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1:12 AM
Q: So is Ron and Hermione to gether for life even with out the movie

KatelyneI think they might be married in the book and not real life bit I really don't know. They might be to gether in normal world.

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4:56 AM
Q: what titles do the legitimate children of Oberyn or the legitimate children of Trystane have?

the slowly dreamerIs the title of Princess/Prince in House Martell only used by the children of the current ruler, or do the children of the ruler's siblings get the same title?

5:21 AM
Q: Looking for a short story about two astronauts stranded on a beautiful, paradisiac planet/moon, until one of them goes missing

Algv14I'm looking for a short story about two astronauts stranded on a beautiful, paradisiac planet/moon, until one of them goes missing the next day. The remaining astronaut is perplexed at first, and fears the worst, until he goes missing as well. Thanks!

6:10 AM
Q: Zombie like creatures fill the world and the ring has tremendous power

tdog8881This is what I remember from the manga. The begging of the manga starts with our main character holding his sister who is dying on the ground. One of the villain of the story beside the two and the reason he sister is like this now is because of the villain beside our main character. It turns out...

6:35 AM
Q: Manga where man reincarnates into his own novel qhrre his familiar is a white tiger and the main hero that he inveted uses a king slime

KE TaxEvaderHe reincarnates and finds himself in the novel he wrote and he knows where all the hidden stuff is because he wrote it and he doesn't impede the main character and occasionally helps him out. His families is a white tiger and his character is bald and the tiger licks his head for hair. The hero h...

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8:37 AM
@AncientSwordRage a couple nitpicks about the CPR thread you shared on Twitter
@Mithical you know I was tempted to mention that, but I got my certificate over a year ago where they said it was still preferred to give rescue breaths, but not essential
Yeah, I think doing the certification in the middle of the pandemic might've finally pushed that over the edge to "don't do it" :p
Could be
I also saw someone mentioning not to measure compression location by nipples
Yeah. It's beneath that point.
Also stuff like making sure their tongue isn't blocking their windpipe
8:55 AM
@Mithical now we're getting to the point where we should just tell people to take a course
People should take a course. The basics take an hour.
Everyone should know basic CPR.
I have basic CPR instructions printed on the back of my first aid license. It's not that complicated.
@Mithical oh it's really not, I'm not saying that at all
Can cover the essentials in 15 minutes. Confidence to try is perhaps the key point, and is a large part of taking the breaths out (plus concern about spreading Covid more recently). Compression-only CPR that is done is far better than traditional ventilation/Compression CPR that people worry and dither over.
But details like that feel better covered in a course, at least to my limited experience
Also worth noting that while there is international consensus on the overview, details will vary by country and by responder (lay public vs professional vs professional at work), so something might be 'wrong by one set of training but right for someone else.
9:09 AM
Like Donald says, essentials in 15 min, and then I'd say the rest can be in a super short course (2-3 hours) to give time for everybody to try
The issue being, at least in the UK, that as soon as you train someone you're partway responsible if they get it wrong.
I did some drop-in community sessions in Oxford once upon a time - 30+ shoppers every 20 minutes.
Oh and everybody should have experience using an automated defibrillator if possible
Even if just watching a demonstration
@AncientSwordRage Very partly. Not aware of any successful prosecutions, and would likely need to prove gross negligence in the training - a trainee getting it wrong would not leave the trainer liable.
@Michael no, what I was presuming what that if 'training' was rushed through by non-licenced individuals it could result in legal issues
And licensed trainers are definitely a bottle neck
Still unlikely. Rushing through certification would be an issue, and using someone entirely unqualified might be. Running short courses for the community, where there is no requirement for people to respond and no formal qualification allows a lot more flexibility - they have done TV slots in the UK (presumably elsewhere too) covering essentials of CPR in about 45s.
9:26 AM
@Michael true
I'm basing this on what I vaguely remember from my St John's instructors saying
Yes, even in St John and similar there can be excessive fear of litigation. (Also accepting I'm not legally trained myself - but have taught resuscitation at most levels and to most audiences for 20+ years and taken an interest in the legal framework)
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11:58 AM
Q: Why can't the Vision walk out the Westview town?

HarryIn the Movie, a female pre-S.W.O.R.D leader walked inside the "Wanda Region", with her body armor turned to dress, and was thrown out later. This dress However, the Vision So why a dress can exist outside the "Wanda Region" but a robot can't?

12:23 PM
Q: In Shrek 1, did Fiona think that Lord Farquaad was Prince Charming?

Alex DownsWhen Shrek had rescued Fiona and took off his helmet, Fiona confirmed that she was “expecting Prince Charming” when Shrek asked her, Shrek told her that he rescued her so Farquaad could marry her and throughout the journey to Duloc, she begins to think that a kiss from Farquaad would break her cu...

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2:16 PM
posted on June 13, 2021 by tech

Click here to go see the bonus panel!Hovertext: It's very simple. Anything that can't be explained immediately and completely by science is definitely aliens. Today's News:

2:27 PM
Q: Why aren't pillars of Gringotts Bank straight?

Alfonso MarcHagrid points his finger to Gringotts Bank when Harry questions about money: Why aren't pillars of Gringotts Bank straight?

2:52 PM
Q: What is Shadow?

OrangeDogIn Jeff Noon's Vurt, there are five pure modes of being: Human - self-explanatory Dog - apparently regular dogs, but somehow able to cross-breed with humans Robo - some sort of advanced nanotechnology Vurt - some sort of collective-conciousness originating in Hobart's dream Shadow - ??? As far ...

3:16 PM
Q: Book Identification - Book about a group of kids abducted from various historical disasters and then live in a time loop of 911 have to stop neo nazi

SpyBoxOnlineThis was a book where several kids who died in several historical disasters were given a choice by a old man about if they wanted to die in that disaster or come with him and be sort-of "time police", the only catch is that they would be locked into that role. There was a boy who was on the Titan...

3:41 PM
Q: When did Morn not speaking on-screen become a running joke?

AnonymousMorn had remained silent during the duration of the series (the English series, that is). At some point, it became a running joke ("You know Morn, he never shuts up"), but when was the first time it was teased like this? I know that he did speak in the German version of season 2 (meaning it cou...

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5:20 PM
Q: Movie about a girl who meets a dead boy in her dreams

Jun12I’m looking for a movie. A girl (I’m not sure it could be a boy) has dreams with a guy who’s dying. They meet in dreams and fall in love. And she’s looking for that guy but he’s already dead. And his family recognize her name. Because he had the same dreams with her and wrote everything about i...

5:45 PM
Q: Story involving man who enters a web of wormholes with only a spacesuit

casI read this in the mid-to-late 1970s, I think, and it was from the 1960s or possibly earlier. I bought a lot of cheap SF paperbacks from my local second-hand book-exchange shop around that time. It was some kind of SF action adventure. The only thing I can remember about it is that at some poin...

Q: androids and sentience in the alien franchise

jimOf the known androids in the Alien franchise, Ash, Bishop, Call, David, Walter, do any of them show the basics of being or becoming sentient? In Alien, Ash, just after telling the remainder of the crew that they have no chance against the Alien gives a brief smile before being destroyed. Bishop i...

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7:18 PM
@TheLethalCarrot How are you able to review so much? Is there a specific time you go on or something? I'm unable to review after I did it once.
I’m on a bit too much, I’m constantly checking in with the site when I can. I can review so much because I’m around so much and I like reviewing so I know a lot of how the reviews work
Maybe I should make a userscript that pings me whenever there's a new post to review on this site...
People on this site, quite a number of them, obsess a bit too much about reviews.
7:37 PM
@Anonymous I had one of those for a while. Then they changed how the queues worked and it broke. They've changed it twice again since then, and I don't think it's ever going to work again :p
@Randal'Thor Sorry. I think a lot of it traces back to my rivalry with Ed over them...
(Which I lost. Miserably.)
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9:29 PM
Credit to PainComics mobile.twitter.com/paincomics
9:59 PM
@Jenayah "why didn't Voldemort use a wrist strap when fighting Harry Potter..."
10:43 PM
Q: Book with a concept about accepting a bribe

Vaughn OhlmanWhat I remember about this book is: It's set in the future, I seem to remember there being multiple planets. The political situation is that things seem to have settled down: no great political agitation, everything just going along. There is a universal basic income, so lots of people just live ...

11:03 PM
Q: Why don't Wizards use wrist straps to protect against disarming charms?

NzallInspired by a tweet by rocket: me: see the wrist strap stops you from dropping the wiimote voldemort: this is brilliant [later] harry potter: expelliarmus! voldemort: [wand dangling from wrist] lmao nice try I know this is just a joke tweet, but it feels like a wrist str...

Q: B+W movie with men in togas and Roman style buildings and several shots of rockets fired out of huge vertical gun

TomatoTrying to find this old movie I saw many many years ago. In B+W with men in togas and Roman style buildings and several shots of rockets fired out of a huge vertical gun.

11:32 PM
@Jenayah genuinely interesting
Q: What’s the name of the planet from Monsters Inc & Monsters University?

CMMars07 LOLIn Disney Pixar Monsters inc Series, Monster’s Planet is the Earth like-planet and is not Earth, the door is connect from Monster’s Planet to Earth. What do you want to called or named Monster’s Planet?


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