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1:13 AM
Q: Identify feminist book involving beast masters

Sam AzonTW: Rape, Domestic Violence I want to identify an SF novel that I read in the ‘70s. The main group of people are what I’ll call Beastmasters, although I very much doubt that the book refers to them that way. A Beastmaster forms some sort of permanent psychic bond with a beast -- they are freque...

Q: How fast did the Three Hunters go?

HashemLovesYouIn LOTR book 3, Éomer comments on the Three Hunters' speed: 'It is now the fourth day since he was slain,' answered Aragorn, 'and since the evening of that day we have journeyed from the shadow of Tol Brandir.' 'On foot?' cried Eomer. 'Yes, even as you see us.' Wide wonder came into Eomer's eyes...

1:39 AM
Q: Manga about a guy who's transported to another world after killing himself, and finds his dead sister there

alchemicIt's about a guy takes revenge after his sister was killed, and then decides to kill himself. He is then taken to another world, where he is known as the hero of black, and he finds his sister, but she's locked her memories away. Then his maid gets kidnapped and taken to a place ranked as S-rank ...

2:12 AM
@SQB Thanks. And the JWST is set to launch next month. Happy days!
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3:22 AM
Q: Was there any special reason why Samuel Delany’s The Star-Pit Radio Play Adaptation was played on radio at Thanksgiving for more than a decade?

Silly but TrueSamuel Delany’s first published short story was The Star-Pit and ran in the February 1967 issue of Worlds of Tomorrow. Arguably considered the best science fiction story of 1967, Black Gate noted the accolades this story received: The Star Pit was a finalist for the 1968 Hugo for Best Novella, w...

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4:30 AM
@Donald.McLean Ahoy! Long time not seen! Happy days... as long as they don't drop it...
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6:48 AM
Q: What is a perfect super soldier?

Thomas EngelthalerDepending on your opinion the perfect super soldier could be anything from something like a mind controlled xenomorph from “Aliens” which falls into the the category of ambulatory bio weapons and range all the way through someone like Master Chief from “Halo” and beyond to a fully engineered and ...

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8:03 AM
@Donald.McLean I've added . Fleshing out the tag wiki should be right up your alley, right?
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10:37 AM
@SQB if us distracting them delays the JWST another 50 years, I won't be impressed 👀
3 hours later…
1:26 PM
@AncientSwordRage I'm surprised foone hasn't started ranting about it yet
Q: What are the Deviants doing on Earth?

WoJIn Eternals (2021), their arrival on Earth is in 5000 BC in Mesopotamia, when humans are already well established. It is only then that the Deviants seem to be a danger (triggering the Eternal's arrival) so where were they before? Generally speaking - the Eternals were created as a countermeasure...

@JourneymanGeek foone?
1:45 PM
@AncientSwordRage person I follow on twitter for their teardowns of random craps, completely unhinged aliexpress wanders...
@JourneymanGeek ...?
@JourneymanGeek that looks like an entertaining account to follow
@AncientSwordRage That's why I follow them!
2:00 PM
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3:28 PM
> The schedule has slipped so far that if it had launched when it was supposed to, it could have already been decommissioned by now.
3:46 PM
@DavidW yeah big oof
I think they've got a great bit of kit to deploy though
Q: Short story about the day's adventures of a 6 year old girl and her Grandfather at a county fair on an alien planet

David VittoneWritten from the 6-year-old's point of view, the story described her adventures that day including a captured alien creature in a cage who was a high ranking officer of another species... "Iss not bug!", an episode of the indigenous creatures of the planet (noords maybe) warning of a predatory cl...

Q: Was the sibling to the Hard & Soft Master, Tommy’s father or mother, an Arashikage ninja too?

Silly but TrueIn the G.I. Joe: A Real American Hero (Marvel comics) canon, was Storm Shadow’s father an Arashikage ninja too? We are introduced to the Arashikage ninja clan in G.I. Joe #21, “Silent Interlude,” confirming Snake Eyes & Stormshadow wear the same I-Ching hexagram, later confirmed to be the symbol ...

@JourneymanGeek I follow them too. Great content.
4:15 PM
Q: Looking for a 80-90s horror movie, with a woman falling in love with a male humanoid robot

FlickdudezI have a hard time finding an old movie from 80's or 90's movie. It might be a B-movie, I dont remember it having any big star in it. It is in english language. It involves a lonely woman ordering an humanoid robot, not designed for relationships but eventually they hook up (sorry for the spoil)....

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5:54 PM
posted on November 26, 2021 by tech

Click here to go see the bonus panel!Hovertext: There's a really good bakery near me called Paradox, but all the stuff the make appears to be permitted in this reality. Today's News:

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7:06 PM
Any Java experts in here?
Expression Language, to be specific?
Q: How do I use EL to evaluate the length of an array in a (JSR 380) constraint message?

SQBI have a constraint on which I want to use EL to tune the message to the circumstances. Dependent on the length of an array, I want to show a different message. However, I'm having trouble getting the length of that array. What am I doing wrong? import org.junit.jupiter.api.Test; import javax.val...

Q: What is the authoritative criteria for being a Disney Princess?

Silly but TrueThe official Disney Princess website currently lists fourteen princesses, expanding from the long-set twelve with the most recent addition of Anna & Elsa: Tiana Moana Ariel Mulan Belle Pocahontas Snow White Cindarella Rapunzel Merida Jasmine Aurora Elsa Anna It is a factual observation that i...

7:31 PM
Q: Have they ever published normal sized Tintin volumes?

MorganHave they ever published normal sized Tintin volumes? (The books with 3 in 1 but, the size of the single issues.)

7:48 PM
@SQB Have you tried using size() instead of length?
I will now.
Method execution is not supported when only enabling Expression Language bean property resolution.
${requestScope.isEnabled == 'true' or fn:length(requestScope.allMappings) gt 0}
We're using JSTL functions in that case.
Trying that now...
<%@ taglib uri="http://java.sun.com/jsp/jstl/functions" prefix="fn" %>
I'm not sure if I can include a taglib there.
7:58 PM
Yeah, I'm thinking the same thing.
If I use the part before the or, I get ELResolver cannot handle a null base Object with identifier [requestScope]
I'm not familiar with bean validation, certainly not the 2.0 stuff.
I'm not familiar with EL, unfortunately.
Well, that's just a usage I grabbed from our code; the variable requestScope is JSP stuff, so the use-case isn't exactly congruent.
8:02 PM
Does it have to be an Array? Could you use a List instead, which has a size?
(So you could try size instead of size())
The problem is that on the Annotation, only primitives, String, String arrays, and Class are allowed.
If that doesn't work, maybe create a wrapper class for your List that explicitly has a listSize property?
Ooh, ugh. That makes it much harder...
Sorry, nothing else comes to mind right now.
Nvrmnd, it's weekend now.
8:18 PM
8:46 PM
@SQB Thank goodness
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10:17 PM
Q: What did the Valar think of Eru Ilúvatar sending Gandalf back to Middle-earth?

user57467I would like to know if there is anything written in LOTR canon about what the Valar had thought about Eru Ilúvatar sending Gandalf back to Middle-earth as Gandalf the White. For example, did all of the Valar think that it was a good idea that Eru had sent him back, or were there a few of the Val...

10:32 PM
We've got a month to go until Christmas, so here goes.
Q: What is the language Santa Clause speaks with the elves?

SQBIn the 2020 film The Christmas Chronicles 2, we hear Santa Clause speaking an unknown language with the elves. Katie turns out to speak it as well. I can't recall if that language was used in the first film as well. What is that language? Is it an existing language? Is it based on one?

So... I may a bit early, but December, Holidays challenge?
Q: What is the language Santa Claus speaks with the elves?

SQBIn the 2020 film The Christmas Chronicles 2, we hear Santa Claus speaking Elvish with the Elves. Katie turns out to speak it as well. I can't recall if that language was used in the first film as well. We hear a bit of it in the following scene. What is that langu...


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