rewatches usually just skip those episodes.
@JackBNimble I feel like some of them are either nice ways of pulling together overarching plot (the first Q episode) or are an easy way of showing how each captain behaves (the trial stuff)
4:56 PM
posted on September 29, 2021 by tech

Click here to go see the bonus panel!Hovertext: The important thing is you feel like it matters to you! Today's News:

5:25 PM
Q: Was Dr.Phlox's research lost in time?

EmpressSvetlanaIn ENT: Regeneration, the crew of the Enterprise encounter the Borg (although it's never mentioned they're the Borg). Archer asks Phlox if he has a treatment: PHLOX: Better than I anticipated. The nanoprobes seem to be having trouble with my immune system. But they're persistent little fellows. ...

6:15 PM
Is it just me, or does anyone else feel a bit resentful of work assuming they're completely justified in requiring you to install a random rotating assortment of MFA/PWM/etc. apps on your personal smartphone?
6:29 PM
did you mean: the IDF
I have four different apps on my phone exclusively for them, three of which are required and one of which is heavily recommended.
Well, that's a bit different; it's the government and it's compulsory. And one would hope they take a great deal of care about it, and aren't as cavalier. "Oh, we're getting a better deal from XX now, so please uninstall YYApp and install XXApp instead."
"And that password manager app we pushed on everyone, here are the instructions to migrate to the new one."
Q: Why was Loki so tall?

OrangeDogIn S1E7, What If... Thor Were an Only Child?, Loki appears as a regular-size (i.e. large) Frost Giant. The difference in this reality is shown to be Odin returning the infant Loki instead of keeping him. However, Odin only found Loki because he had been abandoned for being a runt. So why does he ...

7:03 PM
I have three different dual-factor auth apps on my phone for various jobs
7:28 PM
Q: Has there been renewed interest in Cordwainer Smith's stories about chimeras?

ab2Cordwainer Smith's stories about chimeras (see Definition 4 in this link) , i.e., people who were part human and part animal seemed the farthest-out of far-out science fiction when they were first published -- at least to me. I could wave my arms, suspend disbelief and accept faster-than-light-d...

7:52 PM
Q: What exaclty is the vow the Watchers have to take?

Philippe B.In the episode 8 of What if... ? we see I know that in the comics But I would like to know if there is a similar situation in the comics, My question is : Would it be breaking the vow if The Watcher did something ? I might actually be misunderstanding the Sorry for all the spoilers blocks I ...

8:22 PM
_"She got the which of the what-she-did,
Hid the bell with a blot, she did,
But she fell in love with a hominid.
Where is the which of the what-she-did?"_
8:42 PM
Q: What are those lights in Kojima productions logo?

Guilherme Woolley Could you explain what are those lights passing on 10s mark?

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10:02 PM
Q: Why is Picard *requested* and required to give up command to Jellicoe?

Michael StachowskyIn TNG "chain of command" part 1, when Picard transfers command of the Enterprise to Jellicoe, he reads the order and states that he is requested and required to give up command. Why the "requested" part? If he's required to do it that seems like it's unnecessary. Is it possible to be required bu...

10:52 PM
Q: Number of Voyager Crew exceeded?

iMerchantHas anyone ever counted, by checking all the episodes, how many extras of the crew have shown up on screen to see if it exceeds the 150 crew Voyager is supposed to have?

11:35 PM
Q: How did cooper know the quantum data is what Murph needed to solve the gravity equation

J_lamerProfessor Brand reveals only to Murph (on his deathbed) that Plan A, solving the equation was 'impossible'. I am struggling to reconcile; A) How Murph knows that it is quantum data needed to solve the equation. B) How Cooper knows that in order to save humanity, he must send the quantum data to M...


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