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12:31 AM
Q: Was Sloan wife and son real?

QueenSvetlanaIn DS9, the head of Section 31, Luther Sloan claims to have a wife, and a son who died during the Dominion war. The only time we see them was inside his mind. Is their any source to suggest they were real and not just apart of Sloan's cover?

1:21 AM
Q: can somebody say a specific planet in super mario galaxy 1 or 2

DAVI BORGESi started wanting to find a planet in super mario galaxy who is just round like a ball just like a real planet and as an alien npc or ambient animal (star bunnies, honeybees,etc) the npcs i not consider aliens or not can be used for this:penguins,toads,lumas,gearmos,rosalina,boos,guppy,cosmic spi...

2:10 AM
Q: Why do some planets in Star Trek us a number designations while others have just a name?

sevensevensIn several Star Trek episodes, the ship visits planets with a Name + Number designation like Eminiar VII, but there is no shortage of planets, like Earth, Vulcan, and Romulus that don't have numbers after them. Is there an in-universe reason for some planets to have a name + a number, and some to...

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3:48 AM
Q: Does the Foundation show use elements from the prequel books?

ibidI've read the Foundation trilogy and its two sequels, but none of the prequels. The new tv show has a lot of elements which weren't in the original Foundation novellas. Are these things taken from the prequel books or are they newly invented for the show? If possible please try to minimize or hid...

Q: Scifi film involving humans thinking they live in a hollow planet

user73910This film or maybe a series of films, which I think was Russian, involves some humans who live on a planet. They believe that the planet that they live on is hollow and that they live on its inner shell. One of these humans explains to the main character that this is what they believe. The main c...

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5:03 AM
Q: Why did Pruitt believe that he had seen an angel?

AdamantWhen Monsignor Pruitt went to Jerusalem, he wandered off in the desert and encountered a sort of being or creature. It seems that a logical reaction for a highly religious Catholic versed in theology would be that they had been attacked by a demon and saved by the grace of God. A less religious ...

6:01 AM
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7:06 AM
Q: Does the miniseries "Midnight Mass" have any relation with the book of the same name?

AdamantThe miniseries Midnight Mass shares its name with a book that has similar themes, published by a reasonably well-known author in 2007. In fact, the book already has a question on this site. The description of the book on Google Books notes the following: Falsely accused of abuse, Father Dan is d...

7:31 AM
Q: Did the sheriff survive?

AdamantNear the end of the series, the sheriff and his son Ali greet the sunrise together with the Fajr prayer. Of course, However, the sheriff had "only" been shot twice in the leg, and was in sufficiently good shape to walk to the shore (with support) and do morning prayers afterward. We see the sher...

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8:44 AM
Q: Trying to recall old YA Sci-Fi series similar to Animorphs

David TullI recall a young adult book series similar to Animorphs where kids had special abilities to stop an alien invasion. The main difference is instead of turning into animals, they were more normal but enhanced skills. For example, one kid could speak any language including fax noise. Another kid cou...

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9:58 AM
Q: Hoops in The Book of All Skies

Daniel DarabosI'm confused about Greg Egan's "The Book of All Skies". I am pretty sure about the following: The worlds form a looping sequence. You can go from world 2 to world 1 or world 3. Just two neighbors for each world. This is supported by the cover art and by Sadema and Celema being the two ends of th...

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2:05 PM
Q: Are there villains that wear a helmet in Star Trek?

QueenSvetlanaProbably the most well known character in science fiction that wears a helmet would be Darth Vader (Correct me if I'm wrong. I haven't seen any Star Wars movie, but Vader is the one that had me thinking about this question). The only villain I can think of would be the Hirogen. Reasons why Trek ...

2:29 PM
Q: What does Din mean that weapons are a part of his religion?

SkoobaIn The Mandalorian episode "The Child" (S01E02) our hero utters this rememberable quote: I'm a Mandalorian... weapons are part of my religion. But what does he mean exactly by this? First off, is it a true statement; or does he just not want to give up his rifle when dealing a group (the Jawas)...

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3:39 PM
posted on September 27, 2021 by tech

Click here to go see the bonus panel!Hovertext: The weirdest thing is this works even when you know it's a trick. Today's News:

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6:11 PM
Q: Why did the initial victim change so slowly?

AdamantAt the beginning of the series, we saw that during the day without any trouble. It was days, at the very least, if not weeks, before Pruitt's condition progressed to the point that he could no longer tolerate sunlight, and he did not. However, Riley exhibited extreme sensitivity to sunlight mere...

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8:14 PM
Q: In Only Lovers Left Alive, what does it mean that Eve and Eva are sisters?

matthias_codeHalfway through the 2013 vampire movie Only Lovers Left Alive Eve's "sister" Eva appears. Adam & Eve have this short exchange at 1:05:22: Eve: Adam, she is my sister. Adam: Is she now. Eve: Well, we are related by blood. Is there any paratextual material that goes into detail what this means? ...

9:03 PM
Q: Stargate SG-1 - Was the whole of Abydos destoyed?

SpacePhoenixIn the episode "Full Circle" Anubis fires his superweapon at the planet Abydos and we see the pyramid explode and the land surrounding it. At the end of the episode there's only devastated land shown. Is there any evidence that is considered canon which would would prove that it was the whole pla...

9:28 PM
Q: Deathloop voice confusion

Guilherme Woolley On 1:30 mark who is telling this to who? Is this only the voice of the player or there’s another voice talking?


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