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3:29 AM
Q: Animated series from the early 2000s about teens saving dinosaurs?

Donatello SwansinoI'm trying to remember this animated series from the early 2000s intended for young audiences. It is about a group of teenagers who are trying to save dinosaurs, or maybe turn into dinosaurs? Regardless, the kids face off against a man with black hair that has a white streak in it. One thing that...

3:54 AM
Q: Dune - Extinction Leto II already prevented?

lucasbachmannIs anything known about the averted extinction described below? From a Golden Path in Dune question currently seeing activity Is the Golden Path necessary? He tells Siona: "Without me, there would have been by now no people anywhere, none whatsoever. And the path to that extinction was more hide...

4:45 AM
Q: What did the diamonds do to Zircon?

The Boy Who LivedLapis revealed that Blue Diamond's crying powers aren't as strong on those who've felt worse experiences. In the trial, everyone in the room started crying (especially Yellow Pearl, like come on) but, this Zircon cried a single tear. Even Yellow Diamond and the other Zircon felt worse. WHAT DID T...

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8:07 AM
Q: What would have happened if Aragorn revealed himself to Steward Ecthelion and claimed the throne of Gondor?

Aragorn ElessarAnalytical questions like this are on-topic as there are many what-if questions here on scifi like this one. E.g. we know Steward Denethor wouldn't want to give the rule over to Aragorn. Ecthelion II however was different here, he loved Thorongil/Aragorn reportedly even more than his own son and ...

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9:23 AM
Q: Coin operated anti alien vehicle canon? movie/show?

Movie Question ManI vaguely remember seeing a Men in Black styled movie where two guys were sitting in a "anti alien artillery gun vehicle" and had to insert coins into the vehicle to fire the gun. I also remember they didn't quite kill one and had to go over to the spaceship and when they went into it, there was ...

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11:38 AM
Q: Are Shadow Pokemon more or less powerful?

Lord RatteNote: This lore comes from Pokemon Go but I'm asking the question here instead of Arqade Stack Exchange because I specifically want to know about the lore This says that the Shadow Effect that team Rocket puts on Pokemon makes them more powerful: But once you free a Pokemon from team Rocket, you...

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3:25 PM
Q: Animated double feature VHS tape, had a film about space maggots and the other about a robot that had lost control or something

SeanAs a child I watch this vhs tape with my dad a lot and I’m trying to find it again. It was a double feature and the first animated sci-fi cartoon was about alien space maggots that looked like big yellow sponges and I can’t really remember much more than that, the second film was about a big red ...

3:44 PM
posted on August 02, 2021 by tech

Click here to go see the bonus panel!Hovertext: If you wanted honest recognition of achievement between courteous peers, you should've been a goddamned jock. Today's News:

4:40 PM
Q: 1950s SF short story where the streetlights are cued, objects don't exist until needed

bob clWhat is the title of a 1950s SF short story where the streetlights are cued, objects don't exist until needed when hero approaches?

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6:22 PM
Q: Sci-fi book about a species of primitive creatures, which evolve into a technologically advanced society seeking to conquer whole galaxies

RicoThe plot of the book is the following. On a planet lives a primitive species of sheep-like creatures, which evolve into a technologically advanced society. In the process of their evolution, over centuries and millennia, there were many local wars, which became ever more sophisticated, pushing th...

7:12 PM
Q: What was superman wrong about when he confronted Bruce the second time in the movie Batman V Superman?

EPIC Tube HDWhen Superman was forced into fight Batman by Luthor, he made his way to Gotham conflicted on whether he wanted to kill the bat or appeal to him and ask for his help. Superman made the sensible choice and decides to come clean to Bruce and he starts with "Bruce, I was wrong, you have to listen to...

Q: The Mitchells vs the machines: quotes?

AllerleirauhWhen viewing "The Mitchells vs the Machines" (Netflix) in German language, I recognized the music of "Kill Bill". But I would assume, there are much more quotes of other movies,books and stories. (The family named Mitchell fights against the robo-apocalypse. The daughter wamts to study at the mov...

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9:12 PM
@Mithical twitter thread on alt text: twitter.com/BlondeHistorian/status/1422285788725878793?
I've already asked about a few cases we have here
9:25 PM
Interesting. I'll dive in tomorrow.
9:44 PM
Q: Looking for a book

ThierryIt is a book I read about 20 years ago, I remember a young soldier in a one of a kind nanones-based armour, a space graveyards scavenger, a ripped space-time, giant manta-ray like creatures, and the space-time being repaired in the end. Any Suggestions, anyone? Thanks a lot in advance!

9:54 PM
@SQB oooh yes I should have pinged you too
Her source isn't in agreement with what she writes, though. Her source — well, I've of them — says to be succinct, while she likes details.
So I'll keep doing what I do: describing what I think matters.
10:35 PM
Q: What is the easiest and fastest way for a mage to prove they are casting a magic spell and that magic is real?

Lupo2021Let's say that a mage is standing outside and world-renowned scientists are standing all around them, and this mage wants to prove beyond a doubt that they are casting a spell that is based on magic. To do this they must clearly and unambiguously violate the laws of physics, chemistry, etc. with ...

11:03 PM
@SQB some of it looks useful to me
I don't think it's an exact science though

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