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1:42 AM
Q: Post Apocalyptic movie, beginning has a guy playing a trumpet overlooking a city

davetrue78Cannot remember any details other than a post apocalyptic style, a dilapidated city, and a guy playing a trumpet. Probably 1980's or early 90's. Thanks.

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3:24 AM
Q: I’m trying to find the name of this book series for a friend

Harley MasseyMy friend is trying to find this book series that is kind of like Harry Potter and involves a kid who lives in Chicago and goes to a school for “special” children. He goes by train. At the school they can have pets. She told me it involves a talking rabbit and the main character’s crush had a toa...

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4:40 AM
Q: What is the meaning of the ending of "What Lies Below"?

AdamantAt the end of the film What Lies Below, "John Smith" reveals his true nature. We already suspected that he was some kind of But then things get weird. It appears that "John Smith" has a number of clones who assist him. I suppose there was a hint at this when Liberty saw someone who appeared to p...

5:06 AM
Q: Why do the stars in the sky increase every night?

Jholios Fatal Why does Reese fall out of the sky? Why does Kyle Reese fall out of the sky onto the sidewalk when he travels back in time while all of the Terminators we see arriving in the franchise do so safely crouched in a stasis energy orb?

5:31 AM
Q: Why did Newt and Jacob enter the case?

RighterIn this scene from Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them, Newt and Jacob enter the case right after they catch the Erumpent. NEWT (O.S.): (to JACOB) In you hop. [We see the case sitting alone below the bridge.] [TINA quickly appears around the corner and hurriedly sits on the case. She closes ...

6:22 AM
Q: The Tunnel (Korean) - How come this character have the same name in the old timeline?

SandunMods : Can you please add a tag for this Korean Sci-Fi series "The Tunnel" (I have linked the IMDb page below)? In the 2017 Korean TV series The Tunnel, a detective named Park Kwang Ho accidentally time travels from 1986 to 2016 through a mysterious tunnel, while investigating a series of gruesom...

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9:20 AM
Q: Three teenagers in the 80s unwillingly travel back in time to London during the Black Death

Richard CosgroveI read part of this book on high school, during the late 80s. Expect it was first published in late 70s or early 80s. It was a young adult, horror novel involving time travel. It’s stuck in my head because I found it genuinely disturbing. It was one of a series involving twins (white, boy and gir...

9:37 AM
It's comicbookimaginationarium — Davidw yesterday
Lol was about to reply to you here, @DavidW and then realised "wait that's a little w, that's not the DavidW I know"
Q: Looking for a short story about hunting aliens

lokebrennaI read this story a few years ago while looking at various TVTropes pages. It’s about a group of four, two siblings, their personal assistant and the man who’s flying them to this alien hunting world. They’re there to hunt down a particular beast which for some reason I can’t help feeling like it...

10:36 AM
Q: in universe reason for Peter Purves having two distinct parts in "The Chase"?

jimThis question asked about actors who appeared in Dr Who as various characters and then went on too play the doctor. This question is about the first Doctor story The Chase. In this story, Peter Purves played two characters – Morton Dill (in the episode where they land on the Empire State Building...

10:49 AM
@TheLethalCarrot Heh. Now you have an idea what primary school was like for me. "No, the other David W."
There were 3 people with my first name in most of my classes through secondary school, same confusion
11:27 AM
Q: Monica Rambeau and Captain Marvel relationship in Wandacision

user10191234In episode 5, Darcy Lewis, Jimmy Woo and Monica Rambeau are having a discussion, similar to one fanboys conduct, whether Wanda could overtake Thanos to which Woo argued that Captain Marvel came close and that her powers come from an Infinity Stone too as Darcy noticed to only have Rambeau, clearl...

Yeah, but due to some idiot teachers alphabetizing the class, I sat beside the other David W. for a couple of years. It certainly made it fun for all the supply teachers... (Especially since one of the other Davids ended up immediately in front of us.)
Oh wow yeah that's a lot worse
@TheLethalCarrot So you went to school with TheLethalParsnip and TheLethalCucumber? I can see how that must've been confusing.
Or is just "The" your first name?
11:45 AM
First name is Carrot, The Lethal is just my moniker
You should've attended John Cleese's self-defence classes.
Or is that where your username actually comes from?
Q: Story about a young mage attending a school who is probably an arch mage

JonathanThis was the first book in a series but I only read the one book. At the start of the story the main character is living in a village or small town. He travels to a city for training and gets tested (he may have been tested at the village, I can't remember exactly) and is discovered to be a mage....

There's a Lethal Carrot in an edgar wright film I think
12:06 PM
@Randal'Thor no where exciting. Back in the days of PS3 and MW2 my friend saw a player named TheSlipperyPickle and we though it’d be a good idea to come up with silly names as well but pick a common start, in our case TheLethal. So we all came up with one to play together as a group with a similar name. Of course I picked TheLethalCarrot, my brother TheLethalBunion and I can’t really remember the others. It just kind of stuck from thenon
TheLethalBunion :-D
Dunno if you ever got the chance to meet CandiedMango here? I feel like you two would've hit it off.
No, bit before my time. Never really went into Mos
Q: Why did the movie skip many of the rooms that guarded the Sorcerer's Stone?

C0D3XIn the first Harry Potter movie, The Sorceror's Stone, it is seen that the filmmakers skipped many of the rooms that were shown in the book. They also changed the plot; for example, Hermione stays with Ron instead of going with Harry. Why did they do this?

12:32 PM
@TheLethalCarrot Ah yes, theme naming parties. I've heard of one such thing: perlmonks.com/?node_id=110195
12:45 PM
Q: Old short story featuring a glacier in Oxford Street?

KarelBSet during a future ice age. A glacier in Oxford Street. Written in 50s or 60s. It left a strong impression on me as a 13 year old.

1:10 PM
Q: How does the Sharon Carter fight in "The Falcon and the Winter Soldier"?

The new guyWhat martial arts technique is Sharon Carter using in her fight scene in episode 3 of The Falcon and the Winter Soldier?

Q: Are there parts of a ship that are hand crafted although they could be replicated?

ShadeHumans have a tendency to give value to non-essential parts of an object for sentimental reasons. While rewatching Star Trek:TNG S3E2, The Ensigns of Command, when Picard walks over to the plaque, I started to wonder if there are parts of a starship like the Enterprise that are deliberately craft...

2:01 PM
Q: 70s(?) film with rich folks using guns to burn trees for fun?

KarelBTrying to find 70s, perhaps 80s, movie with a scene in which rich folks get drunk and shoot trees with futuristic guns setting them on fire. Not a great movie, as I recall, but a memorable scene. Thanks!

2:52 PM
Q: Harry Potter fanfic where Harry's girlfriend is Sirius Black's daughter

Elijah SanchI read a fan fiction on fan fiction.com where Harry meets a girl I think at the start of the story, her last name was Silvers or something but her last name is in reality Black.

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4:23 PM
posted on April 12, 2021 by tech

Click here to go see the bonus panel!Hovertext: For everyone who thinks the dog is drawn poorly, I say just be thankful you know it's a dog. Today's News:

Q: Identification of a short story by Maupassant

BazinIn a short story by Maupassant, a young man is upset by the past infidelities of his mistress, a rather paradoxical situation since he came much later after the infidelities (and somehow benefited himself from them). I would like to identify that short story.

5:00 PM
5:25 PM
@Marvin I wonder if the robot was parking cars?
5:41 PM
@DavidW and had a pain in all the diodes down it's left hand side
Q: Did Trolls develop their own technology?

DVK-on-Ahch-ToIt seems like the neuron whip is a weapon uniquely suited to Trolls: She shuddered at the thought of the whip. The Kangas had rejected it as inefficient, but the Trolls loved it. It went after nerve tissue and incapacitated its victims instantly, but death took long, terrible minutes, and it was...

6:42 PM
Q: Do any of Weber's other works explain what happened with the Roman Legion?

DVK-on-Ahch-ToIn "The Excalibur Alternative", there is a mention of the Roman Legion which was kidnapped by the Federation. First, in Chapter XIII, they explain that the whole plot of the book was driven by that - one Guild member gained an advantage by using Romans... "So what did the Sharnhaishians do?" the...

7:33 PM
Q: collection about short stories including very short ones

MarvinI first apologize for the lack of details: I read this collection nearly 30 years ago. I remember only a very few details about it.... here are they : Stories were of various size but at least include a few very short ones They were mainly (only?) SF stories They were "smart" stories, whose plot...

Q: Will a bounty still be active even if the user who started it deletes their account?

The new guyFor example, if someone started a bounty, then deleted their account, would the bounty still be active?

8:24 PM
Q: Trying to remember a YA race-type thing book

KauDar123The main character is female, and she has to take part in a race to get some cure for her mom (I think). At the beginning, she gets some kind of message, letters I think, and leaves her house without her parents permission. All the participants get an egg, I think, that hatches a creature. The ma...

9:15 PM
Q: What inspired Shekondar?

gowenfawrShekondar is a name that shows up across several unrelated Neal Stephenson books, always referring to something different. In The Big U: Tonight they were testing Shekondar Mark V, their state-of-the-art Sewers & Serpents simulation program. In Cryptonomicon: But Randy does find one [CD] from ...

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10:31 PM
Q: Looking for a isekai manga

StomachcI remember this isekai manga that had a short side story where the king just went out and killed the demon king but kept his head to keep as a friend. If possible what is it?

10:52 PM
11:48 PM
Q: Sci-fi movie with "good Samaritan" protagonist moving to a desert planet

PronteI recall seeing this scene on TV a while ago, but never managed to find the movie: The protagonist is moving to a desert planet where water is extremely precious, however he is in a position of power and is given a house with luxuries such as plants. As he enters the house, some servants give him...


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