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12:40 AM
Q: Why can't John Constantine drive?

ValorumIn the original Hellblazer comics John Constantine seems to persistently rely on hitchhiking to various locations, taking public transport ("Christ, I wish I could drive. Bloody public transport's a nightmare"), getting taxis or calling in favours from his sidekick Chaz in order to get to where h...

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4:16 AM
@Spencer Interesting video. Can't say it's wrong either; I've been trending away from using SO as a resource (it's not the first place I look for help anyway), and I gave up trying to be involved years ago.
4:52 AM
Q: I need help finding this movie I watched years ago!

Madz347It’s this animated movie I saw recommended online and I decided to watch it. It’s about this boy who goes into this abandoned building and finds a portal to this other world and meets this other boy with white hair is a wizard. I remember the protagonist gets into a awesome fight scene with the w...

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8:13 AM
Q: Manga where the MC lives a slow life with a demon general

SusponThe main character tries out a skill and accidentally kills all the demons in the forest. The main character meets a demon general, which is a Fenrir, and the demon general falls in love with the main character and follows him.

8:58 AM
@DavidW Do you actually have a first place to look? I just Google something and check the top links, it's usually SO because it's still usually the most helpful to me but doesn't mean it always is
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10:20 AM
Q: Mental Time Travel Short Story Policeman tags along and becomes a rockstar

JontiaI'm trying to find what I think is a short story where an individual appears to be looping through time on a regular basis. Living for 20 or so years and then looping back with all his memories intact, allowing him to "invent" technology earlier each iteration. The MC in the story is a policeman,...

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12:01 PM
Q: trying to ID a film

skyjackI am trying to ID a film. Very probably a TV movie. US made, live action, seen on British TV late 80s early 90s. Most likely Channel 4. No actors that I can identify leading me to think it's pretty low budget. Specifically remember a line of dialogue like "more bombs for new London" as space craf...

Q: Who was Head Boy/Head Girl while Snape was Headmaster?

MilgoWho became Head Boy/Head Girl when Snape was Headmaster of Hogwards? In a normal life, Harry and Hermione could have been but they were away hunting Horcruxes. Snape would have preferred someone from his own house but Draco Malfoy wasn't available anymore because he also did not return to school....

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2:22 PM
@TheLethalCarrot Yeah, pretty much the same, but when I google I will always look past the SO matches to see if there are other, more current, results that look useful. A lot of the top-ranked SO matches are out of date, so the first match is almost never useful anyway, and I frequently have to follow the "more results from" link to find recent ones. So it's not harder just to keep scanning down the page looking for something else.
@DavidW maybe that's language dependant?
I definitely don't seem to get an issue with searching for JS stuff. I don't search via SO, but there's usually 1-2 good results and I mark some as duplicate when I can
2:41 PM
Yeah seems like it might be a language problem. Even with out of date stuff you usually get a good heads up for what you need to do as well, depending on the issue
My questions tend to fall into two categories: 1) Answer is on SO in the first 3 search results; 2) There is no answer anywhere.
@Donald.McLean ☝
exactly that
rarely I will add my own answer, which tends to be a 'I don't know why you'd do it this way, but ...' sort of thing
2:57 PM
Q: Why did Hermoine say, "Oh shut up" in this scene?

D ImamOn a bed scene from Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince (2009), Ron holding Hermoine's hand. Ginny: About time, don't you think? Pomfrey lefts a cup of tea near the bed and left: Harry Potter: Thank you. Hermoine (turns to Harry Potter): "Oh shut up".

Q: Was the intro for The Expanse inspired by Game of Thrones

ShadeThe intro to The Expanse reminds me to the intro of Game of Thrones Intro of The Expanse Intro of Game of Thrones Both intros show important places, buildings "growing" and none of the main characters directly. Maybe it's just me, ...

3:25 PM
@AncientSwordRage I think it depends more on whether you're using frameworks or not. Language questions tend to have answers that don't change a lot, but back when I was using Angular (which for the first few releases tended to have breaking changes even on minor releases, even considering that 2.0 was a completely different tool than 0.9) the results were full of inapplicable answers.
@DavidW don't even get me started on Angular(Js)
I know, right? :)
3:45 PM
I had a bug where 'no' was considered falsy by angularJs<1.2 ಠ_ಠ
4:14 PM
Well, duh. Obviously "No," "nope," "no way" and "uh-uh" are all falsy. :)
4:38 PM
Long ago someone at our customer thought that the perfect way to store flags in a database was with "Y" and "N" while another team used "TRUE" and "FALSE". Now there are converters all through the code base...
(And then there's the code that takes "Yes" and "No" values from the UI and translates those into "Y/N" or "TRUE/FALSE"...)
5:20 PM
@DavidW I can't even...
posted on November 29, 2021 by tech

Click here to go see the bonus panel!Hovertext: Asking whether humans intrinsically bad is like asking if a sword is intrinsically bad. The answer is yes, with occasional exceptions. Today's News:

Q: How many different times total has Boba Fett escaped the Sarlacc in any official story?

Silly but TrueIn the newest Book of Boba Fett trailer, “Message,” released November 29, 2021, we are shown Boba Fett being healed (0:10s). It appears that many entertainment news media are reporting this healing scene as associated to Boba’s escape from the Sarlacc. Just how many different official escapes has...

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7:09 PM
Q: toy story 2 who is the guy who plays as the other buzz lightyear

Mintvbzso in toy story 2 there are many many many (buzz lightyear) from whom (the buzz lightyear) are all from different (places) then the original buzz nor the woody. so who are the actor of these other buzzes if there can only be one person for the ACTUAL buzz.

1 hour later…
8:24 PM
Q: Name of a live-action Saturday-morning show from the 70s involving bigfoot/cave man?

SDHI remember a 30 minute Saturday-morning show growing up in the US that involved something living in the hills outside of a town. It was either a bigfoot or a caveman (can't remember). The creature was friends with a kid from the town who would make him come help by blowing a horn or calling for h...

8:57 PM
@DavidW Isn't that really the fault of the database, for not having a native boolean type?
@Spencer Does any basic SQL have a boolean type?
Note I'm not saying you're wrong, just that this part isn't necessarily their fault.
Q: What Nationality do rabbits represent in MAUS?

qwertyIn page 37 panel 1, there is 2 rabbits sitting down and talking. what nationality do they represent?

9:45 PM
Q: Vintage childrens' fantasy about a boy who bites a dragon claw and can hear the dragon thoughts

IngvanyeI read it in the sixties and it was about a young boy about ten, who had to go and stay in the English countryside where there were a lot of so-called 'dragon' mounds. I can't remember anything about the story except he meets a young girl, and he is captured inside a huge cavern and lifted off t...

10:30 PM
Q: Identify this short story based on Kafka's Metamorphosis

Dennis WilliamsonIn probably the early 70s* I read a short story, probably intended for teenage readers, that may have been based on or at least similar to Kafka's Metamorphosis (Die Verwandlung). The one impression that I was left with at the time that I remember was that the character might be a caterpillar or ...

10:56 PM
Q: Book or story where humans are genetically engineered to act as AI?

blueberryfieldsI don't remember the title or too many specifics, but here goes: Genetic engineering is ubiquitous. The system for explaining how genetic engineering works has a fixed number of "points" and something like 10 axis. Individuals' genetic code is a series of numbers along the axis (1,4,6 ... etc..)...


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