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2:42 AM
Q: Which X-men movies happened in the same time line?

northernerWhich X-men movies are compatible with each other in terms of the plots being consistent? I understand X-men: The Last Stand and X-men Origins are no longer considered part of the same universe. I had thought the first two movies take place last in the timeline, given the age of the cast (for exa...

2:57 AM
@Alex I disagree; the question doesn't even try to establish that the word is used an unusual number of times compared to shows in general, much less contemporaneous shows or shows with approximately comparable subject matter.
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5:08 AM
@DavidW Sounds like it may be lacking research or not compelling, then.
5:31 AM
Q: Short story about humans and aliens on a spaceship - aliens ill and psychiatrist / alienist tries to help - it’s actually a psychosomatic problem

Kathlyn I read it over forty years ago. Takes place on a spaceship and aliens start developing a strange illness. Humans don’t know how to help them. One is a psychiatrist/ alienist and tries psychotherapy. Surprisingly it helps - turns out their symptoms were actually psychosomatic all along. Heavy Freu...

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10:43 AM
Q: Is Duloc in Shrek a manor?

Alex DownsIn Shrek 1, Farquaad is the LORD of Duloc. Since he’s a LORD, COULD Duloc be a manor? I mean, I can’t think of anything else it could be, other than an artificial kingdom after his marriage to Fiona.

^ This isn't a particularly good question, but I don't see why it's closed. I don't see why it's opinion-based, there's a whole franchise of Shrek with four films and supplementary materials, there can easily be an answer somewhere.\
I'll mark it for reopen.
Downvote worthy not close worthy I agree and VTLO in the queue
@TheLethalCarrot what is "VTLO"?
It's a lazy question, but I'm not sure I even want to downvote it, though it probably won't matter. It sounds like a question that has a small chance for a good answer to redeem it.
Voted To Leave Open.
Leave? But it's already closed, it's a reopen. Oh well.
In the close queue, I assume he means.
10:46 AM
I don't think I've heard a recognize.
Ah I see, voted to leave open before it was closed.
@Randal'Thor Aye
Shouldn't have been lazy and written: and had VTLO in the queue
11:07 AM
At least you apparently haven't given up on Alex Downs yet.
I can't speak for the quality of his posts on M&TV but he has enough posts above the line here
For automatic bans to not work, yes.
I don't think, at this point, he necessarily needs a manual suspension either
Q: A story (c. 2018) about interstellar colonization via nanomachines

Incnis MrsiThis story has been visible in the Internet, but likely no more because I cannot find it now with search engines despite a considerable effort. Written in English in 2017 or 2018 (or possibly one year off forward or backward). The only occupant of a starship from Earth awakes (presumedly from hib...

12:09 PM
@AncientSwordRage That almost feels like a list/recommendation question ...
12:37 PM
@Randal'Thor I think what it's asking is something from the creator of Spider-Man, who says "We modelled him after Sisyphus blah blah blah"
that was my reading of the question
But it doesn't say specifically "what did the writers say they were inspired by". Seems more like an analysis question on finding literary forerunners with evidence of potential influence.
Lit SE has taught me not to think about everything through the lens of quotes from the author or even authorial intent.
@Randal'Thor hmmm, maybe my reading was too generous
an edit might work, but no guarantee it would match initial intent
I wouldn't like editing someone's general question about literary influences into something specifically focused on author quotes.
The OP might be someone who knows enough about literature to not give a monkey's about what the authors said and be looking for analysis-based answers.
@Randal'Thor even if it made it ontopic?
Yes, because it wouldn't be the same question any more IMO.
12:51 PM
Q: Dumbledore the bad guy

PaulmJust watched all the the Harry Potter movies and to me it seems Dumbledore was the bad guy. To me he manipulated everything including Tom Riddle

Voted to reopen this, don't see why it was closed:
Q: Why didn't Wanda keep a small Hex in the end?

HarryAt the end of the show, Wanda I mean, why didn't Wanda keep a small Hex with only her husband and children living inside? They can interact with the outside through S.W.O.R.D drones, radio, and Monica.

WandaVision spoilers of course if you haven't seen it
@Randal'Thor is analysis offtopic here?
Q: The title of a book of a native american story about a mailman

ZapAlmost a decade ago I borrowed a book from my school library, which held the tale of a young native american (if I remember correctly) boy who wanted to become the fastest one from his village, for his life dream was to become the village's mailman, who basically had to have a good memory and be ...

1:09 PM
@Skooba Nope and nope.
@Randal'Thor then the question shouldn't need to be edited to ask for author quotes to remain on-topic.
The on topicness wasn't being questioned. It was whether or not it fell into lists/too broad I think
Analysis is on-topic, but I'm not sure if this one is a bit too broad.
OHHHHH, okay. Well then.
Any possible literary influences for "personal tragedy and anguish as root of [protagonist]'s life as [hero]" seems like a whole trope.
1:13 PM
@Randal'Thor yeah, which is sort of why I guessed they mean Spider-Man specifically?
"personal tragedy and anguish of [having a father-figure murdered and blaming yourself due to selfish act] as root of [Spider Man]'s life as a [hero who is alternatingly loved and hated by the ones he protects]"
that might narrow cross referencing down
1:35 PM
~27 seconds that lasted, nice
1:45 PM
@Skooba I think so
just because the answer is "hard" doesn't mean it is too broad (?)
@Skooba given you can make any sort of argument in an analysis, just asking for analysis is too broad
it amounts to "what do you think about X, please give references?"
2:04 PM
Q: 1970's Science fiction novel about alien abduction where both aliens and the men in black were paranormal projections

FrankI remember reading the paperback edition of this novel back in the 1970's whose cover showed a sleeping floating naked human underneath a flying saucer. In the book researchers are finding evidence that alien abduction and visitation phenomena by both "aliens" and "men in black" are paranormal ph...

Well now, I've just bribed three users set three bounties.
But seriously, since I claim to be setting bounties often in my "elect me!"-blurb, I thought I should live up to that.
Rep is a zero sum game. I'd never give it away.
@SQB I've tried to find 2 of those in the past but no luck
Yeah, it's a lost cause probably.
Q: Looking for science fiction assassination story with mysterious girl

DovidFor years I've been looking for a short science fiction story about a man who was released from a prison planet in order to assassinate a candidate for galactic president. He does this on a space station, and escapes with the help of a mysterious and very attractive girl with silvery hair and mul...

2:08 PM
@TheLethalCarrot TMI.
> For years I've been saying that employees are our greatest asset. Well it appears I was wrong. Money is our greatest asset. Employees came in ninth. - PHB
posted on June 16, 2021 by tech

Click here to go see the bonus panel!Hovertext: I love mouldering! I do it all the time! Today's News:

Q: Why none of the characters react at this level when Harry Potter pronounced as dead?

Angel IniestaHere is the scene where Voldmort declare Harry is dead: I thought reaction from Harry's friends react at this level: Because of Harry Potter is main lead in the story. Why none of the characters react at this level when Harry Potte...

2:29 PM
Q: Agent sent to another planet to stop a genocide and is blinded by the tyrant

John OI remember reading this about 20 years ago, but neither the author nor the title stand out to me. It starts I believe with the agent having made planetfall, but is soon captured and blinded intentionally (as are most victims of the ongoing genocide). She is eventually brought before the tyrant he...

Q: Why did Harry Potter need lamp in restricted section?

Alfonso MarcWe can see library is not so dark to search books so why did Harry Potter need lamp here?

@CerealBot tie me up!
Lined up a deed poll again
2:44 PM
@b_jonas Reopened by Null
Q: Paper Airplane to Vulcan

Vaughn OhlmanI'm guessing this was in a short story that I read sometime in the 80's, altho possibly in the late 70's. It was a Star Trek universe short story and all I remember was that they were playing some kind of war game, training exercise type of thing, I'm thinking officers training. The protagonist w...

3:33 PM
Q: Small hardback with illustrations about an inventive boy and the houses he makes for his friends

Sean DugganI read this one as a child, in the mid 1980s, in a book about the dimensions of a coffee table book, but only about 20-30 pages long. The main character is a young boy, with two parents and at least one sibling, who likes to build things, which annoys his family because he builds them inside the ...

4:32 PM
Q: Are Force users more resilient than others?

ThomasAfter re-watching a few parts of Episode 3 and watching The Bad Batch I noticed something. Usually if a character takes a blaster hit (and is not the protagonist) they are dead. When the Jedi get gunned down though they seem to take multiple hits and are most often still able to fight after the f...

5:21 PM
Q: Maybe It Was a Dementor Sucking me out of my body?

DansheeUp until 1999,I was in the body of a little white girl growing up with Polio. I was doing good.u went with my parents to check out a physical rehabilitation center for kids and teenagers. While there,I decided to test myself,to see if I could walk holding onto a banister and using one of my speci...

@Marvin whuh?
@Randal'Thor original content!
5:39 PM
@Randal'Thor I was so flummoxed I didn’t know what to put in a comment for that one
5:50 PM
Adamant was even so struck, he thought he actually read something that made the remotest sense.
6:26 PM
Q: How did Morbius come to this conclusion?

codeczarIn the Marvel series Loki episode 2, the original variant from the sacred timeline gives a theory that To test this theory Morbius and Loki go to Pompeii, and after returning from there Morbius realizes that the theory is correct. I would like to know that what particular event at Pompeii made M...

6:42 PM
6:58 PM
Q: It's about a fantasy anime

Anjali PunLooking for an anime where female characters change into different fascinating clothes each time they transfer. It's a really old anime but I forgot the name. I watched it around 8 or 9 years ago.

7:47 PM
Q: Factually-presented description of an interstellar colonization program

DavidWI believe read this book in the mid-1980s, but I can't really be much more specific. I recall it being a book, definitely more than just a few pages in a magazine, but it might have been a novelette-sized chunk of Destinies or something like that. The book described a slower-than-light interstel...

8:11 PM
Q: Short story, protagonist afraid of sea; sea is an eldritch abomination hivemind, he is its drone trying to break free

Szczepan HołyszewskiA man who once nearly drowned has extreme thalassophobia and fear of the dark; in fact he conceptualizes the sea as The Dark, and he believes that it is 1) out to get him and 2) able to access all places devoid of light. He also seems to be recovering weird memories that cannot possibly be his ow...

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11:27 PM
Q: Tschai - Blue Chasch

Jeremiah GowdyI’m curious if anyone has thoughts as to the fact that Adam Reith had a captured Blue Chasch space ship factory and technical center upon the Peran conquest of Dadiche, and while he felt that his own disassembled ship was not repairable, wouldn’t the point of such a factory be to build or at leas...

@Marvin Unfortunately even if this is turned into an actual question, it can at best be a question about character motivation, and, well, Vance can sometimes be a bit thin on that. (In other words, "because plot.")
More than once, while reading Vance, I've caught myself thinking "You know better than that; why are you doing this?"

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