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12:09 AM
Q: Do the events in Empire Star happen only once, the same way over and over, or slightly differently in different iterations?

Spencer(Note: I was going to ask "Is Empire Star simplex, complex, or multiplex?" but thought better of it.) After what must be the single most transportative hook in all of Science Fiction, Samuel R. Delaney's short novel Empire Star initially develops like a garden-variety bildungsroman: Comet Jo aban...

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1:26 AM
Q: Why does Sally have a premonition?

GGMG-he-himThe Nightmare Before Christmas characters pretty consistently follow a pattern where their traits are related to the kind of monster they are. For example: Jack can pull his ribs out to play fetch with his dog because he's a skeleton The vampires carry umbrellas during the day because vampires c...

1:51 AM
Q: Story about a hungry alien who eats the universe and accidently creates multiple universes when he poops

tigronoTime: Early 2000's or maybe earlier Genre: Sci-fi/Comedy/Dark Narrative work: A novelette or a story book Language: Might be in another language than English Plot: There is a hungry, funny looking alien from another dimension who keeps eating things and gaining power. The more power he gains,...

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5:14 AM
Q: Radch Universe - Where to find full history (pre-expanse, start of expanse)?

DarkoI want to know more about Radch history, especially how and why it started to expand.

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7:47 AM
Q: What are the most magnificent examples of fictional architecture from Solar system planets?

M. A. GoldingI am asking for examples of really impressive architecture and interior decoration set on various worlds in our solar system. The Grand Apartment of the King at Versailles had seven rooms or salons named after seven major Roman planetary gods. Diana (Moon), Mars, Mercury, Apollo (Sun), Jupiter, S...

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1:50 PM
Q: Manhua/manhwa (boys love) the main character replaces a prince/dukes first love?

CrazyI can try to go into detail but it's been long time since I've read it. There are two blonde twins that hold the most power in the castle (being princes or dukes, I can't remember), but the older brother doesn't like his younger brother. So he assassinated his younger brothers lover or got rid of...

2:16 PM
Q: Did Twilight know she was the second student before the incident with the crown?

SPArcheonTwilight personality in the Friendship is Magic show has always being shown as quite insecure. She constantly overthinks things and one of her biggest fears seems to be to disappoint others (see: Lesson Zero for a prime example). While this could just be her "personal flaw", many fans tried to ra...

2:42 PM
Q: Has JMS ever detailed the origin of the name or term “Babylon 5” used in his works?

Silly but TrueLong predating production of Straczynski’s Babylon 5 television series, he was the lead writer on Captain Power and the Soldiers of the Future,” a weekly television show based on Mattel’s toys of the same name which originally aired in syndication from September 1, 1987 – March 27, 1988. One of t...

3:24 PM
Another new answer that needs lots of upvotes to float to the top despite being accepted already:
A: Are there any plans for a new Babylon 5 series or movies?

MichaelUpdate as of 2021: Yes JMS posted on Twitter that a reboot of B5 is in development. Still subject to the pilot being accepted, but appears to be the most concrete progress towards further B5 on screen since the Lost Tales DVD. To answer all the questions, yes, it’s true, Babylon 5 is in active d...

I mean there are always going to be outliers either way ;P
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@Marvin If I flag this as needs detail does it convert that into a mod-close vote?
Or do we assume it's off topic?
OR do the few non-sff-mods here want to have a poke at it?
I'm pretty sure close flags are converted to close votes so presumably it would hammer it yeah
Doesn't look to be on topic though
@TheLethalCarrot I VTCed it on that basis; I guess that was removed when it was edited?
Not sure what the tags should be on the most recent question. It feels like it's on-topic, so it needs proper tags...
(Sorry, not most recent anymore. Wake up, Marvin!)
There's which might help along with story id probably
@DavidW there doesn't look to have been any close votes against it, close votes don't normally get removed on edits either
Q: Website with posts talking about humans being Op strange or dangerous from the aliens' perspective

degu manI remember seeing a website a couple years ago that explored user submitted stories where aliens find humans op, strange, insane etc. etc. I can't find it anywhere, anyone know what I'm referring to? I remember one story being about how humans are just talking meat.

Q: Could Batman Wear Lead in His Armor?

UshumgalluCould Batman safely wear lead lining in his batsuit, so as to prevent Kryptonians from seeing through it, keeping kryptonite in it, etc; or would he get lead poisoning? The batsuit is primarily kevlar, ceramic plates, etc; any lead would be inside some other material. My question is, is this safe...

@DavidW I don't see any either, but we're talking about the Manua id question right?
4:00 PM
Perhaps I am confused. I thought I remembered voting on it, but then I was also nominally in a meeting, so not paying full attention. :)
Okay, now I've voted on it.
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posted on December 01, 2021 by tech

Click here to go see the bonus panel!Hovertext: I hope you have enjoyed your internship reading today's comic. Today's News:

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[ SmokeDetector | MS ] Bad keyword in answer, bad keyword with email in answer, blacklisted website in answer, potentially bad keyword in answer (267): How could humans and turians communicate during the First Contact War?‭ by Tony‭ on scifi.SE
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I guess that's taken care of; I don't see the post @SmokeDetector links to
@Spencer mod mischief managed
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9:39 PM
Q: The times Batman used lead in his costume as defense against x-ray vision or other powers?

Silly but TrueReference this question, and Batman’s Batsuit wiki for context. In seeking answer to that question, Batman’s wiki notes that Batman has used lead in his costume to foil superpowers, and mentions this in specific reference to Tommy Monaghan (DC’s Hitman): However, because some superpowered indivi...

10:05 PM
Q: What 50s/60s sci-fi movie ends with aliens/martians taking a child in their spaceship and destroying earth?

goodfella007What 50s/60s sci fi movie ends with aliens/martians taking a child in their spaceship and destroying earth?

Q: Can a dementor kiss another dementor, or do they not have souls?

Captain KirkCan a dementor kiss the soul out of another dementor, if they even have souls at all? It would be nice to have a canon answer (such as Pottermore or interviews with JKR). Related: Can a dementor kiss a ghost (or affect it in any way)?

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11:23 PM
Q: Why did Sauron need a large army when he could have used the Nazgûl to kill all his enemies in Middle-earth?

user57467I am curious as to why Sauron went to the trouble of raising a large army to conquer Middle-earth when he could have used the Nazgûl to kill all his enemies in Middle-earth such as all the armies of men, elves, and dwarves. Nobody could kill them and this included the Istari and Galadriel. All th...

11:49 PM
Q: Relevance of a character name in Dan Simmons' Olympos

MichaelIn Dan Simmons novel Olympos, a character called Moira is also referred to as 'Moneta' (chapter 56). Is this a throwaway line, a reference to the character of the same name in the Hyperion series, or is there a classical link that I'm overlooking?


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